Say You’ll Be Mine

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David stood with his ear to the door of his sister, Emma’s, room. He’d heard the sound of her window open and close as she’d let someone in, and now he was listening as her bed creaked and she moaned softly. This wasn’t the first time he’d stood at her door wishing he was on the other side with her.

But he wasn’t. It was the same loser she’d been fucking on and off since she’d transferred back home to the community college last spring for the end of her freshman year. He started to climax and he begged her to cum with him. She moaned obligingly, but David knew it was fake. There was a long moment of quiet, then the sound of someone getting up and dressing. Finally Emma’s window opened and closed again.

David had stood at his sisters door many times, hoping he didn’t get caught. Or hoping he was and that it played out to his advantage. But today was different. He was leaving in the morning for college across country, and he felt a little like it was a last chance.

David opened the door and Emma tried to cover herself, “Do you fucking knock?”

David shrugged and shut the door, “I bet Mom and Dad would love to know that you sneak boys in through the window.”

Emma’s eyes narrowed as she looked at David, “Were you listening? What do you care?”

“I just think that with everything going on they’d be a little upset. Neither of them is too happy that you practically failed out last semester and had to transfer back home where they could keep an eye on you…” David held up an open envelope, “Your grades came yesterday, I took the liberty of opening them. I don’t think the ‘rents would be too excited about them. I mean up hear right under their noses, fucking dudes on those cute Hello Kitty bed sheets Mom got for you, and partying up on the weekends… skipping classes, and you’re only barely passing. Do you think they’d kick you out?”

Emma sat there on the bed and looked up at David, “Please don’t tell them.”

David crossed the room and sat next to his sister, putting his arm around her, “I won’t.”

He handed her the envelope and she laid her head on his shoulder, “Thanks little brother.”

“But I need something from you.”

Bostancı Escort “Like what?” Emma asked, looking up at him.

David caught her hair and leaned in to kiss her, but she pulled back.

“What are you doing!?”

“Just kissing you, for now. You like being bad, just be bad with me.”

“You’re my brother!”


“It’s wrong… brothers and sisters don’t do that.”

“The best things are wrong, that’s what makes them so much fun. Emma, please. God, I love you. And I want you so badly…let me kiss you. Just a kiss, would that be okay?”

Emma didn’t say anything, but when he pulled her toward him she didn’t fight, so he kissed her. First it was soft, then rougher, full of the need he felt for her. She moaned into his mouth and he let one of his hands find her bare breasts. When she didn’t pull away, but pushed into his caress, David knew that she wanted him too. Still, he wasn’t going to rush. He was going to make her say it.

They stayed like that for a while, moaning into each other’s mouths, their breathing heavy and ragged, as their lips crushed against one another’s and their tongues delved into each other’s mouths, their bodies pressed together. David held Emma tight, crushing her against him, but not daring to do more until he knew she was ready.

David’s cock was hard and throbbing, he needed to have her completely, every part of her needed to be his. He wanted to see her take his cock into her sweet mouth, wrapping her lips around the shaft, and to hear her gag and gurgle and gasp as he fucked her throat. Then he’d slip into her wet cunt and fuck her, and once she’d cum, gripping him hard with the walls of her pussy, he’d turn her over and spread her perfect ass and bury himself inside her tight little asshole.

“I need you Emma,” David moaned into her mouth, “You make me so fucking hard; I need you so badly.”

“No,” Emma said weakly, “We shouldn’t.”

“But what do you want?” David asked as he trailed his fingers down her side, “Tell your little brother what you want, not what you think you should or shouldn’t do.”

“I…” Emma started and faltered, loosing herself in David’s kisses. Kadıköy Escort


“I want you,” she moaned desperately.

David guided his sister’s hand down and helped her undo his pants, her eyes widening when she felt and saw his girth.

“You make me so hard it hurts, do you want to make it feel better?”

Emma dropped to her knees on the floor in front of her brother and took his cock into her mouth. It felt so good that David had to fight the urge to cum as Emma’s tongue slid down his shaft and she took him deep into her mouth. It was even better as she swirled her soft wet tongue around the tip as she bobbed back up. He let her go, enjoying how skilled she was with her warm wet mouth.

“God, Emma, your mouth feels so damn good,” he gasped, wrapping his hand in her soft hair, “I want to fuck your throat. Please, can I fuck your mouth?”

She moaned enthusiastically and David held her head as he thrust into her mouth, making her gag as he choked her with his cock. He fucked his sister’s mouth, enjoying the way she gasped and gagged, gurgled, and moaned. She looked so hot on her knees with his cock in her mouth, her face wet with spit and his precum. He pulled her up to kiss him and Emma shoved him back on the bed, straddling him and impaling herself on his hard cock.

“Oh, god,” she moaned loudly, “Your cock feels so good in my pussy.”

“Goddamn, Emma, your pussy’s so tight. Tell your little brother how much you like how his cock feels in that tight wet cunt.”

“Mmm, David, I love the way your cock feels inside me. It’s so fucking thick, it fills your big sister’s tight little pussy up so nicely. I love the way you stretch me out.”

David pushed himself up, deeper into Emma’s pussy, making her gasp and shudder, “That’s it, I want to feel you cum on my cock.”

Emma moaned loudly and lost her rhythm as David bucked up into her. As much as he enjoyed the noises she was making, he didn’t want their parents to hear, so he pulled her down and muffled her moans with his mouth. Emma started to shudder and her pussy tightened around his cock. He reluctantly pushed her off of him and over on to her back. Göztepe Escort David ripped his t-shirt off over his head and kicked his pants off the rest of the way before parting Emma’s legs and burying himself inside her. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper inside her as she started orgasm again.

Leaning down to whisper in her ear, “Do you want to feel your little brother’s thick cock in your tight little asshole?”

Emma moaned raggedly and nodded, “Yes, fuck my ass.”

“Get up on all fours,” David commanded as he pulled out of his sister’s hot pussy.

Emma obeyed and David spread her ass cheeks, pushing his cock into her tight asshole.

“Oh god!” Emma gasped loudly and David started to pull back, but she pushed her ass back into him, taking him deeper.

“No, don’t stop!” she begged, “Fuck my ass. Be a good little brother and fuck me hard.”

David growled and buried himself in Emma’s ass, making her scream into her comforter, “Does my big sister like her tight ass fucked?”

“Yes,” she panted.

David grabbed her by the throat and pulled her back against him, whispering in her ear, “Who’s ass is it?”

“Yours,” she moaned, “It’s your ass.”

“Only mine,” David growled in response, “Your mouth, your pussy, your ass—you’re all mine. My slut. Say it; tell your little brother that his is the only cock you ever want inside you again.”

“I’m yours, David, I’m all yours. Little brother, your cock feels so fucking good, no one else’s cock will ever feel this good. I’ll be your slut to fuck however you want.”

“Good girl,” David told her, “Should I cum inside your ass? Would my dirty little slut like that?”

“Yes! Fill my ass up with your hot cum.”

David thrust into Emma, building up speed, covering her mouth with his hand to muffle her moaning and he came to climax, spurting his thick hot cum into his sister’s ass. He let go of Emma and she collapsed onto the bed.

“Mover over, Emma-bug,” David said, swatting her ass playfully and dropping to the bed beside her and nuzzling into her neck, “I meant it you know… I’m not great at sharing; I want you all to myself.”

Emma was silent for a long moment and David worried that he’d pushed her too far. He hugged her tight and she turned to face him.

“Are you okay?” David asked, booping her nose.

She smiled, “I’m yours, little brother, no one else’s. Not ever.”

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