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Private Nature TourCome with me on an exclusive orally guided tour of this Park’s beautiful backcountry. This one on one adventure will expose you to the raw and naked beauty of nature’s wild side. I will blow you away as we explore lush valley bottoms and domineering peak tops. I guarantee you an explosive and climatic experience that will have you coming back for more. Tour departs from River Park Gazebo on Saturday’s at 9:00 a.m. Please tear a ticket off the bottom of this posting to identify yourself with your discreet host and guide. All experience levels welcome – newcomers will be treated to an extra special immersion in nature’s wonders. ……………….I worked on that posting all winter long. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever go through with it. But as soon as the snow released its hold on the backcountry and the trails opened up I knew I had to give it a try. Thursday nights were open stage at the local Youth Hostel and a lot of town residents attended this weekly social event. I tacked up my posting, amongst much clutter, on the bulletin board just outside the men’s washroom. My heart was racing and my loins were tingling. I proceeded to enjoy the evening and at one point noticed a local man scanning the bulletin board. He was a handsome dude that worked at the bank I dealt with. I observed him all evening and my cock swelled while hoping he’d read the posting and was considering my tour. Before leaving the hostel I checked the posting and was greatly excited that one of the tear off was gone.This all took place in a mountain park tourist town. The highly transient population made it difficult to form any sort of lasting relationship. Short-term romances and one-night stands were another matter all together. It was like a college town set down in the mountains. The bar scene was hopping and finding horny, adventurous women was fairly easy. While living there I had a ton of fun with all the girls I could. My rather modest success with the girls was very exciting, however they could not satisfy a strong and persistent desire of mine. Forbidden fruit. This desire welled from the taboo of being naughty and feminine. It came from cock fascination developed during masturbation. It came from mutual masturbation experiences with a friend during our teen years. I desperately wanted Ümraniye Escort to experience my fantasy of teasing and pleasing another man.I often explored the wilds on my own and over time discovered a number of very private places in the surrounding backcountry. For me, privacy plus nature pretty much equals nudity. Exploring animal trails, creeks and open ridges completely naked and exposed to the sun and air was common for me. The further I ventured from the security of my clothing the more excited I became. This excitement would cause a stiff hard on which I naturally caressed as I explored. Inevitably these solo forays would lead me to masturbate while fantasizing about sharing the mood and place with another like-minded man. Now I did have some friends in town but none were candidates to seduce into my nature loving ways. Also I really enjoyed how private the experience was in my imagination. I really wanted the impossible, a naked man who I only ever encountered in the privacy of the woods.All day Friday I asked myself questions. Who took the ticket and what were they like? Would they show Saturday morning? What If they are overtly gay and much more experienced than me? What if I was not attracted to him? What if bank dude is there? Dare I share my desires with someone who could reveal me? Would a transient worker or tourist be a better fit for my privacy desires? Will I really get the chance to guide my guest to an “explosive and climatic experience”?Saturday morning was greeted with a severe case of morning thickness. I resisted a strong desire to jerk off, as I wanted to be full of sex and longing for the day ahead. I was so excited I triple checked my pack and gear. I was constantly checking the time. I was very anxious about how I would identify my guest, would they be showing the ticket? How would I identify myself? Would initial eye contact reveal understanding or nothing? The morning was bright and the prospects of a warm day ahead looked good. I approached the Gazebo Park cautiously. It was already fairly busy with pedestrians and cyclists. I stayed back and observed. A guy was sitting on the Gazebo steps. As I nervously approached I scanned him constantly to see if he would suit my fantasy. He looked pale, out of shape and Ümraniye Escort Bayan very much out of place. I decided to walk up the steps and go into the Gazebo. As I past him I noticed he was holding a slip of paper tight to his leg. Pride struck me as I realized my posting worked at successfully drawing a man to me.Once in the open-air structure I pretended to be checking it out and walked it’s perimeter getting a 360 of the park. About half way round I saw bank dude 20 yards away sitting on a picnic table, drinking a coffee, his bike leaning against the bench. My heart skipped and I instantly wished it was him on the steps. My mind raced and I quickly decided to act on my desire. The guy on the steps was not going to meet his discreet guide today. I stepped out of the Gazebo and strolled straight towards bank dude. We were locals, we recognized each other, but we didn’t know each other. When I was close enough I said; “hey is that coffee from the new shop?”He said, “Ya it is quite good too, you should try it”“Thanks I will, always like to sample the new cafes in town. Going for a ride?”“I am, but I don’t know the area very well”“Well if you can wait a bit, I’ll go get a coffee and my bike and then I can give you a tour, a private one on one tour.” “That would be great as long as you’re ok with a novice rider”“No problem, I enjoy bringing newcomers to the backcountry and mountain bikes are great way to quickly access nature’s wild side. My name is Casey, I’ve seen you at the bank and around town”. If he had he read my posting he just might get my hints, if not they were good for self-entertainment.“Great to meet you Casey, I’m David.” Our eyes met. There was a spark there. We were both open to a new friendship. “Ok David I’ll meet you back here in 20 or so”I raced off to get my bike. I was so excited I could barely think straight. I had to be cautious though as I still didn’t know if he was influenced by my posting or not.When I got back to the park, David was still at the picnic table.David “Hey that was fast, did you get a coffee?I had forgot about the coffee in my excited rush.Myself “No, maybe later, would rather just get going”“Ok, cool, say you had a pack with you before, don’t you need it?”“No, I stuffed everything I need in Escort Ümraniye my saddlebag”“Oh, alright, so were you planning to hike rather than bike today?”“Well, ya I was set for a hike.”“When I first noticed you today, you seemed to be looking for someone. I hope I’m not interrupting your plans”“Ah, oh, no, I wasn’t too sure how today would play out, so I’m good with showing you around”His line of questioning left me wondering, and quite frankly hoping; he was a voyeur, planning to witness the “private nature tour” guide and guest rendezvous.Myself “so I’m thinking I’ll guide you to a beautiful valley bottom” David “sounds really good for a beginner”“Yes it is a great introduction, best to enjoy it first then you’ll be open to more diverse stuff”“Ok, I trust you, I am in shape and curious so don’t be too concerned about exposing me to some hard stuff.”“Oh don’t worry, we’ll both get our fill of hard stuff today.”We proceeded to ride one of my favorite moderate trails in the park. The trail included about a mile of old road that permitted us to ride side by side and talk. Turned out David had a girlfriend out east who’s plans to join him for the summer were cancelled due to a long awaited research grant. He made it known to me he greatly missed the sex. We had the typical posturing guy talk about scoring with girls. On one hand this was encouraging as he was clearly very sexual, on the other the straight macho talk contrasted greatly with my hopes and intentions. David was strong and handled his bike well. In fact we were well matched. He just needed to know the trails better. We were about 4 miles in when, we decided to take a break and water up at a nice stream.Myself “So, knowing the lower trails really helps you when exploring the higher trails because you inevitably come down somewhere.” I pointed up both sides of the valley. “There are awesome rides above us, some of them dumping out right on this trail.”David “that is great to know and good advice. I’m hoping you can show me a less traveled, more private place today too”My heart thumped in my chest. He wants to know a private place. Oh nature please work your magic on David.Myself “no problem, I know a great secluded spot up this creek actually. We go up that trail there, and watch for a faint animal trail branching right. That will take us to a nice little clearing behind that ledge right there.” I pointed up to the spot.“Wow, looks like dense bush from here.”“Come on, let’s go, we can have our lunch up there”The climb was a tough slog, but we both powered up without stopping.Myself “great climbing David, you are doing great.

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