Searching for Daddy Ch. 03

Female Pov

“You can come in now, Daddy.” I called out sitting back down in my computer chair.

My door slowly opened and there was my father, wearing a pair of weathered jeans and no shirt, his muscles bulging and his cock clearly outlined in his jeans. At that point I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my online Daddy was also my real Daddy. But I was going to see what he was up to first.

“Just wanted to see what you were up to my dear. It’s late you know.” he said softly, in his deep scratchy voice. I never realized just how sexy my father was before. And now that I knew what his bulge really looked like I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I turned to face my chair towards my father, letting my thighs spread a little bit so he could see up my skirt.

“Oh, I’m just looking around online. Talking to some friends, you know. Why? Is something wrong Daddy?” I asked him in my sweetest little girl voice. I watched Daddy’s eyes travel up my legs to my slightly spread thighs, I knew he could see my hot pink panties and the wet spot he had caused.

“Well, that depends. Are you going to be DaddysGurl or a fucking tease?” my father asked me harshly walking closer to me and grabbing me by the arm and pulling me out of my chair and up against his hard body.

“Oh my god! Daddy that was you? Oh, No! Daddy I’m so sorry I was so naughty.” I cried burying my head in his chest and pressing my body against his.

“Why don’t you show me how sorry you are baby? Do what you like best you little cocksucking whore.” Daddy ordered me, pushing me to my knees and freeing his long, thick cock from his jeans. “And pull that shirt off, let me see those big tits you love to play with so Maltepe Escort much. Pinch your nipples for me while you suck my dick darlin. Be a good girl for Daddy and he’ll forgive you.”

I leaned forward quickly and kissed the spongy head of his hard cock. I slowly started licking the head of his cock and down his shaft, then I sucked his balls into my hot mouth one by one while I stroked his hard shaft with my hand. I licked my way back up his cock and slowly lowered my mouth over the plum-sized head of my Daddy’s cock while looking up into his eyes.

“Ohhh, that’s my girl. Suck Daddy’s cock darlin’. Goddamn you’re a good little cocksucker. You’re gonna suck my dick whenever I want you too, understand? You are my slut now. Is that clear?” Daddy asked me roughly, starting to thrust his cock into my open throat, fucking my mouth. I moaned loudly in consent as he looked into my eyes as I sucked on his big dick and played with my hard nipples.

I couldn’t believe I was kneeling there on my bedroom floor, playing with my naked breasts while sucking my fathers cock as hard as I could. I couldn’t get enough of his big, thick dick in my mouth. My cunt was so wet that my panties were soaked.

“You like daddy’s cock baby? Is it better than my buddy’s?” he asked me, allowing me to lift my mouth off of his delicious prick.

“Oh yes Daddy! Your cock is much bigger and tastier. I love to suck on it. I’m so happy that it was really you I was talking to that whole time Daddy. Are you glad it was me?” I asked my Daddy sweetly, looking up at him from my kneeling position in front of him.

“That’s good sweetheart. And yes, Daddy is very glad you are the girl Ümraniye Escort I was talking to. Get up now baby. Stand up and put a shirt on and then pick some music out. I want you to strip for me Jade. Dance for Daddy honey. Be a good little slut.” Daddy said sexily as he stuffed that gorgeous cock back in his jeans and sat down in my computer chair.

“Yes Daddy.” I said softly and walked to my closet to get a tight, see-thru button down shirt. I put on a Rob Zombie mixed CD that I practiced stripping to all the time. I loved the hard bass riffs, they always made me want to strip. I undulated to the hard, pounding rock and Zombie’s guttural voice as I moved closer to my father unbuttoning my shirt and playing with my breasts as I danced for him.

I held up my big white breasts in my hands, caressing them through my shirt and rocked my hips to the beat as I stood directly in front of my daddy. I unbuttoned the shirt completely, opening it to reveal my tits completely for him and playing with my nipples. I pulled and pinched my nipples hard, moaning as I moved forward to straddle my Daddy’s leg. I thrust myself up and down on his leg as I leaned forward, putting my breasts in his face.

“That’s it sweetie, be daddy’s whore.” Dad laughed and leaned in to take my nipple in his mouth. I cried out when his teeth scraped the sensitive bud and I ground my wet pussy into his thigh.

“Oh Daddy! That feels so good. “ I moaned out as he continued to play with my nipples with his tongue and teeth while using his hands to squeeze on the flesh surrounding my hard nipples. Daddy slowly started moving his hands down my chest, stroking my sides and around to my İstanbul Escort stomach before resting his calloused hands on my tan thighs right below my skirt. I moaned and wiggled on his lap.

“Oh, you want something baby? You want Daddy to touch you somewhere?” my father teased me as he ran his fingers just under my skirt on my inner thigh. “You’ll get what you want soon enough, but for now Jade, I want you to finish dancing. I want to see my slut daughter naked.”

I said nothing but slowly rocked myself off of Daddy’s leg and backed away from him, swaying my hips to the pounding rock music. I slowly unbuttoned the side of my skirt moving my hips teasingly at Daddy, just out of hands reach. He smiled at me and moved his hands to his bulging fly, “Getting uncomfortable here, I need to get some air baby.” Daddy smirked at me pulling his long, thick cock back out of his restricting jeans.

“Hmmm, that’s no problem Daddy. I love to look at that amazing cock of yours…I’ve been trying to see it for so long now.” I said softly, moaning slightly as I turned my back to him and bent all the way down, showing him my tight young ass barely covered in the hot pink panties. I slid my skirt down over my ass and all the way down my tan legs before standing back up and facing Daddy again in nothing but my panties. I put my hands on my hips and thrust my big tits out and started moving my hips in a circular motion as I slowly slipped my fingers inside my panties.

“Come here Jade. Leave those on for the moment.” Daddy ordered me sternly. I walked over to him and stood silently in front of him. He reached and ran his hands down my body stopping to pinch my nipples hard before moving down my stomach.

“Daddy wants to take off your panties.” Daddy looked up at me and slowly tugged my panties down. “Oh you are a slut aren’t you baby? You shave that little cunt. Lay down across Daddy’s lap. NOW!” Daddy yelled at me in an angry tone.

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