The First Time


A sharp knock at the door shatters the silence. I take one final moment to consider my predicament, feeling the excitement knot my stomach. I try to picture the scene that She has created, the scene She’s watching unfold.

I hear Her get to Her feet, Her heels pressing into the deep carpet, the swish of Her dress falling down Her thighs. I can hear Her breath as She circles behind me and makes Her way to the door. There’s a short conversation, a low murmuring of voices and then silence. The door closes with a soft thump and I hear the lock being turned. She circles behind me again and drops into Her seat and I hear Her take a sip from the glass of Prosecco I poured Her moments ago.

In the silence that follows I have one last moment to consider what I am about to do. I am kneeling in the center of the hotel suite floor. It’s dark outside, the night sky pierced only by artificial light. She has opened the curtains completely, the floor to ceiling glass windows offering prying eyes in the building opposite an unobstructed view of what is taking place.

With the exception of the chastity device that is caging my cock I am absolutely naked. As instructed I have shaved my genitals and trimmed the remainder of my body hair. I kneel to attention, knees apart, back straight, head slightly bowed, eyes down, the picture of submission and compliance. The tension grows, I feel light-headed, dizzy almost with anticipation.

And then I hear the sound I have been straining to make out. The presence of a third party in the room. I am not allowed to look, She has been clear about that but my peripheral vision picks up movement from the corner of the room. A man approaches me slowly. With my eyes fixed on the floor all I can see is a pair of brown leather brogues and blue suit trousers. But I can smell him, his masculine aftershave precedes him and adds a further sensory element that threatens to overwhelm me. He stops when he’s about 3 feet away and I imagine him looking at me, his eyes taking in what is in front of him, in front of Her.

Another man naked, caged, submissive – clearly there for his pleasure. I hear him slowly, excruciatingly draw down his zip. Silence. I know better than to look, Her instructions are clear, my eyes are to remain lowered. Now I hear him again as he takes a step closer. And another, until he’s standing directly in front of me, towering over me. My senses are going into overdrive, the tension makes me want to scream. I ask myself over and over again what I’m doing Here. But the answer comes back the same every time – ‘because you want to be, you asked Her for this’.

My eyes catch movement directly ahead of me, I see his hands go to his crotch and then there is perfect stillness, perfect silence during which I can hear only the sound of my own laboured breathing as I struggle to calm myself down. But I can feel him now, so close to me. The heat that is radiating off the erection that is now a matter of inches from my face. I know it’s time.

The istanbul travesti scene finally is set. I know now I am allowed to raise my eyes, in fact I am required to raise my eyes. To look at him, not in the eyes, that is not allowed but I am required to study his glorious erection. I quickly assess him and gauge that he’s about 7″ long, possibly a little more. But he’s girthy, much thicker than I am, and much more than I was expecting. Immediately fear spikes inside me, I feel my skin prickle right down my spine at the thought of trying to take all of him. As I study him, he completes the reveal, undoing his belt and dropping his trousers and underwear to the floor. He’s completely shaven, his shaft and balls utterly hairless, emphasising the size of his incredible cock. He stands still but his cock is bobbing up and down with anticipation, pulsing in expectation, a tiny droplet of precum oozing from the tip. The scent of his arousal now dominating and filling my head.

Exactly as requested by Her, I open wide and lean forward at the hips, taking him into my mouth, closing my lips around his shaft and feeling for the first time the sensation of another man’s cock. I am shocked by how he feels, the velvety smoothness of his mushroom head on my tongue and against the top of my mouth. The heat that comes from him. The strength that literally pulses through his cock. The heft of his meat as I pause now with about three inches of him inside my mouth.

I can’t resist moving my tongue over the underside of his shaft as I ever so slowly withdraw, tasting the sharp tang of his precum. For several minutes I repeat the same action, my head moving backwards and forwards, taking him into my warm, wet mouth, saliva building as I begin to become accustomed to this new sensation. On each stroke I vary how deeply I take him, sometimes just allowing the tip of his cock into my mouth, sucking firmly and swirling my tongue all over the end of his glorious, thick cock. At other times I go as deep as I can, desperately trying to relax as I impale my face onto him, taking as much as I can into my mouth, fighting the urge to gag as I feel his erection press into the back of my mouth. And every time I make sure to close my lips around him, mindful to keep my teeth away from him, trying with everything I have to give him the pleasure he needs.

Becoming more confident now I allow myself to reach up with my hands and take hold of his shaft. With one hand I stroke up and down his cock, mesmerised by the sight of my own hands taking hold of his powerful erection. I can hear his breathing now, harder, more urgent and I can feel him pulse in my hand. With my other hand I cup and then caress his balls, feeling their weight, marveling at just how soft and smooth his skin is. I can’t resist licking him now, pressing the flat of my tongue to the base of his shaft and licking all the way to the top. I do it over and over again, licking and tasting him, running my tongue all over his fat cock, stopping istanbul travestileri from time to time to focus my efforts on the tip and flicking my tongue over the most sensitive part, on the underside just below the tip. I know that drives me wild and I hope it does the same for him.

It feels so natural, so right and I can feel my own sexuality flowing through me, my arousal building despite the cage gripping my cock so tightly. My pelvic floor pulses as I open my mouth once more and envelop his balls, sucking them inside. I roll them around inside my mouth and teasingly pull on them until they slip from my mouth with a pop. All the time my right hand continues to pleasure the full length of his shaft with long, firm strokes.

I sense he is becoming impatient to cum and I take this as my cue. With relish now I take him back inside my mouth, my right hand still gripping him as I bob my head up and down on his utterly addictive cock, suddenly filled with the desire to feel him explode and fill my mouth with his hot, wet load. I take him as deep as I can, perfectly matching the movement of my mouth and hand to drive him to the edge. I feel a hand on the back of my head, guiding me deeper and deeper. He begins to thrust his hips now, fucking my mouth and my hand. As he penetrates deeper I begin to struggle, small choking sounds escaping my mouth despite my best efforts to stay silent and passive. My struggle clearly excites him as I hear him groan deeply and grunt now as he steps of his efforts to fuck my mouth. Saliva is drooling uncontrollably from my mouth, coating his cock and my hand, lubricating him further.

We stay like this for what feels like an age, my jaw becoming sore as I am forced to hold it open for him, saliva dripping onto my naked chest. I can tell he’s really enjoying himself now as I feel him vary the depth and speed of his thrusts. I am almost entirely passive now, focussed completely on the erection that is assaulting my mouth. His breath comes in rasps and he grunts with every thrust of his hips.

Taking me by surprise, he thrusts so deep I can feel the tip of his cock against the back of my throat, so much deeper than I could ever have thought of taking him. Using his formidable strength he then grinds his cock deeper and deeper until I feel his balls resting against my chin. He holds me there and I focus every fibre of my being on not choking, controlling my breath through my nose. I can only imagine what it looks like through Her eyes as he slowly withdraws, the almost impossible length of cock that slips from my mouth. He gives me a few seconds to recover before he repeats the treatment.

Prepared as I am this time I find that I can just about relax sufficiently to take him to the hilt, feeling a sense of deep satisfaction as my throat bulges around the tip of his cock. What follows is like a dream, the final act in this incredible play, the role I have been preparing for under Her guidance. I drop my hands to my thighs, palms travesti istanbul up and submit entirely to the overwhelming power of his erection, his arousal. I know that She is watching and waiting for this cue. He adjusts his stance, moving closer and takes hold of the back of my head with both hands.

Taking a firm grip he drives all seven inches into my throat once more. Without pausing he withdraws a few inches and drives again until I feel his taught body press into my nose. He quickly settles into a rhythm, withdrawing and thrusting entirely for his pleasure, using my mouth and throat to masturbate with. I count the strokes ten, twenty, thirty and he doesn’t let up, the relentless assault of his cock as he batters my throat. Saliva runs freely now and I can feel it dropping down my torso, across my caged cock and onto the floor.

Without warning he delivers one final thrust and pins my head in place, uttering a long, deep, primal moan as I feel him tense up, his balls tighten against my face and the unmistakable spasm of male orgasm washes over him. He withdraws almost all the way but holds my head tightly as I feel the first wave of his orgasm crash over him and his cock jerks and deposits the first hot rope of cum inside my mouth. My eyes flash with undisguised lust and a warmth spreads through my body as I finally taste another man’s cum. Hot & salty but to me as sweet as nectar.

He continues now to fuck my face, ejaculating on each thrust to fill my mouth with more and more cum. I count them six, seven, eight distinct streams until I feel he is finished and his hands relax on the back of my head. Finally I have a moment to catch my breath, my body aching with the efforts of my first blowjob. He withdraws completely and I take time to lick the tip of his cock as he holds it for me. I can see it softening now and I take him inside again, sucking tenderly and gently on the tip, extracting the final drops of his seed.

As previously instructed I kneel up now, head level, eyes down. I open my mouth and using my tongue I bring his enormous load to the front of my mouth, displaying to him that I have taken every drop. He shows he has seen enough by taking a step back and begins dressing himself. I swallow, feeling the glorious sensation of his cumload slipping into and down my throat, the taste tingling on my tongue as I swallow once and then use my tongue to search around my mouth to retrieve every last drop.

I watch him finish dressing and leave, hearing once more the door close and then a heavy silence descends. I know She is there and again I try to comprehend the spectacle she has just witnessed. I’m exhausted now, so many emotions swirling through my mind. We have agreed that there will be no words spoken and all I can hear now is Her slowly getting to her feet, Her hands smoothing Her dress into place. She circles behind me for the last time and makes Her way to the door, leaving me naked and exposed, still kneeling on the floor. With a fitting sense of finality I hear the door open and close one last time and then I am alone, no longer curious.

As I rise unsteadily to my feet I hear my mobile call out its cheery tune, iMessage received. I pick it up and see the message from Her. Two short words: Thank you x

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