Roommate’s Girlfriend

Becky Bandini

I came back to my college townhouse earlier than expected. Professor O’Malley let me go when he got a text from his wife. He seemed to be in a hurry as his black Honda screeched out of the parking lot. As I trudged through the snow, I felt a slight rain sprinkle upon me. As I entered the townhouse, the kitchen was dark, but there were lights on upstairs and a smell of flowers. As I rounded the landing, my roommate Brandon’s girlfriend, Nikki was standing at the top of the steps.“Hey ba…” she stopped short as she saw me round the corner. Before she ran into his room, I got a great view of her giant breasts in a see-thru bra, black stockings and garter belt. I also saw her face turn beet red before exiting my view.“Ummm, hey Nikki. Sorry about that.”“Oh God, no. I’m so sorry. I thought you were Brandon.”“Its okay, I didn’t see much,” I lied.“You don’t have to lie, I know you saw plenty.”“Okay, yeah I saw plenty. If it’s any consolation, Brandon will love it.”I heard a nervous giggle through Brandon’s closed door. “Thanks.”“I won’t stay too long. I’ll try and be out of here in an hour. I just need to re-edit a paper. You two will have plenty of privacy when he gets home.”Another nervous laugh. “Thanks again.”An hour passed quickly. I had passed out Ümraniye Escort at my computer when I felt hands on my shoulders. It was Nikki in a flannel bathrobe. I startled awake. “Oh hey Nikki, Brandon here?”“No,” she slumped onto my bed.“Oh, want me to call him?”“No, I tried texting and calling, but he’s not answering. Probably doing some Frat function.”I live with three Frat guys. Great friends, but it usually left the townhouse to myself. Which suited me just fine. I’m not much of a social butterfly, plus I could always act as DD for them if they needed it.“It just sucks that I got all dressed up and its going to waste. I don’t get much free time with him to begin with.”I could only nod my head in agreement. I did not really want to upset her and get Brandon in trouble. She did work a lot as an intern in a hospital. “Yeah, I’m real sorry about that, Nikki. You did look great.”“I’ve just been so horny lately. When I work a lot, I just need to blow off steam whenever I can. Maybe you can help. How is your sex life, Sam?”I coughed, “Um, well. Not so active anymore.”“You and Anna, okay?”“We broke up about two months ago. The long distance was not working out for either of us.”“Oh, damn, I’m sorry. Brandon never Ümraniye Escort Bayan mentioned anything.”I just shrugged my shoulders. After an awkward moment, Nikki spoke up in a shy voice. “Sam, maybe you could help me blow off some steam.”“Hey Nikki, I like you. But I don’t wanna get in between you and Brandon.”“No sex, just some harmless fun. Plus I won’t tell Brandon if you don’t.”I knew I should have kicked her out of my room. Or told her to fuck off. Or something, but my groin was still stirring from that quick flash I saw of her in the black lingerie. I glanced down at her feet and saw they were still in the stockings. I gulped, “Okay.”She sat up against the wall and untied the bathrobe. She looked stunning in her lingerie. The bra was see-thru, I could see the light pink tips of her nipples. Her aerolas were large, the cups of the bra could not cover them. The lingerie accented her dark, wavy hair. Her legs were in black stockings with matching garter and a black silk thong.Nikki laughed as I must have been gaping at her. “Well…”“Um, wow! You look even better up close.”Nikki laughed again. “Why thank you.” She blew me a kiss. I turned my desk chair around and faced her completely. I saw her glance Escort Ümraniye at my pants, my cock making a nice tent. “You should open those up, give your dick some breathing room.I unzipped my jeans, my cock sprung up and out of the gap in my plaid boxers. Nikki gasped. “Mmmm, damn that looks yummy. I love that big, mushroom cockhead.”“Thank you,” I smiled shyly, not ever being in a situation like this before.“So, I was thinking that you could tell me what to do with this…” as she pulled out a pink, veiny dildo. I got real excited about that.“First, I want you to rub the cockhead all over your body. As if your teasing the cock about where its going to pleasure you.”She smiled at that and began at her lips. The dildo slid against her cheeks and her open mouth. She breathed on it and moaned. The pink cockhead slid down her neck where she stopped at her breasts. She bounced the cock on the tops of her heavy breasts. Smacking it, causing her wonderful breasts to jiggle. She pushed it against her large aerolae and was about to put it in between her tits.“No.” She stopped. “I want to see that last. I want to watch you titfuck that dildo after its covered in your cum.”Nikki gasped at that. “Oh Sam, that is so fucking sexy. So that’s what you like, eh?”I nodded my head and she continued to rub the dildo all over her body. As she got closer to her pussy, she began to slide her thong off. Again I shook my head. “Keep them on, its sexier to keep them on.” Nikki bit her bottom lip and nodded.Her legs spread wide and she pulled her thong to the side.

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