Jessie’s Journey; Her Final Reward:Part 1

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Naked, sweaty, and belly-down on the overturned chair, Jessie nonetheless basked in the pleasure of the assembled guests. Despite the bizarre scene, their applause filled her with an enormous sense of pride. Even greater pride than she felt at the office when receiving one of her numerous awards and recognitions. The corners of her mouth curled in a satisfied smile as she realized how strange it was to feel this way.Her thoughts were interrupted when Derek’s fingertips lightly traced patterns on her body while he slowly walked around her. Reaching her red striped ass, he leaned and planted soothing kisses on each cheek before straightening up to address the guests.“I think you will all agree that ‘She’ performed superbly this evening.”More applause followed until Derek continued, “We’ve pushed and stretched her body and her mind tonight. We’ve taken her to places never before visited. But there is one part of her body we’ve yet to fully explore. One type of stimulation she’s yet to experience.”On the wall-mounted LCD screen in front of her, Jessie watched Derek glide smoothly behind her. He knelt between her spread legs and she simultaneously saw and felt his cool fingertips grazing gently up and down her sore ass cheeks.“We’ve seen what her mouth can do,” he continued. “We’ve witnessed the power of her amazing pussy. There’s just one more orifice that needs our attention, one more opening, one more set of delicious nerve-endings to be pleasured.”With that, Derek placed his palms on her stinging cheeks and spread them wide, exposing a tight rosebud to the hungry eyes in the room. The cameraman changed position and — both surprised and alarmed — Jessie saw a close-up image of her asshole on the giant screen. She felt completely exposed. She’d never seen her asshole in such detail, let alone allowed anyone else to view it.She felt humiliated — and yet exhilarated. She couldn’t explain it, but this journey was fundamentally changing her. She couldn’t deny her arousal: the evidence dripped on the smooth leather of the chair beneath her.Jessie watched intently as the camera lingered in extreme close-up on this most intimate and private part of her body. She saw the transition from the smooth but somewhat reddened flesh of her buttocks to the mocha-colored, wrinkled creases of her asshole. She even discovered something new — a small but distinct freckle just to the left of her hole.Derek must have noticed it as well; he slid fingers in gentle circles around it. A moment later, he lifted his head and nodded at two masked women on the edge of the crowd. They stepped forward, one on each side of Jessie. She felt two pairs of cool, thin fingers grasp her cheeks and pull outward, keeping her exposed and, more importantly, giving Derek freedom of movement to execute whatever he had in mind.Jessie shivered in anticipation then jerked when Derek slipped a hand underneath her, sliding his knuckles along the cum-greased leather of the chair to finger the slick, swollen folds of her cunt. He gathered Fatih escort bayan her cum and coated her tight starfish. Jessie clenched spasmodically from the stimulation of fingertips stroking, soothing, painting and pulling at her tiny hole.Derek bent toward her spread cheeks and administered long, flat licks over her asshole, lapping up the juices he’d spread there.Lick…Lick…Lick.The combination of the exposure, the women spreading her cheeks, and the sensation of Derek’s tongue dragging along her tight sphincter sent more shivers through her body. She couldn’t stop looking at herself on the widescreen. She wanted this. Needed this.Derek suddenly switched from lapping with the flat of his tongue to using the tip to circle the tight ring. Round and round he went and Jessie relaxed as her hole loosened. After what felt like an age, he probed the opening with a stiff tongue, dipping deeper and deeper. Then he withdrew and his soft, wet lips kissed her hole while warm hands stroked her back and legs.Jessie had never experienced anything like this: he was making love to her asshole, showing how much he adored it. It was heaven.With one final loving lick, Jessie felt him pull away. She groaned and she watched him on screen as he walked back to the bar and his bag-of-tricks. She held her breath watching him rummage inside yet again. He pulled out something large, black, and tulip-shaped. She recognized it immediately as a butt plug — and a rather large one.Jessie’s experience with anal penetration was limited. Up to this point, she’d never had anything thicker than a finger in there. But, here, now — in the heat of the moment — she wanted more. No, she craved more. She wanted anything and everything this man could do to her. That realization frightened her a little, made her wonder if she had any boundaries left at all.Was there anything she wouldn’t do for him?Derek returned to his position between her legs. After more soothing strokes from his fingers, Jessie felt a cold, wet dollop of lube land on her asshole followed by warm fingers resuming their massage. He worked the silky-smooth lube all around the ring of muscle and into her tight hole.A finger slipped in, twisting and turning effortlessly, sending delicious sensations throughout her body. Jessie pulled against her restraints and pushed her ass up to meet his probing fingers, wanting more. Two fingers pumped in and out, making her moan. He then withdrew, grouped three fingers and eased them inside. She felt so full but to her surprise still craved more.Satisfied that Jessie was prepared, Derek squirted lube on the head of the plug and dragged it gently in slow circles around her hole. Again, Jessie tried to raise her ass, wanting so badly to swallow the plug whole in a single thrust. Derek had other ideas.With one hand firmly on the small of her back, holding her still, Derek twisted and pushed the plug into her ass — a bit at a time — and then back out. The flared head of the plug stretched her Escort Fındıkzade more with each push and Jessie moaned with every thrust while her sphincter relaxed to accept the toy’s girth. She imagined that this must be what it feels like to be ass-fucked. Christ, how she wanted that right now.Would Derek fuck my ass here? Tied to the chair like this? Would she soon feel his thick, warm cock pounding inside her asshole? His heavy balls swinging like a pendulum, banging her pussy lips with each thrust?Her attention returned to the plug twisting, turning and pushing into her ass. She sensed that she was close to taking the widest part of the plug as Derek paused at the end of each thrust before withdrawing. His free hand slipped underneath her again, fingers seeking her swollen, aching clit. He strummed briskly as he increased the pace of the plug fucking her ass.Her moans turned to groans. Guttural. Animalistic.“Fuck my ass. Please, fuck my ass,” she groaned, loud enough for the crowd to hear.Sensing she was so close to cuming, Derek abruptly removed his soaking hand from her pussy and gave the plug a final push, seating it firmly in her ass. Jessie bit hard into the leather chair, enduring the exquisite agony of being edged. Denied.She tasted her salty sweat on the leather and pulled again at her restraints, her body twisting and turning in frustration and need. It was futile.The room grew quiet. Derek remained at her rear. Not speaking, not touching her.A minute passed.And another.And yet another.Jessie hadn’t a clue what was happening. Why he was waiting? At last she felt him put pressure on the base of the plug. She heard a ‘click’ and was surprised when a deep rumble radiated from the plug and vibrated through her body.“Oh my fucking god,” she roared.The massive plug, seated so snugly inside, was stimulating her in a way she’d never experienced. The vibrations, deep and intense, started in her core and flowed throughout her body. Every nerve ending rippled with electricity and she felt the vibrations indirectly working her G-spot, ramping up her orgasm.She hugged the chair tightly, pressing her pussy and clamped nipples hard against its back in her search for release and relief. She needed to cum so badly.Derek, on his knees, slid in front of her, putting his face close to hers. He eased her sweat-soaked hair off her forehead so he could gaze into her eyes. He savored the intense arousal he saw reflected there. He kissed her lips and whispered, “Have you had all you can take, baby? Do you need to cum?”Jessie shook her head, beads of sweat flying, “Yes please, yes. I need to cum, let me cum,” she gasped.Without breaking eye contact, Derek slid a hand slowly down Jessie’s bare back to her ass. She felt him grip the end of the plug, heard the ‘click’ and felt the vibrations blink to a stop.“Nooo,” she groaned. “Please let me cum. I was so close.”“Now, baby,” he said, “you’ve worked so hard to earn your reward, why would I let it be anything Gaziosmanpaşa escort bayan other than the most incredible experience possible? We have so much more to do to pleasure your body tonight.”Derek stood and circled around her once more, trailing his fingertips over her warm skin until he got to her left ankle. He untied it from the leg of the chair and continued on, freeing her right leg, right arm, and finally her left arm.The same two women from earlier stepped forward and helped Jessie to her feet, supporting her while rubbing her wrists to restore circulation. She gratefully gulped down another large glass of ice water.Walking behind her, Derek pressed his body against Jessie’s naked back. She felt the smooth wool of his trousers on her tender ass and the bulge of his cock nestling for a moment between her cheeks. Fingers glided along her sides as he kissed from her shoulder and up her neck until his lips pressed gently against her ear.“You’ve spent quite enough time face down,” he murmured. “Let’s get you more comfortable now.”Two men picked up the chair and carried it out of the room as two others brought in a padded massage table. Gripping a hand, Derek led Jessie to the table and helped her climb aboard. She lay back, lights shining overhead.Jessie had an odd, fleeting feeling of being prepped for surgery with a gallery of masked surgeons ready to take notes on the procedure. This image was dispelled as Derek tilted the table a bit and locked it in place, propping her up on a chaise lounge of sorts.It felt strange to be unbound, hands and arms free to touch herself. She ran her fingertips from her collarbones to both breasts, feeling the cold, hard, stainless steel posts still snugged tightly to each sore nipple. She fingered the swoop of the chain that linked the clamps before she smoothed both hands over her belly to red, swollen pussy lips.She looked around. She had quite an audience, so many sets of intricately masked eyes following her every move. Jessie was beginning to understand the power she had in this room. At the start, she thought it was all Derek. She now realized that she was the one captivating them.At the foot of the table, Derek spread her legs, put his strong hands over her thighs and then under her knees. With a quick yank, he pulled her down the table until her ass was on the edge and her feet planted firmly on the cool, white leather. A man brought a chair and Derek sat, his face poised directly in front of Jessie’s aching pussy. She shivered in delicious anticipation, hoping that she was just about to learn what this man could do with his lips, tongue, and fingers all working in harmony.On cue, she felt the flat of his tongue lick a straight line up her swollen slit. Hands pressed against the inside of her thighs to keep them apart, he explored with his lips and tongue. The bristle of his short beard tickled her thighs as he gently sucked her clit and finger-massaged her labia.She watched him work his magic between her legs. And then he did it.He looked up and locked eyes with her.His piercing, blue eyes stared deeply into hers while his mouth pleasured her pussy. It was the first time she’d been able to make this kind of intimate connection with Derek and she felt herself slipping into subspace yet again, losing herself in his eyes.(To be concluded….)

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