Simran- A crossdresser: part 2


Well after my little adventure in the bathroom with my mom’s panties, I went out for a couple of drinks with my friends. But, in spite of having company, the only thing that kept playing in my mind was the feel of those satin panties and how horny I had felt in them. All I could imagine was getting back to the house as soon as possible, before my parents returned, and having one more go at it. I returned around seven in the evening. Since my parents had a convenience store, I knew they wouldn’t be back before nine. I had plenty of time and plenty of plans too. So I rushed up to the bathroom, stripping down on the way. As soon as I reached there, I turned the laundry basket upside down and picked up the girdle panties. One thing Beşevler escort worth mentioning is my personal drawback, that I couldn’t control the urge to rub fast. So essentially whenever I masturbated I never lasted more than a minute or so and that is what happened at that moment. I wore the panties and started stroking furiously. I don’t know why but I didn’t even bother to look into a mirror or have a little foreplay. All I had on my mind was to cum, which I did in less than a minute. After that I cleaned the panties, took a shower and got into my night clothes. By that time my parents were back home so we had dinner, watched television for about forty-five minutes and then went off Çankaya escort bayan to sleep. But I couldn’t identify myself that night. Maybe it was the sudden onset of guilt, maybe it was shame, maybe it was something that I couldn’t figure out, but what I couldn’t decide was what or who was I now. So the next morning, my parents left for work and I started my research. I learned that what I had done, twice yesterday, was a somewhat common fetish known as cross dressing. I was relieved to know that there was something which defined it. I even read some cross dressing articles and memoirs of cross dressers from all around the world. That entire afternoon I kept on reading cross dresser Escort Cebeci stories on Indian and foreign websites and what not. And that’s how I found Lush. I was so ecstatic to have found a site with so many genres and one of them being cross dressing. So I signed up immediately, but a heads up that I wasn’t active much for the early one year or so. Then I went on to the cross dressing section and read a couple of stories to my heart’s content. After that I took a shower. Later my parents came back and rest is the story that you all are well versed with.The next day I had an idea. After my parents left, I locked the house’s main door, went up the stairs and fired up my laptop. I even got the lingerie from the laundry basket. This time, it was a pink cotton tanga with a satin bow in the front and a black lace bra. I went to the local sex site, which lists the people looking for sex partners. So I signed up on one of them, filled out my profile, although I didn’t post pictures due to personal reasons, and waited for a reply.

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