Secrete Life of an Indian Wife Ch. 02


Sandhya remembered those exotic moments with Geetha and spread her legs wider, desperately pushed the bulbous head of dildo in. Burning with deep lust, she wanted something hot and hard in her wet cunt, but her dildo was not warm enough. She rubbed her swollen clitoris harder, but somehow it was not enough. Turning herself on knees, the hand swung and landed on her aroused ass cheeks. Her erotically charged mind went back to those wonderful moments with Geetha, at Chennai.

“What do you mean by no, you just said won’t mind trying a dildo?”

“I wanna try but feeling shy doing it before you na…”

“Why not, you sex starving bitch?” A smiling Geetha naughtily removed her T shirt and her round boobs looked bigger than before.

“I am just mocking you too fucking starving for sex as well, and you know what?”


“But now don’t be shocked…okay?”

“Okay…come out with your weird ideas…”

“For long I wanted to touch your pussy and ask you to lick mine….”

“Oh god…no..are you mad?”

“Oh yes, sexy bitch…I am mad..but in those days you were so fucking asexual…like a stone…”

On the TV, a collage of nude bodies in various acts of fucking emerged and changed slowly with sensuous moans, grunts, pleasure cries and humping sounds of mating flesh, men vigorously pumping in to receptive wet holes. Semen sprays sprouted in slow motion, landing on hungry ladies, their eager and open mouth, cheeks, boobs, buttocks, navel and everywhere else. Sandhya liked what she saw and coming over her hesitation, removed top and bra. They have been nude before and bathed together. But what Geetha had been suggesting and sharing, made her mind foggy with desire.

“Hmmmm…gosh you look so delicious and hot…” Geetha salaciously looked on.

“Please don’t push me in to anything dear, I have never done such anything like this before, you know…”

“Okay you prude little cunt, I won’t touch your body, till you fucking plead for it…and believe me you will… But won’t mind if you decide to touch and pleasure me..”

A still conflicted Sandhya nodded with her pulse quickening fast.

“Be open and frank with me and I will share my secrets with you …okay?”

” Okay dear…have you fucked other guys?”

“Guess, bitch..”

“I am sure, you must have… want to know more…”

“I have been with about a dozen men and few girls..”

“Gosh, girls too…are you kidding?’

“No, yaar, why should I?

Sandhya enviously looked at her friend and loved her openness.

“This is the best porn I have and play it when I want to crazily masturbate to few explosive orgasms..”

Geetha stood proudly showing her dusky body. Sandhya was fascinated by her Ankara escort round firm breasts with dark brown oblong nipples. Her eyes went down and stayed at her deep navel cavity, which was different than hers and wanted to touch it.

“How I look, don’t you want to kiss my boobs and finger my wet cunt…”, Throaty Geetha winked, started to knead and pulled her nipples.

Exited Sandhya wanted to say yes, but something held her back.

“Hmmm…how is my sweet hot cunt…?”

On the TV screen, things were getting steamy as well. Three gorgeous, large bodied nude ladies were laughing and teasing each others. What they were saying was not audible, because of continuously chattering naughty Geetha, who had spread her legs wide, rubbing herself shamelessly. Two white ladies on TV pushed the black lady with bouncing boobs on bed and mounted her, one lowered her rippling ass on the face of lady and other upped her ass, went down and hungrily sniffed the cunt of her prey.

“Hmmmm….gosh what a glorious lesbian sex…aahhh”,

Geetha picked up the remote, increased the volume and turned her pear shaped buttocks towards Sandhya.

“Eat my holes, fucking whore…” The lady on TV moaned and lowered her ass towards the waiting face underneath.

Sandhya felt her throat going dry with lust, heart beat raising and growing itch in her pulsating moist cunt. Twin erotic assaults of lesbian acts on TV screen and her naughty nude friend made her mind numb with deep desires and conflict. She too wanted to be sniffed and licked, but her self-centered husband never gave orals; something she always desired but could never demand. Every pore of her body was excited like never before. She must have come earlier to be with her naughty and liberated old friend. Leaving aside few exceptions, lately Mahendra never bothered to finger her cunt and it was long time, since her cunt was touched and fingered by someone else; he never even asked if she had enjoyed sex.

“Oh gosh…I am so fucking wet…wanna taste my juice dear…” Geetha mewed, parted legs wider and bent down, making her luscious cunt lips plunk out, and eyes fixed on the unfolding action on the TV screen.

“Ahhhhh….hmmm… wish I am that fucking black whore being serviced by two hot bitches.”

Sandhya gasped aloud as the dark, wrinkled anus of naughty Geetha was visible to her. In past when they used to be naked together, she avoided looking at private parts of Geetha, though did see her boobs. She has never seen any other naked body, except her husband, that too on few occasions, which were hardly exciting and erotic.

“Hmmm….oh fuck…I am terribly excited by your body bitch…but I know being prude little cunt, you are holding yourself back…” Geetha Ankara escort bayan started to touch her cunt, as Sandhya watched, fascinated.

“You remember my father’s driver Swami, that ugly brute…”

“Yes, what about him?”

“He forced me to submit…”

“Oh, no…when and what happened?”

“Hmm…I can’t stand any more…feeling so fucking dizzy now…” Geetha straightened up, turned, climbed the bed and crashed near Sandhya.

“Tell me all, did you tell anybody about it?”

“No yaar, are you are the first to know my secrets and you must tell yours?”

“Okay…I told you all about me yaar…now tell me more…”

“Are you excited about being forced to submit?”

“Gosh.. I am not crazy like you…did you like it…and when it happened?”

“About two months back me and Lavleen went to our farm house. The caretaker and his family were on leave.”

“Was it a right thing to do, with no guard there?”

“Shut up bitch…you want to know or not?”

“Yes, I do…”

“Then keep your cunt like mouth shut…”


“I said keep your cunt like mouth shut…”

“That is insulting, and I am not taking such crap…”

“Ahhhhh,,,,hmmmm” Geetha spread her legs wide and started to rub her cunt, eyes fixed on the TV screen. A surge of excitement swept through charged body of Sandhya and her hand crept up to her cunt.

“Hmmm…that’s like a good bitch; yeah finger yourself good and deep, as I tell you what happened at the farm house.”

“Tell me fucking bitch…” Sandhya heard her own hoarse voice. She has never touched herself and ever masturbated, but collage of lesbian acts on screen and sight of masturbating friend pushed her to cross over that edge of weaker restrain.

“I and Lavleen used to swim naked in the natural pond and have fun.”

“hmmmm….okay, you mean that simple looking thick spectacle girl was a lesbian?”

“No she was not before, but I seduced her and sort of forced her to submit…”

“What do you mean sort of forced her, was it not a full submission?”

“I knew she liked me and loved looking at my boobs, she was closet lesbian, and I only helped break her fucking hesitation and taboo.”

“Okay, enough of lesbian sex bitch, let me how Swami fucked you?”

“I know you are excited about being forced to submit.”

“Hmmmm…tell me yaar, you teasing bitch…” Sandhya was getting in to very erotic mood and speared her legs wider, finger little way from overheated pot.

“Hmmm gosh…your cunt is delicious…After swimming for about an hour; we were walking back to our room naked…”

“Oh…you mean fully naked…then?”

“Yeah, we were naked…and suddenly, two masked men held both Escort Ankara of us from behind and blind folded us.”

“Oh no..then…”

“Come ..touch your bud…how can you hold yourself so long…One asked us in local dialect to be silent and they will spare our lives..”

“Oh…then…hmmm…were you fucked in open?”

“Yes…I could feel the sun and prickly hot grass was felt on my naked butt.”

“Were you virgin?”

“No, I lost my virginity to an uncle…”

“Gosh…don’t make up things to excite me…”

“I am not…my cherry was popped by an uncle..”

“Which uncle?’

“I am not telling you…did any uncle or cousin touch you, ever?”

“Nooo…” Sandhya almost shrieked.

“Oh you prudish cunt…”

“Now…back to submission…”

“Hmmm…does though of a forced submission excite you dear..?”

“I don’t know, never thought about it…” But deep inside Sandhya wished, she was bold enough to accept the truth, finger crept to her swollen cunt.

“Ahhhh…” She moaned softly.

“Hmmm….nice…now rub yourself slowly…watch me…” Geetha closed her eyes and squeegeed her large cunt hard.

“You are not using dildo yet?”

“I know you need something thick inside don’t you?

Sandhya remained silent, as another surge of excitement rushed through her aroused body.

“You got be lubricated enough to push this thick cock like dildo in…I will know when you must…yeah keep rubbing…”

“How will you know?”


“Fuck you tell me …will you touch to know..?

“I might…touch your delicious cunt..”

“Hmmmm…no…” Sandhya mumbled weakly and imitating her friend, squeegeed her cunt.

“Ahhhh….tell me about the fucking forced submission yaar…don’t tease me…”

“I was ordered to suck a smelly dick…it was so disgusting…and humiliating…”


“Yes it was a dirty smelling dick…”

“Yuck…did you suck?”

“I had to, they threatened to kill me and Luvleen..”

“Didn’t you feel nausea..”

“I did in beginning…but after some time…I don’t know what happened…”

“You were beginning to like it….” Sandhya could not believe what she was saying.

“Not fully…but sort of…ahhhhhh..” Geetha upped her ass to aid hard rubbing.

“How you know he was Swami?”

“Hmmmm…The way he moaned, grunted and the care taker was related to Swami and used to stay at farm house…”

“Have you heard him moaning before?”

“Yes, I saw him masturbating himself few times…ahhhhhh…hmmmmm…”

“Hmmm…okay…but how and where…” Sandhya looked at loudly moaning Geetha fingering herself furiously.

“Shut up, let’s concentrate on one thing bitch…Let me show you how to use a dildo…let me touch you now….”

“Oh no…” Sandhya moaned weakly and closed her eyes.

“Oh…Yeah bitch…eat my fucking wet cunt…” A lusty female voice on TV demanded.

….to be continued.

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