Freya and the Micro Part 6


Freya’s clothes lay strewn across the front room marking a trail leading to the master bedroom. Freya beckoned with an almost musical tone, “I feel much better. Could you help me with something?” “What’s the problem? It’s kind of late, can’t it wait till morning?” Ben played stupid. “I think you need to take a closer look,” Freya anxiously raised her voice. “Be there in a minute,” Ben borrowed the verbiage Freya had used many times to stall or dissuade him. The tactic usually caused him to give up knowing she was locked into a Television program or reading a book. This evening there was no book and the program was not on television, although it would have made a great closed circuit viewing. Ben programmed only two of the virtual app’s marbles to be on the loose after they left the country club bar. The variable stimulation gradually elevated above the implant’s original setting. The clandestine app worked very well and caused Freya to melt like the season’s first and last snowflakes. For Ben the years of minimal sex and denial would now start the process of reconciliation. Ben turned on the stereo and cued Freya’s favorite erotic music. The album was part of her gift package from Deege supposedly contained embedded subliminal sexual messages. Freya played it when she seduced Ben and it wasn’t long before he finally got the message; Freya Kurtköy Escort liked sex with rhythm. Ben poured a glass of Freya’s favorite wine for her, a shot of whiskey for himself, and sat quietly in the dimly lit living room. He waited for Freya to make the next move and it wasn’t long before she made her appearance in a sheer nightgown sans bra and panties. Freya’s mound was trimmed to a mere pencil line and her erect nipples pushed against the revealing fabric. “I don’t remember that outfit,” Ben rubbed his chin, “Have we been shopping?” “Do you like it?” Freya acted coy. Ben turned her around to examine her backside before cupping her breasts from behind. Freya reached back to stroke Ben’s growing erection when he ran his large hands over her breasts and down to her nearly bald pussy. Freya spread her legs in response to Ben’s thick forefinger stroking her clit. She inhaled noisily when he squeezed it between two fingers. She silently wondered what caused him to use that maneuver. It was eerily similar to the way her trainer prepared her for their basement sex session. Harlan had tied her to an exercise machine and Freya thought it must be a coincidence. Then she noticed the heavy barstool Ben had brought from the kitchen. Something was not adding up as Ben bent Freya forward and directed her to put her Kurtköy Escort Bayan hands through the seat posts on the stool. Ben produced handcuffs and locked her in place surprising her, “This isn’t what I had in mind,” Freya started to object. “I know, but you should be exercising, we are going to do a combination workout. This workout will be very thorough and stretch your physique in ways you never thought possible,” Ben’s words took on an evil tone and Freya began to think he knew something he couldn’t. Worse they seemed very similar to Harlan’s preview of basement sex. As the music faded, Freya felt her legs being pushed apart and a spreader bar being attached to her ankles and Ben verbally directed her, “Let me see that tight little pussy. If you want to cum you must work for orgasms and they won’t come easy,” Ben’s words caused Freya to tremble. They were the same words Harlan used during the long sex session in the gym basement. How could Ben accidentally use the same sentence? Freya found herself caught somewhere between arousal and fear. Could Ben have somehow been watching the exercise fuck session with Harlan? Before she could mentally answer that question Ben forced a thick finger into Freya’s vagina; she quivered and pulled back on the stool. “Now use your cunt to squeeze my finger. Pretend Escort Kurtköy you are trying to pull cum out of it. I want to know what it feels like when you milk a cock.” Ben growled. This scared Freya out of her wits. These really were Harlan’s words and Ben used them with the same emphasis. “What are you doing? You’re scaring me,” Freya found herself reciting the question she previously directed at Harlan. The scene had rapidly turned surreal as it strangely paralleled the sexually charged afternoon in the dim lit gym basement. In the low light of her own living room Freya could barely see Ben’s outline. It appeared very much like Harlan’s. “Not knowing makes it exciting, don’t you think? Suspense sharpens the senses. You are my whore for now and I’m going to use you like a filthy slut. Try to enjoy this; I know I will and it would be a shame if only one of us came,” Ben recited the very words Harlan had used. Freya was locked in place with every muscle tensed and her mind racing with questions. Was this some kind of dream or nightmare? Ben could not possibly know precisely what Harlan said. She felt a liquid running down her spine and again could not believe how accurately her previous experience was being replayed. As the lube reached the divide of her buttocks Ben’s large finger slid up and across her vaginal opening to intercept it and lubricate her anus. Freya braced for what she knew was coming next and Ben’s hefty index finger violated her anus; she groaned and grunted. “You need to learn to relax or this will cause discomfort,” Ben’s admonishment again was exactly the same as Harlan’s. Freya was trapped and knew it.

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