Seeing Gran Ch.2


All week I have been taking care of my needs with Gran’s bra, a beaded chain of pearls, and her gold half-square glasses. That bra is close to being pregnant as I blew about five ropes of man-sauce into it a day for seven days. That was so nice of Gran, to do, letting me cum her silver ovals with the half-moons and to let me stroke her nipples with her glasses. I won’t forget that day. I ought to see if she needs anything done at her home, and maybe a few extra things if you know what I mean. I am still wondering why Mom asked if I saw a bra lying around. She did not say at Gran’s or give any idea where this bra was supposedly lying aroundHere I am pulling into the parking lot, I lock the bike up and helmet too. I am buzzing like one of the four coils in Gramp’s Model T Ford. I am fifteen minutes early but better early than late, being early shows respect for her time. I think Gran is going to do things with her heels today, I wonder how that will work out. The phone on the receptionist’s desk buzzes and Ankara escort she picks up the phone and then tells me to go on in.”Hi, Gran!”Gran greets me gets up and gives me a warm hug, her silver ovals with half-moons using her blossoms as a shelf as they hang from a beaded chain of many sizes and colors.”How are you doing Randy? Is my bra full of cum stains? If so, did you like doing that?” Gran seems to have a smirk added to her smile. “Speaking of which Gran…any idea why Mom asked if I happened to see a bra lying around?””Did she now?””Yes Gran, she did now.””Are you worried that your Mom might think you were here?””Might think I was here? Actually, Gran, she knows it.””It is what it is Randy. I wouldn’t worry about it, Today we will be doing things with hi-heels. Have you ever done anything with your Mom’s heels, her sexy black patent hi-heels that get your blood racing, along with wondering what it would be like? You did mess with your Mom’s heels! I know she has Ankara escort bayan a few pairs in patent black. Has your beady eye followed her heels around the house at times wondering if they are as smooth as they look? maybe you talked to them? I bet you had Mom’s half-glasses sitting on that sexy skinny heel or maybe the toes and seeing that long vertical slit looking like a pussy. Has that ever come to your mind, Randy? That warm smooth inner sole, a bit of cream do you think you could get into that again?””I can say, ‘I never did anything with Mom’s hi-heels Gran.””Did you do anything with just one heel, Randy, because I think you feel that since you said, ‘I never did anything with Mom’s high heels lets you off the hook, meaning you never messed with both at the same time. I mean what is the sense of coming here if you don’t tell me the whole story?””I did nothing with either hi-heel, Gran.””O.k, I believe you, however, did you think about doing something with Escort Ankara that patent black heel?”Somehow I said, “Well Gran.” She takes it I am going to say I did.”You make it sound so bad, Randy. Like it would have been a strange thing to do, You told me about the hi-heels first Randy. It is very obvious you want to do things with them. You’d be better off taking care of needs with the things of a woman than not doing anything at all. Besides, it is not healthy to keep that stuff under pressure, nor is it good for you. You can’t keep your mind on important things if your mind is in a sexual playground.”Gran rolls over to me in her office chair, bends over, and takes a pair of sparkling black hi-heels out of the desk drawer.””Drop your pants, Randy, this is Hi-heels class 101″I do so and Gran stuffs the heel up under my nut sack, takes off her left heel, and starts to rub the sides of the sexy black heels up and down the side of my cock.”Now does that feel nice Randy? Getting it on with my heels? do you find them sexy and erotic?””More like very serious, Gran.” “Oh, do you like serious women?””I think I could get serious with a woman who is serious, sort of Domme-like.””You mean a lady sex boss?””Either that or any woman who could be warm, yet still quite serious, but not Rose Nylund.”

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