Niece, My Daughter’s Surprise Continues


  As the morning light shimmered through the bedroom window, lying on my back, I gazed my eyes upon the two lovely beauties at my sides. My gorgeous sexy sister Amy on my left and my sweet young teenage daughter Lauren on my right were sleeping soundly. We spent almost all night making love in every possible way one could imagine. My cock began to harden as my mind chased sexy images from the night before through my head. It was an unbelievable incestuous adventure and almost like a dream. It was the morning after Lauren’s sweet 16 th birthday party. Yesterday Lauren was my sexy little niece who I only dreamed of making love too, today she was my sweet daughter who felt my hard cock enter her wet pussy at least four times last night. To say the least, my cock was a bit sore from the passionate and sometimes furious fucking of the night before. My eyes first gazed upon my lovely daughter, god I still can’t believe it’s true but now it all makes sense. Just looking at Lauren, I can see parts of me in her face and many small character traits. I guess it’s her eyes that are mostly like mine, sexy greenish blue eyes but hers can penetrate into your soul. As she lay there, her soft left cheek was resting on my chest and her firm young breasts were pressing into my side. We were all completely nude and uncovered, lying there spent from our glorious night of hot passionate incestuous sex. As Lauren was lying on her side, I gazed down at her smooth tanned body, tight abs, flowing hips, a soft wisp of light pussy hair hiding between her thighs and her long sexy legs. Her right leg was shifted over on top of my right leg. Her young teenage body was absolutely gorgeous. From her flowing blonde hair to her tight little butt, I felt such a strong love and desire to pleasure her. The erotic images of all the sexual things we could now do together, was slowly making my cock harder by the second. My eyes shifted to the other side where my sexy sister Amy was lying on her right side, with her right cheek resting on my belly. I mused myself as she was bent slightly, with her sexy butt esat escort bayan sticking out almost like she fell asleep while giving me head. My eyes took in the sight of her soft butt flesh, dark tanned globes with sexy white tan lines. My eyes absorbed every inch of her gorgeous body, from the sensual curves of her shoulders, covered partly by her sandy blonde hair, to her fabulous ass. My cock was now standing at full mast, once again hard as steel. My huge cock head was filled with blood, throbbing purple, again ready for action. God, these two babes were going to fuck me to death, I thought as a smile crossed my lips. My left hand was resting on Amy’s back so I began touching her very softly, stroking soft circles as I slid my hand down her sexy back, towards that perfect heart shaped ass. Her butt was in perfect reach as I gently began to caress those soft globes of sexy butt flesh. Amy had the body of a 26 year old, 10 years younger than the sexy 36 year old woman she was. My hand softly cupped and caressed her sweet ass, moving down farther each time until I was gliding my probing fingers over her sexy pussy mound. My middle finger slid slowly up and down her opening, opening her pussy lips, just touching her clit on each upward pass. I could feel the heat building, her pussy getting moist, then wetter as my caresses continued. Her breathing became heavier as her sleeping body became more aroused every second. My sexy sister moved her hips slightly, parting her legs just a bit giving my hand easier access to her now wet pussy. As my fingers penetrated her opening, she opened her eyes to see my erect cock standing proudly before her. Realizing what I was doing, she reached out and began to softly stroke my hard thick shaft. “Looks like somebody is awake here and ready for some fun.” Amy laughed softly as she shifted her body, moving her sweet ass closer to me as she positioned her mouth over my throbbing cock. “Amy, you two girls are making me one happy man.” I moaned softly as I felt her wet tongue swirl around my swollen Escort etimesgut cock head. I continued to slide two fingers in and out of her wet pussy, my thumb grazing and pressing her erect clit on and off. Her soft lips cupped the side of my shaft as she slid them down the length of my hard shaft. Her hand was softly cupping my balls as she slid her sweet lips upward to once again circle my pulsating cock head. Pre-cum was oozing from my cock as I watched my sexy sister slowly part those sexy red lips and flick her tongue out to taste it. A string of pre-cum stuck to her tongue as she pulled it into her mouth and savored the salty taste. I observed her beautiful face closely as she moved toward my cock again. The smooth lines of her jaw bone, her nostrils flaring slightly as she took in a breath of fresh air as her ripe lips parted. Her sexy little nose, eyes partly closed as she lowered her head toward my towering hard shaft. Her sexy lips parted again only this time I watched as my purple cock head slowly disappeared inside my sister’s hot wet mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head as she held my cock in her mouth. Ah, such a sweet vision of beauty, my sexy younger sister sucking my cock once again, so fucking HOT! I will never get tired of seeing that erotic sight. “Ummmmmmm yesssssssss sis, suck my cock babe!” I moaned softly. Hearing my encouragement, Amy slid my cock deep in her hot mouth. My thick cock was gliding between those sexy red lips, up and down, so slow the sensations were driving me mad with lust. I returned the favor and slowed my probing fingers inside her wet pussy, just barely touching her love button. We were teasing each to such a heightened state of arousal. As I arched my hips up to force more of my throbbing cock into my sister’s mouth, I felt movement to my right as Lauren awoke, looking down at her mother with a mouthful of her brother’s hard cock. As she watched, her right hand involuntarily moved between her legs, cupped her teenage pussy as she began to gently finger herself. She just intently etlik escort watched, as though taking in a lesson on how to suck cock from her mother. My right hand moved over Lauren’s shoulder, reached around and softly cupped her right breast. I gently rolled her hardening nipple between my fingers as she turned her sweet young face up towards me. “Ummm morning daddy, that feels so good.” she moaned in a very sexy tone. “Morning baby, let daddy suck on those sweet nipples of yours.” I asked. My daughter moved up next to me, pressing her firm breasts into my face as I took her left nipple between my lips. I flicked my tongue teasingly across the swollen bud, causing her to moan softly. My sexy sister, her mother was bobbing her head up and down on my rigid shaft, pivoting her head, twisting from side to side. God, she was such an expert cock sucker. My fingers were still probing Amy’s sweet pussy, pressing harder on her erect clit, pushing it softly in small circles, getting her wetter and more aroused by the second. Her hips were starting to dance around as her thighs clenched and released pressure on my hand as her pleasures increased. She started moaning with my cock in her mouth. The vibrations were driving me insane with lust. I could feel my orgasm building deep within my body. After sucking my daughter’s nipples, she moved her body up over me, positioning her gorgeous young pussy just above my mouth. I looked up at her sweet mound, her pussy lips wet and glistening with her juices. The small patch of blonde pussy hair just above her pale white un-tanned pussy mound was exquisite. “Lick my pussy daddy, pleassssssssssssse.” she begged. “With pleasure baby.” I moaned out as her mother, my sister’s tongue began thrashing my engorged cock. It didn’t take but a few seconds and I arched my back and shot a hot load of cum in my sister’s wet mouth. As I moaned in orgasm, Lauren lowered her pussy on my mouth, muffling my sounds of pleasure. She moved her hips from side to side, pressing her wet pussy against my mouth, capturing my groans of pleasure with her wet pussy lips. Lauren began moving her hips up and down, causing her pussy to pass over my mouth as I flicked my tongue out, caressing her swollen clit on each pass. This was so fucking erotic, sucking my daughter’s pussy while her mother, my sister swallowed my hot cum.

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