Saturday Night

Double Penetration

It was early morning.  My grandparents made breakfast and to tell you the truth it was really good, better than what we have back home.  I kept eating and thinking about Friday Night.  Was it wrong for me to do that, I was just insane to go that far, I could of cleaned myself up, but instead Dean asked me to clean it up for me, why did I let him do this.  I spaced out completely.  Then my brother arrives from his morning shower and sits at the table. Grandma “Ok, dear, here you go, fresh bacon and eggs, I’ll give you pancakes later on when you’re finished with this plate first.” Dean “Thanks Grandma, you really are the best.” I couldn’t even look at Dean, I was just a little terrified of what had happened last night, I tried to eat as fast as I could, and go out for fresh air and clear my head a bit.  I finished my breaksfast and told my grandparents that I was going out a bit for fresh air.  They just looked at me in an odd way, then suddenly… Dean “Where are you headed sis?” “Umm..not to far, just need some air, had a headache last night and could barely sleep.” Grandma “Oh dear, are you ok sweetheart, do you need some medicine?” “No, it’s ok Grandma, thanks for asking, I just need time alone” They just looked at me with their weird gaze and said nothing.  Dean stared at me confused not knowing what was going through my head, maybe he already figured out that I totally lost it because of last night.  We just stared at eachother for a few moments and I turned my head away and out the back door.    I didn’t want them to know I was a little confused, but it seemed my brother already knew.  Why did I do it, why did I have sex with my own brother, this was incest.  I could of found a boyfriend who I could of done it with, but instead I had my own brother.  This was ridiculous.  I kept walking around the farm and noticed in the far distant that there was a treehouse.  I had to check it out for myself.  So I went to the treehouse and climbed up and found a bed.  The bed was just perfect size for this treehouse.  “Hmmm…….who built this?” I kept thinking to myself who would have so much Escort esat time into building this.  This must at least take 3 months to build.  It could of been my grandpa.  He and Grandma have lived here forever.  I didn’t realize it at first, but I swear that somebody was following me, and I was right it was my brother Dean. Dean “So you find the old treehouse that me and Grandpa built.” “You and Grandpa built this?” Dean “Yup.” “When?” Dean “2 years ago, when I visited here.” “Why would you come here to build a treehouse, don’t you have some college girls to screw?” Dean “Yeah, well I needed some time alone from college girls and I thought to myself where would no one suspect where I would go for spring break, and ta-da, right here.” I just looked at him, boy he’s not that kind of brother I thought he was, I guess he really had a different side as well, not just screwing every hot girl he could find.” Dean “Listen about what happened last night………………I didn’t mean to go that far, I didn’t know what came over me, it just did.” “It’s ok, I didn’t know what came over me as well, I guess i just needed some sex and going to Stacy’s house every Friday Night gets boring sometimes, doing the samething over again.” Dean “So, are you up for a second go on this?” I couldn’t believe what he said to me. “What? are you ok in your head, that was just one night of a big mistake, we’re brother and sister, helllloooo.” Dean “I know you enjoyed it as much as I did, you can’t lie your way out of that.” I gulped and thought to myself that he was right, I did enjoy his huge cock go deep into my pussy, it was a sensation I would probably never feel again.  I didn’t know if I should do it again, what if I do get pregnant, or if my parents find out later on.  I had all these questions going through my mind.  What should I do, I asked myself. “Dean “Soooo?” I looked up at him “Fine, this tree house tonight at 10 pm.” Dean “I see, you want it the old country side way, I like it…………I like it a lot, I’ll see you tonight.” (9:46 pm Saturday Night) I had to pick etimesgut escort out something to wear that makes him feel horny and I just knew what was going to get to him.  I didn’t put on a bar nor underwear.  I just put a white t-shirt on and a pair of pajama pants on and slowly I opened the door and headed to the treehouse.  I stopped at the bottom of the treehouse before I was going to climb the ladder to get up and took deep breathes, then suddenly behind me Dean turns me around and kisses me.  I just open my eyes in a stare and I could of backed him up, but I just went along with it.  He put his arms around my waist and I put my arms around his neck and we kissed.  He slid his hands down my pajamas and grabbed my ass and pulled me up against the tree still kissing.  We put our tongue together and kissed on.  “Wait hold on” Dean “What, what’s wrong?” “Are you sure about this?” Dean “I couldn’t be more sure, now let’s have a great Saturday night.” I just looked at him for a moment and then smiled at him. “Let’s head up.” We head up to the treehouse and there was that old bed there in the corner.  Dean layed on the bed while taking his clothes off and that huge dick of his.  Dean “Come here” I come up to him and start jacking his cock so it would get bigger and stronger.  I start licking while he rubs my breasts.  He slowly takes off my shirt  revealing my hard nipples.  I keep sucking his dick with my tongue out.  I lick at the tip of his big dick because that’s where the most sensation is.  In no minutes, his cock is at already 8 inches.  Dean “Uhhh, oahhh, huhoahhhh, keep licking, ohhh godddd, lick like you’ve never licked before.  Oh godd.” I kept licking, then slowly went down to his balls and grabbed with my mouth one of them and started to suck on it.  He moaned out hard.  I was feeling it as well.  My pussy was starting to get wet. Dean “Come here, take your pajamas off and let me lick you. I take my clothes off, fully nude now, and he gets up and gets down and starts licking.  My god, what a sensation it was.  Dean “Look what I etlik escort bayan brought.” “Honey, you brought honey?” Dean “Yeah, I thought it was a good twist to our sex.” He poured some honey over my pussy and started licking.  Oh my god, this was far beyond than expected of him.  I was completely gone, like I was in heaven.  He licked it so nicely that I was about to come. “Dean, I’m about to come” Dean “Just come, I’ll lick it off.” It was nearly at the tip of my pussy and suddenly………………….boom, burst out a tremendous amount of cum.  “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oahoahhhhhhhhhhh, godddddddddd.” I kept breathing heavily like a pregnant woman would when her baby was coming out. “Ohh Dean, you know the spots…….you little bastard.” Dean “That’s why I’ve done every girl in college, because rumours spread quickly about me, now get on your knees and let me fuck you doggy style.” I got on my knees and he slowly inserted his dick inside me.  The moment he got inside me, I just pushed foreward a bit and let a moan out. “Ahhhhh, too big, goddd, hurry and stick the whole thing in.” Dean “Patient, slow sex is always the most desirable.” “Fuck me now.” He went deep than before.  In and out, in and out.  I just followed the movement as his cock was coming inside me.  I took out some of my breathes because his cock was giant and I barely could take it.  He fucked on.  I could hear the thumping on my ass as he was going in and out of my wet ass.  I was about to cum again. “dean, I’m going to cum again.” Dean “then just come.” I felt it come down and right out it went of my pussy.  It dripped down and I was already exhausted and I barely wasn’t going to go any further. Dean “this is it, the big climax……………..I’m cumming in.” “Hurry then” Dean “Just give a few moments, then he started going way faster than before and then stopped.  Then I felt it, directly in and quite deep it burst out.  I went foreward a bit when he inserted his seed into me.  My knees were on the floor and I just let go of my hands and put my head down and started taking deep breathes. Dean “Fuck, ah, whu, ah whu.” He started to take long breathes in as well.  I barely moved.  Then he slowly took his cock out and all the cum and wetness just dripped down out of his cock, my pussy and my ass.  What a night it was……………………………………………and a sensation it has been.

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