Halloween Fun


Every year, it’s the same argument with the wife. One of us has to take the kids out for trick or treating and every year we argue over who did it last year. So last year I took photos. I took the kids out trick or treating and so THIS year, it was my turn to stay home and scare people and hand out the treats.By seven o’clock, all the younger kids had already hit our house and by eight o’ clock we saw the teenagers. The teenagers were the most fun, because they were the one’s I like to scare. The wife called and said she and the kids were going to hang out at a neighbor’s house a few houses down from ours and asked if I wanted to join everyone. I politely declined telling her I was having a blast scaring the hell out of the teenagers.I could tell by her “whatever” response, that she wasn’t happy with my choice, but I didn’t really care.Around about nine, I spied a couple of teenage girls approaching the house, so I decided to hide behind a tree, in a dark part of our yard and then do a jump scare. The girls were older teens and I could tell they were having a great time. The giggled as they walked down the sidewalk, in their costumes. They stopped at the walk-path that lead up to our house and debated whether or not to approach.“I know the guy that lives here,” one of the girls remarked. “I’ve baby sat for their kids.”“Is he cute?” one of the other girls asked.“Oh yeah,” the first girl replied. “But he’s married.”“Is he married-married or just married?” the little Bo Peep girl asked the slutty looking nurse girl.“Just married,” she replied.“And you have fucked him?” the first girl inquired.“Not yet,” the second girl replied, who then added, a quick ‘fuck you.”“I was JUST asking,” the first girl replied.“If I do, you’ll be the last I’ll tell,” replied the second girl.“Well’,” said her friend, “we know you like married dick, so I’m sure it is just a matter of time.”Damn.The two girls approached our front door and range the doorbell. When I didn’t answer, I heard them discussing next steps.“Who leaves on a porch light and then doesn’t answer the doorbell on Halloween?” one of the girls asked the other one.As they turned and started down the sidewalk, I jumped from behind the tree, with my fake knife in hand. Both girls jumped and screamed, at the same time, as I stood and laughed at their response.“You bastard!” said one of my trick or treaters, as she tried to collect herself. Suddenly, I realized the girl dressed Ankara bayan escort as a slutty nurse was our baby-sitter, Roxanne. She tore down the sidewalk towards the street, dropping her pillow-case full of candy in the process. Once she hit the street, she turned back to look for her friend.“Jesus Christ!” she called out, as she walked back up the sidewalk. “You scared the fuck out of us!”I chuckled.“Trick or treat,” I nonchalantly remarked.The first girl started to pick up Roxanne’s candy bag, and promptly spilled the entire contents on the ground.“Dang it, Brandy!” said Roxane. “Can you not watch what the fuck you’re doing?”Roxanne’s language was a shock to me. Equally shocking was her bending over at the waist, rather than squatting down, to retrieve the candy spilled on to the ground.“Where’s your wife and the kids?” Roxanne asked.“Oh, they’re hanging out at the Peterson’s place for a bit.”Brandy took note of Roxanne’s very unlady-like posture, which allowed me an unimpeded view of Roxanne t-back and very cute ass.“Roxanne!” Brandy exclaimed, trying to get her friend’s attention in a hushed tone.“Shut up,” Roxanne mumbled back, as she picked up various pieces of candy from the ground, tossing then into her pillow-case bag. Meanwhile, I stood wide-eyed and transfixed watching the two of them retrieve the candy spillage.Roxanne glanced back at me a couple of times as she retrieved her stash of candy but didn’t say a word.As she picked up the last piece of candy, Roxanne turned and look in my direction. She hand-flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulder, and then she readjusted her very short mini-skirt.“What do you think of my costume?” Roxanne asked, holding her hands palm up, and extended outwards from her sides.“Pretty sexy,” I replied.“Ya think?” she replied.“Oh yeah,” I quickly shot back, quickly appending my answer to add that the-t-back she was sporting was a nice touch.“You’re not supposed to be saying that,” Roxanne shot back.‘Well,” I replied, “You kind of made it an obvious show.”“And, you liked it,” Roxanne replied.“Oh yeah,” I replied. “What would there be to not like?” Best trick of the night.”Roxanne chuckled.“Don’t you mean ‘treat’?”“No,” I replied, “The best treat of the night would be seeing you taking it off.”“You’d like that, I bet,” Roxanne noted, twirling a lone finger in her long blonde hair.“Well,” I replied, “It would be a nice Escort bayan Ankara thing to see.”Roxanne had caught me staring at her backside a couple of times before, but she had never said anything to me about my previous indiscretions. She stepped closer to where I stood super-charged by her show. She reached out and placed a lone finger into an opening of my shirt.“If you want to,” said Roxanne in a low and hushed voice, “I can give you a much more private and intimate showing.”Damn.I glanced over at her friend who was busy checking her cell phone.“What about your friend?” I asked.“My show is better than her show,” Roxanne shot back.I chuckled.I’m sure it is,” I replied, “but is she going to join us?”Roxanne looked at Brandy,“Hey bitch,” Roxanne called out. “Mr. Johnson has invited us into the house.”“Sam,” I replied, correcting her.“Does he have any liquor?” Brandy asked. Roxanne looked at me for an answer.“Yes,” I replied. “How old are you?”“Nineteen,” Brandy shot back.“But you didn’t get any liquor from me,” I replied as I turned to walk towards the front door of my house, Roxane in tow, right behind me.As I stepped into the house, with Roxanne right behind me, Brandy grabbed Roxanne’s arm and held her up.“Are you sure about this?” Brandy queried.“Oh yeah,” Roxane replied. “I’ve baby sat for him and his wife several times and he’s totally cool.”Brandy followed Roxanne and I into the house. I fastened the deadbolt, just to be on the safe side and to avoid any accidental intrusions.Brandy took up a station on the couch as Roxanne followed me into the kitchen, where I retrieved three shot glasses and a bottle of tequila. I quickly poured the three of us a shot glass full of the tequila. Roxanne quickly downed her shot, and then as she proffered a very pronounced wink, she asked for a refill. I was happy to oblige.Roxanne took out her cell phone and connected to our WI-FI. In seconds, she had her playlist blaring over the in-house stereo speakers.“Is this what you do when we’re not here?” I asked.“Oh yeah,” she replied. “The kids love it!”Roxanne and I made our way back into the living room and I unceremoniously plopped on to the couch beside Brandy, handing her a shot glass full of tequila. She quickly downed it in two short gulps, and as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, she smiled and nodded her head.“That’s some good stuff,” Brandy declared.Roxanne Bayan escort Ankara stood in front of the two of us, swaying and nodding her head to the beat of a rap tune blaring through the speakers in the room. I silently spread open my legs and using both of my hands, I patted the insides of my thighs. Roxanne didn’t miss a beat. She promptly repositioned herself between my parted legs, as she continued to sway to the heavy bass beat of the rap music, her shot glass in one hand and the tequila bottle in her other hand. She attempted to pour herself another shot of the tequila but ended up spilling more on to the carpet than into the glass. I took the shot glass and the tequila from her and finished off the task, handing her back the shot glass. Brandy took the tequila bottle from me and took a swig from it.“Go easy,” I said, “I don’t need y’all get drunk.”I was a little bit worried about the drinking, but then I got distracted,Roxanne placed her hands on my legs, leaned forward and suggestively asked, “Would you like a show?”“That’s why we are here,” I replied.Roxanne pirouetted around and then she planted her cute little ass right on to my lap, wiggling herself back and forth.Damn.After a few seconds of some serious lap grinding, she leaned back against me. She handed Brandy her shot glass, and then she placed her hands on to my knees and leaned forward, and she hiked up her miniskirt, giving me an unimpeded view of her ass. As she did, she looped a finger into each side of her small-t-back and slowly pulled them downward. Her t-back was wedged into the crack of her ass, but that issue only existed a nano-second. She quickly worked her t-back down her legs and past her knees and then gently stepped out of it. She sat back down on my lap and resumed her grinding motion, her hands still planted on my legs above my knees, her bare ass and pussy resting on my lap.Meanwhile, Brandy sat looking at her cell phone, while taking a couple of more drinks from the tequila bottle.Roxanne spun around and launched herself back onto my lap, her knees straddling my hips, her shaved kitty coming to rest against the bulge that had formed in my crotch. She placed her hands on my shoulders and stared straight into my face, biting down on her lower lip. She shifted her hips from side to side, to the heavy beat of the music blaring from the living room speakers.“How’s it feel?” Roxanne asked.‘If you keep doing this,” I said, “I’ll cum in my pants.”“Oh no,” Roxanne quickly replied, “We can’t have that happen. You have to cum inside of me.”Damn.At this point, Brandy declared she needed to go. Roxanne grabbed Brandy’s arm and declared,“No way, bitch! You got me here, you stay here.”“I’m not staying to watch you get fucked,” Brandy declared.

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