On Taking Pride


I’m having sex like a heterosexual…I suppose from the outside that makes sense, since I’m heterosexually married, but my wife and I are bisexual. And for the most part, we won’t shut up about it. To answer the follow-up question, we are polyamorous, and yes, some bisexuals are capable of monogamy.We just don’t consider ourselves in that category.What I mean to say with some amount of pride is that since my wife caught the coronavirus, we have made due better than most monogamous heterosexuals we know. For the foreseeable future, sex is only between the two of us. And with how severely sick she’s been, it’s short and just a few times a week when she wants it. Like heterosexuals in a sitcom.Maybe our sample size is skewed, it helps that we’re young, dumb and full of the need to cum, but it is not the best sex of our lives. Then again, we both don’t understand how other people even get up in the morning without weekly sex party plansIronically, even before our home became a hotbed, we were frustrated. It’s embarrassing to admit, but being active members in the BDSM/kink/swinging scene, we had grown soft, spoiled, entitled… Accustomed to a certain standard of boning.What a luxury we often take for granted, because it’s still very hot, pleasing my wife as she lays half naked on the couch most days. That’s the big trip of the day, from bed to couch for about two weeks. Along with one brief visit to the hospital.Sometimes I’ll move aside her robe or the blankets. I’ll see that she’s a little wound up, a little wigged out, and I will kiss her forehead, then maybe her breasts, then lower. Most times, I don’t even come. Not because we are doing some chastity thing, my cage is currently resting in the closet, I just can’t bring myself to bother her. Her climaxes are more medicinal at the moment, almost like a sedative. It certainly relaxes a few muscles…I’m attempting to be sneaky with my submission. There is sex, almost as sprinkles disguising a long-winded and sanctimonious speech that falls just barely within the conception of the category. It’s a fair warning, but it’s also a vain attempt to set the expectations so low to the ground that maybe I get a leg up and exceed at least a few expectations.But this is the conversation in the Clementine household, when coherent.We want to extend pride to the people we may not be Ankara escort inclined to include.Because the joke about heterosexuals remains poignant for a reason. There are so many people, particularly men who write me with confessions they could never tell their wives, scared of revealing their true sexual urges.And why should they be so ashamed?I can’t imagine secreting something like my peculiar attraction to Lola Bunny, one of my two furry exceptions with artwork that makes me excited enough to hump my cock into my wife’s hand and cum quickly. It’s not just rule 34 iconoclasts, every fantasy and idea about sex I share, eagerly, excitedly, even if some she says are not for her. Here’s why I think sexual orientation plays a big role in this. See, I have been fucked up the ass over a couch by my pot dealer. It’s how I lost my virginity. Admit that to a significant other, and how bad can a tentacle fetish be?I am rarely autobiographical. I am sorry to share my life so openly without decency to dress things up with the filter of other characters and pseudonyms. So a little more smut to start, then a little at the end, though it’s only fair to warn you it won’t be worth the wait…I still remember skinny dipping with one of my best friends right after high school, joining me because I didn’t have a suit. The fear and excitement at being out in the open at his apartment pool, wondering what his dick looked like under the water because I’d only had the chance to see him from behind, trying to stare.Without drawing attention to the fact I was pretty gay.He instigated it, asking If he could suck me, and I had been thinking the same thing all night. But like so many curious heterosexual friends, I think he treated me like a needy object to be used in a drunken experiment and then discarded.Most of my early experiences with the same-sex involved so much shame. My first thoughts on discovering my bisexuality was the feeling that I had essentially won the sexual lottery. I remember almost beaming about it to one of my girlfriends, and her being excited and already picking out a man for me to suck in front of her at the next party.  Thank you for hearing about teenage Sam.But there were plenty of other people with more vocal and visceral opinions. I think identifying as gay for a few years became Ankara escort bayan almost an act of peer pressure, not wanting to admit that I’d never really been able to make much of any opportunity.I met my wife on a Craigslist post looking for someone to go out to the gay bar with…Because none of my friends would come.That’s not to knock them, though some of them certainly deserve a slap atop the head. If anything, actually I want to extend pity for people who have segmented off parts of their personality, suppressed their sex drive, or squeezed their own genitals into knots in order to please God by not pleasing themselves with a partner.It’s about those so clearly lacking pride, people who now need it more than us.But what about… You say, and so do I.No, no matter what John Roberts says, a bill doesn’t automatically make us equal, but neither does a day, a month, a festival, nor a parade. Equal would be a world in which someone might be just as proud of their panty wearing kink as we are of the things we do with our same-sex and transgendered partners, because to admit and accept either requires adopting both a little humility and a lot of humanity.Again, not that partners and sex acts are the same things, but was I the only one who heard the hushed tones of quiet desperation from heterosexuals reading 50 Shades of Gray? And again, I’m stereotyping, but I never have had sex with a man who would’ve curled up into a ball and cried at the idea of me watching pornography, wearing panties, or even having sex with a woman.Heterosexuals do not seem to have the same amount of pride in their sex lives.To be fair, they do not risk as much. Because saying that the LGBT movement is not about sex is kind of like saying the Civil War was not about slavery. Sure, there are exceptions, but most people want to have sex with their romantic partners, it’s largely the difference between them and the other people in their lives.So maybe PRIDE could be a celebration of all sex, because as queer folk, my wife and I would ask how heterosexual it is when I talk about her pounding into another girl or me with a strap or. Or when I took it up the ass by a big black cock while fucking her.I almost instantly came. These are the integral things getting us through the moments when we have sex, allowing Escort Ankara us to make do with maintenance sex we might otherwise consider mundane.Fuck me slowly and gently, until what, we fall asleep?We are more the whips and chains, fists and flogger, the pet play, the public sex and orgy sort.And if for a second, you think I am boastful or become jealous, think about the way society treats people who act publicly on these urges and actually do these things.Can we change that? And who can we extend PRIDE to include, so that they fight along with us?What about the straight guy who fantasizes about being tricked into having his cock sucked, or the one who wears his wife’s panties now and then? The girl who wants to make out with a friend now and then, but never any further? What about those dirty stories that we don’t share, and those forbidden fantasies or pictures that we put on secret files or search for only with incognito mode? Can’t we find some pride there?It means making ourselves vulnerable, and waiting to see how really alone and fucked up everyone will find us if only they knew the truth…My wife and I are very open and honest about our lifestyle, walking the line between out and oversharing, because our desires deserve that pride. Still, we’ve had to be careful, since back before last month, our careers were threatened by being out in our personal lives. Real cancel culture.So even now, I’m used to a certain openness about my sex life with my friends, those I consider close enough to label as family, and understand there is both an inquisitiveness and an insensitivity that often spills out into their language and questions. I would explain things, because I had to explain things. In all fairness, like a hetreoflexible girl, I did switch between bisexual and homosexual for several years, partly because twenty-year-old bisexual virgin sounded so much worse than gay guy who has never done it with a woman, but does sometimes wonder about it.But hey, I did listen to my pastor and save myself for the woman I married.Butt stuff doesn’t count, right?Try going back into the closet. Eventually you just give up and call it an open door.And I think that’s for the best. Because I found myself needing to think about what I wanted, and how I could possibly have the experiences my wife and I fantasized about, so that from time to time, our fantasies become more than dirty talk from in between her legs. Sex makes us happy.So why do we all feel the need to treat each segment of our sexual identity as something that needs to be examined and studied to make sure that we are sane?I’m totally fucked up and weird.

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