Secret Obsession


For a forty-three-year-old, James was in excellent condition. He enjoyed exercise, and had a weekly routine that kept him fit and slim. He knew he was a creature of habit, but felt secure in knowing that his day and routine were carefully planned. Consequently, he felt extremely frustrated if for some reason he was prevented from following his schedule precisely; the repetitions, the order of his exercise routine, the length of his daily run, etc. All had to be just so. And as it was with his exercise routine, so it was in every other aspect of his life; order and precision were his watchwords, they prevailed above everything.

But today, this obsessive-compulsive guy had a big problem – his sister, whom he’d not seen in five years, had arrived unexpectedly and he’d been obliged to accommodate her for the week. And worse! She was his diametric opposite in terms of order and routine. She was the personification of disorder. A capricious elf with virtually no sense of self-discipline or regularity.

Nonetheless, Christiana had always beguiled James. There was a tension between them that had never been adequately expressed, but they both knew it existed and that being under the same roof would heighten its force. She was his younger by nine years, with slender limbs and a good curvy body. Her exquisite eyes beamed forth a personality that was fifty percent mystery wedded to fifty percent chaos. They were eyes endowed with natural hypnotic strength, and James was now the subject of a gaze that pierced through flesh and bone to something deep inside.

“Stop that, Chris.”

“Stop what?” she asked, smiling disingenuously.

James sighed and smiled back. “you know perfectly well; your hypnotic Svengali gaze won’t render me into a gullible zombie, I’ve not succumbed to that ploy since we were kids. Now, come on, what’s on your mind?”

“Don’t fret, James. I simply need a place to stay for a week until I get a few things sorted out. I know this is your little patch of neurotic heaven and I’ll do my best not to disrupt your ordered life”

“I’m not a neurotic!”

“Oh yeah, and I suppose the Pope isn’t Catholic! You’re as neurotic as hell! Suppose I were to drop a few crumbs on the carpet, or make a meal and leave a sink-full of dirty dishes, you couldn’t resist the compulsion to clean up! Leaving them would drive you insane. And you’re such a stickler for social protocol and behaving correctly.”

“Yes, alright, being scrupulous and maintaining correct social standards did once dominate my life. But I’m much more relaxed these days. You might even say I’m becoming quite a Bohemian.”

“Bohemian!” Christiana squirmed with laughter. “You’ll never be Bohemian, don’t be absurd!”

“Okay sister, you’ll find over the week that I’m much more laid-back than I used to be.” James asserted himself much more in self-defence than truth.

“Okay brother, or should I say my laid-back brother. If you’re so Bohemian, prove it. It’s time for your daily keep-fit workout I believe. Why don’t we both do it İstanbul Escort together? Naked!”

James gulped so hard that he twisted something in his throat. “Naked? You’re my sister, we can’t be naked together, it wouldn’t be proper…” James knew he’d lost the argument as soon as the word proper left his mouth. He remained mute for at least a minute, his mind perplexed by conflicting emotions, and all the while she held him with her hypnotic elvish eyes. And then the thought occurred to him that she was bluffing, and that he could call her bluff and teach her a lesson. “Alright Chris,” he uttered, “let’s strip off and get to it!”

Christiana leapt from the settee like someone in touch with an electric wire, and without ceremony began to strip. James groaned inwardly, he’d fallen for her mind manipulation and could think of no face-saving escape from his predicament. He would have to go through with it. He rose from his armchair with feigned nonchalance, his heart beating painfully fast, and began to remove his clothing.

“Come on brother, you’re the exercise freak, show me your moves.”

James tried not to look directly at his naked sister, afraid he would become embarrassingly erect, but he was very aware of her sinuous curves and jiggling breasts and especially her rounded peach-like buttocks. Nevertheless he kept it together, and by a superhuman effort managed to control himself and avoid full arousal. After forty minutes of jumps, squats, sit-ups and stretching exercises, he called a halt, and they both retired to their separate bathrooms to shower. “I told you, I’m easy-going these days,” he said as they were parting.

She turned and beamed a smile of pure mischief. “Yes, James, and you’re a good sport. I enjoyed our work-out, and especially the sight of your beautiful big cock flailing up and down.” Christiana always had to be outrageous, and she was still pulling his strings.

In the shower James breathed a sigh of relief, his ordeal was over. Never again, he thought. But then… Oh, those firm shapely buttocks. He was achingly desperate to masturbate his raging hard-on. No, I can’t, he reprimanded himself, not whilst thinking about my sister. He switched the water to cold and directed the shower head and a spray of chilled water to his tumescent penis.

That night, James was unable to sleep. He’d watched a documentary on TV to take his mind off his sister’s nubile body, but now, as he lay in bed, his erection was huge and throbbing like hell; he simply could not get her out of his mind. This was his unfortunate state when he heard a tap on his bedroom door.

“It’s only me, James, no need to turn on the light, I’m in the all-together. I just want to propose something for tonight. The fact is, I’m so damned horny after watching you exercise today and especially after seeing the size of your cock, that I need some relief. My fanny is aching for a fuck. Now don’t worry, I know that sexual intercourse between brother and sister is a criminal offence, but surely it can’t be an offence Anadolu Yakası Escort for us to have a cuddle and bring each other off, in fact I’m sure that would be perfectly legal. It will be our eternal secret. Please, please, please say you’ll let me get into bed with you!”

James couldn’t resist. He knew he would get no sleep until he’d satisfied both himself and his younger sister. And, despite his moral scruples, he was ambivalently excited at the thought of her proposed secret liaison. “Okay Chris, but only for tonight, and straight back to your own bed once we’ve obtained some sexual relief. Okay!”

“Okay brother, it’s a deal,” she said, with a little chortle of excitement.

Christiana slid her naked body under her brother’s duvet and lightly grasped his rigid cock. “Oh, my goodness, you are so massive and hard, James.” She met his lips and inserted her nimble tongue, moaning with pleasure as he reciprocated with a forceful response. They tongued each other like a pair of frantic animals, completely lost in sexual madness.”Come on, brother, let’s get into a sixty-nine position. And don’t you dare climax before me, or else I’ll bite your big bell-end off,” she giggled.

James naturally enjoyed cunnilingus, but this was something beyond his experience. The incest taboo he was flouting supercharged his erotic pleasure, and running his hands over his sister’s smooth, bare buttocks as he licked and sucked her shaven vulva was sheer paradise. And in accompaniment she was simultaneously tonguing his pulsating cock, delicately fingering the base of his dick whilst baptising his swollen bell-end with her cool, sweet saliva.

“Oh Jesus Christ, James, please fuck me!” Christiana bucked up and down and ground her dripping-wet fanny into James’ open mouth.

James complied with her request and swiftly manoeuvred himself into a good missionary position. He slid his rampant tool deep inside her wet fanny and withdrew, virtually to the entrance of her cunt, then back in with a vigorous thrust of his hips, repeating his piston-like thrusts with more and more power, her natural sex juices facilitating an excellent fucking motion.

Christiana gasped her appreciation: “Come on brother, fuck me, come on James, fuck your sister hard, I want you, kiss me darling while we’re fucking, please kiss me!”

James adapted his position and French kissed his sister as they were fucking. Their tongues and breaths mingling in fierce passion as they approached the exquisite cataclysm of a mutual climax. Christiana reaching hers slightly ahead and simultaneously clamped her legs around his thrusting buttocks to hasten his orgasm. He plunged into her for five or six last delicious thrusts, and then rolled onto his back and took a deep breath. “Christ Almighty, Christiana, I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life. I think it must be the incest taboo that intensifies the pleasure, or something like that. Wow! However, my little sister, you know we are now criminals, so for God’s sake be discreet about Üsküdar Escort what we’ve just done together.”

Christiana was discreet, but, of course, she now had quite a measure of power over her obsessive-compulsive brother, and she insisted that he arranged regular “exercise” sessions for the two of them. James complied willingly with his younger sister’s demands, and in truth he had to admit to himself that he looked forward to their secret liaisons with keen pleasure. Nevertheless, he was always somewhat tense, and before each session he would meticulously check the windows and doors to ensure total privacy. James knew his sister was unpredictable and that he needed to be always circumspect.

And his younger sister, true to her mischievous nature, enjoyed keeping him in a constant state of anxiety. One of her favourite role-plays involved James acting the part of a slave. She would sit naked in an armchair with her legs hooked over the arms, drinking ice-cold lager and smoking gold tipped cigarettes. She knew he abhorred drinking and smoking and that her behaviour would drive him up the wall. But poor James had worse things to endure. In this particular role-play he would be ordered to strip and kneel before her. His cock would be rock-hard but she would forbid him to touch it. For thirty minutes or so she would allow him to indulge his predilection for cunnilingus, and he would be permitted to lick and slurp her carefully shaven pudenda with its beautiful pearl-like clitoris peeping out from under its hood. James loved licking his sister’s fanny, but his ritualistic humiliation was yet to come.

“Come on slave-boy, keep tonguing me. Ohhhh, come on boy, lick! This is pure fucking heaven, lick me good, snog my cunt you miserable piece of shit, snog it hard, get your tongue deep inside. Ohhhhhh! I’m coming, James, keep working my clit, keep licking, keep licking!”

Christiana gasped as her body shivered with unadulterated delight. Her position in the armchair was so conducive to fulfilling her lust for pleasure that she remained with her legs akimbo, despite having experienced an ecstatic orgasm. Her game with James was far from over.

“Oh my God, that was powerful! Now, James, open wide for a special treat from your little sister, you wouldn’t want to get your nice clean carpet wet, now would you?!”

Christiana unleashed her golden torrent of hot piss directly into James’ mouth and he dutifully glugged and swallowed it all down until she had fully relieved herself, licking her last little dribbles to dry her fanny and prevent any from wetting the chair or carpet. His obsessive-compulsive nature would certainly not allow him to spill urine on the carpet. And now his little sister was ready for him, and he would enjoy her at his leisure. Time to fuck! Time for him get his own back!

James and Christiana enjoy their taboo games together, and their adult incestuous transgressions give their lives a sense of danger, thrill and excitement, and immense sexual pleasure. They’re bound together in secrecy and forbidden lust, and with any luck will remain so. The riskiness of what they do together heightens their pleasure and keeps them vigilant. So, let’s leave them in their private paradise and wonder at their subversive taboo games. And remember – “Hush! It’s a secret!”

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