A fork in the path, I hadn’t expected that. Nothing I had read on the internet said anything about a fork. I wondered which way I should go? You couldn’t see very far down either path. The vegetation was thick and overgrown. It seemed the path to the right was less traveled. I took that as a good sign for this sort of thing, so I went right.

I was on the cruise ship’s private island in the Caribbean. Actually, it was more of a private beach than an island. A compound fenced off from the rest of the country, with a dedicated pier for ships to dock at. The locals maintained the facilities and worked all the concessions when a ship was in port. I picked the cruise specifically because of this stop, and what I had read about it online.

I was on a vacation with my girlfriend, and everything had been great so far, but this was the stop I had been anticipating most. Months ago while researching itineraries I stumbled across a random comment about this place that caught my attention. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. The comment said at the far end of the beach, there was a concrete building containing bathrooms. At the back of the men’s side, there was an exit. If you followed the path leading from that exit it would take you through the jungle to a clearing where local men hung out. Men of all different ages and body types, but with one thing in common, they all had really big dicks. For fifty dollars, you could blow one of their huge dicks. Apparently it was a way to make some money off the tourists, sort of an unofficial shore excursion.

Now I’m not gay, I wasn’t interested in sucking some man’s dick. The thing was, I had a huge dick myself, ten inches. OK, maybe it was just under, but I always rounded up for effect. Either way, not bad for a skinny white guy like myself.

Ever since I figured out my cock was bigger than most guys, I had been fascinated by other men with big dicks. Whenever I watched porn, I always looked for actors with huge cocks. I still wanted to have sex with women, that was my thing, but I liked to watch guys endowed like myself. I don’t know, maybe pick up some pointers or new techniques, or watch the expressions of the girls as they sucked those big dicks or mounted them for fucking. I just found it a turn on for some reason. And the way some of those women craved and treated those cocks was equally impressive, not at all like my girlfriend.

When I first read about this beach and the men at the end of the path, I thought here’s my chance to see a huge cock in real life. I don’t know why that appealed to me, why it stuck in my mind, but it did. Of course I had seen plenty of them in photos and videos, but never in person. Would they still look just as big in real life? Bigger than mine? Plus, I didn’t see any harm in having a look, and this seemed the perfect place. We were on an island in the middle of the Caribbean, totally anonymous. No one knew me, and no would know about this, not even my girlfriend.

I had left her on the popular part of the beach. She wanted to sit in a lounge chair, work on her tan, have a drink. Perfect. I told her I was going to go to the bathroom and take a walk, check out the rest of the place. On my way to the bathroom I stopped at a bar and quickly downed a couple of rum punches. I definitely needed some courage to follow through on this.

Following the right fork of the path, I came to a sandy clearing with wooden picnic tables and some plastic chairs. There were three or four footpaths leading off the main clearing. Sitting around the clearing in various states of dress were several men of different ages. Locals I figured. One had on an orange button down short sleeve shirt, unbuttoned, and nothing else. His hairy chest exposed. His large soft uncut cock on full display amid a thick patch of black pubic hair. Another was bald, no shirt, a smooth chest, and a loose fitting pair of plaid boxers hiked up so that his long flaccid cut cock and dangling balls hung out one of the leg openings. There was a heavyset older guy wearing a faded black tank top that didn’t cover all of his belly and a faded black cotton bikini, well worn and frayed around the edges, the stretched fabric uncomfortably holding back a huge meaty bulge, large gaps between his cocoa skin legs and the tented fabric. His equipment hidden just out of view. Two younger guys, similar looking, possibly brothers, sitting on a bench, wearing identical jerseys for the local soccer team, white socks and flip flops. They were talking with each other, probably about a recent match. A perfectly normal scene except that neither were wearing shorts, their matching dark uncut cocks and big round balls in plain sight. Finally, an older man, with gray sprinkled in his full beard, wearing khaki pants that were sitting low on his hips and had been cut off around the knees, effectively turning them into shorts. A massive bulge, too thick and too huge to be a cock, snaking down one thigh. His hand rested on the bulge, giving it a squeeze as I looked his way.

This must be istanbul travesti the place I thought, nervous and lightheaded from the sun, the rum, and all the cock.

A tall and lanky man came up to greet me. He was probably around 40, with a full beard. He was wearing a white t-shirt and silvery gray nylon running shorts. The sleeves on the t-shirt had been cut off and the bottom cropped, exposing his flat stomach. The liner of the shorts must have been cut out, as the clear outline of his cock and balls pressed up against the thin layer of shiny fabric. “Welcome to Paradise” he said with a smile. “I’m Kingsley.”

“Uh, hello” I answered, nervously.

“100 dollars, American, cash. Best to take care of business in the beginning, before the fun.” He explained, with a vaguely English accent.

“$100? I thought it was $50” I said. Surprised at myself for confronting him, but Kingsley didn’t seem to mind.

“$50 is for oral, that’s the other path, to the left. $100 is for fucking. That’s where you are.”

“Oh sorry. I didn’t know.” I uttered, pausing, wondering if I should retrace my steps back to the bathroom, and go down the other path, or go back to the beach and my girlfriend and forget about the whole thing. I looked around again at the men and their cocks.

“Actually I didn’t come for sex.” I tried to explain, working up my courage. “You see,” I stammered “I have… I have a huge cock too and just wanted to see a big dick, in person, you know hard and all. I mean I’ve seen them on video, but never in real life. I’m just curious, that’s all. I’m not gay. I have a girlfriend.”

Some chuckles from the men. Kingsley raised he his hand and motioned for them to be quiet. After a moment he said, “I tell you what, you seem a sincere man.” He looked me over, sizing me up, his gaze lingering on my crotch, then continued “It”s a quiet day here on the island, and I’m sure we have just what you’re looking for. I”ll have one of my boys show you around. After that we can discuss further.”

Without waiting for me to respond, he called out “Rochester!” and a man I hadn’t noticed before stepped forward. Rochester was skinny like me, about my age, about my height, with smooth caramel skin. He was wearing a pair of faded blue cotton briefs, several sizes too large for him, like he had borrowed them from his father or an older brother. He had the waist band rolled over several times and riding high on his hips to improve the fit without much success. The oversized leg openings were doing a poor job of holding in his big dark balls, which were peeking out. His cock bulging front and center, pulling the pouch down. He smiled as my eyes made their way back up to his face.

“Enjoy the tour” Kingsley said and pointed a hand toward one of the paths that lead from the clearing. “I’ll catch up with you later.”

Rochester led me down one of the paths. Similar to the situation up front, his over sized underwear was doing a poor job of covering his ass. The loose fabric was wedged up his crack and a good chunk of butt cheek was hanging out either side. “You can call me Rock. Everyone does.”

“Sure, thanks.” I replied. “I’m Ben.” We walked further down the path, the darkness of the jungle settling in.

“Is that short for Rochester?” I asked, not knowing what else to say.

“Actually the guys call me that because of my cock.” He replied with a chuckle.

I swallowed uncomfortably, afraid to ask anything more. As we walked, I figured I should pay attention in case I had to find my way out of here unescorted, but soon was hopelessly lost as we passed multiple offshoots along the path.

After a minute or so we stopped. Rock pointed. Looking through an opening in the vegetation was a small clearing with a rustic wood table. Leaning against it was a muscular black guy with an enormous cock, fully hard, and magnificent. It was being worked over by two 50 year old white guys who were down on their knees in front of him, one wearing a black jock, the other a red jock. Their stiff cocks hanging out of the pouches. They both had average sized cocks, from what I could see. Probably a normal five or six inches. I was so close I could clearly hear the moans from the cocksuckers as they traded off licking the giant cock shaft and dangling balls. Taking turns putting the swollen head into their mouths, kissing it, and then kissing each other.

“I think it’s one of their birthdays or maybe an anniversary” Rock said softly. “We get a lot of that here, special occasions.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off the scene and that huge black cock. It had to be several inches longer than mine, thicker too. The two older white guys were loving it, worshipping it. My own cock instantly grew hard, pressing against my shorts, extending down my leg. All I could think about was how I wish my girlfriend would treat my big cock that way, instead of being so tentative, frightened by it. The white guys were passionate and unrestrained.

Rock placed his hand on my shoulder, startling me. istanbul travestileri “Nice, hunh?” He whispered.

I nodded. “Yes,” I managed to say, though I wasn’t sure if he was talking about the huge cock or the blow job.

“Kingsley said people here paid for fucking, but …” I tried to ask.

“Oh they will get to that. I’m sure. This is just the warm up act. Some folks like to get a close look at the equipment. Give it a taste.” Rock replied with a wink.

After a few more minutes watching the action and that huge black cock, Rock asked “You want to move along? See more?”

The truth was, I wanted to stay and watch those two guys work on that cock. That’s what I wanted. I wanted badly to pull my own cock out and stroke it. I wanted to see that big black cock shoot its load. Reward the efforts of those white guys with a creamy blast. See if they shied away from it or, more likely, eagerly licked up the drops, cleaning the messy shaft and head with their tongues, savoring the taste, and swallowing it all. Everything I dreamed my girlfriend would do.

“Geez, if only my girlfriend could take lessons from those two.” I exhaled with heavy breath.

“Come on, let’s see what else is happening.” Rock said. I reluctantly looked away from the men and noticed Rock’s bulge had gotten bigger in his faded blue briefs. His cock wasn’t completely hard yet like mine, but getting there. I wondered how big it would be fully hard. How it would compare to mine.

Rock turned and headed further down the path. As we walked, I couldn’t help staring at that barely covered ass and those firm brown cheeks. I was fascinated by the sight, intrigued in an unexpected way.

“Are all of the men who work here gay?” I asked.

Rock replied, “Funny thing is, all the guys here have wives or girlfriends, and they know what goes on here. Seems the women don’t mind their men having sex with other guys. They don’t see it as competitive I suppose. Just guys being guys. Letting off a little steam. They certainly wouldn’t be letting their men have sex with other women though. That wouldn’t be allowed.”

It wasn’t the answer I was expecting, but it did kind of make sense.

We came to another opening in the jungle and stopped. In the clearing to the left, a well-muscled man, beefier than an ordinary athlete and more like a bodybuilder, was bent over the short end of a picnic table. He was maybe 30, not any older, with dark hair and tan skin, probably Latin. I remember seeing him onboard in the gym working out with an equally muscular girl. I thought it was probably his girlfriend. I was really surprised to see him here. He was only wearing a skimpy burgundy thong and white tennis shoes, and that was somewhat of an overstatement. The back of the thong was being pulled to the side by a thin totally naked young black man behind him, so the little string really wasn’t covering anything. Making it easier for the man to fuck the bodybuilder with his long black cock. I gulped.

My eyes were riveted to the scene in front of me. The size of the big black cock, the long deep strokes, the ability of the bodybuilder to take that huge cock completely up his ass, and the way he so obviously enjoyed the pummeling. My girlfriend wouldn’t let me go all the way in, and would only let me fuck with short soft strokes. She said it was too big and hurt too much. Apparently the bodybuilder had no such objection.

I had a raging erection at this point, leaking precum, trapped uncomfortably in my board shorts. The fucking in front of me was everything I had dreamed of. The huge cock, the physical pounding, it couldn’t be more perfect even if it was a guy on the receiving end.

“That’s Max.” Rock whispered. Though I doubt the two having sex would have heard us if we were yelling. They were so engrossed in the fucking, sweat rolling off them.

“The black man?” I asked. Figuring he was named for his huge cock.

“No. The other guy.” Rock replied. “He’s been here several times.”

We watched without speaking. The loud sounds of flesh smacking against flesh, the forceful grunts from the fucker, and the satisfied moans from Max mixed with his pleading “Fuck me, fuck me harder”. It was an unforgettable sight.

“Each time Max comes, he requests a bigger dick.” Rock added.

“You can do that?” I dumbly asked, not thinking straight.

“Oh sure, Kingsley is very accommodating. He’s all about making sure you get what you want.”

We continued to watch the fucking. It was better than any video I had ever scene. I envied the fucker. The way he punished that ass with those long strokes, without holding back, full throttle, and deep. The force of his balls thrust hard up against that ass with each stroke. How I wanted to be him, to experience that fucking. I wouldn’t even object to using that bodybuilder’s stretched and willing hole for my own pleasure. Fucking until I filled it with cum, lots of hot boiling cum. Then to pull out and watch it slowly ooze out of that wrecked hole.

“Does travesti istanbul your girlfriend take your cock like that?” Rock asked, smiling.

“No” I sighed. “She says it’s too big, too much for her.”

“That’s a pity,” Rock replied. “A big cock needs to be taken care of properly.”

I suddenly noticed I had one of my hands resting on Rock’s ass. My fingers touching one of his firm caramel butt cheeks. My palm up against the faded blue fabric of his oversized briefs. Rock didn’t seem to mind or care. I left it there, not wanting to draw away. It seemed so comfortable, so normal, and so inviting.

“They say he’s working his way up to the Monster.” Rock said, startling me, bringing me suddenly back to reality.

“The Monster?” I asked, confused.

“Yeah, you saw him. Actually his name is Richard. He was up front at the entrance with Kingsley. It’s his cock we call the Monster. He was wearing the khaki pants.”

“That was his cock?” I asked unable to hide my surprise. “I saw the huge bulge going down his leg, I didn’t think that could be a cock. At least not a real one, flesh and blood and all.”

“It’s real, and it’s enormous. I’ve only seen it in action a couple of times. It’s unbelievable really.” Rock explained. “Kingsley won’t let just anyone take it though. Oh sure lots of guys ask for it. But Kingsley makes you prove you can take it, by working your way up the ladder. Once you show you can handle the big stuff, Kingsley will let you take a crack at it.”

It was getting to be too much, the big cocks, the fucking in front of us, talk of the Monster, my hand resting on another man’s ass, my own painfully hard cock, and most troubling, I was enjoying every second of it, enjoying it more than I should. What had I gotten myself into?

The men slowed down, stopped for a moment, and changed positions. As they did so, they noticed us, but they weren’t the least embarrassed. It was almost as if they were proud of the show they are putting on. Now the bodybuilder was laying on his back. Still wearing the burgundy thong, his hard cock tenting out, he raised his legs in the air invitingly. The black man pulled the string to the side once again and lined up for entry. One long smooth push with his giant cock was all it took. He went in up to his balls. The bodybuilder gasped, then started moaning again, hungry for more fucking.

We continued to watch. “When I first started here,” Rock spoke, “I always thought the guy on the bottom was the weak one, you know, submissive, letting the guy on top have his way.” He paused. That’s what I’d always thought as well.

Rock continued, “But now, after watching so many men, I don’t think so. Look at Max. He knows exactly what he wants, and he’s getting it. He’s the one that wants that cock inside him, knowing how good it will make him feel, satisfy him like nothing else will. Sure the guy on top plays a role, but anyone could be playing that role. It’s the same with all the guys that visit here. The ones getting fucked, they’re the ones really in control. They know exactly what they want, and they’re getting it. Nothing weak about that, If you ask me.”

I tried to follow Rock’s reasoning, but my own raging cock had me confused.

“Let’s move on” Rock whispered, as the frenzied pace of the fucking seemed to be leading to a climax. “Let them have their final moments.” It was probably a good thing. I’m fairly certain when they started cumming I would have shot my own load in unison. Even without touching myself. I was that worked up.

I followed Rock further down the path. I couldn’t take my eyes off his ass. The way it moved with each step. Trying to decide what was more intriguing, the small part hidden by the rolled up briefs or the exposed smooth and perfectly shaped butt cheeks. Wondering if he ever had a huge cock up his ass, and if he could take one like mine.

My own painfully stiff cock and tight board shorts made walking difficult. Fortunately it wasn’t much farther to our next stop. I followed Rock into a small unoccupied clearing off the path. The only thing there was a sturdy low wooden table with a couple of bottles, one small and one large, containing some type of liquid. I couldn’t tell what they were. Neither of them had labels.

Rock turned to face me, his rolled up faded blue briefs straining against his big cock, now fully hard, pointing to the left. “Why don’t you drop your shorts and let me see what you got. You look mighty uncomfortable the way things are.” Rock suggested.

I hesitated for a moment, trying to make it all make sense in my mind. I was horny as hell. The men with their big cocks. It was all more than I had hoped for, but I also wanted to get off in the worst way. I wasn’t gay. I had only come here to look at big cocks, and I had seen plenty of that. But now with Rock, and his huge hard cock right there, so close I could practically reach out and touch it. And his ass, those perfect caramel cheeks, his hole, covered by that thin scrap of fabric. It was all so tempting, right there in front of me.

“You said you had a big dick, a 10 incher. Let’s take a look. From what I can see it certainly has potential.” Rock said, as he rested his fingers on his bulge, tracing the long length. “Let’s compare. Mine’s a good 10 inches.”

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