Sally’s new life- Chapter 10 – Sally’s class companions Special Friday continues


Sally could not have known that the Economics teacher kept half an eye on the CCTV monitor on her desk while writing on the board. So she was taken completely by surprise when Miss Woolf turned to the class, picked up her cane from her desk, and pointed it at where Sally and Helen sat. “You two evidently need reminders that talking in class is not permitted unless I ask a question, you first Helen, upfront and bend over the stool.”Sally started to protest that it was she who had asked Helen a question about the current subject, but she was told, “Any questions are to be addressed to me via a raised hand girl.”Helen knew better than to make any attempt at seeking an excuse and took her place over the heavy stool. Miss Woolf tucked the rattan under her arm, lifted and pinned up the twenty-nine-year-old’s gymslip. She assessed the knickers were adequately tight so did not pull them up further as she sometimes had to on less generous bottoms.She stepped back and took aim, tapping the rod across the lower half ensuring the tip would snap onto the uncovered part of Helen’s right buttock. Like all her colleagues, she delighted in causing these painful lessons.  She licked her lips and said, “Hold tight girl, two strokes to remind you to pay attention to your teacher.”Helen was genuinely relieved with the light sentence and said, “Thank you, Miss.”The words had only just left her lips when the rod whipped into her meaty mature curves, and she gulped in air. Christine Woolf smiled and tapped along the same line she had just created. This woman was her same age or maybe even a year older than she and that made carrying out the punishment, even more gratifying.She coiled her torso slowly and unleashed the second with her full strength.  She had no reason to wish to hide her delight in front of her students, “Yes, a beauty!” as a second tramline merged with the first over each side of the navy knickered target.  Her efforts were further rewarded with a screech of pain from the erring student.“Okay Helen, you may rise. Hands on your head and watch closely as I deal with your chatty companion.”She was now totally in her element as she instructed her new student to come up and take Helen’s place over the wide oak high stool.As Sally was about to take the position, she heard the Mistress chide her, “Goodness me girl, your third day at this school and you have forgotten already that you are to bare your bottom for correction. I’ve a good mind to add extra but I’m in a generous mood today.“Back in her office, the Headmistress laughed heartily as she heard the young newcomer on the video feed actually thank Christine for her decision. This girl was a natural submissive, perhaps the most submissive she had ever encountered at the school.Sally reached up under her gymslip and peeled off the deliberately tight-fitting knickers chosen for her by the Governess.  She put them into her pocket, bent over the stool, and grabbed the bottom rung.The Mistress raised the gymslip and attached the hem to the purposely placed buttons on the shoulder straps. She then stepped back and to the side so that everyone could have an unobstructed view of the very impressive target.  She said nothing for a full 30 seconds. Savoring the image and knowing she was enhancing the girl’s sense of humiliation. There were a couple of women in the class who were almost three times Sally’s age and had fleshier targets, but she had only seen such proportions before on a girl on a beach in Cuba.  Such a slim waist which ballooned out to truly massive curves. It was nothing short of phenomenal and now she was to have the delightful experience of caning it as hard as she could.The target was even more attractive to the Ankara bayan escort class Mistress by the presence of six fresh and vivid tramlines. As hers was the first class of the day, it was apparent that the girl had received a punishment at home before attending school.  Some, including Helen, felt sad for Sally that she was to be caned on top of existing cane marks, but others were happy that the Governess’s niece, who was envied by many, was to suffer.“What did you do to deserve that caning this morning Sally?”“Nothing Miss, my aunt told me she is introducing a maintenance caning every morning at breakfast so help me be more attentive at school.”“Oh dear, it seems you forgot the lesson by the time you got to my class, Sally.”“Sorry Miss Woolf.”“Oh, that is quite all right Sally, I thoroughly enjoy thrashing my students.” Sally and all the others expected she’d get two strokes like Helen, so she groaned loudly when the Mistress announced, “Now Sally, Headmistress has been very clear in her instructions about your treatment. Always bare-bottomed and a minimum of six strokes for even the slightest shortcoming.”Some of those who envied Sally now changed their minds. This was awfully strict.Christine Woolf was not finished piling on the humiliation. She slid the rattan between the girl’s thighs and tapped from side to side. “Spread wide Girl, I don’t want you losing balance.” She was the center of attention now, from those in class and also via the monitor in the Headmistress’s office. She knew and reveled in it. Sally felt the cane see-saw across her already sore bottom. She cursed herself for being so damn silly as to have forgotten the video surveillance when whispering to Helen. Then tightened her grip on the rung of the stool and prayed for courage to pay her penalty.The first whooshed through the air and her lowest curves exploded in renewed pain. The air rushed from her lungs, but she did not scream, she had prepared. She sucked in a breath, steadied her legs after their involuntary shuddering, and renewed her grasp on the rung. The class Mistress noted well the girl’s control and quickly sent another, even harder, whistling through the air aimed just a tiny bit above the first tramline that was fast turning from white to crimson.  She smiled as it drew a groan.  Time for more humiliation; she slid the cane up between Sally’s thighs again and then tap tap vertically. “Gracious me Girl, are you getting wet down there?” Before Sally could digest the sarcastic question, the Mistress withdrew the cane, turned fully towards the class, and very purposefully ran her fingertips along the end. “It’s soaked!”Her look of mock horror faded as she turned back to her victim and lashed a tremendous third stroke again slightly higher than its predecessor, then immediately shoved her hand up between Sally’s thighs catching the girl totally by surprise and causing her to let go of the stool and begin to straighten up.Sally’s submission was so innate however that the Mistress was able to get her back in position by combining a squeeze on her hairless pubes with a loud warning, “Ah Sally, you know I would have to start all over if you get up don’t you!”Christine did not release her grasp as Sally returned to the correct position over the stool. In fact, she probed between the now drenched labia with her fingers. Then deliberately standing back so her control was visible to all, she said, “That’s better Sally, now spread very wide so I can give that enormous bottom three more good hard strokes of this lovely cane.”As her youngest student obeyed and spread her legs even wider, the Mistress pumped her fingers deeper.  “Tell me, Sally, Escort bayan Ankara as you are such a naughty wet girl, don’t you think I should start over and give you another six good hard ones. Three is hardly enough, don’t you agree?” She continued to pump and was not in the least surprised when the girl screamed, “Yes Miss Woolf, another six please.”The Dominant was still not ready to give up her advantage though and now, pumping slower said, “Yes Sally, I’ll give you another six good hard ones now as you request but I was thinking about what your aunt has introduced as morning maintenance and it does seem a very good idea, so I was planning on introducing our own little maintenance routine. Our next class is Friday so why don’t we start the class with six of the best across these massive orbs as a reminder.” As she spoke, she had been increasing the rhythm of her pumping and Sally orgasmed yet again with a scream, “Yes Miss, oh please.” Fifteen minutes later, a very sore and thunderstruck Sally was allowed to the toilets with her friend Helen to freshen up. Helen just hugged her and did not rub salt in the wound. She had fallen into a trap set by the expert Miss Woolf and now, only time would tell how this might end. For sure, two classes a week with that lady were going to start painfully for her new young friend. Next came Miss Simms and mathematics. She hoped the assessment test she had done was okay although she was worried as she had not had time to check it out with her aunt as had been her intent. The clock in the corridor showed nine-twenty-five so she and Helen hurried to the mathematics class. Only one class was gone, and she had already accumulated fifteen painful stripes across her bottom, so she prayed to her guardian angel that Miss Simms was in a good mood.They had only just taken their seats and prepared the appropriate paperwork when the smiling redhead teacher bounced into the class. As they stood to greet her, Sally sighed in relief at the teacher’s apparently excellent mood. She had seen how enthusiastically the green-eyed beauty had caned other girls at Monday’s class and did not want to have that first-hand experience this morning at least.“You may all sit except Sally. Sally, you have your assessment test ready for me?” To the pupil’s nervous yes Miss, the teacher continued, “Then bring it up here and let us have a look at it together right now, please. The rest of you, open your textbooks on page 35 and work through the exercises there.” At twenty-eight, Dorothy Simms was younger than more than half of her students but that did not discourage her in the least. If anything, it gave her extra motivation to run her class as a well-oiled efficient set of gear cogs where her sharp instinct identified the weakest links of the day/week/month and honed them back to efficiency in sharp order. Whatever the age, she kept a particularly close eye on newcomers and as this new girl was directly in the Headmistress’s limelight, she intended to place special focus. “Why are you, fidgeting Girl? Do stand here by my side and be still would you!”Sally blushed and moved to the left of the Mistress’s chair. She placed her exercise in front of the teacher and did her best to stand still but as she thought she was no longer under observation, she tried again to fix an uncomfortable spot under her skirt with her far hand.“Goodness me Girl, whatever is wrong? Lift your skirt and show me”With both hands, Sally raised her gymslip at the back and showed Miss Simms the cause.“Ah, your knicker-elastic is biting into your well-caned bottom, is that it Girl?To Sally’s affirmative, the Mistress replied, “Okay, let’s give Bayan escort Ankara your big hindquarters a little breather then.” So, saying, she took hold of either side of the navy garment at the top and turned it inside out, and lowered it to just over the girl’s knees. “Now you may lower your skirt and give me your full attention here.” Pointing at the exercise to her desk.Despite the embarrassment of everyone in the class knowing that she had her knickers turned inside out and lowered, she was at last able to think about her work that the Mistress was reviewing.   There was no criticism, only probing questioning as to why she had answered the way she did when Miss Simms demonstrated there were errors.  Sally knew she’d get on well with this Mistress even if Mathematics represented a big challenge for her. Having gone through the full list, the Mistress’s expression took on a more serious aspect and she drew Sally closer by placing her arm around her waist. That arm dropped and the next thing Sally felt cool fingers move up the backs of her thighs and over the sore ridges etched across her buttocks. She had not expected this but was trapped by those green eyes looking straight into hers and those full lips that were now saying, “I will be fair with the test I set you next Friday Sally, I have a good idea of your abilities now. However, I will expect hard work from you with all your attention focused on what I say in class. Any slacking, inattention, or sloppiness will cause this big bottom to be sorer than it is right now, trust me.”Sally yelped as the Mistress stressed her words by pinching the most prominent of the ridges on her lower curves and then tracing sharp nails over them.That hand then moved up between her thighs and traced fingertips first along her outer labia and then penetrating between. “Behave well Sally and show me your dedication and attention and you will be rewarded.”Before she drove the girl over the edge, the expert Mistress withdrew her hand and added, “Right Sally, let’s have these knickers back in place before you get too comfortable, after all, they are part of learning to conform to the rules.” With that, she snapped the elastic back up and over Sally’s waist and sent her on her way. Sally thanked the Mistress and could not hide a smirk as she saw the teacher very deliberately and slowly take out a tissue from a box on her desk and wipe her fingers.  She hurried back to her desk before that smirk brought any consequences. The rest of the mathematics session went uneventfully not like the previous one on the Monday when the previous Friday’s test results had been reviewed. Sally hoped the rest of the morning at least would go uneventfully too and determined not to take any risks. She listened carefully to her teachers, took notes, and responded only when addressed by the teacher. In fact, neither she nor her class companions received any further canings that morning. As usual, Sally stuck like glue to her friend Helen at lunch. Helen had chosen to sit at a table for four this time where the two eldest students also sat. Sally had been curious about these two as they were by far older than any others.  It turned out that they were sisters. Anne, the blonde being the elder at forty-five, and Ruth, the prettier with jet-black hair and a very prominent bosom at forty-three.  They had been residents at the college before anyone else and had told their amazing history to all the others, so Helen had decided to let Sally hear the facts firsthand to resolve her curiosity.Their once-booming clothing business had run into severe financial trouble because of accumulated outstanding credit from their largest three customers. A merger was proposed by a long-time competitor. They initially rejected the proposal because it left them with only small minority shares in their own business, but the CEO of the competitor convinced them during a visit with his daughter Diana, arguing aggressively that if they did not accept there and then, the deal would be off.   

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