Noodles – Part 6


I was still recovering from the beautiful violence my body had just been through, at the hands…and cock, of my friend, Mark. Both the pain and pleasure of that experience, exceeded my assumption, or even my imagination. I had given my virginity to Mark, and he had given me the most intense orgasm I have ever known. ‘Anal orgasms are a real thing,’ I discovered.Although I experienced the feeling of ejaculation, I did not have a trace of it in my panties. And I didn’t get hard, at any point in the encounter. Those realizations would need to be pondered further. But as I lay on the bed, waiting for Mark to finish his shower, all I cared to think about was falling asleep next to him. The candles flickered and cast their soft, warm light in the bedroom. I posed myself on the bed, in anticipation. Finally, Mark opened the door and emerged, looking so Escort Side sexy in his lycra boxer briefs and T-shirt.”Wow, Dani,” Mark said softly, and stepped over to the bed. “You keep taking my breath away,” he continued, slowly shaking his head.”Thank you,” I answered, quietly. Mark sat down on the edge of the bed, and lightly petted my legs. He looked at me soberly, “Are you OK?”I believed Mark was asking about my body. But there’s a lot more to being ‘OK’ than just the physical state. I was a little sore, but not hurting. And my mental condition was…elated. “I am fine,” I said softly, but resolutely. “I am absolutely fine,” I repeated, with emphasis. “Are you OK?”Mark nodded and smiled, “Yeah. I’m…I’m going to want…that…again.”I lay back and held my arms out for Mark to come to me. He leaned down and gave me manavgat escort a gentle kiss. With our lips touching, I whispered, “Every chance we get.” Then I parted his lips with my tongue.Mark moved the rest of the way onto the bed, drawing his body next to mine as we kissed. When his lips left mine, I opened my eyes, and whispered, “Let’s go to sleep.””OK,” Mark quietly agreed. “First, I just want to…” he said, then leaned over to kiss and gently lick my neck.”Oh Baby,” I moaned, as Mark fed his hands on my legs in stockings, and kissed down my chest. He sucked and licked one of my nipples, then the other. “You are going to make me want a lot more than just kissing, Honey,” I panted.Mark brought his head back up to kiss my lips again. “I have been wanting to see them and kiss them so bad,” he smiled and alanya escort bayan admitted. “We can go to sleep now.”I pulled the sheet up to cover us and decided, “I want these off,” as I tugged the waistband of Mark’s underwear. He raised up, letting me pull them off, and I continued, “Your T-shirt too.” I fed my hand on Mark’s soft cock and balls as he sat up and pulled his shirt off. Mark lay back down and watched, as I took his soft cock in my mouth for a few seconds. Then I kissed his cockhead and sweetly whispered, “Goodnight.”Mark took me in an embrace from behind, just as I had been imagining. His muscular arm locked me to his body. His hand at my breast. I positioned my legs to allow Mark’s cock to rest between them, as we fell asleep.I woke up to the warm friction of Mark’s very hard cock rubbing between my thighs. I moaned and exhaled hard, letting Mark know I was awake.  “I woke up,” he began, as he slowly fucked my legs. “And I couldn’t go back to sleep. I’m sorry I woke you up.””No you’re not,” I moaned, teasing. “That feels really good, by the way. But I am going to want you inside me.””Are you sure?” Mark whispered.

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