I had been doing occasional little jobs for Shirley for a few months now, nothing major move this shrub, cut this down etc, and one autumn day things changed, she had been out for lunch with a friend and arrived home about 2pm just as I was packing up, just before I left, she invited me in for a drink, as it was the end of the week, who was I to say no.

Shirley was in her late 60s or early 70s and had been widowed 3 years before, after we finished the first glass, she topped it up and asked, if she could ask a question, sure why not I responded.

Its been over 6 years since I had been with a man, can I pay you to come to bed with me, I must admit I was taken aback by this blunt request, but after a few further discussions a price was agreed and she asked if she could watch me wank, I was only too happy to oblige, and asked if she had some lotion I could use as lube, she stood up walked out and came back with a bottle, I stood up dropped my pants and trousers sat down with a semi erect cock, and a hand full of lotion that I applied to my hardening cock, before I started to stroke.

She sat there almost transfixed as I moved my head up and down, I wasn’t going to rush this as I knew if I spent some time I was going to shoot a long way. After 5 mins or so she was slipping her hand down the waste of her skirt, and the other hand was pinching a nipple, through her top, I carried on stroking and asked her I she needed a hand, she stopped looked me in the eye and said yes, and which point I stood up and walked over to her, my had cock quivering as it guided me towards her, I knelt down in front of her, and starting at her ankles, slid the skirt up until I reviled a gusset, fastened at the top with hooks and loops, I realised she was wearing a body of some kind, a tight white Playtex corsollette, as I unhooked it o revel her hairy pussy she half moaned and half spoke, ‘its been a long time’ as I started to lick an kiss here pussy I moved my hands up cupping here breasts, or perhaps a better way to describe them ample brests, with out taking my mouth away I started to undo her blouse, the firm control corsollette held her breasts tight, but I could feel her large nipples through the lace of each cup, I stopped working on her pussy, and rocked back to get a look at the sight in front of me, this mature woman, skirt hitched up around here waist, breasts exposed and her pussy on show to the world, a dream image in my mind, whilst I was looking, she looked me in the eye and said ‘don’t stop, make me cum’ I went back to working on her pussy with my mouth, and started to introduce a finger or two into her, I could feel each twitch of the muscles in her pussy on my fingers and the swelling of her clit in my mouth, after some time it came the orgasm she had been waiting for for several years, she became moist, and a set of grunts and groans arrived with some writhing and contractions of her pussy, on my fingers, I stood up ready to slide my aching cock into her, when she said ‘no, sit down and wank, I want to watch you’

I returned to my chair, feeling a little let down, thinking this wont take long, she sat there legs wide open, and moved her hand onto her pussy and continued to wank herself, instructing me to wank slowly, which I did very slowly as I was fit to burst, her gaze didn’t move from my cock, she gave her next instruction to ‘wipe the pre cum up and bring it to me on your fingers, as I got to her, she took my hand and licked the precum off, and sent me back to the chair, as I went to stroke my cock, she asked me ‘are you ready to cum’, I responded with ‘fit to burst’ she smiled and said ‘come over here and cum on my pussy’ a few fast stroked made my cock twitch and spurt my white climax over her gray hairy pussy, she placed her hand on the cum, and took it to her mouth to taste and said ‘lick it up’ I didn’t really want to but she was so sexy and forceful, I wanted to see where it went, so knelt down cleaned her up before starting back on her pussy, as my cock hardened for the second time, once had I wen tto stick it in her, whe she placed her hand on my chest and said, ‘no, wank it for me’ I stood up with my cock as her eye level, she slid on hand to her pussy and the other to here breasts, tweaking the nipples her eyes never left my cock, as I had only just cum, this was going to take some time, she licked her lips and continued to watch me slide my hand up and down mu aching shaft, as by balls where tightening she reached forward grabbed my wrist stopping my motion, and told my to sit down, I did as I was told, and started to wank, she asked me to stop and looked me in the eye and said, ‘open your mouth and lets see how much you can get in there’ not the request I was expecting form a nearly 70 year old woman. I obliged and before long a few spirts landed in there and on my face, and a trail down my chest and onto my stomach, she came over and took a look, took hold of my softening cock gave it a tug and said, next time I want to play with it, left the room and as she was leaving asked if I could pop around for a few hours on Saturday night…..

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