Jenifer Comes of Age Ch. 05

Finger Fuck

Author’s Note: This story contains group sex, and both female and male bisexual sex.

I’d like to thank my editor, 69writer, for his expert editing and advice.

This chapter can be read on its own, but you will have a much better understanding of the story and characters if you first read chapters 1, 2, 3, & 4.

This is the finial chapter for this little novelette. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome.

– The Orgy –

A date for the orgy was set, and Marie and Jen started planing the sex party. Jen couldn’t wait to invite Trish, Ellen, Steve and John. She wanted to tell Trish and Ellen in person, so she invited herself down to Ellen’s for a three-way with the girls; that wasn’t hard to do, all any of the three had to do was send a text, “I’m horny for your pussy,” and the three got together. Jen loved being a slut and having slutty friends.

While all three girls were hot, excited and busy munching on pussy, Jen popped the surprise. She lifted her face out of Ellen’s cunt and said, “I got us invited to an orgy next Saturday.” She said it with such glee, she couldn’t help but giggle uncontrollably as she tried to resume eating Ellen.

“What? Where? Why? How?” the other girls said a little shocked, their pussy eating interrupted with this news. “Will there be guys there?” Ellen asked in a interested tone, she hadn’t had cock in a while, she’s been lusting for one lately. She never got around to seducing her male roommate, thinking it might complicate things around the apartment if the sex didn’t work out.

Trish said, “I’ve never been to an orgy, I don’t know if I’m up for that.” She was happy with the all-girl threesome, she had her boyfriend at home for cock.

Ellen said, “I’m in, I could use a big stiff cock in my pussy right about now. Come on Trish, it will be fun.”

Trish, ever the follower agreed. Excited, the girls resumed their lovemaking with new intensity.

Steve was an easy sell, it was his idea to have Jen seduce Chet and his wife after all. John asked a lot of questions, until both Steve and Jen just looked at him and said, “Really John! Like you have to think about it?” Steve added, “New pussy, many pussies in one night, what’s not to like John?”

“Yes of course, what was I thinking,” John finally came to his senses and replied.

Marie and Chet invited four of their swinging friends, but only Paul and Ann could make it, the other couple would be out of town.

Friday came and Marie started getting ready to host her first orgy. She had hired a house cleaner to come in Friday morning to make sure the house was spotless, she didn’t want to be bothered with that chore. After the cleaner left, she rearranged the living room furniture, pushing couches and chairs against the walls and moving coffee tables out of the way, creating a large space in the center. She wanted to keep the beds in the two bedrooms as options for some activity, but she hoped most of the orgy would take place in the living room, so everyone could watch as well as participate. She ordered three queen size mattresses and had the mattresses delivered Friday; she would put them on the floor in the center of then living room, and they would be the stage. She decided to have food catered in, she didn’t want to tire herself out with that either.

She called a local cafe she liked to do business with, she knew the owner. “Joan, I’m having nine people over for a small party Saturday, can you come up with some food? Nothing elaborate, some finger food, dips, some nice stuff, but nothing I need to worry about keeping warm, I don’t want to do too much work.” The cafe was to drop off the food at 4:00 PM, the orgy started at 5:00.

Saturday morning Chet and Marie awoke and they both felt super horny with anticipation of the evening’s event, but Marie would not let Chet do anything to relieve his lust. “Save it dear. Tonight will be here soon enough, go for a hike or something, and take your mind off it. I am going shopping for a sexy outfit and then I’m getting my hair done and a massage, so I’ll see you later. The food arrives at 4:00, please be here; and take the food at the door, don’t let them in and see the mattresses on the floor, what would they think?” she said smiling.

Chet decided to get out of the house, a hike in the woods on a nice autumn day seemed like great idea, and he could use the fresh air.

Marie had brunch with her friend Audrey, a lover of hers on the side. Audrey’s husband didn’t want to swing, so they weren’t invited to the orgy; but Marie wanted Audrey to go shopping with her and help her pick out an outfit for tonight. Over brunch Marie told her friend all about Jenifer and the three-way Chet and she were having with this pretty young student. Audrey was jealous, not that Marie was with another women, but that she couldn’t join in because of her prudish husband. As Marie told Audrey of their many threesome adventures with Jen, in sorted detail, Marie was getting hornier by the minute, but there Beylikdüzü escort would no sex until later she told herself. She planned the day so it would be full of lust, she wanted tonight to be special and she wanted to get into a sexual high even before the party started.

After brunch, the two friends went to an adult shop that sold lingerie, as well as toys and adult movies. Marie tried on various teddies, baby dolls and chemises. With each outfit she tried on, she got more sexually charged. Audrey was getting horny too as she watched her friend come out and show off the barely there outfits.

Finally, Audrey came into the dressing room with Marie and said, “I know you can’t do anything, but I’m about to explode, I need to get off now.” With that, she lifted her dress and pulled down her panties, sat on the bench and started masturbating in from of Marie.

Marie said, “I can’t come yet, but there’s no reason I can’t help a friend,” as she knelt down and buried her tongue in Audrey’s pussy. It didn’t take long before Audrey was having an orgasm in Marie’s face right there in the dressing room of the adult lingerie shop. Marie was so wet, good thing she had panties on while trying on the lingerie; otherwise, she would have had to buy them all after wetting the crotches of every outfit.

Marie settled on a chemise. It was named Naughty Fishnet Chemise. It was black, the front and back was entirely shear fishnet and see through, her breasts and ass would be on display. The side panels were black shear silky material but not completely see through. The black panties that came with it were only a small triangle patch of shear material in front and string up the back. This chemise, along with a pair of black high heels would complete the look. Marie would be greeting her guests in this outfit. If this chemise didn’t get her guest’s juices flowing and dicks a growing when they walked in the door, nothing would.

After shopping the two friends went for their massages at the local spa. Marie got the full treatment; she got her hair washed, her scalp massaged, mud bath, nails, aroma therapy, and then a special sexy mood setting massage meant just for lovers to help set the mood for a romantic evening. Marie didn’t really need any more mood setting, but she booked the massage a few days ago, so she kept it. During the massage, even though there was no genital touching, Marie had two mini orgasms; she tried to hold off, but she just couldn’t help herself. She at least kept them somewhat in control, but the female masseuse could tell, and said, “Oh, you’re on fire girl.”

Marie made it home by 4:30. The cafe had brought the food, and Chet was busy in the kitchen arranging the food and setting up the bar with booze. Marie said to Chet, “I’m so hot and horny I could just orgasm standing here with no one touching me. I need a cold shower, fix me a drink.” Marie went to shower and freshen up one last time before the guests were to arrive.

She came out in the fishnet chemise and heels, Chet just about blew a load in his pants when he saw her. The outfit left nothing to the imagination, her tits were right out there, visible through the shear fishnet. Her crotch was barely covered. She turned around and her ass was completely on display. She looked hot, porn star hot, Chet thought. But, maybe it was too much to start the party with, he thought. Then he said to his sexy wife, “You look hot as hell honey, but, are you sure you want to start with that?”

Marie looked at him, tilting her head forward and down, but her eyes up, as if she was peering over glasses, her shoulders slightly shrugged. “We’re having an orgy Chet, everyone coming knows that, we’ll all be naked before long anyway, don’t be ridiculous.” Chet agreed with her, but he couldn’t take his eyes off his wife in that hot outfit as he handed her the drink he made for her.

At about 5:15, there was a knock at the door. Steve and John were the first to arrive. Marie wanted to greet everyone in her outfit, so she told Chet she would be getting the door, to stay in the kitchen. Marie opened the door with a smile, her hips were cocked to one side with one hand on them, and she extended her other hand in a pose that suggested ‘cum hither’. With that pose she welcomed the two guys in to her home. She had not met Steve or John before so they exchanged names and Marie extending her hand palms down, Steve took her hand and kissed it.

“Perfect,” purred Marie. John mimicked Steve, albeit more awkwardly. John had hoped Jen would have arrived before him. He felt better in social situations if he knew people, he wasn’t good at small talk. Steve however, was good at small talk and had no problem chatting up Marie as they followed her into the kitchen to meet Chet.

The two guys couldn’t take their eyes off Marie’s ass showing through that see through material as she led the way. Marie introduced Chet and the four of them chatted getting to know one another a little.

Marie was sizing Steve up, Beylikdüzü escort she was wondering what was under those cloths of his, she couldn’t wait to see. John was nice too, but Steve was hotter Marie thought, as she stared at Steve and purred.

5:30, another knock on the door. Jen, Trish and Ellen arrived. They made a pact to arrive together, and Jen was the only one of the three not nervous. Marie, again answered the door to greet her guests. The eyes on all three girls went wide and their mouths opened as Marie opened the door in her barely there outfit. Jen smiled big and rushed in to hug and kiss her lover, she gave her a long sloppy kiss and felt her breasts up through the fishnet. The other girls hadn’t met Marie yet so they just smiled and stood back waiting. Marie hugged Trish and Ellen, welcoming them into her arms and smashing her almost bare breasts into them.

Marie said to the girls, “Welcome, my pussy is your pussy. Jen has told me so much about you two, I can’t wait to taste you both.” The girls smiling and giggling, followed Marie into the kitchen to meet Chet. He extended his hand and welcomed the girls in, he was especially attracted to Trish.

Neither Steve nor John had met Trish or Ellen before, although they certainly heard a lot about them from Jen. John and Trish seemed to hit it off right away, they were both a little shy when it came right down to it.

Marie heard another knock, the last of the guests would be at the door. Marie went and fetched Paul and Ann. Paul, his wife Ann, Chet and Marie had been swingers for the past few years, and Marie explained this to the other guests when she brought them into the kitchen to meet the rest of the orgy party. Paul was tall, lean, a runner; he had ash hair and blue gray eyes. He was a good looking guy, and Steve was sizing him up, wondering if he might be Bi. Ann, was a brunette, brown eyes, she was about 5’5, nice figure, and large breasts with a nice ass. She was not as thin as Paul, she worked out at the gym so she wasn’t too soft, but she had full hips to go with her big breasts. Her waist was thin, so she had a nice hour glass shape. Paul and Ann were in their early thirties, that made them the oldest of the group.

Marie had called Ann from the lingerie shop to tell her about the chemise she just purchased and that she would be wearing it tonight. She asked Ann to wear something sexy too, she didn’t want to be the only one in lingerie at the beginning of the party. Ann came in with an overcoat on, after the introductions in the kitchen were complete, she removed her overcoat. Ann wore a red two piece open cup baby doll lingerie set, which was completely open at her breasts. The material cupped under her breasts but was open above so Ann’s breasts were on full display. The baby doll was short, it came to just above her hip bone. The bottom piece was a completely see through shear string bikini panties. Ann’s beaver was also on display.

Marie and Ann were dressed for sex. Jen, Trish and Ellen complained, in good fun, that they were overdressed. They wore sexy short dresses, but nothing like the lingerie the other two women were wearing.

“Well, we can fix that,” Jen said and pulled her dress off over her head. She was left in a very skimpy, blue lacy bra and panties, she now felt dressed for the occasion. Ellen was next to pull her dress off, she had on a red lacy bra and panty set. Trish now felt like the odd one out so she pulled her dress off, she wasn’t wearing a bra. She was now the most naked girl with only panties on. Now she felt under dressed, but decided to own the look, and arched her back pushing her chest out with a come and ‘get these tits’ look.

The guys were smiling and gawking at the barely dressed ladies. Marie didn’t want to jump right into sex, as she planned a party as well as sex, she wanted things to progress slowly. She now worried that with all the undressing being done by the girls, things would start too soon. She thought maybe greeting her guests in lingerie was not the best idea after all. She announced to the boys, “Enjoy the view boys, but we are having drinks and appetizers before anything gets started, so cool your jets.”

With that, Chet made a round of drinks for everyone and they stayed in the kitchen drinking and noshing on the food Marie had catered. Marie was telling the other ladies about her day, how she went down on Audrey in the dressing room and had two orgasms while being massaged. Jen told the group of ladies how she woke up dreaming of tonight with her finger in her pussy. Trish and Ellen had spent last night together, they had a standing date night every Friday, so Ellen told of their lusty evening spent in a 69 position. Ann’s sexy story had to do with a new coworker, and how she seduced her in her office.

The guys were talking guy talk, sports and such, trying to keep a lid on their libidos as they kept looking at the girls bonding half naked on the other side of the room.

Another couple of rounds Escort Beylikdüzü of drinks and everyone was feeling loose. The girls were getting horny hanging around almost naked and talking sex. Jen, taking charge as always, started playing with Ann’s nipples, tweaking them and getting them hard, they stood out long and proud. Jen, then sucked Ann’s long nipples and slipped a hand into her shear panties playing with her clit. Marie saw this and moved in between Jen and Ann. “Not too fast ladies, we have all night.” Jen smiled and reached for Marie’s nipples through her fishnet top, tweaking them, getting them hard and standing at attention.

Marie was getting hot, even though she wanted the party to slowly evolve into an orgy, she sensed the crowd was getting too hot to handle. She announced, “It’s time to move into the living room.”

Marie had a quick thought of how to slow things down. Marie ordered everyone to take a seat on a chair or couch and face the mattresses on the floor.

“Truth or Dare,” she proclaimed. “The rules are: the person who is “it” picks truth or dare for the recipient, the recipient doesn’t choose. If the recipient fails to answer a truth question, they must perform two dares. I’ll start.” Marie went to the middle of the floor and performed a few sexy poses showing off her new lingerie. “Steve, truth, how sexy do I look in this?” she smiled.

Steve was grinning and said, “Does this answer your question?” As he pulled out his 7 inch, thick cock, it was fully erect as he waved it at Marie. Everyone laughed, and Marie purred, she was hot for Steve, now that she knew he had a big thick cock, her twat tingled and leaked a little more. Steve reluctantly put his cock back in his pants, he had enough sense to know Marie wanted to stretch out the fun longer than one truth question.

Now it was Steve’s turn; “Trish, dare,” sensing Trish was the shyest of the girls, he wanted to tease her and bring her out. Marie was still in the center of the stage of mattresses. “Stick your tongue in Marie’s ass hole and hold it for 60 seconds.” Trish smiled and said, “Oh man, why me?” She was a good sport, so she crawled onto the mattresses and up to Marie who was more than eager to have a tongue in her ass. Marie got on her knees and bent over with her head down and her ass in the air. Trish moved the string of the bikini bottom running up Marie’s ass aside and parted Marie’s cheeks and planted her tongue in her hole. Everyone started counting down from 60. When the 60 seconds were up, Trish removed her tongue and planted a kiss on Marie’s bung hole. She returned to her seat, while everyone began clapping and cheering; they enjoyed the show.

Trish wanted to get Steve back for that, but she figured she better ask someone else a question.

“Paul, truth, have you ever sucked another man’s cock?” Steve was very interested in Paul’s answer, he thought he might like a go at his cock tonight. Paul sheepishly answered, “Yes.” Paul was not Bi, but he had experimented as a teenager and rather liked sucking a cock now and again during the orgies Ann and he attended.

Paul’s turn, “Jen, dare. Masturbate the person next to you.” Jen was sitting next to Ann. This was not much of a dare for Jen, she’d gladly play with Ann’s clit in front of everyone, but Paul didn’t know much about Jen at this point. Jen reached over and put her left hand in Ann’s shear panty bottoms and started fingering. Ann helped Jen by removing her panties and spreading her legs wide so everyone got a full view of her open pussy. Jen decided to spice it up more, she removed her own panties. She spread her legs also, and while her left hand was working Ann’s clit her right hand was playing with her own snatch. The others in the room looked on intently with lust showing on their faces as Jen gave quite a show masturbating herself and Ann at the same time. No time limit was imposed on the dare, so Jen just kept working the two clits until she felt she could cum. “Cum with me,” she said in a husky, lust filled voice to Ann. With this cue Ann started to moan and quiver, and the two came together. Everyone clapped and hooted.

Jen’s turn, “Chet, truth, have you ever had an incestuous sexual relationship with anyone?” Chet had once had sex with his sister when they were both 18, but he had not told anyone about it so he really didn’t want to answer.

“I’ll pass on that question,” Chet said.

“Ok, two dares then,” Jen added smiling. “Stick a butt plug up your ass.” Jen had seen some toys Marie had laid around the room for everyone to use and enjoy, a butt plug was one of them. Chet took off his pants, with no underwear he was now naked from the waist down. He went to center stage, lubed up the butt plug and popped it in his ass, he bent over spread his cheeks and turned around in front of everyone showing them his plugged hole.

Jen thought, “That was too easy.” She had been involved with Chet and Marie for several threesomes, and she knew Marie had a strap-on, she had used it on Jen, but she hadn’t seen Marie use it on Chet, apparently his ass was well broken in. This gave Jen an idea for her second dare for Chet. “Chet, remove the butt plug from your ass. Marie, put on your strap-on and fuck Chet in the ass for 3 minutes.”

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