Ron and Ronnie Chapter 17 – I need help!


I had been at Ron’s place where he had continued his story. Ron had warned me to stay away from Shirley who lived next door to him. He said it was because of concern for Ted and Shirley’s marriage. I took him on his word but there was a nagging thought that perhaps Ron was more interested in Shirley than he was saying. Ted had sent a message for me to visit with him. When I knocked on the door, Ted opened it almost immediately. It told me that he may be on tenterhooks either because Shirley had upset him or because he was worried about the conversation we were about to have.“Hi, Goyse come on in. Would you like a beer or perhaps a coffee.”“A black tea would go down well.”“A tea it is. I’ll put the kettle on. Take a seat.”He was gone a few minutes. It gave me time to take a bit of a look around. There were trophies for golfing and commendations from a community club for the volunteer work that he had done for them. It showed me that Ted may like TV but he was also a good citizen and probably quite intelligent and capable. When he returned I looked up and asked, “Has Shirley gone to bed?”“Not really. She is settling one of the kids down. I’m not sure that she wanted to be here during our conversation. I think she finds it embarrassing. Actually, I do too but it’s important that you and I talk so I’m forced into this position.”“What position is that Ted? I should tell you that anything that you say to me won’t go any further. There is no reason to feel nervous about me. I’m fairly open-minded and I understand that sometimes in marriage things don’t go by the book if there is one. I also care a lot about Shirley and I wouldn’t do or say anything that could harm her.”“Yes, I understand. Shirley has told me a little about what has happened with your wife. It must be difficult for you. I don’t know how to start this conversation so please be patient with me.”“Maybe I can help. I made no assumptions tonight Ted but I need you to tell me what you meant when you asked me to look after your wife. Did you mean entertain her? Was it that I should protect her in case of a break into the house or was it that you wanted me to look after her sexually. I was a little concerned that you might not have understood that your statement could be taken in a sexual context.”“To be honest, Goyse I was not sure of what I meant. I know that Shirley flirts with other men. I guessed that because she has been so taken with you and your situation that she was flirting with you. She actually told me that you had told her to behave herself so I knew that she was up to her old tricks. I’ve always been concerned that some guy would lead her on and you know…. ““Yes, I know, Ted but why did you say what you did if you have these concerns. You are a man of the world. You must have known how it sounded.”“It’s hard for me to answer that, Goyse. If I answer it honestly then you will know that I am encouraging you to bed, my wife. Admitting to that is very embarrassing.”“I understand but why me, Ted. Why not Ron for instance?”“Ron is not in your position. Ron is single at present. He also has spent too much time with other men’s wives. You’re different. Also, Ron  is too close to Shirley.”“Okay, we know why not Ron but why me when you have only just met me?”“Shirley talks about you all the time. Ronnie told us a lot about you. She told me that you were the only man she ever met that she could trust. In fact, she told me and Shirley that you were totally trustworthy. Shirley told me that Ronnie once told her that she would put her life in your hands if ever there was a need to and she would do it without a single worry.”“Ronnie was a little bias.”“Probably but I always believed her and so did Shirley. That is why Shirley made an effort to get to know you, Goyse.”“So she had a plan to get to know me?”“Perhaps that should be that we had a plan to get to know you.”“So I was being manipulated.”“Not really. For my part, I suggested to Shirley after she told me about seeing your wife with her boyfriend that you would need female company, a woman who was open-minded and willing to talk to you and willing to give advice if necessary. I told Shirley that she was probably the only woman who fitted that criteria. She asked me did I want her to offer her assistance to you.”“How did you handle that Ted. That would have put you on the spot.”“I simply said of course. I went on and told her that Ronnie had assured us that you were trustworthy so there was no risk of you making any inappropriate advances. She was impressed not only with you but she told me that it felt good that I trusted her to do the right thing.”“So you encouraged her but told her to do the right thing. So what did you achieve by doing that?”“It got you here to talk to me.”“Okay, where is this leading Ted. What is your plan? So far It has got Shirley and me together. I trust her and she trusts me. You have met Kurtköy Escort me. What now?”“I can’t tell you that, Goyse. That is up to you and Shirley.”“No Ted, it’s not. It’s up to you. I’m sorry to tell you this but everything that you have planned to date has happened. Shirley trusts me and I trust her. She and I flirt but neither of us will break that trust because to do so means that we put her marriage at risk. Neither of us is willing to do that. Sorry mate but the next move has to be yours. Unless you make a decision to change the rules, Shirley and I will be good friends for life but that is the only thing that we will be.”“Surely you get sexual urges when you are with her, don’t you?”“Yes, I do. Shirley is a very sexy woman. I would love to take her to bed but I will not without you knowing that I’m going to do so and that has to be your decision not mine, Ted.”“I don’t quite understand you, Goyse. You say you are sexually attracted to her. You know that if you took her to bed I could live with that but you say that you won’t unless I tell you to. I don’t know why you are doing this to me, Goyse.”“Well, it is simple, Ted. If Shirley and I make love without you specifically telling us that is what you want then you can come back at her later if you get angry and accuse her of cheating on you. I won’t do that to her. The only way that I can be sure that won’t ever happen is if you tell Shirley and me that you want us to make love.”“You’re making this really hard, Goyse. I guess I had better ask Shirley to join us.”Ted turned around and walked down the hallway. Shortly afterwards Shirley appeared in a nightie. Damn, she looked good. It was see through. Underneath she wore black panties which made it look like her bush was on show. Ted followed behind her. She walked up to me and gave me a big hug.“Thanks for coming to talk to Ted, Goyse. I told him that we wondered what he expected of us and asked him to clarify it for us. I guess he has done that.”“He has told me that he has manipulated us both to get us together but he still has to clarify what he wants exactly. He has to tell us why he has manipulated me. He has gone as far as telling me that he thought that we may make love but that is telling me what he thinks we might do not what he wants. I expect him to do that while we are together so there is no misunderstanding.”“Fuck, Goyse, that’s being a bit rough on him. You want Ted to come out and say ‘will you fuck my wife.’ Is that it?”“No, it’s saying to him that I will not put your marriage at risk for my own satisfaction. If I didn’t do that he would know that he could not trust me. I want him to know that you and your marriage are more important to me than my need for sexual satisfaction. It is the only way. If he can’t do that then we are just good friends.”Ted cut in, “Alright. Goyse you win. I want you to give my wife the sexual satisfaction that I can’t supply. She’s a good woman and she suffers because I am inadequate. I want her to be happy and I want her to know what it is like to have orgasms like other women. Is that what you want to hear?”“No, not really. You just said that you feel inadequate. I want you to say what you want for your wife. This is not about your inadequacy, Ted. It is about your wife and her needs. We all have problems. We all have needs and we are all different. Just because your wife wants and needs something that you can’t supply it doesn’t make you more or less inadequate than I am or any other man. It just says she needs more or something different. It says lots about her but little about you. You don’t have to be ashamed of that Ted. You should be proud that you care enough about her to want her to have it.”I looked at him for a while without saying anything then continued. “Ted, I would like you to stand up and look us straight in the eye and say something like would you make love to my wife for me, please. That is what I want from you. I want you to demonstrate to Shirley how much you love her and care for her needs.“Ted stood up. He looked at Shirley then looked at me. He turned towards Shirley and said, “Shirley, I want Goyse to take you in his arms and make love to you. I want you to have what I can’t give you. I’m sorry that I can’t make love to you every night like you want me to but I do love you with all my heart. If I didn’t love you I wouldn’t be doing this. I would continue to ignore your needs like I have done for years now. I love you so much that I am willing to offer you this opportunity to be with this man who I know is bigger and stronger and more capable than I am but I want you to come back to me afterwards.”Shirley was crying by the time he finished talking to her. In fact, I wasn’t far from it either. This was too close to home for me. Shirley stood up and took him in her arms and kissed him. She then turned to me and said, Kurtköy Escort Bayan “I’m sorry to put you through this Goyse but I love my husband too much to do what he wants. Will you forgive me for leading you on.”“You didn’t lead me on. Shirley. I knew from the first moment that we met that you loved your husband and would never deceive him. I’m just glad that both of you can see that now. I hope we remain good friends. I had better be off. Unlike you Ted, I have a cheating wife to care about.”I turned and headed out the door. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and it was Ted.“Thanks, mate. Now I understand why Ronnie said that she would trust you with her life. You just saved mine and I hadn’t even asked you to. You are welcome at my home at any time, night or day.”“I appreciate what you just said, Ted but I have to be honest with you. I didn’t do it for you. I did it for Shirley. I’m afraid that I could fall in love with her. If I hadn’t done what I did your marriage was stuffed, mate and I couldn’t bring myself to do that to someone I care about. Look after her mate because they break the moulds when they make good women. There aren’t many around.”I turned and walked away. Tears were running down my cheeks. I just couldn’t control them. I felt as if I had just shot myself in the heart.  I didn’t sleep well that night. I spent the day reading a book. After I finished I had no idea what I had read. My mind appeared to have shut down. I made sure that I didn’t arrive at Ron’s place that night until after he had got home.  I just couldn’t face Shirley.Ron met me at the door as he always did when I arrived. It showed me that he had been waiting for me.“Good day, mate. How are they hanging?”“I’m fine Ron. How was your day?”“It was great. Ted came to see me. He certainly took to you. He says that you saved his life.”“He did, did he?”“Yep, he told me that you sent Shirley back to him. I see you finally listened to what I had to say.”“Yea, mate. You gave me good advice. I should listen to you more often.”“Ted didn’t tell me exactly what you did for him but I think you have made a friend and supporter for life.”“I guess so, Ron. I actually did nothing for him. What I did I did for Shirley. He just happened to profit from it. She’s something special is our Shirley. Shame that I have to stay away from her.” I looked up at him and added. “I just hope you take your own advice, mate.”He smiled and said nothing. We opened a beer each and Ron asked, “Where were we with my story?”“You told me about Sally and Joe’s separation and how Ronnie had consoled him.”…Yea, the fucker. She consoled him alright. She consoled him by spending all afternoon and half the night in bed with him. I was pissed off. Ronnie and I had seldom argued but this took me to the breaking point. I laid down the law to her. I told her if she ever cheated on me again then I would pack my gear and leave or better still pack her gear and kick her out.Instead of arguing with me she cuddled me and told me that she loved me. She said that nothing would drive her away from me. I was dumbfounded. Here I was swearing and verbally abusing her and she responded as if I was making love to her. It did my head in. I didn’t know how to handle it so I broke down took her in my arms and kissed her. It was just weird.She should have responded like anyone else would have with some defence or even got angry but she didn’t. She just folded in as if the woman who I saw as always being dominating and wanting to be in control was suddenly turned into a submissive. After I settled down she made love to me. It was wonderful. She made me feel that I had the power. I felt that I had taken control of my life back from her.We snoozed for a while together after making love. When we awoke it was well after midnight and just as suddenly she was back in control again telling me what she was going to be doing in the morning and how I needed to fix the room and wash the cars. I was astounded. What the hell had happened? Was her submissive behaviour just an act which allowed me to regain control long enough to allow her to take control back again?I awoke around six in the morning and woke her up and told her to get out and get dressed. She stared at me and said, “I’m tired. I think I’ll sleep in.”“No, you’re not. You and I have things to talk about before I head off to work.” I grabbed the blankets and ripped them off the bed. “Come on, out!”She looked at me with her wide eyes open as if she had just had a massive fright. “Don’t just lay there. Get up. I’ll make breakfast and we’ll talk as we eat.”I prepared breakfast while Ronnie showered. When she arrived in the kitchen she tried to hug me but I gently pushed her away. “Not until after we talk then we’ll see.”“Don’t you love me any more?”“Yes, I do but your behaviour Escort Kurtköy has to change. I am putting a stop to your cheating today. It’s over, Ronnie. From today it is just you and me. No lovers, no sex on the side. Just the two of us.”“Why, what’s wrong?”“You know what is wrong. We had an agreement and you and Joe broke that agreement. Part of our agreement is that it all ends if any one of us breaks the rules. You have not only broken the rules you have gone to him even after you were called out about it.”“You were with Sarah and Sally so why couldn’t I be with Joe?”“You told me to be home in two hours. I came home as asked but you didn’t come back for several hours later. It’s just not acceptable. You are out of control so it has to end.”“I met Joe and he was a broken man. I couldn’t leave him like that.”“So now you are putting Joe’s interests ahead of our marriage is that how you see it?”“No, I expected you to understand. He is a good friend and he needed support.”“Your husband was stressed and having trouble after finding that his wife had ignored his requests to work within the rules that we both agreed to but you deserted him to console your lover. It sounds like we no longer have a marriage, Ronnie. I feel that you no longer care.”“Don’t be stupid. This is not about our marriage. It is about Sally and Joe. Sally has thrown Joe out of his home. He is distressed and he needed my support.”“Ronnie, when you came home last night the smell of sex was overwelling. You were not there to console him you were there screwing him. You didn’t learn from what happened at Sally’s place. You just moved the location. That was totally unacceptable. It’s over from today.”“Okay, if you insist then what options do I have?”“I’ll lay out the options for you so that you clearly understand. The first option you can choose is that it all stops from right now. The other option is you can walk away from our marriage. It’s your choice.”“That’s it then. Our arrangement with Sally and Joe and Gary and Sarah is over. Are you going to talk to them or should I?”“I’ve asked Sally and Sarah to meet me today for a late lunch. I’ll like you to come along when I tell them that it’s over. Your cheating has cost Sally her marriage and gone close to us losing ours. I hope that you learn from this.”“I’ve got a meeting at the skate centre so I won’t be able to meet with Sally and Sarah. You’ll have to do it alone. What about Joe?”“What about Joe?”“Who tells him?”“Is there any need to tell him at all?”“He’ll ring me. What do you expect me to say to him?”“Ronnie, if you meet with Joe or even entertain the idea then don’t come home. My advice to you is that if he calls you don’t answer the call.”“If I do that he will turn up here at home.”“Then make sure that you have someone here with you and tell him to go and not come back.”“You are being unreasonable.”“I am being reasonable. It is you and Joe who have acted inappropriately and caused this. Do I need to clarify for you that if Joe and you meet again then I expect you to take your clothes and belongings with you and not come back? You tried scamming me last night but it didn’t work. I am a wake up to you and I have no intention of putting up with your cheating from now on. I am going to get professional help. I would like you to come with me.”“Professional help. That’s bullshit. I don’t need help. Go if you want to but I’m not going.”“Okay. Just remember what I have said about meeting Joe.”“I’ll remember.”It was time for me to leave for work. I wanted to leave a half hour early because I was to meet Sarah on my way. When I arrived Sarah was waiting for me at the coffee shop. She hugged me before we sat down.“What have you found out Sarah?”“Joe is staying at the Esplanade. Ronnie spent most of the night with him. Joe thinks that my cousin, Harry is his best mate but Harry knows that Joe tried it on with his wife so when I called him last night he spilt his guts. He is going to spend the morning with Joe. He promised to let me know if Joe goes near Ronnie.”“Thanks, you’re a champion, Sarah. I have to go to work for an hour or two but I’ll come to see you as soon as I can get away. Don’t mention any of this to Sally. I have an appointment at four o’clock so I’ll have to leave before then. I’m really worried about Sally though.”“Yep, I know. I’m going to see her this morning to make sure that she is okay. Don’t worry she will be alright. She knew that this was likely to happen. She told me that she didn’t trust Joe or Ronnie so she must have expected it to happen.”“I wish she had told me that. I may have been able to prevent it if I had known.”“That would be a waste of time. People who can’t be trusted like Joe and Ronnie will simply wait until you turn your back and it’s on again. There is no solution for people like them.”“I hope you are wrong. I’ve spent this morning laying down the law to Ronnie. I’ve told her if she does it again we are finished.”“I wish you luck, Ron but I wouldn’t be confident. I’ll head off to see Sally. Catch up to you later. Give me a call.”It was after ten o’clock when I got away from work. I met Sarah again at the coffee shop. I asked her what she had found out.

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