Larry and Flo Cheat Ch. 01


Larry is 55 years old and lives in a small city in the mid-west. He was 6 foot tall in fairly good shape with brown eyes and salt and pepper hair. He has been married for 24 years and his wife lost interest in sex over 10 years ago. He continued to be faithful to her, but he has been thinking about having an affair.

He has a very successful insurance business. Recently his secretary quit to get married and raise a family. She was the third secretary in the last 10 years. He decided to place an ad in the local newspaper for a secretary. He was looking for an older woman because he just couldn’t depend on a younger one.

Larry interviewed 3 women this week and was not impressed. The last one was scheduled for Friday. He was reading her application before her scheduled interview. Her name is Florence and she is 62 years old. She hasn’t worked for 7 years. Her husband is on disability.

Florence was nervous about the upcoming interview. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought that she looked good for her age. Her body was had a couple of extra pounds, but still looked good for her age. Her best asset was her legs. She decided to dress conservatively. She was wearing a blue suit just below the knees, a white silk blouse, dark blue pantyhose and blue shoes with 2 inch heels.

She arrived at Larry’s office and was greeted by Larry himself. He shook her and said, “Come into the office and we will proceed with the interview. Do you want me to call you Florence or Flo?”

“Flo would be fine.”

Larry thought to himself, ‘Flo is a good looking woman. She could be the right person for this job.’

The first question Larry asked was, “I see you haven’t worked in 7 years, why do you want to work now? “

“My husband went on disability last year and we could use the extra money. Also I need to get out of the house and do something more productive.”

Larry thought her answer meant she needed to get away from her husband. He continued to ask her questions about her skills. While he was asking her these questions he kept looking at her and thinking she really is attractive. He liked the way she dressed. She had short brown hair and blue eyes. Her face had a few wrinkles but he could tell she took care of herself. She also had beautiful legs.

Flo noticed Larry looking at her and he made her feel a little uncomfortable but it was exciting. She noticed he was a good looking man in good shape and she liked his salt and pepper hair.

At the conclusion of the interview, Larry said “This job will be 5 days a week and sometimes Saturday. Will it be a problem for you and your husband?”

Flo responded, “No, my husband may be disabled, but he can take care of himself. As far as working Saturdays, he has camp about 2 hours away and likes to go there and fish. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

Larry said, “You are the perfect person I need for this job. I can tell you will be very dependable. Could you start work next Monday?”

“Thank you Larry. I can start Monday and I know I can do the job.”

“See you Monday.” Larry shook Flo’s hand.

The first 2 weeks on the job, Flo was nervous at first, but was adjusting to her new job and learning all the procedures. She really liked her boss and was really getting comfortable with him. She started to think of him as more than a boss, but a friend. She discovered they had a lot of things in common, including food, music, sports and activities. She found herself getting excited to come to work.

Larry was feeling the same way and he wanted to try to make get more intimate with Flo. Every day in the office, he would see he her and he would get very excited. He would try to keep her from seeing his raging hard on. First he knew it wasn’t right but he just needed to have someone, second he didn’t know how to approach Flo and if she would be willing.

One Tuesday, he said to Flo, “You might have to work late this Friday. I have quite a few reports due on Monday. It’s the end of the month. I thought Friday would be good because my wife is going out of town to altyazılı porno visit her mother.”

Flo said, “That’s not a problem. My husband will be going to his camp so I’m free all weekend.” The thought of being alone with Larry would be exciting.

On Thursday Flo decided to wear one of her favorite skirts (just right at the knee) that showed more leg and a low cut blouse, which was not too revealing. She wanted to see how Larry would react.

In the afternoon Larry called Flo into his office. She went in the office and Larry was on the phone. He motioned her to sit down. She sat down in the chair directly across from Larry, who was behind his desk. She crossed her legs her skirt rose up just above the knee. She noticed Larry made a quick glance toward her legs.

Larry looked over at Flo and thought to himself, she looks great. I would love to make love to her. His cock started to rise in his pants. He got off the phone and said, “Flo I would like to go this insurance claim with you.”

“Sure, which one is it?”

Come around my desk and we will look on the computer together. Flo brought her chair around to his side of the desk and sat down. They started to go over claim. Flo leaned in to get a better view of the screen and Larry tried to move away to prevent Flo from seeing his hard on. Flo noticed and saw the bulge in his pants. She thought, ‘I can’t believe I can still get a man excited for me.’ It made her want Larry. Her husband has not touched for years.

Larry wanted to just take her into his arms and kiss her, but he resisted. He quickly reviewed the claim and Flo left. Larry was just throbbing. He wondered what to do about it. He was going back and forth in his mind about cheating and not cheating.

Flo went back to her desk and felt the wetness Larry caused to her pussy. She knew this was wrong after all she was still married.

The next day, Friday, Flo woke up and decided to wear the outfit she wore for the interview. She felt that it was lucky for her when she interviewed for the job. Maybe it will be lucky today.

It was 5 o’clock in the afternoon and everybody had left but Flo and Larry. Larry called her into the office to start working on the reports due on Monday. As they were working Larry would give Flo flirting glances and Flo noticed them.

It was around 8 o’clock and Larry said to Flo, “We’re about finished here would you like to have dinner in the office? I could order food to be delivered. We don’t have to go home to anybody.”

Flo said, “I don’t know, maybe I should just go home.” She thought to herself, if she stayed something might happen between them that she would regret.

Larry responded, “Oh come on. We can eat and talk. I want to learn more about you.”

She thought about it and said, “Alright”

The dinner was delivered and Larry went to a cabinet and got a bottle of wine. “Would you like some Flo?”

“I’ll have one glass.”

They sat down and ate and talked about their marriages. The talk really got personal when Larry said he hasn’t been intimate with his wife in 10 years. This really shocked Flo. She said “I can’t believe it, you are a very handsome man.”

“Thank you Flo. How is your love life?”


“I’m sorry to hear that.” Larry stood up and moved closer to Flo. She saw the bulge in his pants and felt like a school girl again. She could sense he was going to kiss her. Then she thought this isn’t right. He leaned over and gave her a kiss. She responded by opening her mouth so his tongue could slide into it. It felt sooooo good as she moaned.

He removed his mouth. Flo said “You know this is not right. We are both married. But you know I want you. I am so wet for you.”

“I know Flo, but you know we both need this. You are so beautiful and we have nobody else to take care of our needs and desires.”

Flo stood up and Larry put his arms around her and French kissed her again, this time with a little more authority. He moaned as his hand lifted her skirt up a few inches to feel her inner thigh between her türkçe altyazılı porno stockings and pussy. “Your thigh feels so smooth.”

“Oh Larry that feels so good, It’s been so long.” She felt the bulge of his cock pressing on her stomach. She put her between them and started caressing his cock. “You are so big.”

“It’s all for you Flo.”

They continued their kissing as Larry’s hands were under her skirt caressing her ass. Finally he pulled away and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She was wearing a see through navy blue lacy bra. “Your breasts are gorgeous.” He leaned over and placed his mouth on her bra and started to suck her breasts through the bra. “That feels so good Larry!” moaned Flo. “Please don’t stop.” She put her arms around him and pulled him closer so she could feel his cock.

He continued to suck on her breasts for a couple of minutes and asked her, “Please take your bra off.” Flo unclasped her bra and Larry started to suck her nipples. Going back and forth from one breast to the other breast. Flo said, “Oh my nipples are so hard!” Larry’s hands were rubbing Flo’s bare back as he started to hump her.

“Oh God Larry you feel so good against me!”

Finally Larry moved away and went to the door and locked it. “We can never be too careful. Please take off your skirt as I watch you.” Flo undid the button on her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She was standing there wearing only her panties, navy blue stockings and 2 inch heels. Larry moaned and said, “You are so beautiful and your legs are spectacular with the stockings. Please don’t take of the shoes and stockings when I make love to you!”

“Anything you want my love.”

Larry approached her and started kissing her again as placed his hand on her pussy and began rubbing it through her panties. They were soaking wet. “I can feel how excited you are for me Flo. It really gets me more excited.”

“Oh Larry please make cum. I want to be your little slut. I never felt like this for anyone including my husband. He never liked foreplay and only wanted to fuck me the conventional way.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” said Larry. “I get more pleasure knowing I have pleased you than being pleased myself.” As he was saying this he rubbed her pussy harder and harder. “Cum on my hand Flo”

Flo moved her pelvis back and forth and screamed, “I’m cumming Larry…..OH OH OH!!!! You’re driving me crazy!!” Flo was breathing very hard as she exploded on his hand.

Larry brought his hand up to his mouth and began to lick the juices. “Flo, your juices are so sweet. Please taste them.”

She took her tongue and licked Larry’s hand.

“Flo, Please undress me.” said Larry, as he backed away from her.

Flo looked at Larry with a sensual stare and said, “It will be my pleasure.” She grabbed his tie and slowly unknotted it. “You are one sexy man Larry and you are making me so happy.” She threw the tie on the floor. She took the palms of her hands and started rubbing Larry’s chest through his white dress shirt. “Your chest is so hard and muscular. It really excites me more.” Then she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off him. She gasped “Oh my god your body is perfect.” She rubbed her face all over his cheat and began kissing his nipples, while feeling his arms. “I’ve wanted to have a body like yours for me.”

“You can have it all you want sweetheart. It’s just for you.”

Flo unbelted his pants and let them fall to the floor. Larry stepped out of the. She took her hand rubbed his cock through his silk boxers. Flo licked her lips and moaned, “Your dick is so hard and big. I don’t know if I can handle it.”

“I will be gentle with you Flo. Remember what I am going to do to you is make love to you, but talk about fucking. I already made you orgasm once. My goal is to make it 5 times before I explode my juices inside you.”

“Oh Please do honey, Please do!!!”

Flo pulled Larry’s boxers down so he could slip out of the. His cock sprang out and pointed directly at Flo. “May I taste you cock Larry? My husband very rarely let me do that.”

“Go hd altyazılı porno for it Babe!”

Larry went over to the sofa that was in his office and sat down. Flo followed him and got down on her knees. Flo said, “Please fuck my mouth with that big cock Larry.” She started licking Larry’s cock up and down the shaft. This caused Larry to moan real loud.

“Oh Flo your tongue feels so good. I don’t want to cum yet. I want to explode inside you the first time.” He moved his cock in and out of her mouth and at the same time he reached down and put his fingers inside Flo’s pussy.

As he was fucking her with his fingers, she screamed, “I’m going to cum again Larry!!! Oh my god you are great!! I never had 2 orgasms in this short of time.”

Larry and Flo stood up and started kissing each other. Larry said, “I can’t get enough of you. I want this to last a long time Flo.” He pulled her closer. Her breasts were up against his chest and he could feel her hard nipples. His cock was rubbing against her stomach. “Please lie down on the sofa Flo.”

She got on the sofa and was lying down with her head on the arm of the sofa and her nylon covered legs spread. “Can you see how wet my cunt is Larry. I want to be your cheating slut. I love the feeling of cheating on my husband with a married man. I hope you find my legs attractive. I think they are my best feature.”

Larry took his hands and started rubbing them up and down her legs. “They are spectacular, especially with the stockings. That is my fetish Flo. You must wear stockings to work and anytime we make love.” He held her foot and placed on the shaft of his hard cock. Rubbing it up and down as he moaned. “Oh Flo, you don’t know how much I have dreamt of doing this with you. My wife would not even think about doing this. I am going to make this one of the most exciting orgasms you ever had. “

“It gets me more excited Larry. Do whatever you like Larry, except anal”.

“Oh don’t worry Flo, I don’t like anal either.” Larry started licking her feet and sucking her toes. “I love the smell of stockings on your feet.”

“OH MY GOD. LARRY, THAT FEELS GREAT!!!” Flo screamed. “You’re driving me CRAZY!!!” Flo placed hand on her pussy and began rubbing it very hard. “Look at me Larry, watch as your little slut masturbates.”

Larry looked up and smiled at Flo. Then he began licking up and down her legs. He couldn’t get enough of her stockings. He finally licked all the way to her pussy and said, “Move your hand I want to taste you as you climax.” He rubbed his chin into her cunt.

Flo lifted her ass off the sofa and pressed her cunt into Larry’s face and screamed, “Eat me lover!!! Make your cheating slut cum in your mouth. OH OH OH!!!! What you do to me!!!! I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmming Larry. I never felt this in all my life!!!”

Flo’s juices were all over Larry’s face. He got up and lied down next to her and began kissing her. “You taste so good Flo. Now I want to shove my cock into your cunt and make love to my little whore.”

“FUCK ME LARRY, FUCK ME!! I WANT IT NOW. YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE HUNK OF MAN.” She took his cock and placed into her pussy. “That feels so good.”

Larry put his arms around her and hugged her as their tongues explored their mouths. Flo said, “Your hard body feels perfect against mine. I never thought I would ever fuck a man with such a body.”

Larry grabbed his dick and pulled it out of Flo and she yelled, “No don’t take it out.” He proceeded to rub the head up and down her cunt.

He asked her, “Now doesn’t that feel good?”

“It does babe.”

Finally he stopped and got on top of Flo and put legs over his shoulders so he could feel her stockings as he fucked her. He shoved his cock into her and said, “Flo get ready for the fuck of your lifetime. I’m going to fuck you so hard until we climax together.”


Larry thrusted in and out Flo as screamed and moaned. “Flo let me know when you’re ready to cum. I want to cum with you.”

Flo responded, “I’m ready now my love. Shoot that cum in me.”

Larry exploded very hear in her cunt and said, “You don’t how much I love pleasing you Flo. This is incredible.” He collapsed on top of her and kissed her softly and said, “You are the best.”

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