Nothing Like a Family Holiday


Tony banged on the bathroom door as I emptied my stomach for the third time. “Are you okay?” he asked.”Go away!” I yelled as I kneeled over the toilet. “I don’t want to talk to you!””We can talk about this,” Tony said as he banged on the door again and tried to turn the handle. “You know I can break the door down.”Tony was my husband, and he had been a firefighter in his prime. Now he was a decorated and respected investigator. “Do you want me to break the door?”I wiped my mouth and stood up. “I am coming out,” I nodded. I washed my mouth and opened the door pushing past Tony’s sizeable muscular frame.”All I want to do is talk,” Tony said as he sat down on the bed.”I need to drink,” I replied as I walked out into the living room.”They overcharge for…” Tony started to say before I opened one of the tiny liquor bottles that were in the hotel’s small refrigerator.”Go ahead, talk,” I said as I picked up another.We were in the mountains. This hotel was our favorite spot to get away, especially for the holidays. We had come up two days before our kids arrived, I say kids lightly as the two of them were well past their childhood years. Katy was going on nineteen, and Dawson was going to be twenty-two. Katy was entering college while Dawson was in his last year. Frederick, my oldest, was in the military and wouldn’t be joining us this year.I half-listened to my husband as he tried to explain himself. I drank the last of the tiny bottles as he droned on. What he didn’t realize was that I was ready to puke again. We had come up early because we wanted to rekindle a spark in our marriage, especially the bedroom. What I didn’t expect was for him to admit that he had been jerking himself off to porn on a regular base. I wasn’t surprised about the porn as he was a man, and I had brought myself to a few late-night self-induced orgasms by a few porn videos.What I didn’t expect was the type of porn. Cuckold porn he had saved hundreds of videos of men sitting in the corner watching their wives get fucked by other men. Tony revealed that he was interested in this for us. At first, I watched just to see what the big deal was. Maybe if I watched, I would find out why my husband wanted to fuck other men’s wives. Then it dawned on me as his dick formed a tent in his tight bed pants, he wanted to be the man in the corner.When he told me he had a few guys in mind that would love to fuck me, I made a beeline for the bathroom. I couldn’t imagine fucking another man with Tony sitting in the corner, jerking himself off.”So, that’s Göztepe Escort why I think…” Tony said as he looked at me. “You haven’t heard a word I said, have you?””No,” I shook my head. “I am your wife, yours!” I yelled at him. “I said, I do to you, not to some other guys!””And you would still be my wife,” Tony sighed. “You asked me what my interests were, did you want me to lie to you?””Interests,” I said as I looked at him. “Not your…” I stopped myself as I didn’t want to call my husband a sick, perverted half-human. What kind of husband would want to sit and watch multiple men use their wife?”You were going to call me a Beta, weren’t you?” Tony laughed as he got up. “Just like your brother when he found out about our son.””You leave Dawson out of this conversation,” I said, standing up. Dawson had come out of the closet in his third year of college, letting us know he was gay and that he had been dating guys for many years.My brother had called him a Beta and other kinds of names, and I struck him, hard. That was the last time my brother and I had talked or seen each other. “No,” I shook my head. “I wouldn’t call you that,” I said, looking at Tony. No one would call Tony that, not to his face anyway.”I am sure you were thinking it, though,” Tony smiled. “Just like those retards that hang out in the forums calling other people names behind fake names and using anonymous profiles.””I am nothing like them,” I said, walking past him and back into the bedroom. “If I wanted to call you that, I would, and you know it.”I couldn’t stand the keyboard heroes online thinking that their opinion mattered in the grand scheme of things, as someone that worked in medical profession as a Psychiatrist it was all I heard about, someone getting their jollies off by knocking someone else down, most of them, when confronted in real life, fell like a ton of bricks. I should know I had faced a lot of them.”So,” Tony said.”So what,” I asked. “If you are asking if it something I would consider, I think you know the answer.””Just like that?” Tony asked as he stood in the doorway. “What if I had asked you for another female to join?””Now,” I said, shaking my head. He knew that I had done some experimenting in college, and while I hadn’t liked the experience. I had thought about it.”Oh, now here comes the hypocrisy,” Tony said. “Everyone thinks it’s okay to have a threesome with two women and a guy, but…””No,” I said, cutting him off. “A threesome is when all participants are involved, you Göztepe Escort Bayan would not be participating. You will be just sitting there with your dick in your hand.””What’s the difference?” Tony asked.I couldn’t believe he was trying to justify his sick fantasy. “I will not be fucked by someone else while you watch, that’s final!””Fine!” Tony slammed the door to the bedroom. Then I heard the door to our room slam. I was sure he was going to one of the rooms we had booked for the kids.I let out a scream then plummeted backward into the bed.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Katy and her boyfriend Mike were the first to arrive. They had flown in from Arizona. Tony hated Mike as he was one of those women to come first types. Even now, he was carrying Katy’s bags and her purse. Katy wore the pants, shoes, and all the other clothes in their relationship, and all Mike did was say yes.”Mike,” Tony said as he looked at the bright red purse hanging off Mike’s shoulder.”Hey sir,” Mike said as he held out his hand.”Lose the purse,” Tony said as he looked down at Mike.”Dad!” Katy said as she took the purse away from her boyfriend.”One day,” Tony said as he hugged his daughter. “I am going to take him hunting, and he will come back a changed man.””I doubt that,” I said as I looked at Tony. I was sure as Metrosexual Mike was, I doubt he would let someone else sleep with Katy while he watched. I had seen Mike get angry, under all that gloss and spiky hair gel was a scary man.”I love your nails, Janice,” Mike said as he held my hands. “Thought you would, but no, I am not telling you where I got them done.””Such a pain,” Mike laughed as he hugged me.Dawson and Craig met us at the ski lift as we ready to take on the mountain’s hardest course. They had come up later and were already geared for the slopes.”Where’s the other?” I asked as I saw them heading for us.”Over there,” Craig said as he was pointing to a tall black male.They had brought up one of their friends, who had nowhere to go for the holidays. Craig was tall and muscular, just like Tony, while Dawson was skin and bones. Their friend, on the other hand, towered over everybody. I guessed he was at least seven feet tall or more.”Gregg meet the family,” Dawson said as he introduced us.”You must play basketball,” Tony said, looking at Gregg.Gregg wasn’t just tall. He was very built and attractive. I had found a few black males attractive before I got married, but I never acted on it, sometimes I wondered about it.”You would think, Escort Göztepe right?” Craig answered. “No, our boy Gregg here is a big softy!””Keep calling me that, and I will make you a short softy!” Gregg smiled.When Dawson first introduced Craig to the family, Tony had tried to pull that macho, the man of the house crap, Craig had none of it. Since then, Tony knew he had choose his words. Now I wanted to blurt out his big secret and see how they all took it.”We going to go skiing or just stand here?” Katy said. She was just like her mother, never one to hold back her thoughts.”I have never skied,” Gregg said, staring at all of us.”Well, this course isn’t for you,” I said as I looked down the steep hill.I saw one of the instructors that had taught us in the past. “Tim!” I waved.Tim was the best on the mountain. “We got a rookie in our midst; can you take him to the beginners?” I asked.”Sure,” Tim said as he looked at all of us. He knew the whole family as we came here every year. “You must be the rookie,” he said as he looked at Gregg.”That would be me,” Gregg laughed.”Come on,” Tim nodded. “I will get you going in no time.” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~“You cheated!” Katy said as she punched Craig’s shoulder.”I didn’t see a rule that said don’t cut people off,” Craig laughed as he pushed her. The two of them acted like how Frederick and her when they got together. In a way, Craig had become another brother to Katy. Craig and Mike also hit it off, even though Craig sometimes went overboard on the making fun of Mike’s hair.”Well, for the third year in a row, I am the champion,” I said as we sat down at the large picnic table. Our ski’s were put up, and snow boots were on.”I knew it,” Mike said, nodding his head.”Knew what?” I asked.”Ginger’s don’t have a soul,” Mike laughed.The others joined him, including Tony. “Haha!” I smiled at him. “Not my fault you all suck!””Here they are,” Tim said as he came to our picnic table. “Rookie is no longer a rookie anymore. My job is complete.””You’re the best, Tim!” Katy said.”Well, on ski’s, he isn’t,” Tim shrugged. “Just can’t get the balance right,” Tim said, patting Gregg on the back. “But on this,” Tim said, holding up a snowboard. “The boy’s got some skills!””No, shit?” Craig asked.”Show them,” Tim said as he looked at Gregg.Gregg put his phone down, and sure enough, the large tall man was shredding the snow on the snowboard, he even pulled off a few tricks.”Well, call me a fool,” Craig said as he looked at the video.”Fool!” Katy said quickly.”You walked into that one,” I laughed. “Thanks again, Tim!”Tim left us and went on his way.Gregg came with us on the intermediate course. He kept up with us the whole way on his snowboard. He even pulled ahead of me at one point. I had to pull out an old trick to gain my advantage and pull out the win.

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