Sarah’s Pool Side Group BJ Party


Sarah had another girlfriend in high school named Noel, who is Amy’s best friend. Noel is a very cute Latina, with long raven black hair, brown eyes, and a tight body, she has been dancing since age five, giving her a rock-hard look. Noel is five foot, ten inches with flawless, large round, breasts with long nipples. Which is why she and Amy befriended Karen.All three have large D or double D breasts. All being eighteen and seniors in high school, shared a common asset, and the curse of large breasts. They were always being chased down by guys wanting to see them topless or trying to feel their breasts. Other girls were resentful of them because of their chest size. So the three shared a common bond.Noel has an attitude a lot like Sarah’s. When Sarah seduced her, she took to making out like they had been doing it all their lives. Noel called Sarah one Saturday morning to ask if she’d come over. Her parents were out of town for the weekend and being an only child she was all alone.She told Sarah to bring a swimsuit. When Sarah got to Noel’s, she went around to the back door, guessing she would be in the pool. When she didn’t see her, she knocked on the back door. Noel answered nude. Sarah never expected that. Noel is a perfect thing of beauty.As Sarah looked at her, she thought how she’s frequently seen Noel nude in the shower at school, but never really looked at her. Now taking a real good look at her luscious nude form, she took her breath away. With her shoulder-length raven black hair, dark perfect olive skin with an all-over tan, without tan lines. Her pussy was covered by curly jet-black pubic hair. A perfect round hard ass atop long muscular legs. Noel’s father is Italian, and her mother is Mexican, so her skin is a beautiful olive tone, and when tan has a perfect Maltepe Escort dark golden rich tone, very sensual. Her large perfect breasts have half-dollar size dark, areoles, with long dark pointed nipples.“WOW! You are so HOT!” Sarah said.Sarah wasted no time grabbing Noel, kissing her tender full lips, and letting her hand cup Noel’s firm flawless ass. Breaking their kiss, Noel smiled at her, then took her by the hand leading her to the couch. Once there she sat, having Sarah stand in front of her. Noel suddenly pulled Sarah’s shirt off while holding her about the waist. Pulling Sarah closer, to stand between her spread, legs, her pussy glistening from her moisture. Noel leaned in kissing Sarah’s flat hard belly, then started sucking on Sarah’s hard, dark right nipple. After a couple of minutes, released her.“I’m ready,” Noel softly whispered.“Ready? Ready for what?” Sarah inquired.With that Noel sat on the couch, leaning back, letting her fingers move along the folds of her black, furry, pussy.“I want you to go down on me. I want to feel your tongue on my pussy. I want you to lick me, rim my ass. Make me come. I know you want to do it here and now.”Sarah just watched, as Noel slowly played with herself.“Come on Sarah, Amy told me all about what you did to her. I just don’t want to wait for us to go through a lot of foreplay, as you and Amy did. I’ve never had my pussy licked before, and I hear there is nothing better. Amy says you made her cum at least a thousand times, like volcanos. Well, I’m ready for orgasm number one. Come be the first person to ever eat my virgin pussy. I’m all yours. Make me erupt.”Sarah thought a moment before saying, “I should have known Amy would tell you everything.”Sarah said nothing, as she removed Maltepe Escort Bayan her shorts, tossing them away, wearing nothing beneath. Noel smiled, observing Sarah’s flowing natural blonde hair and her trim firm nude body, all five foot two inches of her. Looking up and down at Sarah’s attractive body with firm abs, and soft blonde pubic hair. Adoring her medium size breasts with quarter-size dark areoles and long pointed nipples. Sarah’s derrière is to die for, round and hard.Sarah slowly dropped to her knees, between Noel’s spread legs. Leaning in, taking one of Noel’s hard dark nipples into her mouth sucking on it. Cherishing the feeling of her large breasts as she sucked her hard nipples. Reaching for Noel’s tight virgin pussy, Sarah found her soft wet warm lower folds.“Well, sounds like I better get to work,” Sarah whispered, looking into her big brown eyes.Gazing at Noel’s perfect pussy. Sarah, admired her sweet, black curly hair, along with her cute puckered asshole, all waiting to be pleased. Her aroma was intoxicating, just like the other girls but, was sensually different. Her tight lower lips closed over her lower folds, hiding her virgin vagina behind. Continuing to play with Noel’s wet pussy folds, Sarah moved to kiss her flat hard muscular midsection. Licking her cute belly button, which Sarah told her appeared similar to tortellini. Making Noel laugh.Continuing to lick her way lower, kissing the top of Noel’s black curly pubic hair, as it tickled her nose. Once there, Noel placed a foot on each of Sarah’s shoulders, moving so her firm ass was just off the edge of the couch. Noel pulled one of her large breasts up to suck her nipple, as Sarah kissed her furry mound.“What the? You can suck your nipples? Wish I could. I’m lucky to have a cleavage, what there is of it.”“I discovered I could suck them once when playing with myself. I bet Amy and Karen can too. I’ll have to show them. It’ll be fun. And I think your breasts are perfect. Very cute. I love them.”Noel being fully exposed, had Sarah wasting no time licking her full dripping, lower lips, leisurely at first, tasting her elegant nectar. Noel sighed, rubbing the back of Sarah’s head saying nothing. Too swiftly for Sarah’s likes, Noel climaxed. Moaning quietly, her orgasm went through her.  Once Noel’s moaning and heavy breathing started to subside Sarah had an idea. She wanted to try something she has never done before. Something she had only seen in a porn movie. Wanting to attempt it.“Get on the couch and turn around. Kneel on the cushions. Get on your knees, so your ass is facing me, legs spread,” Sarah told Noel.Noel did not hesitate to do what she was told. It was unbelievable how hot she now looked. Her muscular, round, firm ass looked flawless. Noel’s cute asshole and pussy lips were right at Sarah’s face. Noel was open and exposed, waiting for what came next. Sarah moved in closer enjoying the sight and aroma. Placing a hand on each of Noel’s ass cheeks, spreading them, as she moved to lick her cute, little, puckered tight asshole. Noel let out a soft moan as her tongue touched her.“Oh, Sarah! That feels so wonderful. I’ve never felt such a pleasurable thing done to me. I LOVE IT!” Keep licking me like that.”“Wait till I get to devouring your pussy,” Sarah responded as she let her tongue slide along Noel’s outer lips.After a few minutes, Sarah moved her tongue into Noel’s wet, virgin vagina. Sticking her tongue as far in as she could. She twirled it around then slid it back over her cute, tight, sweet asshole. Noel was moaning in desire. Finally, Sarah placed her upper lip on her asshole and lower lip on her clit. She began to move her tongue up and down, and all over everything in between, her lips moving over Noel’s ass and clit. 

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