A nice morning awakening

A nice morning awakening
My eyes were covered by some piece of soft cloth.
I heard his deep voice, ordering me to climb on top of him, hovering over his saliva soaked cock. My own cum has lubed my pussy lips…

I started lowering myself slowly onto that magnificent cock.
I felt its tip touch my waiting pussy as I impaled myself on him.

I let my weight to make me get down until I felt him hitting deep inside.
His huge hands reached out for my boobs, cupping them, pinching my hardened nipples between his fingers.

Then I started riding his cock, with my hands resting on his shoulders and my legs lifting my naked body to the end of his tip and back inside again.
The feeling was wonderful. His huge cock was pounding into the walls of my pussy. It was uncomfortable and even painful, but I was enjoying it.

My cunt was dribbling into my hand as I frantically fingered my clit; the wetness was running onto the sheets but was eagerly replaced with more. His movement was deep; he was hitting me hard with his hips onto my ass.

His hard cock hit my pussy with the same power. I was sure I was going to feel this for a few days at least, but now it was nice to feel used and abused.
I slid two fingers into my soaking pussy to make it a bit tighter for me; the cock was enough massive, but I loved to be even more stretched. This increased the friction on the rear of my soaked opening. He felt me inserting he fingers and moaned with pleasure.
I heard him moaning and my cunt dribbled even more. Then I came…

He pushed my shoulders to make me dismount from him. I felt onto the bed sheets, my long legs spread wide. I could not see him; but he grabbed my waist and made me turn over.
Seconds later his entire huge bodyweight was lying on top of me.

I was facing down, body pushed into the mattress. My face buried into the white pillow, to muffle my moaning. It was my favorite position; with one hand under my body, so I could sneakily finger my swollen clit.
The bastard whispered softly; with his lips close to my mouth, if I wanted his massive cock to stretch my slutty cunt. I just nodded with my head…

He knew these thoughts could make me cum in an instant.
His words just hit the spot and he knew I was starting to cum.
I writhed as I cum, my clit throbbed and my womb clenched as the orgasm hit me with full power. I could feel my pussy flood and gush onto my hand, dribbling onto the white sheets.
With every hard thrust he gave me, my tightening cunt was aching; but he was enjoying the sense of having me coming onto his huge cock…

I screamed against the pillow. I cried and shouted like crazy; I begged him to fuck me harder, as I could hear my own cries muffled by the pillow…

He violently rammed his whole body against mine. His thick cock hit the walls of my pussy with every hard stroke. He made me grunt in pleasure and then his wild passion increased.
Then I felt him pulling out and as it rested above my butt, I could sense my own cum juices dribbling from his cock into the crack of my round cheeks.
In just one swift motion, I felt him enter my very tight butthole.

I cried to tears in pain, because his thickness was hurting me so bad; but my own wetness made it easy for him to slide in deep into my anus.
Again he started to pound at me; balls deep, with full length thrusts.

His hips were hitting my ass cheeks, my cum juices making a splashing sensation as he sodomized me. My fingers frantically were rubbing my clit. My hand was sticky as the feeling of him taking my ass excited me.

He leaned onto me, to whisper in my ear if I liked the way he was fucking my asshole. Gasping for breath at each stroke, I just yelled at him I wanted it harder and faster…
Then he wrapped his hand around my throat to hold me firmly and pounded into me almost collapsing my body in his grip.
I came again, turned on by his brutal ferocity.

My clit throbbed and my sore cunt gushed into my hand. Soon my clenching ass made him cum in return. I felt his hard cock deep in my anus start to pulsate and his burning semen squirting into my stretched orifice.
He pulled out slightly and I sensed some of his sticky cum dribbling from my asshole onto my cunt and my fingers. I had got what I deserved: a nice wet cunt and a fully stretched asshole.

A job well done; the ideal dream of a perfect awakening in the morning.

He stayed buried deep in my anus as we recover our breath; his heavy hand still holding my neck down. My hand was still beneath my body as I gently rubbed my tingling clit. He kissed my neck and I moaned in return.

Suddenly he rolled off from my back. I heard him jerking himself hard again as he fingered my cunt. Soon he was ready to continue…
He made me roll on my back, to reveal me rubbing myself.

I heard him laughing, as he took my hand out, to lift my legs up in the air.
He climbed on me; putting my ankles over his shoulders and drove himself deep inside of my gaping cunt with all his bodyweight.

I cried in pain, since my poor cunt had not recovered from the pounding he had given me earlier. I could not see his handsome face, but my hands reached for his massive chest, while one of his wrapped around my throat.
This time I cried for mercy; because he was really hurting me…

I could feel his cock rubbing against the insides of my swollen vagina and my engorged pussy lips, with my clit stroking his cock as he pounded me.
He did not hear my pleas; he just pumped me wildly. My finger came back to my clit and I began to massage it gently. It hurt, but it excited me…

Suddenly he pulled out and I gasped for air; then I felt his tongue licking my swollen pussy lips. I showed my gratitude by squirting down his chin.
The feeling of his mouth in my crotch made me tremble with delight; my hands gripped the back of his head, pulling him in deeper as he viciously sucked my swollen cunt. He inserted two fingers, sucking at my clit as I felt that I was in complete ecstasy.

Then he moved his fingers to my stretched asshole and fingered it in a wild manner; but soon he slipped them back into my aching pussy.
I could not stand it anymore. I started to scream and cry like crazy; then I just squirted all over. I heard him laughing as my cunt gushed…

I panted and gasped for air, as my intense orgasm subsided.
Suddenly he took off the blindfold of my eyes. In the dim light of that filthy motel room I looked at his handsome smiling face. His white teeth were beautiful as pearls and his dark skin was glistening in sweat…

This stranger man said now I could go back to my loving hubby and tell him I had become a perfect slut for black cocks…

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