Getting to Know Dad’s Friend


The house party swelled through the hallways, and pushed against him as he exited the bathroom. He held his arms out and plunged through the masses, digging his way through oblivious drunks and making his way back toward his bedroom.

Some of his parent’s guests had slipped into the room already, pushed into the empty space by simple osmosis. They glared at him, like he was the one intruding.

“I’m studying in here,” David said.

The adults shuffled out of the room reluctantly, in a flurry of rolled eyes.

He sat back at his desk. Someone had left a drink on it. He had only been gone a minute, and they’d already made a mess. He slipped his headphones back on and went back to his homework.

One by one, he worked his way down the to-do list. Two exams studied for, one paper written, one binder re-organized. Two hours later, he was slipping it all back into his bag, and he noticed the stranger sitting beside him.

David jumped, and pulled the headphones down from his ears. It was a man he vaguely recognized, some college friend of his father’s. He had a dark brown mustache, and a blotchy red face from drinking. He had a glass of something dark in his hand, and he re-crossed his legs as he watched the boy.

“Hey,” the man said.

David nodded in greeting. “I’m studying,” he said. He moved to put the headphones back on, but the stranger only leaned in closer.

“What’cha studying?” the man asked. David leaned aside, letting the man in closer to see. “Oh, I remember this,” he whispered. His eyes turned back to the boy again. “So, you’ve been hiding in here all night? You didn’t want to-“

The man jumped as the door behind them burst open again. The noise of the party flooded in around them.

“Bill? What are you doing in here?”

David recognized his father’s voice. The man named Bill was already walking away.

“He needed help with his homework,” Bill laughed. His father held the door open until the man left.

“You okay?” his father asked. He had an oddly worried expression on his face.

David had his headphones on again before his father had finished talking. He nodded, and waited for him to go.

With his homework done, he flipped off the lights and watched TV until he was bored. The party was still in full swing. He could hear the music swelling, and the voices getting louder as the guests no doubt drank more and more. It was far too loud to try and go to sleep yet. He flopped onto his mattress, eased himself onto his elbows, and played on his phone as the clock slipped past midnight.

A crack of light across the room made him jump again. It was gone a moment later, as Bill shut the door behind him.

“You’re missing it out there,” he teased. He rolled the ice in his glass around as he stepped closer.

When he reached the edge of the bed, he sat down and looked around the dark room. “Zeppelin,” he said, nodding in approval at one of David’s old posters. “Did you just come back from school then?”

David shook his head, still playing on his phone. “No, I live here.”

“Ah,” Bill muttered. If he noticed the boy’s disinterest, he didn’t seem bothered by it. He sipped at his drink slowly, then leaned back until his head rested against the curve of David’s butt. He sighed as he wriggled his head, making himself comfortable.

David glanced over his shoulder, but Bill didn’t seem to see his look of disapproval. He was still glancing around the room eagerly, taking it all in. “What’s that,” he said, pointing forward.

David followed his finger and squinted through the dark. “Soccer trophy. Only second place, though.”

His body rocked gently as Bill nodded against him. “Soccer, enh? That explains this generous cushion.”

David istanbul travesti smirked politely, then went back to his phone.

“So, what are you up to?” Bill asked, turning over suddenly. David felt the man’s nose press between his cheeks as Bill rolled himself over onto his belly. Then he climbed over the boy on all fours, and laid down beside him.

David tilted his phone, letting him see the game he was playing.

“Can I try?” Bill asked.

David handed it over silently, and watched as the man failed and failed again. “Huh. Not for me, I think,” he said, as he handed it back.

As David took his phone back, he felt the man’s hand set itself onto his shoulder. Bill pulled himself closer to watch the screen.

“Get him,” the man whispered, nodding in encouragement as David showed off his skills.

As David struggled silently in his game, he noticed Bill’s hand was stroking against his shoulder now, and squeezing at it. He ignored it until the hand trailed down to the small of his back. He shot the man a harsh look, but Bill again failed to see it. The man swirled his drink again, then tilted it back and drained it down.

The bed shook as the man got back out of it. David looked back at his game, listening out to hear when the man had left again. Instead, he heard the glass set down against his desk, and the man crawled back onto the mattress. This time, his hand slid up the curve of the boy’s behind, and it stayed there.

David’s heart pounded faster.

The man’s fingers danced down to his thigh, then slid quickly back up between his legs. David’s body jerked, but it was over too quickly to avoid.

“Do you have a girlfriend, David?” Bill asked.

The boy shook his head, not looking up from his phone.

“Ah, that’s hard to believe. And you’re a soccer star even… Just not interested?”

David shrugged. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say. He certainly wasn’t a soccer star. He had barely kept his place on the team.

“That’s okay,” Bill said, running his hand down the boy’s leg again. “There’s plenty of time for that… You’ve at least kissed a few of them, though, haven’t you?”

David’s cheeks burned as the blush grew up them. He hadn’t, and he couldn’t bring himself to shake his head.

Bill chuckled anyway. “Well, I guess that’s not so bad. Took me a while, too. In fact, here,” he said. Before David could move, the man leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. The boy shied away from the bristles of the man’s mustache. The alcohol on the man’s breath was gagging, too. And he’d left a wet spot where his lips had touched.

Bill grinned wider. “See? All done. Now you’ve had a first kiss. And I wasn’t too terrible at it, right?” David shook his head no on instinctual politeness. “And you have very kissable cheeks, I might add. Girls are gonna love that soft face of yours.

“And these shoulders,” Bill went on, running his hand up the boy’s back again. “So lean. I can feel the muscles under there. They must have you working out like crazy on that team, right?”

David shrugged again. I couldn’t remember ever working out his shoulders.

“I can feel how tense you are,” the man went on. Bill gripped at his muscles tighter. “My God,” he said, angling for a better hold. When he didn’t find the right position, he rolled over onto the boy, straddling across David’s hips.

David started to protest, but the man began to knead at the small muscles of his back. The pressure of it felt nice. Bill worked his way from the shoulder to the spine, then pressed hard against the small of his back with his palms. It really was working. David let out an unexpected moan.

When Bill’s hands traveled back up again, David istanbul travestileri felt the mustache brush against his neck. It tickled. And then his lips began to kiss their way up to David’s ear, and it felt different. The man’s strong hands continued to grip and squeeze at his shoulders. And then across his chest. And then the sides of his hips. And then…

“Ugh,” David grunted, half choking as the man ran his fingers up the boy’s cock. “Not there,” he wanted to say. But he couldn’t form the words.

“Shh,” Bill whispered back into his ear. “It feels good, doesn’t it?” His hands reached down, and stroked up the length of him again. David’s erection pulsed against the man’s hand. Bill chuckled. “I guess so…”

The mustache continued to trail around the boy’s neck, and the man began to stroke him harder through the thin fabric of his shorts. David could feel something else, as well. He wasn’t sure, but he thought the man might have an erection, too. Something hard dragged against his butt each time the man moved his hips. And he moved them a lot.

Soon, Bill was panting lightly in his ear. He gripped the boy’s chest hard, then his other hand reached under the waistband of David’s shorts.

Bill’s fingers dug around inside David’s underwear. Then they clamped hard around the boy’s cock. David moaned weakly as the man’s hand slipped down the length of him, and then stroked back up.

It was unlike anything he had felt before. He masturbated as often as he breathed, but this was different. This was totally out of his control. He pawed at the sheets with both hands and shut his eyes, feeling the strength that wrapped around his cock and tugged at him.

And then, it was gone. Bill’s hand was gone and David was left to hump weakly against the mattress. But it was only for a moment. Bill gripped the boy’s shorts in both hands and pulled them down hard past his butt. After a moment, Bill laid back down onto him. Bill’s pants had come down, too.

His dick was hard, too, David realized. A firm rod dug around behind him. It felt huge. It pulled his cheeks apart as it dragged back and forth across his butt. Then Bill began to rock his hips, slipping the length of his penis up and down the boy’s crack. A trickle of something spilled out of the boy, and he realized he was smiling hard. It felt so nice.

“Do you ever… use a lotion, when you play with yourself?” Bill whispered.

David hid his face, feeling embarrassed. But he nodded. Even without looking, he could find it blind inside his nightstand. He pulled it free and handed it over his shoulder to the man. He heard a heavy amount of the stuff getting squirted out behind him.

The man began to glide through his cheeks faster, now that they were heavily slicked in lotion. Bill pressed his hips against him harder, until the boy could feel the man’s hip bone rubbing against him.

When the first push of pressure came against his hole, he thought it was a mistake. Then the man pressed against it again. David’s gym shorts slipped further down to his knees from the motion.

“Breathe,” Bill whispered. David’s hole pulled open as the man pushed against him again.

“It’s not going to fit,” David hissed back frantically.

“Breathe,” Bill said. The boy flinched as more lotion spilled onto him. Bill positioned the boy’s hips up higher.

This time, when the pressure pushed against his opening, it didn’t back away. David’s legs kicked out wildly as the pressure kept growing. There was a burn as the rim of it stretched wider and wider. He grit his teeth and gripped at the sheets tightly. There was nothing else he could do. Breath panted out of him quickly, and Bill pushed steadily in.

David cried travesti istanbul out, and Bill wrapped his hands around the boy’s mouth, letting him scream into that instead. Still his hips pushed in. David’s legs spasmed uncontrollably against the mattress, giving off a steady beat. The muscles inside of him were sore, and still they were pulled tighter as the man pushed. David could feel him in his lungs. It felt like his whole body was being split apart.

The muscles inside David’s body squeezed against the man, trying to stop him, or to force him out. He couldn’t help it. His body acted on its own. Bill sank in further, pressing harder, re-doubling his grip on the boy to hold him still. He was sliding up David’s belly. The man pushed in another inch and, finally, the man’s pubes brushed against the cheeks of David’s backside.

Bill slipped all the way back to the entrance slowly. David gasped as the thick ball inside of him dragged its way down the muscle and stretched the rim of him wider again. Bill pushed back in hard, making the boy squeal into his hand again.

The man eased in and out, building faster each time. The room was quiet at first, but as he built up speed, the bed frame began to shake and squeak. Then it tapped the wall and began to clack steadily against it. Finally, the man’s hips began to pump hard, and the sound of slapping meat rang out along with it.

David felt it as the man got close. Bill bulged thicker, growing harder inside of him. The hard head of the man’s cock swelled like a balloon in his belly. It stretched the muscles of him wider, past anything he could have imagined.

That was the final straw.

From out of nowhere, a weight seemed to fall on him, like a warm, heavy blanket. His body couldn’t move. Everything seemed to grow warmer. He was suddenly very sweaty. And then…

A hot stream of cum sprayed out along the mattress, spilling out against his belly and soaking into his shirt. Bill’s fingers gripped at him tightly, and then the man stopped thrusting. In David’s belly, the thick knob of the man jumped wildly, straining harder against the muscles inside of him.

Something washed over the boy, and the muscles of his body contracted all at once. More semen spilled out of him without warning. His belly felt wet with it.

A hard knock came against the door. “David? David?”

It was his father.

“Sleeping,” he called back. His voice cracked as Bill turned to look at the door, and the movement made his cock swirl inside the boy.

“Is… anyone in there?” he heard his father ask.

“No,” David replied, his voice high and brittle. “I’m trying to sleep.”

After a moment, when no more replies came through the door, Bill slipped himself out. They both gasped from the feeling of it. Cool air brushed against the insides of his hole for a moment, until Bill pulled the boy’s shorts back up.

He heard the sound of the drink being picked back up off the desk. After another moment, the door cracked quickly open and Bill was gone.

David laid against the sheets for a long time. They were damp from his sweat and the semen he’d sprayed out. The rim of his butt was aching badly, but it was a good ache.

In the morning, he was going to take a shower, he decided. Maybe his fingers could make it feel that way again.

He gripped his erection between his fingers and began to tug at it quickly. He pulled his shirt off as he finished, spraying his load into the middle of it. Then he wiped the stain from the bed as best he could and kicked the shirt under his bed.

He blinked at the ceiling for a few minutes as the party raged on outside. He felt utterly relaxed and content. He breathed in and out, waiting for sleep.

But, as he breathed, all he could feel was the pleasure pulsating out from his hole. It ran up his belly, and all the way through to the bones of his shoulders. His penis bobbed back to life, bouncing softly against his belly.

With a sigh, he grabbed for the lotion, and began to tug again.

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