Power Chapter Seven: QA

Female Ejaculation

When we arrived we grabbed cups and filled them from the keg. There did not appear to be any girls present, which was very disappointing. There were four or five upperclassmen plus Jack there. They were in a variety of briefs, boxer-briefs and boxers. Jack addressed the group. “This is a no-holds-barred question and answer session. If you stay you agree that anything said in here will not be repeated. No questions will be considered stupid, although some of the answers might be.” The upperclassmen all chuckled to themselves. “There is no shame in not knowing something. There is shame in not fixing that. At my freshman Q non-consensual sex is not.” Another man asked why the girls had access to the guys’ dorms but the guys had no reciprocal access. Len, one of the other seniors, answered. “The college was founded to help women learn to exercise and control power. They have absolute power over their own bodies, as do the guys. You can say no to anything. The girls have power over access to their living spaces. They are allowed alsancak escort to be as modest as they wish wherever they wish. In the swimming pool they may wear bathing suits, although not all do so. The guys’ power is removed. They have to swim naked. They must lock a door to keep the females out. Most of us eventually learn that this teaches us to share power. When we leave college it will be a male-dominated world for everyone. Male graduates of Anthony are very successful in the business world because they can share power without feeling threatened.” Brett raised his hand. “Are there any other gays in the room?” All of the freshmen looked at one another. I wondered myself which of the guys in my dorm might be on the prowl for me. Len raised his hand. “I’m gay. My roommate is my best friend, who is straight. Just as you will learn to make non-sexual friendships with women here, gays learn to make non-sexual friendships with other men. This weekend is the first LGBT dance. About alsancak escort bayan half of the people who attend are straight because the music is better, the dancing is better, and the guys are better looking.” One of the other seniors, Jerome, disagreed about the better-looking part. Otherwise, he concurred that the music and dancing were better. Jack then spoke up. “I’ve already told you that the majority of you will experiment with someone of the same sex while you’re here. Marty over there was the first guy I experimented with.” The first guy means there were others, but I didn’t want to ask the question. “Yes, there were others. We get horny and we get curious. For a while Marty and I were dating girls who got turned on by guy-on-guy action. Most nights we’d just strip each other and make out, maybe a little mutual masturbation. That was plenty for the girls and the sex was out of this world. Sometimes they wanted more so we gave it to them. I told you during the campus orientation Escort alsancak walk that I prefer girls. It’s a pretty strong preference. I do not go looking for guys to have sex with, and if a guy makes a pass he gets turned down… well, at least usually. That doesn’t mean that if I’m with a good friend, we’re both horny, and there’s been enough alcohol to tear away inhibitions that we always keep our hands and mouths to ourselves. Anthony is pretty much a safe place to experiment and experience as much sex of any kind as you might want.” Jay had a question. “A girl I met today said that the girls usually prefer some mystery about the guy so they can fantasize. She told me to put on clothes to maintain that mystery. Is that true?” Most of the freshmen laughed and made remarks about blatant advertising being the shortest route to a pussy. The seniors had other viewpoints. One of the seniors had been quiet up to then. He rose to speak. “My name is Bill. My sophomore year I went everywhere but the dining hall naked. Then I walked into my dorm room and found my girlfriend fucking my roommate. I asked her why. She told me that she could see me naked 24/7 and there was nothing else to find out about me. She wanted to experience guys she didn’t know everything about. I asked her if my roommate was the only one. I was crushed.

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