Grace Loves Her Daddy: Part 2

Big Tits

How lucky can a man be when he feels the urge to bury his cock in a woman that she not only loves the attention as well but squeezes her butt to milk my cock to soft satisfaction.  Over the months her sexual identity has evolved and I’ve become more at ease as well.  I used to think that Grace and I were just a temporary item, based on need but I wasn’t silly enough to think this would last.  But I’ve found myself watching my diet more, working out harder with her lust as my inspiration.  Sometimes I can listen between the lines of what she’s telling me.  She tells me that she feels empowered in being able to surrender to me.  I’m not quite sure I understand this myself, but when a beautiful woman submits to me it triggers a very primal, primitive reaction.  I want to take her, I want to feel all-powerful when I shove my cock into and dominate her little ass and body.  I don’t want to make love, I want to fuck. Work has been going well and just the other day I was told there would be a meeting that I would have to attend in Las Vegas.  My guess is that unless the powers that be allowed some access to recreation no one would bother attending, so to entice us they offered all expenses paid to Vegas.  The guys I work with had all told their wives and there was a lot of excitement but for a single father leaving Grace alone didn’t make me feel as good as I would have hoped. I got home that evening about the usual time and checked the mailbox as usual.  Included was a small package wrapped in generic white paper that I had been expecting.  It had the return address indicated the Gölbaşı escort initials “LPM” which caused me to smile with devious delight.  Remember the store Grace ventured to?  La Petite Morte.  It was dinner time and Grace was making dinner for the both of us.  She skipped over to me like a kid and planted a wet kiss on my lips with a quick “Hi Daddy”!  Damn! She looked sweet in Daisy Dukes and I couldn’t have cared less how much they cost, they were…..priceless.    The bottoms of her tanned cheeks were saying hello to me when she bent down to open the oven door.  I’ve long forgotten to feel guilty about the pleasure she gives to me.  One thing that turns me on to no end is the tan soft skin of my girl and yes, maybe even more of a turn on is the tan line of the forbidden areas. At the dinner table she poured red wine for both of us and her wet lips became too much for me to resist, as I leaned over and tasted her lips and tongue for more than just a brief moment. “Does my Daddy need to be taken care of?”  “Yes, in the worst way.  I want those lips to take care of me.” I took her by the hand from the table to a soft overstuffed chair where I sat back and told her to take off her string top.  She never wears a bra around the house and her tits swayed free with erect nipples but they still never cease to create wonder for me as my eyes took her in from hair to toes. “Daddy, let me unzip you then you just lean back.” I fell back into the chair and opened my legs for her as she got down on her knees between me and with her right hand cupping Keçiören escort bayan my balls she opened her mouth and took my cock into her mouth and nursed the head of my cock in slow motion.  Her lips went to the shape of a O and kissed the tip of my cock before she tried to force the tip of her tongue into the slit of my cock.  Then agonizingly slowly she lowered her head down to swallow my shaft deeper and then deeper into her mouth.She’s getting better and I can see has a natural talent to allow her throat to not gag where her lips come achingly close to the base of my shaft.  She ran her rough, wet tongue all over the surface, finding every bump and ridge, leaving a trail of saliva behind “Daddy, I want to give you the best blowjob, I want to suck your cock way better than those women you date.  I can’t help it, I love the taste of your cock.”Who am I to disagree?”Give me what I need baby, my cock is all yours and I need to explode badly.”When she looked back down at my cock the tip had a droplet of precum that she kissed with her cherry lip glossed lips.Back down went her head and she started to take her hand and wrap a fist around my shaft where I felt some down home double action.  Her fingers toyed with the pulsating veins of my shaft while she made slurping noises from her suction.Graces mouth lubricated my cock while my hands went for the sides of her head where I forced her head and mouth to fuck me at my will.Grace began to wonder herself if she could swallow her Daddy’s meat whole.   She had seen porn over at her girlfriends Escort Kızılay house where the watch the porn stars suck cocks endlessly.  Her daddy was a big guy in the matters that counted most.  Many of her friends had commented on how hot they thought her Daddy was.  He still worked out, still kept his body lean and many times the gave her a knowing look that told her he was all man when he swam in the pool with them.”Daddy you know all my friends think your hot.  Did you know that Jennifer wondered aloud to me what it would be like to suck your cock?”  Grace didn’t say anything when Jennifer said that to her but she did soak her panties at the thought that she knew exactly what it was like to suck Daddy’s cock.I told Grace to get on all fours and open your mouth.  I took hold of my hard shaft and guided the tip to my baby’s lips.  “Here baby, take my shaft – let me coat your lips with my cum…..yeahhh baby, give it a kiss.””Ugh baby, take your daddy’s meat in your mouth.  Yeah baby suck me like you want to drink my cum.”My hips started to arch and my hands took the side of her roughly as I could feel the tip of my cock gagging her deep to the back of her throat.Her left hand began to roam the back of my ass then the sneaky little girl quickly slip a finger into my shit hole and fingered my ass.”Here it is baby, drink your daddys sweet cum, take it all baby!”There was no gradual building of my orgasm, not this time.  Grace’s slippery velvet mouth was unrelenting and pleasure overwhelmed me.  I just erupted and poured and poured my cum into her mouth and she drank it as quickly as I spurted, a flood of jism coated the inside of her mouth and throat.”I’m yours Daddy, I’m your woman.  Give your woman your cum.”  Grace was ecstatic that she could give her Daddy such pleasure.   She was sure she knew how to please him and keep him from fucking any more of the women he dated.

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