Seducing Jen? Never Again


“You look tired.” I said softly to Jen. The orange dawn light coming through the window softened her features, but I could still see the puffy lines under her eyes. Jen gazed up at my eyes and ran her fingers down the stubble on my chin. She dropped her hand awkwardly and stepped back a little.

“What if I’m pregnant?” She said. “You fucked the shit out of me. We did a bad thing, Mike–you do understand that?” I tried to clear my throat and coughed a little. Jen shifted her weight to one heel and put her hand on her hip. She stared at me accusingly.

“This is all your fault, you know.” She added. “You pushed me into it. Fucker.” She choked suddenly and covered her mouth with her hand. Her body shook as she lowered her head. “Aww, Jen …” I had practically raped her. She was fucked. I was fucked. We were so fucked. I leaned back, my hands clasped on my head. I didn’t know what to do. She looked so helpless and small.

Awkwardly, I extended my arm to pat her shoulder. Instantly, she melted into my arms and pressed her shaking face against my chest. At least I was wearing a t-shirt with my shorts–she appeared to be wearing the same blue nightgown from last night. “I don’t know what to say…” I murmured to her as I stroked her hair. She pulled away from me, still covering her face. She couldn’t even make eye contact. Finally she looked me in the eye. She had this huge grin on her face.

“I … I know what you can say … ” She covered her hand with her mouth, again. Her body still shaking. Finally, she burst out: “Say you’ll—BWAHAAAAhaaa! Say you’ll … hahahhahhahha … say you’ll do it AGAIN–you FUCKING PERVERT!”

“I …” I stumbled. I think my mouth was open. I think it took me a second or two for it to register that she was actually laughing. “I don’t know …”

I looked up at Jen. There was still this big grin on her face. She reached out and slapped me playfully. Her fingers stopped on my cheek. “I was just kidding, silly.” She said, looking me in the eyes. “I was just kidding. Really.” She added, softly. Her hand was still on my cheek. I met her gaze, and shook my head, pursing my lips. “That’s right.” I said softly. “We can’t … we shouldn’t even …” I took her hand in my hands and placed it back at her side. “Talk about it?” Jen quietly asked.

Then she stopped talking and looked past me into the hallway. I looked over my shoulder. I could see Dad stumbling down the hallway, squinting against the dawn and rubbing his eyes. He looked up and noticed me watching him. “You.” Dad said accusingly to me. “I want to talk to you. After breakfast.” He looked at Jen and sniffed. “And what are you giggling at?” He said sternly. “There’s nothing funny about this.”

Jen bit her lip and lowered her head. Her arms hung awkwardly at her sides. We just stood there as Dad continued down the hallway. He glanced back at us over his shoulder and raised an eyebrow knowingly before he disappeared into the bathroom.

“He seemed to take that rather well.” I whispered to Jen. She nodded dumbly. “Maybe they argued themselves out last night?” She added finally, glancing up at me. Then she lowered her voice “–or maybe this is just the eye of the storm.” I shivered. My hands felt cold. “I’m going to get dressed for breakfast.” I said to Jen. “Okay.” She padded down the hallway to her own room. She walked very, very slowly.

Before I walked into the kitchen, I took a slow breath and tried to keep my hands from shaking. Then I went in. Jen was already sitting at the table, stirring her oatmeal slowly with a fork. She met my eyes briefly, and dropped her head back down to stare at her food. Dad looked up at me and paused with a spoonful of cereal still in his mouth. I could feel my face warm and flush.

“Well, if it isn’t the man of the hour. Eat.” Dad grumbled.

I didn’t eat much. I kept my eyes on my cereal, but it still seemed that every time I looked up Dad or Mom was looking at me. Each bite seemed to be slower than the last, but I supposed that I should finish the bowl. I scraped up the last of my oatmeal from the edge of the bowl and waited expectantly. Dad looked up at me for a moment, as if he had forgotten something.

“Oh yes.” He began.

“You know, son, we never actually discussed this when you started college-I just assumed that this was an unspoken understanding. It’s just the way things are done.” Dad met my eyes.

“Okay.” I could feel my face getting very hot, but my hands were still trembling. I set them in my lap.

Dad glanced at my mother. “Your mom and I discussed this last night at dinner and it took us a while to figure it exactly what to do-but what it comes down to is this: we think that it’s time for you to live on your own. And last night, I come home to this-” He gestured out the back door.

“Uh … ” I looked at the back door, then back at Dad.

“The Lexus!” Dad barked. “Are you becoming familiar with the tearing metal sound that happens when you rip out half of the fender? Let me Anadolu Yakası Escort guess, this time it was a grocery cart … “

“I, uh … ” I cleared my throat. “Dad.”

I glanced at Jen, who was staring resolutely at her cereal. She was the last one to drive the car, back from swimming practice last night. “I’m … sorry?” I looked at Dad. “It was late … ” I shrugged helplessly. I watched Jen out of the corner of my eye. She glanced back and forth between and Dad and me.

“Dad … Dad.” Jen interrupted. “Dad. It was me … who smashed the fender.”

Dad looked at Jen and back at me. He scratched his head and looked at Mom. She shrugged. “Uhm. Sorry I yelled at you, Mike. But honestly, this only underscores what we were already discussing, Mike … We think it’s time for you to move out. I think it will help you to find some new friends, Mike. You and Jen have been getting a little too close, lately. It seems a little … regressive …” Dad started.

I glanced over at Jen. Apparently, Dad didn’t actually know exactly how close Jen and I had been. I let out an involuntary sigh.

“Yeah, yeah, Dad–I get what you are saying, Dad.” I said.

“I mean … I’m not trying to be an asshole, Mike. I just think you’ve got a little growing up to do.” Dad continued. It seemed that things were back to normal–as normal as things can be after something like last night.

Later, Jen came up to my room as I was putting the last of my clothes into a suitcase. “

“So you’re off to Mrs. Thompson’s place. It’s not far.” Jen looked around the empty room.

I laughed. “It’s just across the street. I’ll be over for dinner. Want to see my new place? Dad had it all set up. I think him and Mom really want me out of here. Do you think they–do you think they know?”

Jen shrugged. “I don’t know, Mike. It’s not like it would change anything, right?” Jen slid an arm around my waist and looked up at me.

I pulled from her away, abruptly.

“What?” Jen pouted, “I’m not your sister, anymore? Can’t I come over and see your new place?”

“Sure … I guess. Come on over.” I was actually looking forward to a little privacy, but she would only be over for a minute. I loaded up as much as I could carry, but there was still one little box left. “Could you grab that last box–if you don’t mind?” I asked Jen. She picked up the box and followed me across the street.

The air was brisk, and the screen door on Mrs. Thompson’s back entry was blowing back and forth on its hinges, banging against the house. I realized that my key was still in my pocket, and stopped at the door.

“What?” Jen waited. “Did you forget your key?” “Naah … it’s just in my pocket. Hold on a second.” I started to set down one of my bags and the bag slipped through my fingers. I lunged at the bag and managed to cradle it in the crook of my arm.

Suddenly, I felt Jen’s small hand on my hip, sliding down my front.

“Hey!” I said.

“Just getting your key.” Jen responded.

“Left front pocket.” Jen’s hand slid down to my crotch. She ran her hand over my growing hard-on.

“Is that a key in your pocket, or are you–” Jen whispered, coyly. I interrupted her. “Hey!” I snapped. “Just get the fuckin’ key…” I trailed off.

“Okay. Geez, you don’t need to be such a jerk. I’m just kidding around.” Jen grabbed the key from my pocket and opened the door.

The studio apartment seemed big. Without all the clutter of my old room, our voices echoed around the place. “Echo, echo!” Jen laughed and clapped her hands, sharply.


I ran over to Jen. “Sssssshhhhh! Shsssh. JESUS! Mrs. Thompson is going to hear!”

I raised my hand and listened for a second. Nothing.

“Oh, come on.” Jen said. “What difference does it make? What is she going to do?” She laughed as she looked at my pursed lips and furrowed brow. “OOOOh GOD! OOOH I LOVE IT! FUCK ME, FUCK ME MIKE!” she burst out suddenly and almost doubled over laughing.

“Jesus, Jen! I’ve got to LIVE here!” I covered my ears, instinctively. “Shut up! Shut up!” My face was hot.

Jen was shaking and laughing with a full-throated woman’s laugh. “GIVE IT TO ME, BABY! FUCK ME, BRO-“

I came behind her and covered her mouth with my hand. She shut up for a second, then I felt her arch her back and push her ass into my crotch. Then she licked my palm. As quickly as I dropped my hand, she started yelling again. “OH YES, MY BROTHER! FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG PENIS, YES!”

I covered my face. Now she was just being vindictive.

“Ohh, man…” I moaned.

I heard a knock on the doorframe, and the door swung in a little. “Everything okay in there?” Mrs. Thompson’s voice sounded almost plaintive.

Jen said, politely, “Not quite okay, Mrs. Thompson–” Jen laughed loudly and winked at me. “His PENIS is much too BIG to fit in my…”

“NO!” I shouted. I slammed the door shut with one hand as Bostancı Escort I tackled Jen around the waist, knocking the wind out of her so that her laughter came out in short little gasps.

“Uh…Everything is fine, here…yes…uh, Mrs. Thompson.” I managed to say. “I just dropped…I’ve just got some large…” I looked over at my bags and scratched my head, “uhm…equipment.” I flushed red as Jen broke out in giggles, again.

“Okay.” Mrs. Thompson still sounded dubious from behind the door. “Please do not roughhouse, all right?”

I held my palm over Jen’s mouth. She tilted her head under my fingers and slid her tongue up between my fingers. After a few seconds, it seemed that Mrs. Thompson had left, so I removed my hand from over Jen’s mouth, and wiped my wet fingers on my jeans.

“What are you doing?” I accused Jen, as I raised myself on my elbows next to her, where I had tackled her down.

Jen turned over on her back and looked up at me. Her hair fanned out from under her head, framing her face in a lovely manner as she smirked up at me.

“After something like last night, don’t you think a girl at least deserves a brotherly kiss?” Jen turned her head a little and met my gaze through the sides of her eyes, smiling. She pointed to her cheek with an index finger.

“Let’s keep this respectable.” I said, as I leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. But she reached her forearm over the back of my neck, and pulled me tight against her, her cheek tight against my face and her lips almost touching my ear.

“Big brother.” She whispered. “Who’s the man?” She giggled as she placed her hands on my cheeks to turn my head until I was gazing into her eyes. Gently, she pulled my face towards hers, turning my head and raising her chin up until our lips met.

Her lips were soft like rose petals, and they pressed firmly against my own with a slight wetness until my lips opened to gently nibble them. I felt like an ape, like my lips were that of an orangutan playing with some Fossey-like researcher. She paused and gazed at me with a thoughtful expression.

“That was unexpectedly good. I rather liked that.” She said, evenly. “Kiss me, again.”

I raised my hand alongside her cheek as I leaned over again to kiss her. Her cheek was soft, with a few downy, almost microscopically fine hairs near her temples…her temples–where the hair became thick and luxuriant between my fingers. I ran my hand through her hair and cradled her the back of her head in my fingers.

She turned her head to kiss my wrist before gazing at me with her liquid eyes. She was like a little girl, the way she gazed at me with such admiration. I could not be responsible for this.

Instead of kissing her on the lips, I instead lowered her head and raised my own so that my kiss landed on her smooth forehead. Then, on impulse, I slid a hand behind her back and hugged her tightly to me. I pulled her to a sitting position, still holding her tightly in my embrace. We sat that way for a long moment.

Jen broke the silence with a giggle. “My poor virgin brother…couldn’t make it with anyone but his sister.”

“How did you know that?” I asked her. “I was dating Michelle for a while last year. I could have done it with her.”

Jen dropped her arms to her knees and rearranged herself into a cross-legged sitting position. The calves of her leather boots pressed under her bare thighs. She looked down and pulled the hem of her skirt down back down where it had rode up.

“Oh, come on.” Jen chided me. “You wouldn’t even squeeze her butt. You treated her like a delicate flower.”

“I respect women.” I said to Jen, lowering my head and looking away, quickly. The door was still closed.

Jen laughed, again. “Yes. You were very respectful to me last night.” She smiled crookedly at me with her lips pressed tightly together. “Very respectful.”

“Shhhhhhhh…” I hissed at Jen. “What if Mrs. Thompson hears?”

“You fuckin’ OWE me, Mike.” Jen raised her chin defiantly. “I deflowered you.” She laughed in an almost musical cadence.

“So…what…do I owe you?” I laughed, but my face felt tight.

Jen crossed her arms and stared at my chest. “I don’t know. I’m horny.” Slowly, a smile lit up her face and she raised her eyes to mine. “Blow me.” She said.

“Blow…you?” I repeated.

“Did I stutter? I’m sorry…what I said was ‘BLOW ME.'” She spoke with exaggerated clarity. Jen didn’t smile, but looked at me with narrowed eyes. “Suck my clit.”

With a quick move, Jen rolled over onto her knees, and pushed my chest until I was lying flat on my back. “Stay,” she ordered, as she stood up.

Gathering her skirt around her waist, she pulled at the sides of her underwear and slid them down over her hips. A small patch of dark hair between her thighs was all I glimpsed as she kept her gaze at me, dropping her underwear to the floor around her calf-length boots. She stepped over her underwear as it pooled on the floor and her Erenköy Escort skirt dropped down, again, as she straightened up.

She stepped over me, placing one foot on either side of my chest. Then, she braced her hands alongside my head as she kneeled down over me. As she bent over me, I was staring at the creamy skin of her neck and cleavage above the buttons of her blouse.

Then she scooted forward until her crotch was nearly in front of my face.

“Drink up.” She pressed her chin down to give me a look before she scooted the last bit forward. Then she raised her skirt up, gathering it by the hem about her waist.

Her thighs pressed around my face as she kneeled over it. Her thighs were smooth and hairless, but her vulva was a soft mass of dark, curly hair. Her inner lips protruded, slightly, two folded flaps of skin that glistened with a subtle pinkness. There was a salty, musky odor and I could feel the heat radiating from her crotch. I slid my hands up the backs of her thighs, to her ass, and raised my head up between them.

Her taste was reminiscent of fish or perhaps ocean spray, but it was not entirely unpleasant. As my tongue slid into the silky slit of her lips, I could feel something registering in my groin. My own member became warm and shifted uncomfortably within my pants. I dropped my hands down from her ass and down to my own waist, where I fumbled at the buckle of my belt.

“Hey.” Jen said, sharply. “Why did you stop?”

As I pulled at my buckle, I raised my neck to continue licking in long strokes along her slit. She became moister, or perhaps it was my saliva, and I found myself stopping to swallow as it dripped down my throat. Her pussy lips became pinker, and spread a little as I licked her. Her clitoris was small at the juncture of her lips, but I gently licked it and nibbled at it with my lips.

“Keep going.” Jen urged me. Her hips began to undulate, very slowly. I finally got the buckle open on my pants, and I raised my hips to pull my pants down over them.

Jen looked back, and slapped my hands sharply.

“No.” Jen chastised me. “Suck me.” She dropped her hips down on my face, and my nose pushed into her pubic hair as my mouth surrounded her vulva. She was wet, but clearly still unsatisfied.

I reached up to squeeze her ass with my hand, and I slid my other hand up her thigh until I could gently insert my thumb inside of her as I continued to gently lick her clit.

“Yess.” She moaned as she leaned forward, bracing herself with her hands. She picked up one knee, then the other, squatting over my face and rocking gently.

I pulled my thumb from her, and gently slid three fingers into her, supporting my chin with the heel of my hand as I strummed her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. I wiggled my fingers inside of her, pressing them against the front inside of her vagina. I watched her hips squirm.

“Ohhhh…” She breathed, above me.

I wiggled my fingers more quickly, sliding them slightly in and out in a slowly accelerating, syncopated beat. SquishSlurp, squishSlurp, squishSLUrp. I tried to lick her clit in rhythm, but her hips began to gyrate. So I clamped my lips down around the top of her slit so that my head nodded in tandem with the motion of her hips. I flicked my tongue at the top of her slit in time with the strokes of my fingers.

“Oh God.” I heard Jen whisper in the background. Her thighs rotated around and my face was squeezed momentarily between them as her knees buckled. Her hips were rocking quickly, now, as she rose up on her toes and squatted over me, grinding herself into my face.

I reached deep inside of her with my fingers, rotating them around inside of her as I continued to clamp my lips down over the top of her vulva, flicking her clitoris rapidly with my tongue like a Berber war cry.

“Uhhhh…” Jen moaned, and I felt her vagina clamp down like last night, except this time on my fingers. I strummed away with my tongue and fingers like a man in the desert digging into a dry well for a drop of water, but this well was already overflowing. I could feel her liquids dripping down my chin and across my cheeks as her hips continued to gyrate around me and her vagina grasped at my fingers. I was seeing stars from the jerking of my head on her hips and my breath was ragged, but my dick was straining against my underwear and felt painfully hard.

Finally, I felt her vagina loosen up on my finger for the last time. She dropped to her hands and knees with her thighs falling around my face. I saw a trickle of her juices sliding slowly down her inner thigh. I turned my face and lapped up the liquid from her thigh, leaving my lips pressed against the soft flesh of her thigh for a moment. I turned my head the other way and to kiss her other inner thigh, and lapped at her steaming pussy once again-this time in a slow, lingering stroke.

“Mmmmmmm….” Jen sighed. “I needed that.”

She raised a knee over my face and turned around to kneel beyond my head, facing me. She glanced down at my swollen member straining against the cotton of my underwear. A small wet spot darkened the cloth near the head of my dick. She giggled.

“You wet your pants.” She said softly.

“Yeah.” I finished. God, I was so horny.

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