Confessions of a Vietnamese Girl Part 2: Aftermath


After Tim went back to Europe, I went back to work. My usual schedule is waking up at 6 AM, going to work at 7, working from 7:30 till 18:00, having dinner with my parents around 19:00, watching some television, praying around 21:00, then going to bed around 21:30. And that is six days a week, Sunday is the day to go to church.As you can guess, there is not a lot of time left for any romance.Tim was keeping me informed about his flights back home. It took more than twenty-four hours for him to arrive safely at his place.I was happy when he wrote me that he arrived home.I was talking with my friends Linh and Ngoc about my life, about Tim, about my options for the future. They both work at the same company. It was clear that I had something like three options.Option One was that I would stay in Viet Nam and that my parents would look for a Vietnamese guy for me, that I would marry him, even if I didn’t like him. Then I would have two or three children and probably be a housewife. This didn’t sound so interesting to me.Option Two would be that I would look for another man who could take me out of Viet Nam. That is more difficult than it seems, even for a sweet Asian girl like me. the question was also if I really wanted to look for another man.Option Three was to find out if Tim would be able to take me out of Viet Nam. If he would be able to take care of me and how Ankara escort my life would be if I would stay with him. See, you have to understand that I was not in love with Tim anymore and I also didn’t love him. So, should I stay with him or not?Linh and Ngoc were joking when they told me that if Tim wouldn’t be good for me, then I could look for other men to have sex with.That wouldn’t be a real option either, because I’m a Catholic girl.I was not sure about it all, yet, Tim and I were talking again. He told me that he loved the country, he loved the small break in Nha Trang, he loved the time that we spend together but most of all, he loved me! That was so sweet for him to say that. I couldn’t say it back though.Instead of that, I told him that I was unsure if he could take care of me.He explained about his job, that he has a good and steady job and that he certainly could offer me the stability that every woman is looking for. He proposed me to come to Europe and to stay with him for three months. I told him that I would think about it.I asked my manager the next day if he would allow me off for three months so I could go to Europe to my boyfriend. My manager said that that would be too long, they needed me there. I was allowed to go away for two months though, but on unpaid leave.Then I told him that I would speak about it Ankara escort bayan with my boyfriend to see if that would be fine with him.That night Tim and I talked about it. He told me that he would send some money to my bank account and that I could also buy a passport with that. Can you imagine that I never left the country before?Well, within a week Tim send me a total of 2000 US Dollars! He told me that I should get a passport fast and that when I had the passport, I should tell him the passport number so he could buy me a plane ticket and we also had to take care of a visa.After all the necessary things were handled, I had a passport, a visa and a ticket for leaving on Sunday the 23rd of September and arriving in Prague on the 24th after a stop in Paris. I was so excited that I told my boyfriend that I loved him.There was just a short month left and I would make my first big trip. Not only out of Viet Nam, but also out of the continent.And yes, for that I was very thankful to my baby boy.In the following weeks, I tried to find out as much as possible about Europe, about Prague. Like where I would like to go to, what I would like to see and so on. Somehow I just knew that this trip would be really amazing.I also thought about thanking Tim in a physical way. After giving those Russian soldiers blowjobs and having them Escort Ankara also in my tight Asian ass, I wanted to give something similar to Tim.I was thinking of giving him a blow job and I also thought about him licking my pussy. It aroused me, yet I was not allowed to touch myself as masturbation is forbidden in the Catholic church.Tim and I were talking about what we could do when we would be together again. We would have a lot of dinners, we would go to the movies, we would kiss.Then slowly the weekend of my flight to Europe came. I bought a big suitcase and put a lot of clothes in there. Luckily, it was still more or less summer in Europe, well that was Tim at least told me. Of course, it’s not 35 degrees, but I would see about that.The flight to Paris would leave at 9 in the morning, so Tim advised to book a hotel near the airport. My mother and my father went with me and my sister would also join to wave me goodbye.The flight was very exciting, certainly when we took off. I was scared that the plane would break in too. The plane went so fast.I had a seat right next to the window. Tim did that for me so I could see everything.When we flew over Europe I could see that the flew almost over Prague. That was very nice. Even though I still had to wait for a long while in Paris. Luckily my boyfriend was smart enough to book me a place in the overnight hotel so I could rest well.Then he told me though that he wouldn’t be able to pick me up from the airport the next morning as he had a very important meeting at his work. I was so disappointed in that. He sent me directions though on how to get to his work so I could get the keys to get into his apartment.

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