Jess’s Revenge – Mistress Donna – Chapter 1


This story is part truth, part fantasy For several years my wife, Jess, and I would get into swinging occasionally. I never quite figured out what her problem was. She would suddenly tell me that she was done, no more swinging. Sometimes telling me she wanted a divorce, other times she would just say she was done fucking me and I would have to get sex elsewhere. I’m still not sure if it was guilt or jealousy, maybe thinking I was cheating on her. The entire time I was faithful to her except for chatting with women online occasionally when I felt lonely. Each time we stopped swinging I would tell her I was fine with that and I didn’t need other people to have fun and I would resign myself to the fact that our swinging days were done. Then awhile later she’d tell me that she’d changed her mind and say she wanted to try it again. Each time I knew it was a bad idea to say yes, but being the sex addict I was, I couldn’t resist the temptation of allowing others into our sex lives. And, She was always the one to initiate it and each time I said yes, (which was every time) she made me regret it. The strange thing was, she had always stated that she couldn’t stand to see me fuck anyone else, so I didn’t. We played with Anadolu Yakası Escort men in threesomes, we played with other couples and I only did what she allowed me to do, which was to occasionally kiss another girl. And as always happened she would go back into her shell, stop talking to me for awhile, then later accuse me of cheating on her. At one point she went into a deep depression. She began to tell me, sometimes daily, how much she hated my guts and she couldn’t wait for me to get her name off of the mortgage so she could divorce me… we didn’t have sex for three years during that time. I loved her deeply and had always felt that we were meant to be together, but resigned myself to the fact that we were done. The heartache was more than I could stand and I began chatting online with others more often. I would stay late at work and chat rather than go home and deal with her, which didn’t help matters and only instilled her belief that I was cheating. She would tell me that I was a lying, cheating, whore. So, I decided that if I was being accused of cheating, I might as well become a cheater. I created profiles on several swinger / sex sites, but finding anyone Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan who was truly serious about hooking up proved to be extremely frustrating. Finally one day I overheard two women I worked with talking about their husbands. Lacey was telling the other girl that her husband had been working out of state and that she had found out he was cheating and divorce was imminent. She hadn’t had sex for so long that she couldn’t remember what it was like. They both knew me well and knew I was listening, but made no attempt to hide the conversation. The short of it was that I began an affair with Lacey that lasted several months. (Those details will be another story) In the past Jess had fucked me several times with a strap-on, and I had secretly wondered what a real cock would feel like. as time went by I became increasingly interested in going Bisexual. I started chatting on one of the sites with a bisexual couple. She was very dominant and they wanted badly to meet up with me and add me to their play. Shortly after that ended Jess seemed to snap out of her depression. She told me that she really didn’t want a divorce and she was tired of hating me and Escort Anadolu Yakası having no friends. She wanted sex with me again and she was even willing to swing again if I liked. Sex addict that I am, I told her that I might be willing to do that again, but that I felt that I did not want to just be a sideline any more and that I deserved to fuck others as well if she was going to, especially after enduring her verbal abuse for so long. She said she’d think about it. She wanted to know if I had cheated, She said she knew that I had at least been talking to someone if I hadn’t cheated. I wanted to tell her the truth and told her so, but decided against telling her the whole truth. I told her that I had talked with some people on-line and had almost decided to start fucking others, but hadn’t gone that far yet. I told her that three years without sex had really messed with my mind and I was considering turning Bi. To my surprise, she seemed extremely receptive to the idea of me turning bisexual, which excited me and I felt a huge relief at “coming out” to my wife. I even let her read the text messages that the male from the bi couple and I had sent back and forth. She told me that she was interested in being dominated and I told her that I would be willing to switch roles with her if she would dominate me also. We decided to go shopping for some sex toys together. We bought a couple of dildo’s and some basic bondage equipment, but she said she just wanted it to be us for now and we would work into adding others later if we wanted.

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