Saving You Saving Me


Authors Notes: Adult themes and materials for consenting adults. This is not a stroke story. This is a love story. If you are looking for some quickie sex, save your time and look elsewhere. If you are looking for a good love story, let me know how I did. All constructive comments are welcome. This is a copywrited work and all disclaimers apply.


If she was awake, she would’ve known it was a dream. Unfortunately for her, she was caught up in the nightmare again. It was so real. She could smell the sweat; feel the sand and the unrelenting heat bake her skin. The images flashed before her eyes, as she tossed, fighting with her blankets.

“Routine patrol my ass!” She heard her own voice say. “There’s nothing routine about raiding people’s houses who don’t even want us in their fucking country.” She muttered and groaned in her sleep. She knew what was coming before it happened, but she was helpless in stopping it. She saw the face. She felt the fear and then a bright flash.

Kelly Sackett woke up screaming pulling a nonexistent trigger. Her eyes signaled her brain, there was darkness where she knew there should be light. Her skin told her that it was cool, instead of unbearably hot.

Not realizing where she was, she ran her hands down her long frame, looking for the blood she knew should be there. As her hands moved over her bare abdomen, she felt the scars. Awareness comes in an instant.

“Shit!” She exclaimed to the dark. “Not again. I’ve got to get over this. It was years ago.” Breathing an unsteady breath, Kelly took an inventory of her surroundings. She knew the line was thin right then and she wanted to be sure which side she was on.

“Damn! Same crappy furniture in the same crappy rental.” She sighed as she tried to rub the sand out of her eyes in an unconscious movement. Looking at her clock, she knew she should take the extra two hours of sleep before the alarm was supposed to go off.

“Fuck it! It’s not like I’m going to get any more sleep.” She told the night. “I might as well catch up on my paper work.” She griped to herself as she padded naked towards the small bathroom to take a shower. After her shower, she looked at her reflection in the seamy mirror.

“Who the fuck are you and how the hell did you end up in this mess? She asked the woman looking back at her. She saw the flakes of gold in her hazel eyes. Pushing back the close cropped curly hair, from her Mediterranean heritage, she looked at the scars from her past.

Looking down her 5’10 frame, she saw a tight sinewy body that she worked hard to keep in shape. She ran her fingers over the thin line under the left breast hoping that one day she might get just enough sag from her small C cup breast to cover it. Looking further down, she saw the big scar with its three satellites. The constant reminders that she was no longer a complete woman. A complete woman could still have kids. That option was taken from her.

She saw the tattoo on her thigh. Only she knew its true meaning. Not that anyone in the last year or more, had the chance to ask about the Panther with its three purple heart shaped drops of blood dripping from the front claw as it was running up her long leg.

“Shit, this isn’t getting me anywhere.” She told her reflection as she pushed away from the wall and pulled her shirt over her head. She turned and grabbed a pair of briefs and pulled on her jeans.

As she was headed out her door, she grabbed her double holster with matching glocks. They were the last Christmas gift from her ex-husband, before she found him getting fucked by their neighbor’s eighteen year old son. Not that it really mattered who he was fucking. But it would have been nice to know before she married the prick, that he was a cheat.

Snapping her guns in place she pulled on her leather jacket and grabbed her keys and headed out to her classic Mustang. Pulling out of her street, she dug under the seat for her badge and ID, shoving them into her pocket as she hit the gas.

Five hours later, with her eyes scanning her report on the computer, she jumped when she heard her boss.

“Sackett, you and your partner, in my office now.” The stout woman grumbled without pausing as she breezed past their desks.

“You heard her Delmar, we’re needed.” Kelly said as she pulled her ear bud out of her partner’s ear. “She’ll have your nuts in a vice if she catches you listening to that thing again.

“You going to nark me out?” The big black man asked as he shoved the wires under his collar.

“Yeah, like I want to train a new partner. I’ve scarcely got you so you can tie your shoes right.” She said as she pushed him past her.

“Fuck you Sackett. I can dress myself.” He grunted good naturedly.

“Watch it, I’ll tell Patty you’re making passes at me. That’s one woman I would never want pissed at me and you married her. Oh wait, she dresses you doesn’t she!”

“Bite me!” He said as he entered the Lt. Woods office.

“You wish… You needed us Ankara escort LT.?” Kelly said as she closed the office door.

“You two can play grab ass on your own time.” The big chested brunette said as she handed Kelly a file. “Here’s you next assignment.” She pinned then down with her frosty brown eyes.

“There has been a rash of kidnappings coming out of the main bus stops and at the airport. They believe that they are going to ship all these girls overseas soon on the white slavery market and they want our help in finding them.”

“What’s the plan?” Asked Delmar as her looked over his partners shoulder.

“Sackett is going to be the bait and you’ll be birddog. You’ll be at the airport on the weekends and at the main bus stops three times a week.” Their boss continued their briefing.

“There will be back-up from vice, but we’re lead on this. You should know the FBI is also looking into this, but you know how much they tell us, so watch out whose toes you step on. Remember no guns and no wires so watch each other backs.”

“Yes Ma’am,” They respond automatically. Being assigned to the Special Projects Unit, of the Memphis Police Department, they knew that when they went undercover, they went in deep.

“Oh, Sackett, the chief wants you to park that hot rod of yours. Friday you can pick up the set of wheels he’s having fixed up for you. Delmar, you’re going to have to tell the wife you’re going to be gone for awhile and that you need the SUV. I hope she understands but you know the drill. That’s all, I see you in cover Friday at 1800.” She dismissed them.

As they left the office, Kelly could hear her partner grumbling behind her. “Shit, she’s going to be pissed. She just had new rims on that thing. She hasn’t even been able to drive it yet. This job is going to get me killed before I can even have kids.”

“Sucks to be you Bubba.” Kelly sneered over her shoulder. “I’ll have Frankie the Fence set us up a squat down town. What kind of name if Frankie the Fence?” Without waiting for a response she went on. “Well I guess Flicka goes in the storage. I’ll ride the Vulcan and can leave it here.”

“Why not the Hog?” Her partner asked. “If I have to have Patty’s Escalade on the line, you should have to have your Harley out where it might get dusty. At least it would be safe here.”

“No way Buckwheat. No one touches that bike but me. Let get going, we’ve got to be back in thirty six and I have to call the family so they don’t freak if I don’t answer the fucking phone for awhile.” Kelly said as they left the building.

“Yeah, if I’m not there, don’t even bother to look for the body. I’ve left my will in my desk drawer.” He told Kelly as followed her. “Patty is going to kill me.” He muttered as he headed to his car. ***

Sue Ellen McClellan didn’t know what she was going to do. She knew she had to leave town, but didn’t know what she could do for money once she got to the city. There wasn’t much need for a farm girl in the city. She might be able to get a job with a meat packing plant or maybe one of them fancy butcher shops. But besides her high school diploma and ten years of 4-H awards, she didn’t have that much going for her. Even her family turned against her.

It wasn’t her fault that Billy-Ray raped her. “I didn’t do nothing to him. Then to have him tell everyone I was asking for it was just unfair.” The blond girl told herself.

“I don’t care whose son he is, he needs neutered before he rapes someone else. I’d call him a pig, but that would insult the pigs.” As she railed at the injustice of the world.

Her only hope was she knew she had an Aunt who broke away from the family years ago. She hoped that her aunt could help her until she could get on her feet.

Unfortunately, all she had was her Aunts name and what city she moved too. With that information, one hundred and fifty dollars and three sets of clothes, was all she could get before her father came home and beat her again for being a slut.

To the casual observer, Sue Ellen McClellan looked to be a knockout bubble headed blonde with bright sky blue eyes. She was 5’5″ with milk white skin. She grew up where women wore their hair and dresses long and she was no exception. She was a D cup and weighed in at 105 lbs soaking wet. She had all the right curves in all the correct places that showed even through the full length dress she wore to travel in.

What most people didn’t know was that she was a lot stronger than she looked. The only way Billy-Ray got away with what he did was because she never expected it from someone she knew all her life.

That and he ran like a bitch cur before Sue Ellen could get her hands on her pick. Her pick was an Arkansas Tooth Pick long blade knife her brother got her when she was twelve and had to start working in the pens. It had a six inch double blade that was kept razor sharp.

She was used to hard long days of unrelenting labor. It was her job to cull the hogs from the sows before butchering. Ankara escort bayan When she was done with that, the slopping or the cleanup, she even had to help with the slaughter. She may have looked soft and delicate, but she was pure muscle under her flawless skin. Her hands were a bit rough even though she did all the stuff Magazines told her to keep them soft.

Sue Ellen wondered how much longer she was going to be stuck on the bus. The crude man who sat next to her smelled of stale cologne and booze. She swore if he inadvertently touched her again he would pull back a bloody stump. Sighing heavily, she turned away from him as much as she could.

“God, I could learn to hate men” She thought restlessly. Not that she ever thought of the alternatives. She was raised to be a good God Fearing girl.

She looked out the window and noticed that there weren’t anymore trees. All she could see was concrete and buildings. All of a sudden she felt closed in. She had lived in the open county of Arkansas where there was room to breathe. The sky looked grey even though there weren’t any clouds. She hoped and she was praying she had made the right decision in coming, but anything had to be better than the beatings.

As the bus pulled off the interstate, Sue Ellen felt her left sleeve to make sure her knife was still hidden there in its sheath, strapped against her forearm. She had seen enough of the news to know not to go unprepared.


Kelly combat parked the piece of shit Sentra they assigned her in the parking lot. The newer engine ran okay for a four banger. It was covered with dents and a shitty paint job. Unfortunately, she knew no matter how bad it looked, it wasn’t safe from theft in this part of town.

She walked up to the ticket counter and bought ticket to New York with small bills. Shoving her ticket in her back jeans pocket, she looked for a place to watch the people coming off and going on the busses. She pulled her fresh from Goodwill pack closer to her, making it look like she would be lost with out it.

Her eyes were alert, scanning the crowd, trying to look disinterested. In the background she heard the rhythmic thumping of “Baby’s got back” from her partners uber-stereo. She hated the song, but it fit in with the environment. Besides, what else would three hundred pounds of mountainous black man be listening too?

Kelly took a seat in one of the hard plastic chairs next to a wall when the next out of state bus rumbled into the station belching its black smoke. She sat forward trying to see the people who came off. The crew, who they were looking for, MO was to grab likely girls coming off or going onto the bus and be gone before anyone was the wiser.

She signaled her partner by turning her baseball cap around backwards. Her gut was churning and she knew something was going to happen. Looking around she spotted a couple of the vice guys and two idiots who had to be FBI, they looked so out of place. Kelly hoped they didn’t blow it. She knew her gut was telling her that this was it.

Sue Ellen waited until everyone else was off the bus and out of her way so she could reach up and grab her garment bag without some guy ogling her tits. She wanted to be the last one off. That way she could put some distance between her and the smelly man who kept bugging her since the last stop. What she didn’t know, was she had been picked. She was focused on getting to the counter and asking how long was it until her next connection.

Kelly was alert and noticed the trio who were lounging a bit too close to the bus door for a bus that just changed its sign to ‘Out of service.’ She saw the familiar face go up and talk to them and almost relaxed. Then she saw her stepping down out of the bus.

If Kelly was gay, she would have fallen for her in a second. Even in the long dumpy dress, she looked stunning. As she was looking, blue eyes connected with hazel and Kelly felt like a rubber band snapped around her heart.

Sue Ellen was taking the final step off the bus, looking around for the counter when she all of a sudden her eyes focused on the tall dark woman who was staring at her. It wasn’t like she hadn’t been stared at before, but she never felt the punch in the lungs before. She almost missed the last step with her reaction.

Kelly saw the movement in her peripheral vision and had to tear her eyes away from the pretty blonde with regret, but she had a job to do. Then all hell broke loose.

“Shit, she’s the target.” Kelley exclaimed as she stood up, but then it was already almost too late. Two of the three men came up and grabbed the blonde. She saw the startled reaction on her pretty face, and then heard a scream which caused a mad rush of people.

Sue Ellen didn’t know what was going on, she was entranced by the woman who was looking at her. All of a sudden, without any warning, she was grabbed from behind.

“Just come with us and make no noise.” The smelly man from the bus told her in her ear. She Escort Ankara remembered on some show that she’d watched, they said that if someone grabs you, scream, so that’s exactly what she did.

“Get you hands off me!” She yelled at the top of her voice. Then another set of hands grabbed her. Flashing back to Billy-Ray, she acted instinctively. She grabbed her pick and swung it in a wide ark slicing one of the men’s faces across his cheek. All of a sudden, everything else was a blur.

“Good girl!” Kelly thought to herself as she ran towards the scene. Then in slow motion, she saw the gun coming out of a belt.

“Gun!!!” Kelly screamed as she dug into her reserves and hit the after burners pumping her long legs, closing the distance. She threw her bag at the guy with the gun, grabbed the blonde’s knife-hand and yelled.

“Come with me!!!” She pulled the girl, never worrying about compliance. Some how, she knew the frightened girl was stuck to her like glue. She ran to the Sentra and broke the window, not wanting to fuck with the keys. Kelly shoved the girl in and told her.

“Stay down!” They both heard the shot and Kelly felt the burn across her shoulder. Sue Ellen’s eyes got big as she saw the starting of the blood stain on the other woman’s shirt. Kelly reached under her seat and tossed a glock at the girl and told her.

“If anyone points a gun at us shoot them. It loaded.” She grabbed the keys, shoved them into the ignition and started the car. She tossed the girls knife in her lap as she cranked the wheel and hit he street will all gas and no breaks. Sue Ellen tried to look behind them and the woman told her.

“Keep you head down. We’re not out of this yet.” She ran the red light and hoped for the best. They sped down three blocks when Kelly turned down a back ally and slammed the car in park as it skidded to a stop.

Grabbing the girl, she urged “Let’s go before they see us.” She said, holding the knife in one had and the girl in the other as she drug them out of the Sentra. She pulled the woman behind her as she hit the back door to one of her hidey holes.

“Up three flights then left.” Kelly told the Blonde as she shoved the frightened girl behind her back. She grabbed the glock out of the girls hand to cover their escape. She saw the naked fear in the woman’s eyes, and tried to reassure her.

“We’re not dead yet so it’s all good so far.” Kelly tried to calm herself and ignore her burning shoulder. It wasn’t time for mistakes. They climbed the stairs, one looking up and the other looking down. As they passed into the third floor hallway, Kelly motioned to the last door.

“13757 is the punch code” Kelly told the frightened girl, realizing both her hands were full.

Kelly thought she must have looked like some avenging psycho bitch from a one of those graphic novels her little brother always read as she stood there holding the glock in one hand and long bladed knife in the other. As soon as they were safely inside, Kelly slammed the door and hit the button that engaged all the locks.

Sue Ellen felt relief wash over her as she watched the woman who saved her lean against the closed door and breathe a heavy sigh. Sue didn’t know why she felt safe, but she did. She jumped when she heard the woman’s cell phone ring. Kelly also jumped as her phone went off. She knew it was her partner.

“Yeah” she said into her phone.

“You okay?” Her partner asked.

“We’re fine, what’s happening there?”

“It’s a fucking zoo. They’ve impounded Patty’s Truck and I cooling my heals waiting to be interviewed. Where you at?” She could hear the concern in her partners’ voice.

“In one of my holes. Its better no one knows for now.”

“How the shoulder? I saw the hit. Do you want me to call the LT?”

“No I’m fine, nothing life threatening.” She was going to say more but heard in the background someone tell Delmar to get of the phone. “Take care and don’t blow cover. I’ll check in when I can.” She heard him tell the man to fuck off; it was his phone, as she disconnected the call.

Kelly took a step forward and put the glock on safe as she tossed it down on the closest table, along with the knife. Her shoulder was burning like a bitch and once the adrenaline started wearing off, she felt a bit light headed. Kelly went into the kitchenette and grabbed a bottle of water as she felt her knees go weak. In her blurring vision she saw the little blonde grab the knife off the table and head towards her.

“Oh, shit.” She exclaimed as she started falling.

Sue Ellen didn’t know what was going on. She was about to ask the woman, who she was. She saw the lights of her eyes start to fade, saw the spreading stain, and knew the woman was going into shock. Without thinking, she grabbed her pick and shoved it back into its sheath. She took the two steps to get to the woman in the hopes of supporting her. Sue ended up catching her as she went into full faint.

She took the unconscious woman to the small bed and laid her down as gently as she could, not wanting to break open any scabs that might have slowed the blood flow. She struggled with her top for a minute before she took out her pick and sliced the shirt away from the wound.

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