Julie’s Night of Exploration


Julie took one last look at her self in the mirror and turned smiling at Mark, “I think I’m ready,” she said with a nervous grin on her excited face as she stood anxiously waiting to get this night of discovery started. She ran her hands down the front of her tight jeans and made sure the gauzy pink shirt was hanging just right. She thought back two days ago when she had gotten the e-mail from Amy saying she couldn’t wait for the weekend and to look at what she had bought for the occasion. When Julie opened the attachment and saw the pic of Amy in a sexy, red chemise lying across her bed with a two-foot long double headed dildo, Julie knew then that her first time being with a woman was going to be amazing.

Mark and Julie headed to the car on their way to their first swinging experience with a couple they had met just two months ago. Kevin and Amy were by far the best couple that had contacted them on the swinger website. The amazing part was how truly turned on Julie was by Amy. The two women had hit it off from the first moment they chatted together on line. After two months of daily chats and meetings for dinner the two were more then hot for each other and ready to play. Both were brand new to this and equally amazed at how much they wanted to know what making love to a woman would be like. The two couples were already becoming great friends and everyone knew tonight was going to be terrific.

Mark was in a great mood and kept saying over and over that his wife was going to have sex with a woman. He had spent the day kissing and touching her and whispering what naughty things she was going to do that night. So by the time they walked out the door Julie was in a heightened sexual mood. She could feel her sex throbbing through her jeans as Mark opened the car door for her. She stopped, looking him right in the eye and said, “Hurry-up, my girl friend is waiting for me to fuck her.” Julie laughed at the groan he gave before getting into the car and heading off to Kevin and Amy’s house.

As soon as they walked in the door hugs were given and everyone went out to the patio where dinner was cooking on the grill. Drinks were poured and the conversation flowed freely and effortlessly. After dinner everyone sat in the living room chatting and sharing their stories like friends do. After a few more drinks the conversation turned to Amy’s vast collection of sex toys and especially the new one that had been part of the picture she had sent. Julie with a huge smile said she wanted to see them. Amy jumped up and grabbing Julie’s hand led her into the bedroom. The guys grinning from ear to ear followed behind. Julie was like a kid in a candy store and swiftly jumped onto the bed and began turning them on and giggling with excitement.

Amy tossed the double dildo onto the bed and Julie’s face lit up as she grasped the monster in her hands. The two women giggled and ran their hands over the latex that was covered in big, thick veins. Kevin saw an opportunity to get a picture of the two of them who were sitting side by side. He loved the look of them together. His Amy blonde, blue eyed and a great tan and Julie with long copper hair, dark brown eyes and the fairest skin. Kevin told them to kiss.

They each felt a rush of excitement as they looked at each other. As their mouths moved closer and closer where they could almost taste each other they both at the same moment burst into spontaneous laughter leaning onto each other for support. Snap went the camera and Kevin looking at them with a grin told them to get to it. The laughter calmed down as Julie and Amy touched lips for the first time. Their lips met and mingled with each others. Julie couldn’t believe how soft Amy’s lips were as she moved her own lips letting her tongue dance around with Amy’s tongue.

The two women sank into each other and lay back on the pile of pillows altyazılı porno on the bed. Lips never breaking contact continued their explorations. Their hands began exploring the others bodies as they continued to kiss. Soon they realized that the clothes had to go. They broke the kiss both of them giggling as they quickly got out of their clothes. The room was dark with only one candle so both women felt comfortable.

Kevin and Mark also got out of their clothes and sat on the bed, their cocks already hard, both of them touching themselves as they watched Julie and Amy. Kevin told Amy that she should show Julie how much fun the Rabbit vibrator was. Amy with a smile pushed Julie back down onto the bed and told her to just enjoy. She got between Julie’s legs and ran her finger very gently along Julie’s thighs going higher towards her pussy. Julie’s body tingled in anticipation as Amy’s fingers began exploring every inch of her warm, moist pussy. Julie’s body jumped as she felt Amy’s tongue flick across her clitoris, letting out a moan as Amy moved in deeper with long, wet strokes. Julie weaved her fingers into Amy’s long, blonde hair pulling her down harder, wanting more of her warm, wet tongue. After Amy had gotten her so wet she pulled back and inserted the purple Rabbit and turned it on. Julie jumped as the intense feelings shot through her body, the Rabbit rotated and vibrated in her pussy.

She looked up to see Mark at her side. Their eyes locked and it was like they could read each others mind. Julie reached out a hand and wrapped it around Mark’s hard, throbbing cock. Stroking it firmly as the vibrator in Amy’s hand moved in and out of her pussy. The ears of the Rabbit touched her clit and made her leap against the toy and cry out. Amy’s mouth moved back down to lick at Julie’s clit. The feelings were so intense. Julie tugged on Mark’s cock letting him know that she wanted it. He quickly complied and moved to let her suck in his hard cock deep into her mouth. Julie sucked hard on it and rolled her tongue up and down the shaft.

They heard Amy cry out with a deep guttural moaning sound and Mark and Julie looked down to see that Kevin had lifted Amy to her knees and was pumping his hard cock into her wet pussy which made her work the vibrator more and suck harder on Julie’s now swollen clit.

The four of them let go of all thoughts but those of desire, need and passion. Mark’s hands squeezed Julie’s breasts and rolled her hard, pink nipples between his fingers. Julie could feel her self beginning to lose all thoughts but that of those in her body. She could feel the orgasm building deep inside her and quickly rising to the surface. Her thighs tightened up on Amy’s hand and the vibrator. She released Mark’s cock from her mouth and looked into his eyes as her orgasm over took her. Amy knew exactly what to do and fucked harder and faster with the vibrator. They could hear Julie’s pussy juices as the toy moved in and out.

“Oh, God yes!” Julie cried out. “I’m cummmmmming!”

Amy stopped moving the vibrator and just held it in deep and tight as Julie’s body convulsed and tightened up with her exploding orgasm. Wave after wave washed over her until she finally collapsed back onto the pillow breathing hard but smiling from her new experience at cumming by the hands of a woman.

As Julie felt her self returning to where she could once again talk, she looked up at Kevin and said, “Hurry up with my woman, I want that pussy now!” Kevin slipped his cock out of Amy and in one motion turned her around onto her back, spread her legs and said “Here you go Hun, make her scream.”

Julie with a smile on her face moved down to lie between Amy’s thighs and then glanced up quickly at Mark. He knew by her look that she was suddenly nervous and not sure what to do. So he moved down to sit close to her and took a finger türkçe altyazılı porno and ran it lightly up the slit of Amy’s pussy. “Mmmm'” moaned Amy and she spread her legs wider. Mark motioned for Julie to touch her so she reached out her fingers and ran them lightly over Amy’s shaved mound. It was so soft to the touch that Julie just spent a minute touching her, and then she slipped a finger into her and felt the wetness sucking her finger inside. “Mmmm Mmmm,” Amy moaned as Julie excitedly played with her wet, juicy pussy.

Julie gently spread open Amy’s lips and lowered her face to her. The first thing she noticed was how good she smelled and how it glistened with her wetness. Reaching out with her tongue Julie slowly licked the soft pink folds of her pussy. Feeling Amy push against her and knowing that she just did something right, Julie moved to lick more. Using long strokes she licked Amy’s pussy, loving the sweet taste of her. She took Amy’s clit with her tongue gently licking it at first and then taking it between her lips she slowly sucked on it. She loved the feel of it on her tongue; she thought felt much like a nipple. Julie loved the way Amy’s body moved against her mouth. She knew by her moans and movements that she was doing it right. Being a woman Julie knew just how Amy was feeling and this enflamed her own passions.

Feeling braver now Julie took a finger and inserted it into Amy’s pussy. It was so warm and wet as Julie pushed her finger inside. She then moved her finger in and out of Amy’s slippery hole. She then inserted two and then three fingers. As Amy’s hips began to move up for deeper penetration and the moans getting louder, Julie moved her fingers faster. In and out she moved them as her tongue and lips worked her clit, loving the wetness and the sounds coming from Amy.

Julie felt hands rubbing her ass and moving lower to her own wet pussy. Knowing Mark’s touch she raised her ass higher so he could insert his fingers into her wet cunt. His thrusting meeting that of what she was doing to Annie’s juicy pussy. Julie looked up and saw that Kevin was rubbing Amy’s nipples as her hand was pumping his hard cock. Julie buried her face into Amy’s pussy and lapped up the juices that were pouring out of her.

“Yesssssssss Julie, that’s it Baby.” “I am going to cum!” Amy cried out as her body jerked and convulsed in wave after wave of a tremendous orgasm. Julie slowed down her motions until she was just holding her fingers inside, loving the feeling of Amy’s body cumming against her hand. Feeling the warm gush of her juices run out unto her hand and open mouth. As she felt Amy’s orgasm subside Julie took out her fingers and gave Amy some loving licks before moving up her body where the two women met in a passionate kiss and embrace.

The couples lay on the bed catching their breath and giggling and talking with each other. Kevin got up off the bed and went into the kitchen to get more drinks for everyone taking Mark with him to help. As the women watched the two naked men walk out of the room Amy spun to Julie with a huge grin on her face saying, “Let’s get the double dildo and give these men a surprise when they come back in.”

Julie quickly agreed and the two got up on their knees and each took an end and put it inside them. Julie was surprised how wet her pussy was and how the toy just slipped into her. The girls work the toy in as they giggled. Just as they got it in the guys walk back into the room. “Whoa!” Mark says. “Damn, don’t move while I get a picture,” says Kevin.

The toy being so long made it hard to get the rhythm down. Mark saw this and puts his hand in the middle and moved it in and out of their tight holes. Julie and Amy both moaned and rocked their bodies back and forth as Kevin snapped the pictures saying; “You two are so fucking hot!”

The dildo had hd altyazılı porno lots of raised veins and felt so good and tight in Julie’s wet pussy. The sounds of their juices could be heard in the room as Kevin took over and fucked them hard and fast with the big dong. Julie looked up and sees Mark in front of her with his hard cock in his hand. He smiled at her and whispered; “You are so amazing.”

“Bring that hard boy over here and put it in my mouth Baby.” He quickly does as Julie asked and she sucked greedily on his cock as she was being fucked by Kevin who was thrusting the dildo in and out of Amy and Julie. Amy’s moans turned Julie on so much that she pushed back harder on the dildo. “Oh god this feels so good!” she cries out and continued sucking hard on Mark’s cock.

After sometime of this Julie released Mark’s cock from her mouth and said that she wanted them to turn over onto our backs. Amy’s was all for it and took the dildo out of her allowing Julie to roll over unto her back. Mark placed pillows under her head as Amy slipped the toy back into her dripping pussy.

“Ohhhhh this is much better,” Julie says and grinded down on the toy feeling it slip inside of her deeper. They moved with the toy and Julie pushed against it harder and harder until Amy’s and she were almost touching. Mark hands her a vibrator and Kevin gives one to Amy. They put the vibes on their clits and the new sensations made them grind down harder and faster on the dildo. Julie could feel and hear her juices as the toy went in and out of her. She rubbed harder on her clit and felt her orgasm rising fast. Julie cried out and Mark held on lightly to her shoulders as wave after wave washed over her. Amy also cums hard and her cries of passion mixed with those of Julie’s, filling the room.

Once the girl’s breathing returned to normal and the dildo was removed Mark said he wanted to see them doing a sixty-nine. Amy quickly wiggled to the middle of the bed and smiled big at Julie who moved over and kissed her first then turned and got on top of her. Mark handed Julie a dildo that she eased into Amy’s drenched pussy and lowered her mouth to Amy’s waiting clit.

Amy’s hands went to Julie’s hips guiding her down onto her open mouth. Her tongue moved over Julie’s pussy and flicked against her clit. Julie was moaning within seconds as she fucked Amy harder with the dildo and sucked on her clit with her wet lips.

Amy stuck two of her long fingers into Julie’s pussy and tongued her clit harder in little circles before sucking it between her lips. Julie moaned against her and begins grinding harder down onto her face cumming again. Amy cums too and her juices coat the dildo. Julie pulled out the dildo and buried her face into Amy’s warm, wet pussy lapping up the juices that poured out of her.

Julie rolled off of Amy and they laid there breathing hard, tired from all they had done. Julie looked over and sees Mark stroking his hard cock. Smiling and knowing he needs to cum too she motioned for him to come to her. Taking no time he placed his cock between Julie’s swollen lips and in one stroke entered her soaked pussy.

Julie looked over to see that Kevin had the same idea and was pumping his cock into Amy. She reached over took Amy’s hand as the men hammed their pussies. Julie’s legs go up wrapping around Mark’s legs pulling him tighter to her as he fucked her hard and fast. Finally with a loud grunt he filled her with his hot cum. Kevin cums right after that also with lots of moaning from both him and Amy.

The couples were tired, sweaty and very happy. They lay around the bed talking and reliving the highlights with lots of laughter and some blushes from Julie and Amy. It was late and with hugs and kisses Mark and Julie got up and left the room to curl up in each other’s arms on the guest bed and fell asleep with smiles on both their faces knowing this was just the first night of many nights of fun and passion that they would all have together.


I would appreciate any feedback to this story. It is based greatly on facts that really happened. Thank you.

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