Pledges Ch. 05


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Chapter 5 – Pledge Class:

The Pledge Class is formed.


“Ok. Let’s go over this one more time.”

Jade Cross stood ominously over Luci Tennyson. The women were in Jade’s room at the Mu Lambda Sorority House, with Luci seated in the middle of the small space. Jade’s sorority sisters, the twins Mya and Brianna Marks, stood on either side of Luci, arms folded, grimacing down at her.

“Now, Luci,” Jade said, “once you see Tamryn on campus, what are you going to say?”

“I’m going to compliment her. Tell her how pretty her hair is. How beautiful I’ve always thought she was.” Luci was shocked at how robotic she sounded.

“Good,” Jade said. “Tamryn’s very vain about her appearance. Compliments are the only things that get her attention.”

Jade paused to fluff up her thick, jet-black hair before continuing. “And what are you going to be wearing?”

Luci stared at the floor. “Something sexy.”

“Good. Very good,” Jade smiled

Luci shifted uneasily in her chair. “I don’t know, Jade,” she said. “Why do I have to go after Tamryn? I mean, damn! She’s one of the meanest ones in Rho Sigma Tau.”

Jade shook her head. To have won so many scholarships, this girl is dense, she thought.

“Because,” Jade snapped, “as we said before, she’s the only one conceited enough to fall for this. Sierra and the other girls are too sharp and too savvy. Tamryn’s just arrogant enough to buy your bullshit.”

Jade ran her hands through her hair, exasperated. “Anyway, once Tamryn bites, then what?”

“I’m going to invite her to my apartment,” Luci said. “And tell her that I really need to talk to her. Tell her that I’ve always wanted to be with her and that I’d do anything to get her alone.”

“And because she’s too smart to go to your apartment, for fear of running into anyone she knows, what are you going to say when she refuses?” Jade questioned.

“I’m going to suggest going to a motel just a few miles off campus. And tell her that it’s secluded and that there’s even a whirlpool tub in the room.”

Jade smiled. “Good. You’re a quick learner.”

Mya and Brianna stole a glance at each other. Mya shook her head.

Jade ignored them both and grabbed a black bookbag from the side of her bed. She went to her desk, packed several items inside, zipped it up and handed it to Luci. “Here’s everything you need. You do remember the rest of the plan, right?”

Luci’s hands shook as she stood and slipped the bookbag over her shoulder. “Yeah. I remember.”

Jade then picked up a small, white envelope from her desk and handed it to her. “Good. And as promised, here’s your first payment. You’ll get the rest when you’re done.”

Luci took a quick glance inside, then slid the envelope into her back pocket. It was more than enough to pay her bills for the rest of the semester. Though her scholarships covered her tuition, books and fees, she often came up short on her rent and living expenses.

Now I can cut a few hours from working at the library and have more time to study, she thought. However, not one cent of Jade’s money could stop the nauseous feeling that suddenly washed over her.

Jade walked over to the door and opened it. “Now, go. And don’t waste time! You’ve only got a couple of days to get this done!”

Luci flinched at Jade’s harsh words. She went to the door with her shoulders slumped.

As she passed by, Jade grabbed her arm. “And don’t forget – your scholarships depend on this,” Jade spat. “You mess this up and I’ll make certain you lose everything!” Jade turned her arm loose and shoved her out the door.

As Luci stumbled out, she turned back as if to say something. However, Jade’s icy glare quickly changed her mind. Luci, now spooked, scurried out of the room and down the hall.

Jade closed the door, a smug smile on her face as Mya and Brianna glanced at each other. Mya shook her head.

Jade was going way too far this time.


The warm Virginia sun streamed through the windows as Sierra sat at her desk, reviewing the last of the pre-pledge paperwork. It was now mid-October, and each of the seven lucky ladies that were invited to pre-pledge had submitted her preliminary application, her essay on why she wanted to pledge, her resume, unofficial transcript and her list of three references.

Sierra was also making notes for the sorority meeting she planned to hold later in the week. At the private Pledge Class meeting, her job was to lead the discussion to determine which girls would make it to the Private Tea and Interview session and which girls wouldn’t.

By now, Sierra had reviewed all the documents submitted by the seven girls and discovered that a few more cuts needed to be made. As she referred to the papers in front of her, she focused on specific names and frowned.

“I hate that I have to reject these girls, but their grades and references just aren’t altyazılı porno up to par,” she said as she put her head in her hands. Her head throbbed at the thought of disappointing anyone, let alone a girl who was really interested in joining her sorority.

Sierra sighed as she rubbed her temples. I need a break, she thought.

She immediately picked up the phone to call Lina to hang out but then she hesitated. They’d only had passing conversations since their huge fight almost two weeks ago. They managed to discuss the pledges but nothing else, with Lina always leaving the room as soon as their business was completed.

Sierra sighed again. She desperately wanted to get back to the friendship they’d once had, but at the present moment, she didn’t have any ideas. Hanging up the phone, Sierra just decided to wait and maybe they’d talk later.

Needing some alone time, she decided that she needed some relaxation. She sat quietly for a moment, and then a thought came to her. She quickly pulled on her slippers, packed a few items in her gym bag, slung the bag over her shoulder, left her suite and went out toward the elevator.

As she headed up to the roof, she thanked her lucky stars that Rho Sigma Tau had such wealthy Alumni. The Alumni Chapter spent millions building an extravagant Sorority House for the Undergraduates.

The House featured a state-of-the-art kitchen, an immense living room and a spacious great room. There was also a full laundry room, a computer room, library and three floors of the most lavish suites the girls had ever seen.

Additionally, as a final treat to the undergraduates, the Alumni presented them with an elaborate rooftop terrace.

In one quarter of the terrace sat the newest and most effective exercise equipment. Exercise bikes, treadmills and other fitness equipment had all been installed in the space.

Taking up the adjoining quarter was a covered space divided into two rooms. One room contained a brand-new steam spa and the other, a six-person Jacuzzi.

The remaining half of the terrace was set up as an enormous party space. Various tables, chairs, a pool table, a DJ booth and even a mid-sized bar had all been provided by the Alumni Chapter.

Once Sierra reached the terrace, she went straight to the Jacuzzi room. She was surprised to find it empty, as the Jacuzzi was a popular hot spot in the house. She turned on the water and as it filled, she peeled off her clothes until she was completely nude. She pulled her towel out of her gym bag and hung it on one of the hooks on the wall.

Once the Jacuzzi was full, Sierra dipped a toe into the warm water. Perfect, she thought. She slipped her naked body into the water and immediately felt all her muscles relax.

She lounged in the warm water, feeling all of her stress slip away. She sent up another silent “Thanks” for being a member of such a prestigious and generous sorority.

Suddenly, she heard a voice boom over the intercom. “Hello? Is anyone in the Jacuzzi room?”

She jumped out and pressed one of the buttons on the wall near the door. “Yes. It’s me, Sierra.”

“Anyone else in there?”

“No. And who is this?”

“Donyelle and Kathryn. We just wanted to come up and relax in the Jacuzzi for a while.”

Sierra sighed. She’d really wanted some privacy but she loved her Sisters too much to disappoint them. “Sure. Come on up.”

Sierra slipped back into the Jacuzzi and continued to lounge in the heated water. A few minutes later, she heard a soft knock at the door.

“Come on in,” Sierra called out.

When the door opened, Sierra smiled at the two lovely girls standing in front of her.

Donyelle Trent had a warm smile that made her absolutely gorgeous. Her rich, mocha-hued body, long and lean, was dressed in only a soft-pink bikini top and denim shorts. Sierra eyed her small, round breasts, barely contained by the tiny bikini top, and licked her lips.

Donyelle had the most beautiful face Sierra had ever seen, with perfectly-arched eyebrows, dreamy almond-shaped eyes, a cute, pert nose and kissably lickable lips. She usually wore her jet-black hair straight back, without any curls or waves. Making Sierra think of the Queen Cleopatra, she thought it was the perfect style for such a regal princess.

A senior, Donyelle majored in Political Science and already had a job lined up on Capitol Hill after graduation. Sierra teased her regularly, saying that Donyelle would be the hottest congressional intern on the Hill. Donyelle just teased back, saying that she certainly hoped so.

Kathryn Boone was more demure but just as beautiful. A senior Music major, she had a luscious, full figure that always made Sierra pause. Kathryn wore an oversized sorority T-shirt that covered her full, ripe breasts and thick, rounded hips. However, as she moved, Sierra saw her white bikini bottom peeking from underneath her shirt. The sight of Kathryn’s long, thick, curvy legs made Sierra rethink her decision to sit in the Jacuzzi alone.

The biracial daughter of an African-American türkçe altyazılı porno jazz songstress and a Caucasian jazz percussionist, Kathryn’s heritage was fully reflected in her appearance. Kathryn had a lovely, warm, golden complexion along with expressive eyes and keen features, which gave her a soft, angelic look.

Her natural hair was sandy-brown, thick and full, complete with rambunctious ringlets. Because both of her parents were successful jazz musicians, she wanted a laid-back hairstyle that matched the mellow easiness of her lifestyle. Thus, she normally blow-dried her hair straight and styled it into loose waves that fell over her shoulders. Her lengthy, wavy tresses, coupled with her pretty face, made Kathryn an absolute dream, and made Sierra smile as now she stared at her.

“Hey Sierra,” they said in unison.

“I hope we’re not bothering you,” Kathryn offered as they set their towels on the benches in the corner of the room.

“No,” Sierra sighed. “Come and sit with me for a moment.”

Donyelle removed her shorts as Kathryn stripped off her top. Clad only in sexy, two-piece bathing suits, the ladies took a seat on the edge of the Jacuzzi as Sierra continued to lounge in the warm water. The twosome slipped their legs into the swirling bubbles, enjoying the ticklish feelings rushing through them.

Perched delicately on the edge of the Jacuzzi, Kathryn continued splashing her legs in the hot water as Donyelle eyed her generous breasts. Catching the look, a blazing inferno rose in Kathryn, exciting her to a fever pitch.

Sierra also stared at Kathryn’s breasts, which were straining against her dangerously thin, white bikini top. As she studied them, a warm flush raced though her. She and Kathryn had a delicious history together and, coupled with the beautiful Donyelle, Sierra realized that she was in the perfect position to really relax.

However, when Sierra looked up at Kathryn’s pretty face, she suddenly drew back. Rather than seeing Kathryn, she was shocked to see Lina’s face instead.

Sierra stopped cold. She shook her head, trying to clear her mind of the image of her former best friend.

Kathryn looked around. “Are you ok, Sierra?”

“Ladies, I have to leave. I can’t do this right now.” Sierra jumped out of the Jacuzzi, grabbed her towel and ran out of the room.

Kathryn and Donyelle just stared at each other.

“What the hell was that?” Donyelle asked as she watched the door close.

Kathryn just shrugged her shoulders and pulled her legs out of the water. “I have no idea. She looked pretty spooked, though,” she said as she lay back on the wooden planks. Then she propped up on one elbow. “Maybe she’s just not into it.”

Donyelle scooted back from the edge of the Jacuzzi and lay next to Kathryn. She smiled as she reached for Kathryn’s breasts. “Thank goodness I’m still into it,” she said as she gently stroked her lover’s silky skin.

A soft moan escaped Kathryn’s lips. “Do it, baby.”

Donyelle grinned as she bent her head to Kathryn’s smooth, plump globes. First, she rubbed her face against the soft, damp skin that spilled out of the bikini top. Then Donyelle’s tongue escaped her lips and she took a long lick at Kathryn’s moist flesh.

“Ahhh,” Kathryn sighed as Donyelle’s tongue swirled all over her heated skin. She squealed when Donyelle pulled the bikini top aside and captured her stiff nipple between her lips. “Oh yes,” Kathryn whispered as she sat up and braced herself on both elbows. “Yes, baby. Yes!”

Donyelle slowly laved Kathryn’s full, bountiful breasts. Donyelle loved the thick woman, never tiring of her soft, healthy body. She reached behind Kathryn and untied the bikini top. As she lifted the soft material and tossed it into the Jacuzzi, Donyelle drew in a sharp breath. Kathryn’s golden breasts stood firm, capped by stiff, dark brown nipples.

A delicious tingle raced through Donyelle as she pushed Kathryn all the way down onto the wooden floor and climbed on top of her. She passionately slid her hands through Kathryn’s hair and gripped the back of her head.

In a flash, Donyelle’s mind took her back to when they first met. Even back then, she felt the immediate attraction. Kathryn sat right in front of her in their freshman English class. She often pulled her hair up and Donyelle spent several weeks silently admiring the young beauty’s smooth neck and shoulders, dreaming of the moment when she could press her lips against the soft, sweet skin.

In the present moment, Donyelle looked Kathryn in her eyes and slowly leaned in. The first touch of her soft lips to Kathryn’s was simply electric. The spark coursed between them like lightening.

Kathryn parted her lips to allow Donyelle’s tongue in. She moaned in pleasure as Donyelle feverishly explored her wanting mouth. The ladies kissed and caressed for several long moments. Kathryn was lightheaded at the emotion pouring into her from Donyelle’s tender touch.

Not wanting to wait any further, Donyelle placed a soft trail of kisses all over Kathryn’s hd altyazılı porno neck. She nipped the smooth skin, loving the way Kathryn squirmed in pleasure. She went back up and tongued Kathryn’s earlobes, gently biting the softness she found there.

Kathryn shivered as her lover found her spot. She moaned as Donyelle tenderly laved her soft skin. She reached up and stroked Donyelle’s silky black hair. “Oh honey, yes!”

Kathryn’s mind traveled back to their freshman English class. Sitting in front of Donyelle, she often sensed the gorgeous goddess’ eyes on her, dissecting her every move. It took a few weeks, but one day she got tired of waiting for Donyelle to make the first move. Before class began, she turned around and asked Donyelle if they could study together that afternoon. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

Urged on by Kathryn’s pleasure, Donyelle trailed more kisses down Kathryn’s neck and collarbone. She cupped her girlfriend’s full breasts in her hand and ran her thumbs over the hard nipples until Kathryn screamed in ecstasy.

Before Kathryn knew what was happening, Donyelle took her rigid nipple into her mouth and sucked deeply. Kathryn’s moans rang in her ears as Donyelle licked and sucked the firm peak.

“Yes!” Kathryn cried. “Donni, yes!” She twisted back and forth, unable to handle the extreme pleasure she was feeling.

Donyelle lifted her head and stared at Kathryn’s face. She grinned when she saw Kathryn’s eyes close in sheer delight. She immediately determined to make Kathryn explode in the ultimate ecstasy.

She slipped Kathryn’s bikini bottom down until the lovely woman was completely nude. She looked at the soft triangle between Kathryn’s legs and licked her lips.

“Are you ready, honey?” Donyelle whispered as she took her place between Kathryn’s outstretched legs. She leaned forward and inhaled deeply, taking in the familiar scent she loved so much. Tingling with raw desire, Donyelle leaned in to take a long lick at Kathryn’s wetness and enjoy even more of the girl’s intimate fragrance.

“That’s it, baby,” Kathryn sighed as she shivered at the tingling touch. “That feels so good!”

Hungrily, Donyelle licked and sucked the sticky sweetness deep between Kathryn’s legs. She lost herself in the liquid honey that flowed from Kathryn’s core. She pointed her tongue and teased Kathryn’s pink clit, stimulating the pink jewel until Kathryn bucked against her mouth.

“Don’t stop, baby!” Kathryn moaned. “Please!”

Donyelle gripped Kathryn’s hips and pulled her tightly against her mouth. Her tongue worked slowly and gently over Kathryn’s clit, making the girl wiggle on the heated wooden planks beneath her

Kathryn was outdone. The intense pleasure made her mind spin in a thousand different directions. “Yes, honey! Yes!” she cried as she grabbed her breasts and tweaked her stiff nipples, increasing her pleasure.

Donyelle used her tongue to trace exotic designs over Kathryn’s wet pussy, feeling even more of the sensual wetness all over her lips and tongue.

“Faster!” Kathryn cried. “Faster!”

Donyelle chuckled as she slowed her tongue strokes almost to a standstill. “I’m not in a rush,” she teased. “You’re just gonna have to lie there and take it, baby.”

“Noooo!” Kathryn moaned.

“Yessss!” Donyelle replied as she licked her fingers. “Nice and slow, baby” she said as she slid her index finger deep into Kathryn’s pussy.

“Ahhhhh!” Kathryn felt the erotic intrusion wiggling inside of her and she snapped. “Yes, Donni! Make me cum! Please!”

Donyelle added a second finger and returned to taking long laps at Kathryn’s wet pussy and clit. The taste of Kathryn’s honey was a delicious blend of passion, heat and wetness. The hairs on Kathryn’s soft mound tickled her nose as she dove in for more of Kathryn’s sweet sugar.

Donyelle increased her pace as Kathryn bucked against her mouth. She grabbed Kathryn’s hips even tighter and buried herself in the luscious sweet and savory taste of Kathryn’s pussy.

“Cum for me, honey! Cum right in my mouth!” Donyelle hunkered down and licked even faster, rotating her fingers deeply into Kathryn’s core.

Sparks erupted in Kathryn’s body as she raced to her climax. “Ooooh!” Kathryn cried out. “I’m cumming! Yessss!”

Donyelle continued licking and sucking every drop of Kathryn’s sweet nectar, until she felt a marked tension in Kathryn’s limbs.

Instinctively, Kathryn wrapped her legs around Donyelle’s neck and squeezed tight as she braced herself for her explosive climax. Suddenly, Donyelle’s fingers reached that extra-special spot deep within in her womanhood and she almost leapt out of her skin. “Now!” Kathryn cried. “Oh God, now!”

Almost in slow motion, Kathryn’s entire body exploded as a raw, intense heat that raced through her. She cried and screamed out her passion as Donyelle sucked hard on her clit.

Donyelle continued lapping the sugary sweetness for several long minutes. She only stopped when Kathryn lifted her head up, panting.

Finally, after several passionate moments, their breathing began to return to normal. Donyelle rose up, lay next to Kathryn and gently stroked her soft ringlets. The steam from the Jacuzzi made Kathryn’s hair revert from its straightened state back into wild, unruly curls.

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