Missed a Spot Ch. 01


I was on my knees under his desk, his big, beautiful cock sliding in and out of my mouth as I took every inch of him again and again. I never got tired of the feeling of Jameson’s dick in my mouth, nor of his big, firm balls slapping against my chin. I had been going at it for fifteen minutes or so I estimated, and my neck was starting to get sore, but I had no intention of quitting. I reached up and began to caress his balls with my fingers while beginning to work the under side of his shaft more aggressively with the tip and top of my tongue. I knew this was what would finish him off, and though I usually would let both of us enjoy the experience a bit longer, I had another appointment that night and needed to get going. I slowed my pace and concentrated on my motions, repeatedly sliding my tongue up and down the bottom of his shaft while I slid it in and out of my mouth, tracing the head of his cock and tasting his precum when I reached his head reached my lips. It didn’t take much of this treatment, maybe another minute or so, until I could feel he was ready to blow.

Jameson pushed his chair away from the desk, holding my head down on his cock while he moved to make sure I didn’t stop sucking. He stood up out of the chair so he could blow his load on my face properly, which was the way we both liked it. He began grunting and bucking his hips as his orgasm built, and I started sucking faster, keeping one hand on his balls while using the other to jerk his cock in rhythm with my mouth’s movements. He finally began to cum, the first spurt bursting into my mouth while he let out a muffled groan. I tasted his hot, delicious cum, and then pulled his cock out of my mouth and continued jerking him off, spraying the rest of his load into my mouth and onto my face. As he finished shooting, he took his softening cock in his hand and began wiping my face with it, pushing all his cum into my mouth, making sure I would not miss a drop. I happily waited he had finished, then gave his cock one more squeeze to make sure I had gotten everything it could give me.

Satisfied, I stood up and faced Jameson, our eyes meeting and causing both of us to laugh quietly. “You never fail to impress,” he said, slapping my butt as I walked toward the bathroom attached Ankara bayan escort to his office. “Same to you,” I said as I closed the door. Glancing at my watch I realized it was far later than I thought – I must have gotten carried away, and time flies, as they say. “Shit,” I muttered to myself, turning to mirror and seeing the remnants of saliva and cum covering most of my face. “I’m gonna be late, and Marco does not like waiting.” I grabbed a wash cloth, dipped it under the faucet and quickly wiped my face and washed my hands. Giving myself a cursory glance in the mirror, I decided I was good to go, and turned to leave. Jameson was back at his desk, wrapping up work for the day.

“Thanks man, I gotta run but I’ll see be around tomorrow evening if you want to keep working on this project at the end of the day,” I said, picking up my laptop and notebook and heading for the door to the main office floor.

“Sounds great, I think I can fit that in around 6 tomorrow,” he replied with a wink.

“Great, see you then,” I answered and shut the door to his office behind me. There were a handful of people left on the floor, but no one even looked up when I shut the door and headed for my own office. That was the beauty of this relationship; Jameson and I had been working together for years, and spent plenty of time in meetings behind closed doors, sometimes just us, sometimes with other groups. So, no one seemed to even notice when we had our end of day “strategy sessions” in his office. We had known each other for quite awhile before we became intimate; it came up essentially by accident on a work trip a year or so ago. But recently we had developed a regular habit, getting together in his office a few times a week as our schedules allowed. It was an excellent relationship.

Anyway, I gathered up my things at my desk, threw my jacket over my shoulder, and headed for the door. My other hookup tonight was with another “buddy”, who I also saw at least once a week, sometimes a few times. Marco was a attractive black guy, about my age of 35, with a chiseled body and the cock you would expect on a six-foot four-inch black dude. Marco was a total top, aggressive, in a good way, and he could go for hours and was always good for a few Escort bayan Ankara rounds. He did not like being kept waiting however.

I left the office and sped home, hopped briefly in the shower to freshen up and get ready for the evening. I did not, however, wash my hair, not wanting to waste a minute. I got dressed, took another quick look in the mirror, and hit the road again.

I knocked on Marco’s door and he opened after a minute, wearing his usual outfit – tight fitting athletic compression shorts that clearly showed off his 8 inch (when soft) cock, and nothing else. He held a glass of whiskey in his hand as he opened the door and greeted me with a simple, “You’re late.”

“Sorry Marco,” I said rather sheepishly, “I got stuck late at work,” which was actually mostly true. “Promise I’ll make it up to you.”

“Damn right you will,” he replied, “get those clothes off.” I began stripping right where we stood, in front of the front door. Luckily the shades were drawn and no one could see us. As I bent down in front of him to pull my pants off around my feet, Marco grabbed my shoulder and said, “Wait a minute. What the hell is this?” Not sure what he was talking about, I looked up at him and asked what he was talking about. “This clump of white goo in your hair… it looks like, looks like cum!” he said, half angry and half startled.

“Oh no,” I said, “it’s just… umm, it’s just…” My mind went blank as I tried to come up with an excuse.

Marco wet his fingers, and rubbed the clump in my hair, which I had obviously missed in the mirror in my rush to get here. I guessed now that a stream of Jameson’s cum had shot past my face and into my hair where, apparently, it remained. Marco’s wet fingers wet the cum again, and he put his fingers to his lips, tasting the white surprise.

“Yeah, that’s definitely cum,” he said. “Did you jerk off before coming over here? Is that why you were late? What did I tell you last time – only I tell you when to cum on days you’re coming to see me.”

“No! I haven’t jerked off all day!” I stammered, unsure of how I should proceed. Before I could stop myself I blurted out, “It’s… It’s not mine!” Oh shit, I immediately thought, that was dumb.

“It’s not yours? Bayan escort Ankara What the hell does that me-” He stopped short, realizing what I had said. “So,” he said, taking my head in his hands, making me face him, and then beginning to push me down to my knees, “I guess this dick just isn’t enough for your little slut mouth is it? You had to go and get yourself an appetizer before my main course, is that it?” He did not seem mad, but it was clear I was going to pay for making him my number two of the night.

“Yes,” I said sheepishly, sinking to my knees and shifting my gaze from his face to his groin, where his cock was beginning to grow in his shorts. “I sucked off a coworker in his office after work, and he blew his load on my face. I must have missed a spot.” I was not really worried, as Marco and I were by no means exclusive in our relationship.

“Well,” he said, “I knew you loved cock, but two in one night, goddamn. Well, I can’t blame you for getting yours, I just fucked the neighbor’s son last night, he’s home from college and wanted to show me a few things he learned at school. He was tight as hell but couldn’t take me like you can. I supposed I ought to thank this other guy for warming up your throat for me, oughtta make my night a little more fun. I hope he left your hole alone though, you know I like it fresh.”

“He did!” I said, “We don’t fuck, just oral.”

“Good. Well, I don’t really blame you for doing it. But you were late, and you showed up with cum all over. So you will be punished tonight.”

“Punished?” I said, beginning to get worried. “How?”

“I’ll decide that. Open that mouth and let’s see how warmed up you really are, bitch.”

He reached down pulled his shorts down, letting his enormous cock spring free.

“MMMMM,” I moaned as I took it in my hands and began to lick.

“Nah,” said Marco, “changed my mind. I wanna fuck that mouth. Lay on the couch with your legs on the back and your head hanging off the front. We’re gonna see just how much black meat that mouth can take.”

I stared up at him, my eyes widening. I had sucked him many times but had always been afraid to let him fuck my throat because he’s so big. “Marco, I…” I stuttered, attempting to protest.

He grabbed me by the hair and pushed me toward the couch. “On your back slut,” he said. “If you wanna act like a slut you’re gonna be treated like one.”

Oh shit, I thought, walking toward the couch. What did I get myself into??


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