A Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story Ch. 03


A fat black old woman story: I should have known better.

Yes, I should have known better going into that dark, desolate alley by evening, just to take a shortcut home. It was stupid because the save way home was just a 10 minutes longer walk. But sometimes I don’t understand myself and do such stupid things like this. And this is the result, an fat black woman of 63, standing here with mixed emotions in that dark, desolate alley, her blouse unbuttoned, her large boobs hanging out of her big bra, her skirt around her ankles, her underpants torn and sperm of two horny young white men dripping out of her fat black pussy. And what’s more shaming was my behaviour in this. Let me tell you about it.

I have a good life. Being a widow for 14 years I managed, after my husband passed away, to pick up life again. For a few years I’m retired now and enjoyed the days because I’m busy enough with my hobbies. What’s disastrous for my weight is my cooking hobby; I’m fond of cooking and tried every recipe of the many cooking books I have. It made me today a big fat woman over 300 pounds. I don’t care for it anymore, as my condition still is good.

That evening I had visited an acquaintance of mine. It was an entertaining evening and we had a lot to talk because we hadn’t seen each other for quite a while. Because it was a nice summer evening I didn’t take the car but went on foot to her. That’s the reason I drank some glasses of wine, enough to feel pleasantly, too little to feel drunk. I was thankful I hadn’t take the car home, for that I drank too many. It was almost eleven o’clock that evening and although the acquaintance offered me to bring me home, because of the fine weather I preferred to walk home. For me it’s a three quarter walk, I’m a slow walker.

It must have been the wine that befogged my mind because after twenty minutes I became a bit tired when I came along that alley. I was warned not to go in there by evening because it’s dark and desolated. Only store houses there. But it was a 10 minutes shorter walk and I went into it.

It was indeed dark and desolated; the further I went in, the darker it got. There was no light of lamppost in there. I hesitated if I should go back but I was almost halfway and went on.

Then I heard footsteps in front of me and I became frightened. I turned around and hurried back. I realized it was stupid and of no use trying to get out of that dark, desolate alley. I’m not fast enough because of my old fat overweight body. The footsteps came quickly nearer and soon I was press with my back against one of the storehouses.

I felt a knife dabbing against my throat and I heard a voice sis: “Give us your money or you never leave this alley alive!”

I gave a cry and stammered that I hadn’t any money on me. I cried: “Please, let me go! I’m an old woman!”

“An old fat bitch, you mean. Do you have anything of value with you?” the one with the knife snarled. I shook my head.

“And what is that?” I heard again, “Two nice golden rings?”

“Oh, no!” I begged, “Please, it’s my wedding ring and the wedding ring of my late husband. Please, take anything but not them!”

I was desperate looking up and saw two skinny young white boys in front of me. I estimated them around twenty. I tried to persuade them to let me go by telling them they have a mother and a grandmother too, but it didn’t help.

The one with the knife was grinning. “We do have something, don’t we?” Still with the knife against my throat the one young white boy pressed his body against my fat big old body. He began to make certain moves against it. I felt a swelling pressing against my big round belly. I became really frightened.

“Oh no, not that!” I cried in a despair.

“If you want to get out of this alley, no more word and do as we want you to do!” I heard him say.

While continues his movements he began to unbutton my blouse. I felt two hands shoving into my big bra, lifting my large black boobs out of it. The one young white boy let loose of them Anadolu Yakası Escort and they dangled freely outside my blouse now. I didn’t dare to say a word.

“That’s what I call a pair of tits!” I heard the young white boy say. With both hands he weighted my left large boob and began to knee it.

“Hey,” he said to the other young white boy, “You’ve got to feel this. It’s great!”

The other stepped in front of me, grabbed my other large black boob, and began to knee it also. I still didn’t dare to say anything and cried. Now both of the horny young boys were pushing their swelling against my big round belly. Soon the two young white boys began to suck on my nipples. It was a long time ago someone had sucked my nipples and in spite of all my fear I notified they became hard.

Pushing me down the two young white boys forced me on my knees. I heard the unzipping of their pants and then I was looking at two hard dicks. The look very impressive from near and I became frighten more.

“Do them!” I heard the one with the knife said. I wanted to protest but looking up I saw on his face he mend what he said.

Desperate I grabbed both hard dicks and began to massage them, hoping they both soon have their relief and I could go home.

If it wasn’t strange enough after years holding a hard dick in my hand, I now was sitting on my knees in front of the horny young boys and holding two in both! I saw they had different ones. As one looked pretty large, the other had a short thick one.

Despite of all my fright I felt a little aroused and with a curious interest I followed the movements of my hands around the two hard dicks. It was hard to concentrate on both hard ones so I was busier with the one of the young white boy with the large one. As I moved my hand quicker up and down, I felt his stiffness increase and scared up when suddenly he gave a shout and began to squirt his load over my face. I let loose of both dicks and I didn’t know why but I began to cry.

“I’m not done yet,” the other young white boy snarled. I wiped the sperm with my hand off of my face, grabbed the short thick dick of the boy, and began to pull it off as quick as I could.

Within the minute I felt a second load squirting upon my face.

I wiped it off again and cried frightened: “Please, can I go home now?”

“You made our dicks dirty. Clean it now!” I heard the one with the knife said.

I was flustered and made preparation the wipe their dicks off with a piece of my blouse.

“No, use your mouth!” the young white boy ordered me.

“Oh no, I can’t do that.” I cried.

Before I knew it I felt the knife dabbing against my throat again. I knew I had to do what they belong if I wanted to get save home. I grabbed the half erected dick of the young boy with the knife and carefully I touched it with the tip of my tongue. I tasted the warm, spicy cream and it had a special smell too.

A pressure on my head prods me to use more of my tongue. I was now licking all over it. And as I was licking, it grew. As I was done licking the shaft clean I began to lick the head of this young white boys swollen dick.

Despite of my fright I felt an arousing inside me again. I opened my mouth and sucked the head inside of it.

Can you imagine, a fat retired overweight black woman like me, sitting on her knees in a dark, desolated alley, sucking on a young white boy’s hard on. My arousing increased and forgetting the circumstance I was in I attentively began to move my head up and down, now harder sucking on his hard one. I heard the young white boy groan.

“The old fat bitch is beginning to like It.” the other young white boy grinned.

“Yeah, I think so too!” the one with the knife replied.

I felt the tension of the hard dick in my mouth grew as I sucked it with all the energy I had. I grabbed with both hands his upper legs so I had some more balance. My head was moving faster now and by his groaning I notified he soon would come. I Pendik Escort began to suck harder now and hold still when I felt his load squirt into my mouth.

I waited until he was finished; my mouth was brimming full. As he redraws, I spitted the most of it next to me on the ground.

The other young white boy now was impatient standing before me, pressing his short thick dick against my mouth. I licked the sperm of it and took the head in my mouth. I began to move my head forward, sucking his horny hard on entirely into my mouth. I softly putted my teeth at his shaft, pulling my head backwards. I gave it a firm suck then and repeated it. I felt it swollen more by each time I did this.

This hard on felt very nice in my mouth. Because it was thick and short, my mouth was pretty filled with it because I could take it completely into it. I could feel the head almost pricking against my throat.

It may be strange, but I was so busy sucking on his thick hard on that I forgot in what kind of circumstances I was. It fascinated me, that horny young firm dick in my mouth.

I came back to reality when he draws his hard dick out of my mouth. The young white boy forced me to stand up. As I did I was pushed against the wall of the storehouse and he grabbed under my skirt and squeezed through my underpants the front of my old fat pussy.

“Please, don’t.” I protested.

Again the knife of the other young white boy was dabbing at my throat. I now was certain I was defenceless and had to give in to their horny desires. The young white boy ordered me to loosen my skirt; I unbutton it and unzipped it. He pulled it down until my skirt was wrapped around my ankles.

Then I felt the cold steel of the knife between my underpants and the skin of my fat black pussy. With one short cut he tore my underpants with the knife. I held my breath as I felt a few fingers between my fat old black pussy lips slid, wriggling them.

The fingers felt soft and warm. I felt one finger slid inside my old fat black pussy, pumping in and out. I couldn’t help it, but it awakened an exiting feeling at me. I hadn’t felt such feeling for a very long time. I began to moan. The finger began to move some faster and I felt the thumb of the young white boy fondle the swollen knob of my fat old black pussy. My moaning became groaning now.

The other young white boy grabbed both my big black boobs and began to suck one of my large nipples. It was breathtaking, one massaging and sucking my big black boobs, the other one busy with my fat old black pussy.

My mind wasn’t able to be aware of situation I was in; I only felt aroused by those two horny young boys and in a mindless ecstasy I was completely swept in it. I leaned some further against the wall of the storehouse and spread out my massive black legs some more apart to made the pumping finger inside my old fat black pussy more accessible. My breath became heavier and I felt the tensing grow inside of me. My old fat black pussy was very hot now and I began to tremble. I let it happen.

I gave a loud cry when I felt my hot fluid stream. I leaned now with both hands on one of the young white boy when I completely gave my orgasm free of charge. I sobbed during it, that intense was this long forgotten marvellous experience.

I didn’t protest when the young white boy, which I was leaning at, lifted one massive black leg of my. Oh no, shameless I did cooperate when he pushed the thick head of his short hard on against my old fat black wet pussy lips. I leaned against the wall of the storehouse again, lifting my massive black leg some wider to gave him access.

I wanted him to do so. I wanted him to put his young, horny short thick dick inside me.

I was in such an arouse that I almost was thankful when I felt the thick head of his hard on slid between my wet old fat black pussy lips. I remember grabbing both his buttocks with my hands, pushing his horny thick dick between my mighty black thighs.

Now his hard dick was Kurtköy Escort completely inside my fat old black pussy; it felt really fantastic. Just the feeling that I, a heavily overweight black old woman of 63, penetrated by a horny young white hard dick, took me far from reality. I shamelessly began to move my abdomen, enjoying contented the pumping of the horny young white boy’s dick between my old fat black pussy lips.

Each time he pushed forwards, I tugged his buttocks with a short firm push against my big round fat black belly. Each time an impudent groan escaped from my mouth as I felt his short thick pressed complete inside my old fat black pussy.

The horny young white boy was holding both hands on my big broad hips and was groaning also each time he penetrated me deeply. We were moving faster and faster. My old fat black pussy was pretty moist now and the pumping inside of me gave exciting noises.

A last powerful thrust of the horny young white boy stopped; I felt his energetic hot sperm shot into my old fat black pussy. Groaning I received it with unashamed satisfaction, that was my lust for that moment.

The horny young white boy redraws from me and I stayed a while in the same position, relish that strong exiting feeling I got.

I was forgotten the other young white boy until I felt his horny skinny white body pressing against me. Before I knew it, he pressed his large hard dick against my old wet fat black pussy lips.

Still far from this earth and not really aware the circumstances I was in, I almost automatically spread my big mighty legs some further apart to receive the second hard dick inside my shameless old fat black pussy.

One powerful push filled me completely.

This one felt different. As the other horny young white dick stretched my old fat black pussy by it’s thickness, this one reached a spot inside it I hadn’t had felt before.

I was completely swept away by this prodigious affect and I strongly grabbed the horny young white boy by the hips, shameless pushing him against my big round black belly to get his astonishing large hard one deep inside me to feel it over and over again. I groaned loudly each time I felt it tap against that spot inside my old fat black pussy.

I became unabashed horny and my old fat black pussy was sure on fire now. I had nothing else in mind then feel the horny young white boy’s remarkable hard dick pumping me, poking against that exiting spot inside me.

I shameless cried out as I felt that explosion inside me. An immense shiver took possession of me when I had my broiling orgasm. I desperate clamped the horny young white boy who was uninterrupted still pumping my ejaculated old fat black pussy.

I had this irrepressible desire to receive his seed in me; as to complete this extremely vigorous experience I had.

I shameless encouraged the horny young white boy. “Shoot!” I cried, “Shoot your load!”

He was really fast pumping my old fat black pussy now and with a kind of contentment I groaned with him as he gushed his sperm inside my satisfied old fat black pussy. I was content now and really not aware were I was.

Vaguely I felt the horny young boy’s large dick redraw out of my filled old fat black pussy. It seemed from far away I heard both young white boys’ laugh.

One laughed: “I really think we did this old fat bitch a big favour.”

“Yeah”, the other responded: “we really did. Hey, old fat bitch, we’re next week same time here again if you want some more!”

I hardly heard the two young white boys leave and they were gone before I became aware were I was.

Here I stood, an old fat black woman of 63, standing here with mixed emotions in that dark, desolate alley. Her large boobs hanging out of her unbuttoned blouse, her skirt around her ankles and her underpants torn. I felt the sperm of the two young white boys dripping out of my old fat black pussy, forming a thick white spore downwards between my obese mighty thighs. Fully aware now of my shameless behaviour.

That was exact a week ago; now again I’m standing before the entrance of that dark, desolate alley. As I said, sometimes I don’t understand myself. But I took the first step into that alley and went further in; I should have known better!

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