Passionate Kisses


Monica awoke early that Saturday morning because she was so used to doing so when the kids were at home. They were with their father this weekend. Monica’s divorce from Anthony had only been final for a month, and she still missed him. Even though she was overcome with hate every time someone mentioned his name or she came across an old photo of him that she had somehow forgotten to burn, she could not deny that she still loved him.

Monica and Anthony had married straight out of college, he a high-power attorney and she a successful interior designer. She bore three children for him and created an inviting and warm home, but that all went down the drain one day when Monica arrived home earlier than expected from a consult with a new client to find Anthony in bed with his 19 year old secretary, Tiffany.

Monica still looked damn good after having three children and she had only just turned 30. She had silky dark brown hair that fell just below her shoulders with side swept bangs, piercing green eyes, full lips; she was about 5’4, and 120 pounds, 36 DD breasts and a nice round ass. Yes, she had received many offers from men and women a like since her divorce but she had refused them all, vowing to devote all of her free time to seeing her children through the difficult divorce. Monica wasn’t very interested in another man anyway; she was determined to never again set her self up for such heartbreak.

Monica got out of bed that Saturday morning and went downstairs to have some breakfast. She made herself a bagel with cream cheese, a bowl of fruit salad and a cup of coffee and sat down to read the morning paper. After breakfast she straightened up around the house and then had a quick shower. She fixed her hair and applied her makeup, then went to her closet to choose an outfit. She decided on a cool summer dress, a new pair of sandals, a white strapless bra, and a matching thong. After she had looked herself over in her full length mirror she sat on the bed and decided to call some of her girlfriends to see if they wanted to go out to lunch and maybe do a little shopping, but everyone she called already had plans.

She lay back on the bed and laid her folded hands on her lower stomach, and began to feel turned on for no obvious reason. She got up and found her toy box on the top shelf of her closet and brought it down to her bed. As she looked through the box at all the toys, she found nothing that interested her, they all just reminded her of Anthony, and she needed something new.

She put the toy box back on the top shelf of her closet and decided that she would go shopping by herself. She spent the morning buying herself as well as the kids a few new outfits. Just as she was about to walk over to the nearby café for lunch she noticed a new store. The stores sign read, “Passionate Kisses” on top and underneath Beylikdüzü escort read “Unleash the Passion Within”. Monica decided to see what the store had to offer; after all she did need a new toy.

Monica walked into the store and saw a very beautiful woman standing behind the counter. Monica had experimented with a few girls in college but hadn’t been with any since her marriage. The woman had long blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, full lips; she appeared to be around the same height and weight as Monica although her breasts appeared to be a bit larger. She wore a red halter dress, with matching red heels, and a red headband in her hair, silver hoops in her ears, and a matching necklace and bracelet. The nametag attached to the left side of her red dress was adorn with a red rose, and read Amy in pink cursive type.

“Hi, I’m Amy; Can I help you find anything today?”

“Well, I’m not really sure what I’m looking for, I just want something different.”

“I’m sure we can find something, come with me.”

Amy was very warm and friendly and made Monica feel comfortable right away. She took her through shelf after shelf of toys, lubes, books, videos, and lingerie, demonstrating how different products worked and answering any questions she might have. Finally Monica, with Amy’s help carried various items up to the counter to pay for them, she was buying much more than she had expected.

“Wow, Amy, if I’m not careful I’m afraid I’ll buy out your whole store!”

“That would be fine with me!”

“Listen, Amy, have you had lunch yet?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Would you like to join me, there’s this great little deli right up the street.”

“Sounds great!”

Monica paid for the items and packed her bags away in her car, and then she and Amy walked up the street to the deli for lunch. The girls sat and talked for hours, just like old friends, when Monica noticed the time…

“Oh my! Amy, look at the time…won’t you get in trouble with your boss?”

“No, because I am the boss.”

“Oh, I had no idea.”

With that, Amy went into the story of how she had been the Vice President of a very successful banking firm, but had found the work less than satisfying. She talked about how she had always been an insatiable nymphomaniac and the logical choice had been for her to open up her very own sex store. She had started with one store in her hometown, but the business grew and she now had stores all over the country.

“That’s amazing, Amy.”

“I know, and the best part about it all is that I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.”

They talked for another hour and Amy told her all about some of her wildest sexual experiences. Hearing Amy talk like this was really starting to turn Monica on.

“Listen, Monica, this day is shot…Why don’t we go back to my Beylikdüzü escort place and I’ll cook dinner and we can watch a movie.”


Monica followed Amy back to her beautiful home. It looked like a Tuscan Palace. Beautifully landscaped and decorated, and everything just seemed to have it’s place.

“Wow, this is really beautiful, Amy!”

“Thanks, that means a lot coming from an Interior designer!”

Amy cooked a delicious pasta dinner and then the girls enjoyed a slice of homemade cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. After dinner Amy suggested that they get into the hot tub.

“I’d love too, but I don’t have a suit.”

“You can borrow one of mine; we look to be about the same size.”

“Ok, thanks.”

Amy led Monica up to her room and into her massive walk in closet. Amy walked over and opened a drawer full of bathing suits and pulled out a red bikini.

“Pick whatever you’d like.”

Monica chose a blue bikini and turned around to walk to the bathroom to change, but was stopped dead in her tracks by the sight of Amy standing there stark naked rubbing lotion all over her body. This was really turning Monica on, she felt the moisture beginning to collect in her panties and could do nothing but stand there and stare at Amy’s beautiful body. When Amy realized that Monica was staring at her she smiled a seductive sort of smile and said…

“The hot tub tends to dry my skin out so I always put some lotion on before I get in…want some?” “Ummm…sure…ok.”

Monica removed her clothing and walked over to Amy who was already prepared to begin rubbing the lotion on Monica. She started on her shoulders, then down her body lingering over breasts, and ass cheeks. Several times she swept her hand over Monica’s freshly shaved pussy and acted like it was accident, but Monica knew better.

The girls put on their suits and went out to the back yard and got into the hot tub. They were enjoying a casual conversation, when Amy went red in the face and started to moan uncontrollably.

“Amy!?…Amy? What’s wrong Amy? Are you okay? Answer me!”

Finally Amy stopped moaning and looked up at Monica with a huge smile on her face.

“Oh, that was good.”

“What on earth happened, Amy?”

“I like to sit on the jets, and let them hit against my clit, it makes me cum so hard…you should try it”


“Yeah, go ahead sit on that jet behind you.”

Monica moved herself back slightly and positioned herself to where the jet would be hitting directly against her clit. It started as a pleasurable tingling, and then began to burn, her clit was on fire, she moaned, the pleasure began to build in her stomach; she reached for Amy, and pulled her towards her and kissed her hard on the mouth as she came to an earth shattering Escort Beylikdüzü orgasm.

There was no turning back now. Amy and Monica sat in the hot tub entangled in each others arms. Kissing passionately, their tongues dancing together, exploring every inch of each others mouth. Amy was the first to pull away, she stood up and grabbed Monica’s hand and led her back to the house and into her bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, the two resumed their kissing and Amy removed Monica’s top. Amy kissed down Monica’s neck and then further down until she reached her ample bosom. Amy took Monica’s nipple into her mouth and sucked on it until it was rock hard and then moved to the next one. She then moved on down her body leaving no area untouched. She removed Monica’s bottoms and then laid her back on the bed and spread her legs.

“If you liked that jet, wait until you feel this.”

Amy slowly kissed up Amy’s inner thigh, teasing her with her hot, wet tongue. Amy reached Monica’s bald pussy and kissed it, before seductively licking over the lips and sucking them into her mouth. Finally Amy slid her tongue into Monica’s slit sending a shiver up Monica’s spine. No one had ever given her so much pleasure in her life. Amy licked every drop of juice from the inside of Monica’s pussy leaving no spot untouched. She then took her two fingers and had Monica suck on them to get them wet she then pushed them into her pussy, while sucking on her clit. Just when Monica felt as if there were no way she could feel more intense pleasure, Amy took another finger and stuck it up Monica’s ass, sending her over the edge. Amy drank every last drop of Monica’s cum and then came to lie on the bed beside her.

Once Monica had recovered, she rolled over and straddled Amy. She removed Amy’s bathing suit and began to suck on Amy’s massive tits, then made her way on down her body and dove into Amy’s pussy bringing her to her second earth shattering orgasm of the night.

Monica lay beside Amy once again and they began to make out again which made both girls want for another orgasm. So the girls sat up and crossed there legs with one another and started to grind their pussies together, rubbing their hot wet clits together while kissing passionately, until both girls came all over each other’s pussies for the third time that night.

They lay back trying to recuperate; Monica didn’t think she could take anymore. Amy got up and went into her closet and came out wearing a black harness with a 10 inch dick attached that looked like the real thing. Amy lay on the bed and told Monica to get on her dick. Monica was so wet by this time that the dick slid right in with no problem. Monica rode the fake cock until she reached her fourth orgasm of the night and then fell on top of Amy totally spent. Amy kissed Monica and wrapped her arms around her and held her there on top of her.

“Sleep now baby, we will finish this in the morning.”

As Monica drifted off to sleep lying to top of Amy with the 10 inch monster cock still buried in her pussy, she decided that she was finally over her husband.

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