Pure Effing Passion!


My bags were packed and waiting by the front door of my former McMansion.  I was more than ready to go.Thinking back over these past ten years, I concluded that I should never have married in the first place.  However, my conservative religious culture of origin, a shitload of societally coercive brainwashing, and a fair amount of young adult lust pushed me straight into Sipir’s arms.Now his conventionally attractive visage scowled at me.  Sipir desperately tried to hide his contempt.”Are you sure you want to do this, Hamiday?” he halfway begged.“I don’t want to rehash this again,” I stated firmly.  “Look, the divorce is final and we’ve said our goodbyes.  Let’s not make this more difficult than it has to be.”He asked, almost crying, “Did you ever want to be my wife?””I honestly did at first,” I frankly replied.  “I just realized that you deserved to be with someone who could fully love you the way you want to be loved.”Sipir’s face flooded with scorn.  “Can’t you just give me a straight answer?” he retorted.  “The ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ routine isn’t gonna cut it.”He had a point.  I had been hiding who I really was behind married respectability.  By the time I hit adolescence, I was a firecracker waiting to explode.  But my parents and culture worked tirelessly to keep my fuse unlit.  I was made to fear my wild and thrilling girlhood.  They thought Sipir would stamp out my fire.  When I finally married him, I half wanted him to.  I feared what I was capable of, and he was the warm, enveloping security blanket that smothered all those impatient longings I didn’t yet have the words or the courage to articulate.Mind you, being married to Sipir wasn’t horrible.  If he was an outright bastard, I would have had a clear, no-fault reason for leaving him, even in my straitlaced world.  He did what he thought he should to make me happy and I never challenged him on it.  Vacations, gifts, his upper middle-class career and tender (yet slightly routine) lovemaking should have kept me sated.  This would have more than satisfied the numerous young women that vied for his affections.  But he chose me instead and I relented.  I was tired of fighting everyone and everything.  They agreed I should be broken in and I naively handed Sipir the bridle.I know he’d never admit it, but I’m pretty sure he chose me for my simmering dissatisfaction.  He occasionally tried to harness it, proud to have a rambunctious filly in his stable rather than fully loving me.  And because I didn’t fully love myself at the time, he had no way of knowing he was slowly squeezing me to death.The unspoken truth was that Sipir bored me.  I was never going to tell him that, however.  Just like I never told him about getting my birth control implant when he was trying for children.  Yeah, I was just about the worst wife Sipir could ever have chosen.”I don’t know what you want me to say,” I said.  “I was a lousy wife for you.  You should be glad to be rid of me.””Was it him?” he challenged.  “Is he the reason you’re leaving me?””He” was Penha, the man I met accidentally only after my divorce was final.  I wasn’t keeping him in the wings and then pouncing on him once I was free and clear.  He was just the sexy surprise life threw my way when I was least expecting it.My patience was at an end and I retorted, “You have a bigger dick.  Hell, you’re even prettier than he is.  You win.  Are you goddamn happy now?”That certainly threw him for a loop.  All of the things he considered advantages were poison to me and this admission left him flabbergasted and speechless.”Do you want a goodbye fuck, Sipir?” I taunted mercilessly.  “Will conquering the irredeemable harlot you think I am make you feel more like a man?”I even started to undress before he whimpered out a defeated “Stop.”  Even though we were no longer a couple, I had just done the two most unforgiveable things a partner of his could do: be unrepentantly sexual and proudly profane.  I was secretly satisfied with my boldness yet aware I had crossed a line.”Look,” I apologized.  “I know you won’t believe this but I never meant to hurt you.  Sometimes things happen in life you just can’t plan for.”Sipir looked away as Penha’s Type 1 VW Beetle sputtered into the driveway.  I went to the door, took off my ring, and placed it on the windowsill.  I opened the door, picked up the few belongings I wanted to take with me, and turned to face him.Sipir still looked away, tears now streaking his handsome face.Crying myself, I managed to whisper, “I’m sorry.”I slowly walked out of my affluent wedlock into my untethered and intoxicating singlehood.**********We rode in silence as Penha smoothly navigated the Beetle out of town and onto the main highway.  We put mile after mile behind us.  I was lost in my thoughts and neither of us felt the need to say anything.  I didn’t want to say anything.  It just felt good to be next to this man, traveling who knows where in uncomplicated and quiet bliss.As if reading my mind, he said, “Come here, Hamiday.”  Keeping his left hand on the wheel, he raised his right arm up for a side hug.  I easily nuzzled up against his neck as he gently pulled me to him by the waist.  Damn, he smelled good.  I didn’t detect any aftershave or body spray.  It was just the scent of a man I hungrily craved.”Mmm,” I purred.  Penha smiled and slightly sped up.  His warm, animal scent reminded me of the first time I had seen him in town.  I was donating some used clothes at the local thrift shop when I saw him across the street next to his Beetle at the hardware store.  He definitely wasn’t a local: he wore his jeans and T-shirt in a way that absolutely complimented his body, not like the shapeless polos and khakis the majority of men wore in our preppy little enclave.  I was absolutely punched in the stomach by lust when I saw him.  And it wasn’t anything obvious.  He just had a happy satisfaction that declared he knew what he was about and liked himself.  I was so dissatisfied that I knew I had to get a taste of that confidence.I somehow floated across the street over to him, my feet seemingly never touching the ground.I went straight up to him and said, “I don’t normally do this, but I would really like to get to know you better.”  I took a pen and a pad of paper from my purse and wrote my digits on it.”If you’re interested, give me a call,” I challenged.  I ripped the paper from the pad, place it in his hand, quickly inhaled his yummy aroma, turned on my heel, and crossed the street back to Sipir’s Volvo.  I slightly exaggerated my walk, hoping he’d notice how my ass swayed beneath the fabric of my sundress.After reaching the Volvo, I turned to look back at his slightly befuddled expression and grinning face.Driving home, I couldn’t believe what I had just done.  I hope he didn’t think I was some creepy stalker.  Sipir and I stayed on opposite sides of the house after the divorce, so there was no chance of disturbing him or being disturbed by him.  It was as much privacy as we could maintain until I moved out for good.  I pulled up the driveway and headed inside to my room.  Not Bostancı Escort more than thirty minutes later, I got the call.”Who are you?” Penha’s honey voice floated over the phone.  He sounded even better than I thought he would.”Just an interested woman,” I shyly replied.  “I’m sorry, I never told you my name.  It’s Hamiday.”I waited for what seemed like a full minute before I heard him answer, “Well, Hamiday, my name’s Penha and I would definitely like to get to know you better.””That’s fine,” I said as calmly as I could manage.  Inside I was doing cartwheels.He gave me his number.  We dated, trying to be as formal as I thought I should be.  I found out that he was a single building contractor whose business took him all over the country.  I let him know I was a website developer who could work from anywhere but didn’t when I was married.I already knew deep inside that I wanted to get physical with him as soon as possible.  We eventually, if awkwardly, got around to the topic of mutual STI testing and birth control.  I informed Penha I already had long-term contraception implanted.  We both went to an out-of-the-way clinic and shared our negative results with each other a month later.And when we finally did fuck in his motel room …Snapped back into the present, I breathed into Penha’s ear.  “Next off-ramp, baby,” I cooed.”You sure?” he queried.”Positive,” I replied, squeezing his hand.**********We made out in the parking lot of the closest motel.  Penha’s hands roamed inquisitively and eagerly over my body.  He cupped my face then kissed, bit, and licked my lips.  I moaned and grabbed his cute little ass, squeezing and pinching his jean-clad butt cheeks.  None of this felt rude or wrong.  He wasn’t doing anything I didn’t want him to do.  His forward and unequivocal desire brought the same out in me.  He reached inside my dress and fondled my titties, rubbing and squeezing my breasts, then tickling my nipples to attention.  I bit my lip to stifle a scream.  I rubbed a palm over his crotch, feeling him get halfway hard.We quickly pulled ourselves together, grabbed our bags, and strode speedily into the lobby.  We tried to tamp down our simmering lust so as not to embarrass the front desk clerk.  As soon as we reached our room, we dumped our bags by the front door and rushed to the bedroom.I pushed Penha onto his back on the bed, hurriedly slid my panties down my legs and stepped out of them, jumped on top of him, hiked up my dress, and kneeled above his head.  His hands roamed up my thighs and grabbed my hips, pulling me down to his face so he could taste my pussy.I rolled and swiveled my hips and dragged my cunt over his mouth and chin.  I drank in the pleasure of his slick tongue gliding over my clit and opening my damp vulva with electric flicks and kisses.  I pushed into those pussy kisses, bucking and bouncing myself up and down, back and forth.  Penha spanked my ass hard and repeatedly.  I had to grab onto the headboard so I wouldn’t topple over.  He alternated his slaps with squeezes and impetuous tickles.  My lower body shook and jiggled with increasing delight and speed.”I’m gonna fucking squirt all over you,” I gasped.”Hold on a second,” he said and pushed me off of him.  He dashed to the bathroom and retrieved a large towel.  I rubbed my aroused clit as he flew back to the bed, spread the towel over the pillows, then flipped back into position.  I jumped right on top of him again and he continued licking me into a frenzy.”Here it comes,” I warned.  He licked and fingered me faster and faster as I pushed down.  As I moaned and quivered, my squirt shot out and splashed all over his enraptured face, wetting his hair, dribbling down his cheeks, and flooding his mouth.  He coughed and choked a little and I agonized for a second that I waterboarded him with my dewy womanhood.”You okay?” I asked.”I’m good,” he said.  As if to reassure me, he eagerly resumed lapping my slit.”Yum, yum, yum,” he moaned.  “You taste good.”I threw my head back, laughing deeply and reveling in his erotic praise.  We stopped what we were doing so we could fully undress.  I pulled my dress off and tossed it aside, then I kicked my shoes off into the corner.  Penha untied his shoes and tossed them, closely followed by his socks, underwear, and shirt.Both fully naked to each other, we picked up our desire where we left it.  He laid on his back as before and I straddled his face again.  His sweet, wet tongue rediscovered my clit, lapping, kissing, and teasing it to attention.  I leaned back slightly, balancing myself with one hand against his thigh.  With my other, I reached between his legs to stroke his cock, feeling its warm, velvety hardness full and erect against my palm.  I stroked him slow then fast, hard then soft.  In response, he licked my cunt in the same fashion.  Our desire was bouncing off each other and blending into each other.I came hard and fast.  My orgasms spread all over my body.  I trembled and groaned.  I embraced the pleasure, feeling its tingling excitement push through me.  I never felt so satisfied and complete in my life, wondering why I had ever let anyone make me think this was wrong.Penha knew he was getting to me and increased his pace and intensity.  His tongue drew wave after wave of ecstasy out of me, turning me into a half-snarling, sex-hungry animal.  I pushed and pressed my pussy all over his face, grinding and shaking myself, wringing every bit of satisfaction I could out of his mouth.Penha couldn’t take it anymore.  He pushed me off, stood up, pulled me by my legs onto my back at the edge of the bed, and spread me open.”Fuck me, baby,” I commanded him.He slapped his cock on my cunt repeatedly then pushed slightly past the folds of my vulva.  He waited, let my tightness subside enough for him to go further, and then sank inside of me.  If I wasn’t already on my back, I would’ve fainted.He slapped and pushed himself inside of me.  It was pure animal lust and I loved every bit of it.  My wet pussy sang her joy with sloshy abandon.  I started to giggle uncontrollably.  Some men, like my ex, take the sexual laughter of a woman as an insult, as if our happiness is some sort of critique of their masculinity.  Penha knew better.  He started to giggle right along with me, knowing we were drawing out each other’s sexual best.Penha grabbed and groped my titties, slightly pinching my nipples.  I reached a hand up to play with one of his nipples in response, then ran my hand over his chest and shoulders.”You feel so fucking good, Hamiday,” he groaned.I pulled him down to me so we could kiss.  I love blending the raunchy and the romantic.  That’s the erotic apex for me.  While we cupped and gently kissed each other’s faces, his cock pounded me unrelentingly and my pussy enveloped and squeezed him without hesitation.  I lost count of how many times I came and didn’t care to keep score.I pushed him off me without warning.  I flipped over so I was on my hands and knees, scooted towards the edge of the bed again, and pressed my torso down, flattening Bostancı Escort Bayan my breasts against the mattress.  The friction of the sheets against my nipples shot off delicious little sparks of lust inside of me.  I pushed my ass up as high as I could and gave my ass a couple of smacks.  I encouraged Penha to give me exactly what I wanted.He did.  He smacked my ass in response and the slight bit of pain melted into a wave of pleasure.  Then he was inside me, fucking my pussy doggie style.  His balls smacked my clit repeatedly.  His cock hit exactly the spots inside of me that needed hitting.  I grabbed and tore at the sheets, twisting the fabric between my fingers.  I felt Penha’s sweat drip over my ass and back.”I love fucking you so much,” Penha admitted.  He resumed spanking and slapping my ass in between his vigorous thrusts.  Then he grabbed my ass with both hands.  He pumped me faster and faster.”Please come on me,” I begged.  “Come all over me, baby.””I’m close,” he wailed.  “I’m so fucking close.”I pushed away from him then flipped over on my back so I could see it.  He stroked himself hard and fast and I waited expectantly.His come splashed onto my stomach and tits in ropey bursts.  I rubbed it over my skin, reveling in the warm and sticky feeling.I flipped over on my stomach, stretching my legs out behind me.  I pulled Penha’s hips to my face so I could suck his still hard and salty cock.”Mmm,” I moaned, over and over again, kissing and sucking his dick in an erotic haze.  He trembled as his hand reached between my legs to lightly finger me to a small yet satisfying climax.Wordlessly, breathlessly, panting and spent, we looked into each other’s eyes, got up and went to the bathroom to shower together.**********We drove to Penha’s next building assignment.  We both decided together that I needed my own car so that I wouldn’t be completely dependent on him for transportation.  He dropped me off at a car dealership while he went to work.  I found a sporty Mustang I liked and paid for it out of my savings.  I drove it off the lot and had it checked out by a local mechanic.  She said it was in good condition, considering its age and wear, and that I should have it serviced biannually.  I thanked and paid her then drove to find a place for monthly rent without a long-term lease.All of this felt new and exciting, like I was fully adult for the first time in my life.  I didn’t have a plan and I didn’t feel like I needed one.  Making unpremeditated decisions was enough.I located a furnished ranch-style house that fit our combined finances.  I paid the security deposit then drove to a grocery store.  I bought what I guessed would be enough food for a week.  I drove back and filled the refrigerator, pantry, and shelves.  I spent the rest of the afternoon finalizing work on my clients’ websites and soliciting new business.I drove to Penha’s building site around late afternoon.  He smiled when he saw me drive up in my new old sports car.  I honked and got out.  He approached and I gave him a warm hug and deep kiss.”Follow me and stay on my tail,” I teased.”Yes ma’am!” he readily agreed.We drove to our new temporary residence and parked in our driveway.  When he got out, his smile seemed even bigger and warmer.  He was liking every choice I made and I was liking him more and more for liking them.We both made a light and tasty dinner from the groceries I bought earlier.  We spent a little bit of time watching some inconsequential television program.  The majority of our evening was spent fucking in our new kitchen and living room.**********We set up in a new town when Penha’s building assignment was finished.  He was renovating a high school and municipal buildings and the work would take about three months.  My website work was taking up a decent amount of time, but I refused to allow it to exhaust me.  We agreed that we would absolutely not succumb to workaholism and let each other know when the other seemed to be overdoing it.One night we went to a local restaurant to sample the regional cuisine.  It was good but not great.I asked our server, “What do you suggest in the way of dessert?”He replied, “Well, one of our chefs prepares something our diners absolutely rave about.  Do you want to take a chance?””That sounds intriguing,” Penha replied.”I agree,” I said.  “We would like two of your chef’s specialty.”When it finally arrived, it looked like two ordinary bowls of vanilla ice cream sprinkled with some unrecognizable spices.Penha and I both looked at each other, thinking the restaurant was trying to pull a fast one on us.  We both took hesitant spoonfuls expecting to be seriously unimpressed.We couldn’t have been more wrong.It was, without a doubt, the best ice cream I had ever tasted.  Goofy, childlike smiles appeared on our faces.  We had just discovered something rare and wonderful.”If I took drugs,” Penha whispered, “I imagine this is what they would taste like in sugar form.”All I could manage to say was, “This is seriously fucking amazing.”Before we paid for our meal, I asked our server if we could personally thank the chef for that incredible confection.He left and we paid up, leaving a generous tip with our bill.  He returned with a woman dressed in casual attire.  She was not at all what I was expecting.  She had the dearest crinkles at the corners of her playful, shining eyes.  Emblazoned across the front of her turquoise T-shirt were the words “UNQUESTIONABLY DELICIOUS” spelled out in large black capital letters.Penha said unreservedly, “I just want to tell you, without a doubt, that is the best dessert I have ever tasted.  You are truly talented.””Aw, shucks, mister,” she replied teasingly.  “You know just what to say.””I’m speechless,” I blathered.  “I don’t even know how to thank you.  That was unreal.””Oh, stop, you sweet talkers!” she gushed.  “You’re gonna give me a bigger head than I can manage.”There was a slight and uncomfortable silence between all three of us before I broke the tension.”By the way, I love your shirt,” I said.”You better!” she retorted and we all started cackling uncontrollably.”Can I get your phone number?” I asked her.  “I want to be able to recommend you to anyone looking for outstanding desserts.””Sure!” she replied eagerly.  She wrote it down on the restaurant’s stationery and handed it to me.  She gave my shoulder a playful squeeze and said, “My name’s Jala, what’s yours?””It’s Hamiday,” I gushed, slightly but pleasantly embarrassed.”Nice to meet you, Hamiday,” she said, eyes twinkling.”My name’s Penha,” my boyfriend volunteered.”Nice to meet you, too, Penha,” Jala said, squeezing his shoulder playfully as well.  “I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves.  Come back and see us if you can.”We left, high on good feelings and sugary delight.That night, I dreamed of what else was unquestionably delicious about Jala besides her desserts.**********With Penha’s full acceptance and understanding, I set about meeting up with Jala during my free time.  She showed me around town, helping me discover different places Escort Bostancı to eat and explore.  I always discovered something delightfully odd and gloriously unique, made all the more precious by seeing it for the first time through her experienced eyes.One day, we were sitting side by side on a bench in a remote park.  I closed my eyes and breathed in the good, crisp autumn smell of grass and trees.  When I opened my eyes, I saw that Jala was doing the same.  When she opened her eyes, she looked over at me and smiled that dear and crinkly-eyed smile of hers.Only half aware of what I was saying, I whispered, “I like you.””I like you, too, Hami,” she replied, smiling even more obviously than before.  “Hami” was her nickname for me.  Penha always called me Hamiday.  I looked down and saw that her palm was facing up, stretched out in my direction.  I hesitantly placed my palm in hers.  We interlocked fingers.There we sat, her warm hand in mine, enjoying the fall afternoon yet not fully admitting what else we were enjoying.I waited.  She waited.  I waited some more.Finally, unbelievably, she said what I didn’t have the courage to say.”If you want to get to know me better, I wouldn’t say no,” she confessed.  “If you and Penha both want to get to know me better, I would definitely not say no.  I know you both don’t want kids and I’ve never wanted kids myself, so there are no worries on that front.  I can prove my negative status if you need that information as well.  So, if you want to take this to the level I’m guessing you both do, just give me a sign.”She said this all in a quivering monotone, half gasping it out as if with vanishing breath.  She looked straight ahead, mouth slightly agape, as if peering into the future.  All I could think about was pressing my mouth against hers.All I actually did was squeeze her hand slightly harder, hoping that would tell her how I much I really wanted her.She closed her eyes and mouth, inhaled deeply through her nose, and let her breath out in a long, audible exhale.**********”I’ve never done this before,” I said, shaking slightly.”What, make love?” Jala said, slightly provocatively.We were at her place: a tastefully furnished and small apartment in the downtown area.  I had already called Penha to let him know where I was.I know there are boyfriends that would break up with their girlfriends if those girlfriends admitted to wanting to see other women.  I know there are pushy and rude boyfriends that would insist on watching if that was the case.  Penha did none of those things.  He knew I had gotten out of an unsatisfying relationship and he didn’t want to put me in the position of having to choose between exclusivity or fully exploring my desires.  He assured me he would still care about me no matter where this lead.  Regardless, I wasn’t so sure myself and dreaded a horrible outcome.”No, make love to another woman,” I sobbed and started to actually cry.”Hey, Hami, I’m sorry,” she said, delicately framing my face in her hands, kissing my eyelids and licking my tears.  “No more teasing, I promise.”  She kept kissing my eyelids and licking my face gently.  That calmed my fear and inflamed my desire simultaneously.”Have you ever done this?” I asked shyly.”What? Make love with another woman?” she queried.  I shook my head up and down.”Yes, Hami, I’ve made love with other women,” she admitted.  “I’ve made love with other men, too.  But none of that matters because I’ve never made love with you.  We’re both virgins to this experience.”Why did she keep knowing exactly what to say?  I couldn’t believe my good luck in finding such understanding partners.She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom.  She directed me to sit down on the bed next to her.She kissed and hugged me, stroking my earlobes and kissing my neck.  Her hands roamed delicately but assuredly over my back and waist.I involuntarily moaned as I felt her hot breath underneath my chin.”I want to touch you.  Is that okay?” she whispered into my ear.”Yes,” I said, struggling to keep any sort of composure.She unbuttoned my shirt slowly, kissing her way down my body where every button was opened.  She slid my shirt off of me and unhooked my bra without a hitch, tossing it aside easily.She cupped my breasts easily and delicately, so unlike how Penha would do it.  It wasn’t better or worse.  It was just different and thrilling.  I relished the difference, enjoying how my breasts filled with warmth and pleasure.”You let me know anytime you want me to stop,” Jala moaned.  I did not want her to stop.Her fingers expertly kneaded and squeezed my breasts, her mouth alternating lovingly between one aroused nipple and then the other.  She sucked one nipple in her mouth, twirled her tongue around it, then let it out with a pop.  She did the same with the other one.I was thoroughly enjoying this breast play and wanted it to continue, but she volunteered something else.”I want to taste you.  Is that okay?” she begged.  Again, I wordlessly shook my head yes.She stood me up so she could take off my skirt and shoes.  She kissed me as she unzipped my skirt and I felt cool air rush over my thighs as it dropped to my feet.  I stepped out of it.She then bent down to take off my shoes.  I lifted one leg up so she could take it off and toss it.  I put my foot down and lifted the other leg so she could toss my other shoe as well.Jala’s eyes opened up and her smile widened.  “You have beautiful feet,” she gushed.I had never received such a compliment.  It was odd and weird to me, but also deeply satisfying and fulfilling. I giggled slightly.Jala pushed me slowly on my back onto the bed.  She lifted my legs up and bent my knees so she could have better access to my feet.Her mouth played with each of my toes in turn, nibbling and kissing each one.  As she did this, her fingers delicately tickled my arches and ankles.  I giggled my pleasure.  She bathed each toe with her tongue and it unexpectedly released deep pleasure in my chest and loins.  I started to flex and wiggle my toes in erotic amazement.Jala directed me to keep my legs up and reached down to slide off my panties.  I pushed my hips off the mattress slightly so she could.  She pulled them slowly up and off my legs.  Then she kissed her way down my legs, from my feet to my calves to my knees and my thighs.She hesitated at my pussy and made eye contact with me.  She wanted to make sure everything was alright before going further.  Again, all I could do was shake my head yes.She wet her index and middle fingers and pressed them gently against my clit.  She slowly worked them in a circle, then split them open so my clit was between her fingers.  She did it again, working my clit in circles, the working it between her fingers and slightly squeezing.I had never been touched like this before.  It was so unlike the way I would touch myself or Penha would touch me.  But it was specific and unusual enough to arouse and delight me in an unforeseen way.  I moaned my approval.  My hips shook with excitement and I was starting to buck and thrust.Quickly, her mouth was on my clit and her fingers were in my pussy.  She expertly hit my G-spot while licking and teasing my clit unrelentingly.  I was quivering and shaking and lost in my desire and totally forgot to warn her about my squirting tendencies.As I came, I unleashed girl squirt all over her lovely face and was mortified.

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