Our First Night


The knock on the door startles me; my mind had been running wild with thoughts of the night ahead. I hop off the bed and go to get the door. There you are: 6’1, sandy brown hair and mischievous blue eyes sparkling at me. You smile sheepishly and say hello.“Hello darling, come in,” I respond with a grin.You enter the hotel room quietly and jump when my hand grabs your shoulder. I push you against the wall as I let the door shut, my face getting closer to yours as you gasp. I pause, perfectly poised for a kiss and watch as you arch to try and make our lips meet.“I think we better get you locked up first, don’t you?” I say as I let you go and watch you walk into the room. “How was work?”“Alright.” You grunt as you rifle through your bag. You turn and hand me the cage.I smile and watch as you hurriedly remove your pants. I step closer and push you back onto the bed. You sit there, quietly watching as I remove your shirt.  I don’t need to tell you to lay back, we’ve discussed this many a time before.Kneeling before you, I open the cage. Gently, I move your flaccid cock to one side and take your balls, carefully slipping them through the ring on the cage. I place your cock into one half of the cage and gingerly close the other half, locking it after some slight adjustment.“Now then,” I say, as I place the key on the sideboard and join you on the bed. “Much better.”Your breathing is already shallow as you watch me, eyes wide and lips parted. I can tell how much you want this, and the feeling is strongly mutual.Slowly leaning towards you, my lips part as my breath catches. Its such a beautiful sight, seeing you lay before me, exposed, your eyes begging for more. You moan deeply as our lips meet, months of anticipation finally leading to something.I deepen the kiss, teasing your tongue with mine as you tentatively reach for my boobs. I gasp, breaking the kiss, as you squeeze my nipple through my clothes. A flash of fear shoots across your face as you pull your hand back. “Cheeky brat” I mumble as I glare at you playfully, a smile dancing on my lips.I sit up, quickly moving until I’m straddling you, my hands pinning your arms İstanbul Escort by your head. “Watch where you put those hands beta,” I growl near your ear. You whimper quietly as I grind on your caged cock, your hips bucking up towards me. I lean towards you slowly, watching as you arch to reach my lips. I lick your lower lip, eliciting a soft moan from you, and then I swiftly move to bite your neck. You moan turns into a guttural groan as my teeth move down your neck and across your shoulders, biting everywhere I can.I grin at you and swiftly move off the bed. “Get dressed, we’re going to be late.” You groan in frustration and slowly sit up, looking around for your clothes.Once you’re dressed, I grab my backpack and the room key, and we leave the hotel.  The pub is just around the corner from our hotel. It’s just after 8 pm when we arrive. You hold my hand tightly, walking meekly behind me as we enter. This is your first time.I lead us straight to the bar, glancing around for familiar faces and reaching for my phone to check where everyone is. Nobody is here yet, so we grab our drinks and head for the cubby the group usually meets in. I throw a quick text into the group chat telling everyone where we’re sitting and then relax.I can feel the agitation coming off you and ask if you’re okay. You smile nervously and say yes, you’re just nervous. I place my hand on your thigh and smile at you. “It’ll be okay baby, everyone’s really nice.”It takes a few minutes for people to start arriving, Jon is first, as usual, followed shortly by Jane and Joe, a lovely couple I’ve known since my first night here. People keep slowly arriving until there’s about 25 of us and the cubby is overflowing. We’re 3 drinks in now and you’ve finally loosened up a bit, chatting with Joe about something sports-related while I catch up with Lauren and Clare. Your grip on my hand hasn’t loosened for a second though so I know you’re still anxious about what’s to come.9 o’clock comes and goes as people start to leave the bar. At around half past I decide its time we head off too while it’s still quiet. After some quick goodbyes, İstanbul Escort Bayan we leave the bar and head towards our next destination, the club. The club is based down a little alleyway that is only semi well lit. We pause outside the door so I can finish my smoke.“Are you alright?” I check once again.“I’m really nervous.” You reply looking grim. I pull you close, giving you a one-armed hug while I smoke over your head.“It’ll be okay babe, I promise. I’ll be right there with you all night.” I can feel you nod against my chest.We stay like this until I finish my smoke and for a few minutes longer until I feel your shoulders begin to unclench.“Shall we?” I offer, taking your hand one more time. You nod tightly as I push the door open.              Clare is smiling brightly behind the desk once we enter. She asks how I’ve been, and we complain about the weather as usual. I hand her our entry fee and give her a quick hug as we head inside.It is, as I expected, still quiet when we enter the lounge room. There are two or three people I don’t recognise at one set of couches, and two I do recognise at another. I head towards the people I know, Ben and Emma, greeting them with a grin and a hug. It’s been too long. I introduce you and Bensmiles knowingly. I’ve told him all about you. Of course, you don’t know this, and nor do you notice anything out of the ordinary.I tell you to have a seat with my friends while I go to the bathroom to change. I slip off my leggings, sighing in relief at the freedom this offers. The leggings are required when out in public as neither my stockings nor skirt are long enough to be decent.After adjusting my hold-ups, I return to the lounge area, removing our drinks from my bag and then handing it into the coat check. Daniel knows me well, so he stores it somewhere handy as I’ll no doubt be back shortly.Finally, I join you on the couch. You and my friends are having a great chat about the club, they’re giving you all the juicy details about how long they’ve been attending, etc., etc.The conversation flows naturally and it’s only once my glass is Escort İstanbul empty that I realise how busy it’s getting. I suggest we move into the main room to find a spot before it gets too packed. I grab us fresh drinks and then we all move to a table in the main room.The main room is comprised of a dance floor and DJ booth, with a few couches surrounding it. Off the main dance floor, there is sectioned off rooms, 3 playrooms, a ‘porn room’ – with big beds and lots of TVs, and an open area with a bed for group play. I excuse us from our friends and give you a quick tour.Once we return to the table a few more people have joined Ben and Emma, I introduce you to everyone and hug the people I know. The music is loud enough that you must lean in close to talk to someone, so everyone gets acquainted real fast.After a while everyone starts to loosen up, the alcohol taking effect. We have ended up on one of the couches together watching as people dance and mingle. I’ve changed again recently, I’m now sporting a sheer black babydoll with my holdups and converse, my signature look at these events.My fingers are playing with your hair as we watch the crowd, scratching the back of your neck occasionally, sending shivers through your body. I’m sure you’re straining at your cage already.“What do you think beta? Who should we pick?” I whisper in your ear.“Whoever you like Miss.” You reply perfectly.“Good boy,” I respond as I nip your ear and rise from the couch.I walk determinedly towards Ben, whom I had already briefed about the night’s plans. He sees me coming and grins, extending his hand for me. I take it and he spins me around so that I stop with my back to him. We start dancing to the music, my ass grinding against his crotch where I can already feel his hard cock.We dance together for a few minutes until his wife notices and joins us. She slides in front of me, dancing with Ben and I. We move together like this, alternating between kissing each other, for three or four songs. I glance over at you and see you watching us, enraptured. Someone has joined you on the couch and appears to be hitting on you, but you barely even notice, your attention entirely on me.I take Bens hand and give Emma a quick kiss goodbye. I let Ben lead me towards the back room, pausing to gesture for you to follow us. You rise instantly, surprising the woman who has joined you. You mutter a quick apology to her and then follow me behind the curtain.

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