Party Favor


I realize this is purely a male fantasy, so with my apologies to women everywhere:


Dory’s bachelorette party was in full swing.

Her best friend Sue had gone to a lot of effort to put together the kind of party that would make her remember forever the joys of being single. It was an all-girl affair, though – she didn’t want any guys spoiling the fun with their presence. Not that she had any problem with guys, of course, but too many women found it impossible to really let their hair down and have fun whenever males were present.

The girls had played silly party games, drank a little too much, and opened some very sexy presents that made Dory blush. But the piece-de-resistance was some special live entertainment that Sue had arranged – “Jane the Magnificent”.

Jane started off by entertaining the ladies with some neat magic tricks, but her real specialty was hypnotism. And she was good at it.

After some warm-up humor to loosen up the room, Jane selected some likely candidates from the audience. She soon had the room filled with laughter as she had Dory and Sue’s friends barking like dogs, flapping their arms like chickens, and gurgling like babies. As she reached the end of her performance, she asked for one more volunteer from the crowd.

By this time, though, Sue’s friends had seen the results of Jane’s work, and were reluctant to be her last victim. However, after a little prodding from the others, Sue agreed to sacrifice herself. The other girls cheered as she got up with a wry grin on her face and presented herself as Jane’s last “subject”.

Sue turned out to be a natural as an hypnotic subject, and Jane soon had her in a deep hypnotic trance.

“I’m going to try something a bit different now,” said Jane. “How would you girls like to see a strip show?”

The girls shouted out their approval. “I don’t know,” Dory said, being a bit apprehensive about embarrassing her best friend who had worked so hard to set up this night and make everything so perfect. But the other girls shouted her down, and Jane the Magnificent prepared for her grand finale.

She set up a CD player and pushed the button, starting to play some sexy music. As the bump-and-grind beat blasted out, she told Sue: “At the count of three, you are a sexy dancer getting ready to do a strip show at a bachelor party – one, two, three….”

At the word “three”, a spark lit in Sue’s eye, as a sexy smile suddenly curled her lips. She struck a pose, turning around and looking back over one shoulder, and then she started swaying to the music. The other girls at first couldn’t believe that she was really doing it, but as Sue started slowly unbuttoning her blouse and baring her shoulder, peals of laughter filled the room.

Sue went into a whole strips show routine, sashaying around the room, wriggling her behind in the other girls’ faces as she slowly peeled off one item of clothing after another. It was quite a performance, but Jane also knew when to stop things before they went too far – after all, it wouldn’t do to permanently embarrass the hostess of the evening.

So, just as Sue got down to her bra and panties, Jane called out – “Show’s over!”

The girls all groaned as Sue stopped in mid-grind, but Dory was secretly glad that Jane had stopped things before they went too far. As it was, Sue was going to have a lot of funny grins to deal with when the party was all over.

Jane had Sue put her clothes back on before she brought her out of her trance. As Jane finished counting backwards from three, Sue opened her eyes and said to Jane, “So when do we start?” The other girls fell off their chairs laughing, and Sue gave Dory a funny look. But Jane put a finger to her lips so Dory just shook her head and said, “I’ll tell you later.”

The party broke up soon afterward. The girls filed out of the apartment, shouting best wishes to Dory as they left, and giggling at Sue – much to her puzzlement and consternation.

Dory had promised earlier to stay and help Sue clean up after the party. Only Jane was left with them, gathering up the last of her props. As Jane turned to leave, she gave Sue a strange look, and said almost as if to herself, “My, you were really one of the best subjects that I’ve had in a long time!”

A sly grin came over her face. She turned to Dory and asked, “Have you ever made it with another woman?”

Dory didn’t know what to think. “Are you kidding me?” she spluttered.

“Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it”, said Jane. “I’m going to do you a favor – it may help you get over some of those long cold nights when you’re new hubby’s away on business. Just consider this my gift to you.”

She walked Beylikdüzü escort over to Sue, who still had a very puzzled look on her face. Jane leaned over and whispered something in her ear, and Sue immediately went limp, lapsing back into her hypnotic trance.

Dory couldn’t believe the instructions that Jane then implanted in Sue: “When you are alone with Dory, and ONLY when you are alone, and Dory says the word ‘artichoke’, you will become overwhelmed with the need to make love to her. You will not let anything stop you until you make Dory come three times. Do you understand these instructions?”

Sue nodded her head yes. Jane leaned over again and whispered something in her ear. Sue woke up immediately, and seeing the funny look on Dory’s face, she said “What are you looking at?”

Jane said, “Never mind!” She gathered up her stuff, and as she left the apartment, she winked at Dory and said, “You’ll thank me later.”

After the door had closed behind her, Sue asked Dory, ‘What was THAT all about?”

Dory blushed, and then quickly changed the subject.

* * * * * * * *

Later that night, after they had finished cleaning up, the girls got ready for bed. Because it was very late, Dory had agreed to stay overnight. But she was secretly glad to have one last opportunity to share some quality time with her best friend, because she didn’t know when she’d ever get the chance again, once she was married.

Both girls took showers, and they were lounging around in just their towels, reminiscing about college and old boyfriends. The two girls made quite a contrast. Dory was relatively petite; 5’2″, blue-eyed and slightly built, although well-rounded in all the necessary places. Sue, on the other hand, was a bigger girl; 5’9″ in her bare feet, and twenty pounds heavier – kind of a darker haired version of Kim Catrell. Neither of them had ever had any problems attracting male attention.

The girls had been sitting around talking, both not really wanting to go to sleep and let the night end, when Sue said, “Hey, let’s look through some of the stuff you got tonight!”

They spent the next half hour pulling presents out one by one and laughing as they considered how all of the sexy lingerie and sex aids might ever be put to actual use. Finally, Sue pulled out one last item from the bottom of the bag – it was a life-like penis attached to some kind of base, with a set of straps attached to it.

“I don’t believe this!” said Sue, “It’s a strap-on!”

“What the hell would I ever need that for?” asked Dory.

“I don’t know,” said Sue, “but I wonder how it goes on?”

Dory had to smile at that – Sue had always been the uninhibited one. Sue stood up, dropping her towel, and slipped the straps over her thighs and between her butt cheeks, pulling them tight so the fake dong stood out in front of her like a guy with a hard-on. “Hey, look at me – I’m horny and I need a woman!”

Both girls burst out laughing. But Sue suddenly seemed to remember something. “So what was that all about there at the end with Jane anyway, right before she left?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing,” said Dory. “It was just something stupid that she wanted you to do if I said the magic word.”

“So what was the magic word?” asked Sue.

“Just forget it,” said Dory.

“No, come on – tell me!” pleaded Sue. “If you don’t tell me, I’ll tell everyone at your wedding about that night at the drive-in with Billy!”

Sue really wanted to change the subject, but she said, “It was just something stupid that you were supposed to do when I said the word ‘artichoke’.”

As the word slipped out of her mouth, Dory saw Sue’s eyes glaze over briefly. The look passed quickly, but was immediately replaced by something much more intense, as Sue suddenly looked at Dory hungrily.

At first, Dory thought that Sue was just pretending to go along with the gag – she had always been a great kidder. But as Sue suddenly crossed the room and put her arms around her, she realized that this was not a joke.

Dory dropped her towel as she tried to push her friend away from her, trying to come up with something – anything – that might snap her best friend out of it.

But Sue wasn’t letting anything get in her way. She pushed Dory backwards onto the bed and jumped on top of her, covering Dory’s naked body with her own.

“No! Don’t! Stop!” Dory pleaded, as she tried to squirm out from under Sue’s body. But her friend was both stronger and heavier than her, and she was trapped helplessly under Sue as she started kissing her neck. She felt Sue’s hands running all over her body, her thighs squeezing Dory’s as she nibbled at her ear. One of Sue’s hands Beylikdüzü escort reached down behind Dory to cup her ass cheek, hugging their naked bodies together, while her other hand to cup Dory’s breast, squeezing hard and rolling her nipple sharply between her thumb and forefinger.

Sue kept struggling, desperately looking for a way to stop her friend without hurting her. She had read someplace that it was dangerous to bring someone suddenly out from under hypnotic influence, and the last thing she wanted to do was to hurt her best friend.

“Please, Sue!” she begged. But Sue wasn’t listening. She slid down Dory’s body, taking her other breast into her mouth and mauling the nipple with her tongue, as her hand continued to work at Dory’s other breast.

Dory had always had a weak spot for breast play – strong manipulation would get her turned on in a minute. It was so bad that she had to be very careful when making out on dates, because once a guy got his hands on her breasts, it could become difficult for her to avoid going all the way. And her best friend knew it. Dory had never even considered the idea of making out with another girl, but she could feel her nipples getting rock hard as her body responded to Sue’s attentions.

“Mmmpphh! Oh God!” she exclaimed, as she beat her hands on Sue’s back. “If you don’t stop it I’m going to scream!” But nothing she did seemed to distract Sue from her single-minded attack.

Suddenly, Dory felt Sue’s hand release her asscheek. Dory started to make a move to get away, but Sue’s freed hand just as quickly plunged between their bodies and down towards Dory’s crotch. Sue had wedged one thigh between hers, and Dory suddenly realized that she was already quite wet. As Sue’s hand covered her vagina, Dory felt two fingers slip quickly inside of her.

Dory’s eyes flew open in surprise – Sue’s efforts were getting to her against her will! She was getting ready to make one last push to wriggle away from Sue when Sue’s thumb found Dory’s clit.

The combination was just too much for Dory. Sue’s mouth suctioning on one breast, her hand rolling Dory’s nipple on her other tit, and two fingers stuffed up her pussy with her thumb rolling Dory’s clit pushed her over the edge. Dory came, screaming.

“No, Sue, Nooooo!”

Dory’s body jerked as she came under Sue. As the waves of her orgasm slowly receded, she went limp for a minute, trying to catch her breath, and hoping that the ordeal was over. But Sue was only getting started.

She slid down Dory’s body, nibbling at her navel as Dory lay there panting. Before Dory had a chance to resist, Sue had traveled below her waist and placed her face at Dory’s crotch, wrapping her arms around Dory’s thighs and pulling her cunt to her face. Sue plunged her mouth into Dory’s steaming cunt lips, sucking at them voraciously.

Dory jerked again at the suddenly renewed attack. She was still weak from her orgasm, and her struggles to get away became increasingly futile.

Sue’s mouth was everywhere, slipping her tongue deep into Dory’s vagina, then running it up her crack to lick Dory’s soaked cunt lips before nibbling on her protruding clit. Sue’s arms loosened their grip on Dory’s thighs, as she then reached under her to grab her asscheeks, mashing Dory’s cunt to her face and slipping her tongue deep into her once again.

At this point, Dory could only lie there whimpering. She no longer had much of an ability to resist Sue’s unrelenting attack on her cunt. She could feel copious amounts of fluid welling up from her cunt, soaking Sue’s face and tongue. Dory’s ass started humping up into Sue’s face, first slowly and then with increasing urgency, as she could feel an even bigger climax building up inside of her.

Just as Dory felt herself approaching the edge, Sue reached further around her with one hand, wedging it between Dory’s ass cheeks and slipping one of her wet fingers up Dory’s asshole. No one had ever done this to Dory, but the feeling sent her into paroxysms of ecstasy. She could feel her cunt twitching uncontrollably, as her whole body tensed up with her second shattering come.

“Unngh! Ohhhh, Sue!!! Why are you….. Mmmnnh!!”

Dory’s second orgasm seemed to last for minutes, as the waves crashed over her again. She had never come twice in sudden succession, and she felt herself give in to the overwhelming sensations.

Sue kept sucking at her cunt through the entire orgasm, gripping Dory’s ass tightly as her mouth and tongue stayed glued to Dory’s crotch. Dory’s body continued twitching as she slowly came down from her high, panting heavily from the exertion.

Dory was just wondering how Sue could keep going for so long Escort Beylikdüzü without coming up for air, when Sue suddenly reared upright on her knees. Dory could see Sue’s face glistening, smeared with Dory’s juices, as she smiled down at her.

“Thank God,” Dory said, as she laid there panting, trying to regain her breath. “I was starting to think that you’d never let me go!” However, she had underestimated Sue.

Dory had forgotten that there was still one more orgasm to come. And she had completely forgotten about the dildo that was still strapped firmly to Sue’s waist. But Sue hadn’t.

Before Dory could recover enough of her willpower to move away, Sue wedged her knees under Dory’s outstretched thighs. Gripping the plastic penis in her right hand, she reached down with her left to spread Dory’s lips, placing the head of the dildo at the entrance to her cunt. Before Dory could realize what was happening, Sue had hunched her hips, and the head slipped inside easily, spreading her cunt lips wider than Dory had ever felt before.

Dory’s eyes flew wide open, as she reached down with both hands to try and stop Sue’s renewed assault. But it was too late. The fake dong slid deeply inside of Dory as Sue pumped her hips, burying it deeper with each successive hump.

“Ooohhh, Sue!! What are you doing to me??” panted Dory.

There was no answer from Sue, but none was needed. Dory wasn’t resisting any longer. She had totally given herself up to Sue’s assault. She hunched her hips up wildly, meeting each of Sue’s thrusts with her own. She no longer cared who or what was doing this to her. She was completely enveloped by her lust. It was the best fucking that she had ever experienced.

As she felt herself building higher and higher, she looked up into Sue’s sweating face, and she could see that Sue was now turned on as well. Sue’s face had scrunched up into an ecstatic expression of her own, as the friction from the base of the dildo pummeled her own clitoris.

Dory felt her orgasm approaching rapidly, and with the last vestiges of her conscious thought, she decided that she wasn’t going to go through this one alone.

Dory reached up to grasp both of Sue’s dangling breasts, pulling one down to her mouth as her lips sucked Sue’s engorged nipple deep inside until she could feel it scraping against the roof of her mouth. Her right hand grabbed hard at Sue’s other shaking tit, mauling it mercilessly.

That finally seemed to get Sue’s attention. Dory could feel Sue’s body trembling as she built up to a climax of her own. The two girls were lost in their ecstasy, straining as they both struggled with their own impending orgasms, while each tried to make the other come, too. Their crotches were wet with the juices that leaked freely from the juncture of their cunts, spreading over their thighs and bellies and lubricating their thrusting pelvises.

Dory broke first. She wrapped her legs tightly around Sue’s ass, pulling her deeply inside as the waves of her come crashed over her. She bit down on Sue’s nipple, wailing through clenched lips as her cunt spasmed around the plunging cock.

Sue’s hips thrust downwards one last time, and then Dory felt Sue’s body quiver with her own orgasm. The two girls thrashed and wriggled against each other as they came over and over again, each successive wave prolonging the delicious agony.

Dory finally lay weakly under Sue’s weight, panting breathlessly as her senses slowly returned to her. The third orgasm had taken every last ounce of strength out of her. She had never felt such intense pleasure in all of her life. She could feel Sue quiver as occasional tremors still wracked through her body.

Suddenly, Sue reared up with a start, looking at her with a wild expression in her eyes. “What are you doing to me?” she shouted. She struggled to get herself disentangled from Dory’s arms and legs, not realizing that the two girls were still joined at their hips by the plastic cock which was still inserted deeply inside Dory.

“What am I doing to YOU?!” giggled Dory. Suddenly, without even thinking, she reached up to Sue, wrapping her arms around Sue’s neck and pulling her head down to her face, pressing their lips hotly together.

“Have you gone craz…..Mmmmpphhh!” was all that Sue could get out before Dory’s lips enveloped her own. Dory felt Sue tense up, but she slipped her tongue between Sue’s clenched lips, seeking out her tongue. Sue’s resistance broke, as her own body betrayed her. She wrapped her arms around Dory, pulling the two girls back together into a hot embrace and mashing their moist lips together.

After a long, wet, searching kiss, Sue face broke away just an inch, and she stared into Dory’s eyes. “I don’t WHAT came over you, but I think I like it!”

Dory just smiled, and pulled Sue down into another wet kiss. She was going to have to call Jane the Magnificent to thank her for her party favor. But that could wait.

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