Helen’s Baby


She had been dying to meet him; the man who had made her daughter pregnant.In the past, Helen had always dreaded meeting Anthea’s boyfriends for the first time. The early boys she went out with nearly always had that unkempt and ‘what day is it?’ look about them, time-wasters with a single goal – getting her daughter into bed. She dreaded Anthea getting pregnant and having to settle down so early in life with a child and a useless man for a husband. But all mothers feel that way don’t way?Dave too was always on edge during those early years. But then Jack came along. He was different from the rest – a gentleman, educated and going places. He was a nice guy and although not exactly Helen’s type of guy in a sexual way she knew that he would be right for her daughter. They were both delighted when they announced their engagement eighteen months later and very happy watching them walk down the aisle together as husband and wife a year later.They were also both overjoyed when Anthea announced that she was pregnant two years later. Helen, in particular, had waited patiently for that moment when she knew that they would be grandparents. Dave, on the other hand, felt that sense of loss that a lot of fathers do when their little girl suddenly enters into womanhood. No longer daddy’s girl but a wife and mother.However, when Anthea had made the announcement that she did on that lunchtime their whole world changed. It wasn’t so much that the father was not the man she had married but that his ethnicity was different. They weren’t racist by any means but they were traditionalists as far as social customs were concerned. People married within their own ethnicity and raised children accordingly but Anthea and Jack had turned everything upside down.In some respects though, Anthea had boldly ventured into areas where Helen would only dream of going into. Yes, she liked black males; their sexual prowess and their vigour. In her younger days, she would go out dancing and watch them on the dance floor; their bodies oozing sex.Even though she was out with Dave she would secretly watch and fantasise about them. Most of her boyfriends, including Dave, had been slow in taking the lead; slow in making sexual moves but she noticed how black guys were confident and forthcoming. She would watch them lead their partners off the floor and to the exit knowing that they were taking them away to fuck them. She sometimes envied them.She envied Anthea now.While Dave had some admiration for Anthea, he envied her husband Jack. He had also wanted to be cuckolded. It had been a desire that had burned away inside him for years but he had been too frightened to broach the subject with Helen. Jack hadn’t though. He was a fellow enthusiast and when the chance arose he had taken it. And Anthea had been willing. His own daughter had been willing to meet his need; willing to fulfil his desires. And how she had done it too!It was one thing to have sex with another man and please her husband, as well as take enjoyment for herself, but to allow the man to make her pregnant was taking it to a completely different level. It would be a constant reminder to her cuckolded husband; a constant reminder to him that she had allowed another man to father her child. But that was not all. This was to be a very public cuckolding. The ethnicity of the man she had allowed to father her child would also be a constant reminder to all around them that she had cuckolded her husband. Dave’s daughter had strayed into an area that was considered taboo.As she left that afternoon of her revelation he wanted to hug her and congratulate her! He also began to look at her in sexual way too. Not that he would ever want İstanbul Escort to venture into that dark world of incest with her but he did think of her in a voyeuristic way. He had often thought about watching Helen with another man – that was natural for a cuckold but watching his daughter with a black male suddenly became appealing. He had watched many interracial porno clips in his time – virile, masterful black males with submissive white females and he had enjoyed them immensely.Now his own daughter was doing the same things with her black lover as they had done. Some, he knew, performed for the camera but many also took part for the sheer enjoyment of it. Anthea, he felt, would have been in the same category as the latter girls. It would be an exciting spectacle watching an eager black male thrusting hard into her. He imagined she would be the same as those other girls enjoying interracial sex, wrapping her legs around the man’s waist clinging on to him as he fucked her. And in the aftermath of their lovemaking he would enjoy seeing the pure white semen of those black males slowly escaping from their freshly fucked cunts. It turned him on thinking of his own daughter in that position.But it wasn’t only Dave whose thoughts were cast in that direction – Helen was there too. She thought about how good it would be to abandon herself to a black male stud just like her daughter was doing. She too knew that she could also be easily cajoled into giving all to such a lover and letting him impregnate her.And that opportunity was about to come. ****** Ben was now back from his work trip and staying with Anthea and Jack that weekend when they went to have Sunday lunch with them. Anthea introduced him to them. A moment or two of awkwardness gave way to handshakes and the exchange of pleasantries. Dave’s handshake was normally a firm one but in Ben’s case, it was a little limp. It was obviously the knowledge that this man was not only sleeping with his daughter but had also made her pregnant that had inhibited him. Helen not only took his hand firmly but also smiled shyly at him. It was almost as if she could feel the power of his sexual potency.After drinks were poured the two women went into the kitchen leaving the men in the lounge. The TV was on with the sound turned down but football was on and it took their attention. Jack turned the sound up and the awkwardness was broken by a conversation about the referee’s controversial handball decision. Ben was a fan of British soccer and suddenly they were all in unison and chatting like buddies.In the kitchen, Anthea told her mum that Ben had spoken to his friend Abe and that he was interested in meeting up with her if he came over. She laughed and shook her head, pretending not to be interested but Anthea knew different. “It’s okay, mum,” she told her. “If you and dad want to give it a try, then do it.”Helen felt awkward but after taking another sip of wine she admitted that they had been talking it over. “Your dad really wants me to do it,” she confessed.“Then do it,” Anthea told her. “Fill your boots woman!”Helen laughed loudly. “You’re terrible,” she responded. “And a bad influence on me.”Anthea laughed. “I’m only leading you to the water mum,” she retorted. “It’s up to you how much you drink.”They both laughed again.“We’ll have another think about it,” her mum told her.“And while you think time is passing you both by.”She smiled again. “We shouldn’t be talking like this,” Helen told her. “This is not normal mother and daughter talk.”Anthea laughed. “We are adults though and we enjoy sex so what’s wrong with having discussions like this?”Helen nodded in agreement. İstanbul Escort Bayan Waiting for the Yorkshire puddings to finish rising in the oven, she sipped her wine in contemplation. “You know your dad wouldn’t object to me getting pregnant either.”Anthea shrugged her shoulders. “Well, that has to be your decision,” she answered.“And how would you feel about it if I did?”She shrugged again. “Again, that’s your decision, just like our decision was no one else’s business, so is your decision.”“But you wouldn’t object?”She shook her head. “It will be strange for me though seeing you in motherhood at the same time as I am. Still, it will be handy if one us runs out of nappies!”Helen laughed. “I was lying in bed this morning thinking back to when we were trying to have you and John. It was a lot of fun.”“Well this was my first time but I have to say it was wonderful. Sex is so much better when you’re off the pill. But what gave it that extra edge was having unprotected sex with a guy like Ben.”“Yes, I can imagine it.”“How much do you know about this Abe guy?”Anthea shook her head. “Not a lot,” she answered. “He and Ben go way back. They’ve shared girls, all white like us. He’s always wanted to get one pregnant and he’s as jealous as hell that Ben has beaten him to it.”Helen shook her and laughed. “Men!”It was as if it was almost on cue that Ben suddenly appeared. He was smiling. “I think your dad’s getting hungry.”Helen laughed. “Tell him to wait.”Anthea smiled. “We were just talking about you and Abe.”“All good I hope!”“I think mum’s interesting in meeting up with him,” she told him. “How fast can he get over here?”“Anthea!”Anthea laughed. “Admit it, mum, you are eager to try the dark side.”Ben joined in the laughter. “To be honest, I’m not sure what his work schedule is like at the moment but I do know this,” he answered. “If he was coming over to get you pregnant he’s quite likely to drop everything and get over here and get the job done!”Helen looked at him. “We… we’re not sure about that yet.”Ben sat down next to her. “You would enjoy it, Helen,” he told her as he boldly placed his hand on her knee. “Abe prefers the older married ladies. You know, the ones where the children have left home and they have plenty of time and freedom. You usually find that they have not only lost all inhibitions but are also willing to be adventurous and open to trying anything.”She laughed and looked down at his hand upon her thigh.“I think that you are probably like that, Helen and quite possibly up for pregnancy risk sex. It can quite exhilarating, so I’m told.”She said nothing but she knew that he was right.“And I know that Abe would service you well, Helen. I’ve seen him action,” he told her. “Once we picked up a couple of married white ladies in a bar in New York and we took them back to his place and shared a king sized bed. The woman he was with though wasn’t on the pill and insisted that he used a condom. Unfortunately because of his size there was a lot of uncomfortable friction for her and he had to take it off. He promised her that he would pull out before ejaculation but he didn’t mean it. He fucked her throughout the night and well into the next day.”Helen pictured it.“Maybe she did get pregnant?” Anthea said.He shrugged. “Maybe she did but she didn’t seem the type who would keep it.”Helen remained quiet as Ben lifted his hand off her knee. She wore no tights or stockings so it wasn’t lost on her the contrast of his dark skin against her white flesh. She felt dampness between her thighs. Dave and Jack’s sudden appearance brought her back to reality.“The Yorkshires are just about ready,” she said looking İstanbul Rus Escort at the oven.Dave had noticed that Ben had sat down beside her and for a moment he could picture the two of them together as a couple. It excited him. Anthea seemed to sense the attention being drawn and stood up. “Better make a start and take things through to the dining room,” she told them. **** Anthea sat between Ben and Jack while Helen and Dave sat opposite. All these years it had been daughter and son-in-law sat facing mum and dad but now their daughter’s lover and father of their granddaughter to be was by her side as well. It was a conversation starter as Helen said, “This is a bit strange isn’t it; family lunch with daughter’s lover as well.”Anthea laughed.“You seem to have both taken it well,” Ben responded.Dave and Helen smiled at each other. “Well as long as Jack and Anthea are happy, we are too.”“And the baby – any reservations there?” Ben asked.Helen looked at Dave momentarily. “Not really,” she said. “As long as there is not going to be any disputes later on with parenting and stuff. Jack and Anthea intend bringing the child up as their own and we hope there won’t be any conflict there.”Ben held his hand up momentarily as he shook his head. “Not from my point of view,” he told them. “We all discussed this before Anthea came off birth control and we agreed that they would bring the child up as their own. My only role was to get her pregnant. I do hope though that we call still remain in contact after the birth.”Helen smiled.“Will you still continue seeing each other?” Dave asked. “I mean as… ““Lovers?” Helen cut in.Ben turned to Anthea and smiled as he put his arm around her shoulders. “I hope so,” he replied. “We kind of both enjoy cuckolding Jack and the sex between us is good.”“And are you happy with that Jack?” Helen asked.He nodded and smiled.Anthea turned to him and smiled and gave his thigh a squeeze. “Jack is very happy aren’t you?” she said.“So you want to venture into cuckolding as well then Helen?” Ben looked across and said.She smiled. “We are considering it.”Ben looked at Dave. “Is that how you see it, Dave?”He felt on the spot now. “We… we are considering it,” he agreed. “But it’s Helen decision in the end.”“And if she says she wants to?”Helen smiled and patted his thigh. “It will be a joint decision. There would be no fun in it otherwise would there? I mean, you get into affairs and marriages end and people get hurt in the end, don’t they? That’s not fun at all is it?”Ben nodded. “But you would like to cuckold Dave?”She nodded. “Yes, if I’m being honest, I do want to.”“And you want to be cuckolded, Dave?”Dave looked at Ben and nodded.“So where’s the problem then?”They turned to each other and smiled.“You want to take a lover, Helen and you want to be cuckolded, Dave, so what’s stopping you both?”“It’s… it’s just a case of making sure we are doing the right thing.” Helen said.“How long have been married?”“Twenty-three years.” Dave responded.“So you have a solid marriage, two children, two grandchildren and one on the way and good years still ahead of you, so why not venture out into something new and exciting?”Helen looked at Ben. He seemed to have a wise head on his shoulders for someone so young. “What do you two say?” Ben asked looking at Anthea and Jack.“Well we’ve done it and so far, so good,” Jack answered.Anthea smiled as she looked at mum. “I think it would do mum good,” she responded. “And dad too.”Jack nodded. “I think he would too. I know what it’s like to be cuckolded and if he feels the same way as me I know that he would really enjoy it.”“Well that settles it then,” Ben said.Helen and Dave laughed. “As easy as that then?” Dave said.“But I’m not sure that I want us to go as far as Anthea and Jack have done?” Helen said.Ben shrugged his shoulders. “Just try the cuckolding first and take things from there. That’s what we did,” he said. “We were cuckolding Jack for a while before the decision to take that step occurred.”

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