An evening out with my stepdaughter

An evening out with my stepdaughter
Just an evening out no reason than we like each other’s company, even more now near mother my wife died.
i booked a lovely restaurant and we dressed for a fabulous evening, at 22 tall slim my stepdaughter is beautiful, particularly as she was wearing the tight figure hugging red dress and high stiletto heels on, bringing her more up to my height of 6’ 3’.
At the table after our first drink she says she needs to go to the toilet, before she leaves I say remove your panties and after you pee, slide them into your cunt and play with your self and then bring them back here to me folded neatly. Off she went and returned slightly flushed ten minutes later. The waiter helped her slide into her seat again and she leaned over and placed her warm damp panties just next to my drink, I lay my hand in them and could feel the heat from her cunt. I smiled at that and that I knew she had no knickers on now.
We ate and talked and drank and talked, I could see how many looks she was getting from other men in the room, and she is a stunning woman.
Between courses, I told her to follow me and we went to the men’s toilets, I made sure it was empty at the urinals and then I brought her in to one of the empty stalls. I pressed her against the stall door and lifted her dress and caressed her clitoris and played with it till she came, all over my fingers, then I slid three up her tight twenty year old cunt wet and hot. We quickly returned to our table to continue our next course, of food and drink. Once more between courses I took her back to the men’s toilet and this time in the stall made her kneel down in the floor and she sucked my cock with her red lips and soft mouth till I shot my spunk up into her throat. We resumed our meal again after this interlude.
desert arrived we relished this wonderful food excited and sated by all we had shared during the meal.
after this course I took her to the toilet again, and this time hitched her dress up over her bum exposing her white flesh above her sheer black stockings, I slid my cock into her wet cunt and quietly fucked her till she came all over my cock, and it was then that I and she discovered she was a squirted when she came, which is so sexy and exciting.
we went back to the table and finished our drinks savouring our sexy experience, before settling the bill and leaving the restaurant with her panties tucked away in my pocket. We got home as soon as we could, and once there I undressed her to her underwear sheer stockings and 6 inch stilettos and a little lace bra, she unlike her mother had really tiny tits, which meant her nipples seemed large and stood hard and proud from her tits, I removed her bra and nipped kissed nibbled and sucked her tits and nipples, she moaned and groaned her knees buckling once or twice as she was swept with waves of pleasure.
i said well you have wanked yourself, you have sucked my cock and I have fucked your cunt from behind, all that leaves is for me to fuck your arsehole, so get in your hands and knees in the bed I will be there in s minute. I waited four minutes actually before going into the room, I smacked her bum cheeks once when I was getting undressed. I was hard and I licked her anus till it was glistening and ready to be entered. The head of my cock pushed softly past her sphincter and there I paused and asked what she wanted, I want you to fuck my arse please, so I pushed more in and then holding her suspenders belt pushed all my cock into her arsehole. She moaned and dropped her head to the bed as I settled deep up her arsehole. I leaned forward and grabbed a handful of her hair and lifted her head up and pulled it back and started fucking her, slowly then building up speed and force, yes she moaned harder fuck me harder she screamed now, so I did. Where do you want my spunk I askedup my arse please spunk up my arse I am your bitch your slut and make my arse your spunk hole, make me your spunk bag. I doubled my thrusts faster and deeper till I came deep in her arse. Panting and sated we remained hitched together cock and arse for a few minutes till I let go of her hair and she flopped flat in the bed, I withdrew my cock slick with spunk from her arse and lay down next to her and cuddled her till we slept.

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