No End in Sight


Life had calmed for me. June had drifted away and not come around with any of her sexual adventures. She had just disappeared, and I went on a vacation. Upon my return, I heard a familiar automobile sound coming from my driveway. It was June, dressed in a tank top and shorts with a strange look on her face. It had been weeks since I had seen her, and I thought that she had found other pursuits in life. As usual with her, my assumptions were incorrect. “Matthew, our adventures together have been marvelous. When I am alone and begin to think about them, every nerve in my body begins to tingle with excitement. It has caused me to masturbate with the butterfly and gold vibrator that you have given to me. It helps me to recall the passion and relax at the same time,” June stated. I responded, “Those were some wild times. I don’t know about you, but I had fun.” Next, June caught me off guard with a request. She stated that she would like to relive some of our past sexual antics and put some different spins on them. The expression on her face let me know that her mind was presently remembering one of our adventures. I watched her unconsciously rub her breast and touch her crotch. Suddenly, she came back to reality. “Matthew, I want to expand one of our escapades. Anadolu Yakası Escort ” “Which one,” I inquired. “The one where I go to the bar as a local, pick up a guy, and give him a hand job for money. However, I want to put some new twists and turns on it. I want you to be the main character,” June told me. Slowly and methodically, June began to describe the idea. It was to be a blend of lingerie, exhibitionism. voyeurism, plus anything she could come up with in her sexual mind. Like always, I agreed to participate in her latest scheme. June wanted me to drop her off at a cocktail lounge. I was to wait about an hour, let her put on a show for the patrons, pick her up, and then have a evening with her. She was so excited by her idea that her panties were soaking wet. Actually, I was surprised that she had worn any underwear. She told me the plan was for Saturday evening. At seven o’clock on Saturday night, I arrived to pick up June. She looked hotter than the center of the earth. She wore a low cut black mini dress with matching garter belt, stockings, and patent leather stilettos. To top off the outfit, June was freshly shaved, in full “commando” and had on a fantastic smelling perfume. I dropped June Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan at the lounge and had some time to kill while June was setting the stage with her performance. According to my phone, I had given her a little more than an hour to complete her mission. Upon my arrival at the cocktail lounge, I noticed that June had been busy. She was sitting at the bar, sipping her white wine, with her dress hiked up to show off her legs and stockings. If she spun around just right, the “bald beaver” looked right a you. She was having the time of her life. Instead of going right up to her, I found a secluded seat against the wall to watch her in action. June was an A-1 tease and ball beaker. There were more guys with blue balls and erections than anyone could imagine. June would rub the inside of a guy’s leg or whisper some filth into his ear. If a guy was lucky and June liked him, she’d grab his hand and rub it on her shaved pussy. Her flirting kept the place hopping and in a state of sexual frenzy. It was amazing to see June so engrossed in her act, that she did not see me enter the place. However, when she did see me sitting along the wall, her sexual romp kicked into high gear. June walked Escort Anadolu Yakası over to where I was sitting, bent over at the waist, and gave me a picture perfect view of her tits. Then, she stuck out her tongue and licked her lips. There was no doubt that she enjoyed acting like a slut. Next, she sat by me and grabbed my crotch with the entire bar watching her actions. Her goal was to give everyone a great show. The first step was to start a hand job, making sure that there was no mistaking her actions. She wanted to make sure the bar patrons knew she was accomplishing her objective. Her dress did not cover the “bald beaver” that was being shared with everyone. I did my best to help things along with my actions. I made sure my hand grazed her tits so her nipples started to harden and retreated to that beautifully shaved pussy. It glistened with moisture as my fingers found her clit. We were both so excited that it was time to exit the bar. Our goal was to finish and pay for our drinks, give June’s audience a farewell and get to the first king size bed that we could find. When we got into the car, June had a surprise for me. As I was leaving the parking lot, the distinctive sound of a vibrator filled the car. She had stashed one under the seat when I was not looking. Her hands guided the golden seven inch rod into her waiting cunt. The smell of her musk was overwhelming in the car. June said, “I wanted to surprise you and give a bonus attraction. You have done so much for me, this is the least that I could do. Now, I am going to fuck myself with this golden rod and talk to you.

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