Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.7


Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.7I lead Janet around her back yard, showing her that no one could see her while she was in her back yard in the nude except for mom or me, if we happen to look out of our bedroom windows, if that is where we happen to be at while she was out sun bathing or working her flower beds in the nude, and even then she had to be up close to her back door for nether mom or me to see her out here.Standing in the middle of Janet’s back yard, I pulled her into me and kissed her on the mouth like lovers would do, and rubbed my hands over her nude body, as she did the same to me while kissing me back.When we broke the kissing off, “Danny, if we do not stop, we will not get anything done.” between breaths.”Yeaa, I better get my shorts on and go get some tools, to open the fence up. First, let’s figure out where the best place will be, to open it up at.”After looking the fence over, and figured out how far out from the back sliding glass door of Janet’s house to be safe for her to get to the gate or opening, we figured out which section of fencing to take out, we stepped back into the house, and I put on my shorts and went to the garage at mom and my house, and got some tools, then went to the back yard and started taking out the boards, between the two poles Janet, and I, decided to open up.Once I had the up right boards of the cross boards, I then took the cross boards off the two poles, then went to the sliding glass door of Janet’s house and stepped in, to find Janet stepping around the snack bar with two glass’ of ice tea and still in the nude, so I quickly stripped off my shorts, as Janet said, “I was just coming with some cold drinks.””That sure sounds good. Thanks. I was just coming to get you, to see if that opening in the fence, will work for you.” as I took the glass of tea, Janet held out to me.Janet and I stepped out the door, that I had just stepped in through, then we walked over to the opening in the fence, “Yes Danny, I do believe it will work out just great. We all can go back and forth back here, and not have any of the neighbors across the street, see us coming and going. And, it will give me a way out, if my ex figures out where I’m at here.””I will sure make him wish he had left you alone, if, he does show up here for sure.””Now Danny, I do not want you to get hurt, cause he can be mean, and does not fight fare either.””Now sexy, you do not worry about me getting hurt. I have only lost one fight in my life and that was the very first fight I have ever been in, and I’ve had training, and still train in self defence.””Oh, I didn’t know that you train for self defence. When do you do your training?””Every Tuesday after school, I go to the gym to train and instruct other people, and then I practice in the gym, we built there in the back yard, next to the shed there.””I’ve seen the building next to your shed there from my bedroom window, but I thought it was just a storage shed, or maybe a work shop, for you or your mom to work on a hobby, of some sorts.””I guess you can say it is a hobby of mine, to practice in self defence, and mom does her work outs, to stay in shape in there too.””Is it open, so we can go in and see the inside of it?””Sure, come on.” taking Janet’s hand and escorting her over to the gym building, mom and I had built.”After showing Janet what all we had in the building, and letting her try out some of the things we have in the gym, we walked back over to the fence and started cleaning up, by putting the fence boards in the shed, and putting the tools I had used back in the garage, where I kept them for future use.When we had everything done, Janet and I went into her house and in the garage to look at the task at hand now, and decided on what to move in first, and where it was to go, we started in. Janet helped me get the few pieces of furniture in, then instead of taking the boxs in, we would just open each box and şişli escort hand carry what was in the box and put it where she wanted it, and when the box was empty, we would then start on another box.When we got the fifth box empty, mom knocked on the door carrying in dinner for all of us, so we went out to the back yard to sit and eat our dinner on the patio, and with me taking the food out the back door, Janet fixed drinks for us all, as mom got her clothes off to join Janet, and me, in our state of undress.As mom, Janet, and I, ate our dinner, we made some small talk, and talked about some things that mom and I had talked about, before we left the house this morning, about the three of us.After we finished eatting, the three of us started right where Janet and I had left off, with getting the big boxs empty, and everything in the house, and put away, then with the boxs broke down and the trash gathered up, I put on my shorts and took the trash and broken down boxs, out to the curb, for the trash guys to pick up the next day.**************************************************************************************************************************************************************With the three of us showered and clean clothes on, with Janet wearing a button up red sleaveless blouse, and the button right under her tits being the last button buttoned up, leaving her cleavage open, and a black skirt that stopped at mid thigh, that buttoned up the front with the bottom button left unbuttoned, causing a slit in the front of the skirt, Mom wearing a low V neck pull over blue sleaveless blouse, showing off a lot of her cleavage, and a real short skirt that barely covered the bottom of her butt cheeks, and then me with a T-shirt and blue jean shorts on, we went to a fast food drive in to get our supper for the evening.When our order got to the car, we left and went to a park at the edge of town, that wasn’t far from the drive in, and still close to our homes, that was a good size park, where mom and I would sometimes go to run, for a change of scenery.Mom and Janet sat in the back seat of the car and both, let their skirts ride up to show me their bald pussys, and while ordering, they leaned up and over the back of the seat and between the bucket seats, showing me their tit and pulling my head over into their chest, which put my head on a tit, then while we waited for our order to get to us, I turned in the seat the best that I could,to talk and get a better view, of their bald pussys, till our order got to the car.Where I parked the car it was not able to be seen from the road, and their was no one else around, and even all the tables were empty, “Looks like we have the park all to ourselves.” mom said as she got out of the car, when I opened the car door for her and Janet to get out. As mom got out, her skirt was up over her butt cheeks in the back, and as she stood up and turned with a step to move from the door for Janet to get out, she pulled the skirt down some in the back, but not all the way down, to let the bottom half of her butt show to whom ever happen to look at her, if they were there, which there wasn’t any one at this time.As Janet got out, her skirt tail had rode up in the back to about half way up her butt, and I then noticed she had two more buttons unbuttoned at the bottom of her skirt, and one button on her blouse unbuttoned, and as she slid across the seat to the car door, her blouse opened up letting one tit out for air, and as she stood up and turned away from the door for me to close the door, her skirt tail dropped just a little with out her help but not all the way, with the tightness of the skirt around her butt, and the one tit just stayed out for a bit longer, before the blouse gave a shift with her movement.I carryed the food to the table, as mom carryed some bath towels to the table, and Janet carryed our drinks to the table, şişli escort bayan that we had picked out to eat on.At the table, mom spread out the towels for the food and drinks to be sat on, and then she spread out a couple of towels for us to sit on, while we ate our supper.”Danny, you can sit between Jamet, and me.””Okay.””You can sure tell that summer is about here, as warm as it is today.” mom said as she lifted her blouse up and over her head and off.”Yes you can for sure.” Janet said as she unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, then slid it off of her shoulders and arms.I just pulled my T-shirt off over my head and laid it on the table with mom and Janet’s bouses.As mom sat down, she hiked her skirt back up around her waist then sat down on the end of the bench at the table, with Janet hiking her skirt up around her waist and sitting down on the other end of the bench and sliding over some to sit, leaving me room to sit down between them.I stepped over the middle of the bench and before sitting down, I unfastened my belt and jean shorts and let them drop down around my ankles, then sat down between the two sexy women.From time to time while we ate, mom and Janet would reach over and play with my hard dick, and I would reach over to one of them, or both of them, and play with one tit, and then the other tit, from time to time too.While we ate and played with each other, we made small talk about different things, and when we finished eating, we gathered up the tash, then mom stood up and took the trash over to a trash can and dropped the trash into the can, then walked back over to Janet and me, “I think I’m ready for some dessert. How about you two?””That does sound pretty good to me.” Janet said giving my hard cock a squeeze and pull.Putting a hand between Janet’s legs and rubbing her pussy lips with one hand, while reaching out with my other hand, and placing it between mom’s legs and rubbing her pussy lips, “since it is ready, I’m ready for sure.” hearing a moan come from both women, as I stuck a finger in each of their pussy’s.”How about you lay down on the table Danny.” mom said as I took my fingur out of her pussy.”Sounds good to me.” as I stood up and got up on the table and laid down on my back.”Do you want my pussy first to eat, or Janet’s pussy first?””How about I eat the first one to get her pussy to my mouth first.”Janet was up and on the table before mom got a foot on the table, so mom took my hard cock into her mouth and started sucking on it, as I started licking on Janet’s pussy.After licking back and forth between Janet’s pussy lips, I stuck my tongue in her pussy hole and tongue fucked her for a little bit, then I licked up to her clit and lightly flicked my tongue on her clit and sucked it at the same time, then stuck a finger into her pussy hole and started finger fucking her, while I licked and sucked on her clit, while the whole time mom sucked and licked my dick and taking my dick down her throat every little bit.While I licked, sucked, and finger fucked, Janet’s pussy, she was moaning and even saying, “Oh Danny, eat my pussy, it feels so damn good. I’m about to cum, all over your face Danny, if you don’t stop, fuck, that feels so good. Fuck me, it is what I love, damn… Fuck, I’m cumming.”While I was eating and finger fucking Janet’s pussy out, I was bucking my hips up and down as mom sucked on my cock with another one of her good blow job’s, right up till Janet said she was cumming, and while I was trying to catch all of her cum that she was squirting out of her pussy, but it was so much cum that I couldn’t get it all, and my face and head was getting soaked as well as the the hair on my head and the towel under me was getting soaked as well, and I had stopped bucking my hips up and down, as mom kept sucking and licking my dick.When Janet finally calmed down some, “Oh stop my love, I’m to sinsitive, for your beautiful, mecidiyeköy escort bayan tongue right now, I need your cock, in my pussy now. Oh Maggie, you need to get up here, and let Danny eat, your pussy out.” still trying to catch her breath.”My pussy is so ready for his tongue, that it is dripping wet, right now.” breathing hard herself.Janet managed to make her way down toward my hard cock, as mom moved around and climbed up on the table and straddled my face, then lowered herself down over my face, for me to reach her pussy with my tongue.Just before mom got her pussy down on my face close enough for me to start licking it, Janet took my dick in her hand and held it up as she lined her pussy up with it, then sitting down on my cock till my dick was in her pussy all the way to the hilt, and just as mom got close enough for me to get my first lick in between her pussy lips, Janet started bouncing up and down on my hard cock.I did the same to mom’s pussy as I did to Janet’s pussy, first licking between her pussy lips then tongue fucking her then licking and sucking on her clit then finger fucking her all at the same time, all the while, she was moaning, then she, “Oh fuck Danny, you are about to make me cum, right there, don’t stop, fuck, it feels so damn good. Oh fuck me, I’m cumming Danny.” I was bucking my hips up into Janet as she rode my cock like a cowgirl riding a bronco, and as mom started cumming, her cum just flowed out into my mouth for the most part, with some getting by my mouth to flow over my chin and around toward the back of my head, to the towel under us.With me being close to cumming my self, I kept bucking my hips up and down with Janet still riding my cock, and just as mom started cumming, Janet cryed out, “I’m cumming too, my love, all over, your beautiful big hard cock.”Janet’s cum squirted out all over my belly and chest and on the table and towel under us, and before she quit cumming, I shot my first rope of cum into her pussy, as mom’s cum flowed out over my face, and me trying to get my cock into Janet as far as I could, while trying to drink all of mom’s cum down my throat, and Janet was sitting down on my cock trying to get it into her pussy, as far as she could as well.When mom quit cuming, she moved back and leaned over and kissed me like a lover kiss’, then she raised up and kissed Janet just as Janet quit cumming all over us, then she moved back and Janet leaned over and French kissed me like lovers kiss with passion, like mom had done with me, then Janet laid her head down next to mine and whispered in my ear, “I love you so much Danny, I hope, you feel the same way, toward me.” between breaths.”I love you too, and have loved you, for some time, now.” I whispered back between breaths.After hugging me the best that she could, with us laying on a very hard table top, Janet managed to raise up and off of my cock that was some what soft now for a change, from the day’s work, and got over to the bench and sat down on it, as I got up off the table top and staggered around to sit on the bench too, between mom and Janet.”Talk about rubber legs, I sure have them now.” Janet commented.”You and me both.””Make that three of us.” I piped in.Janet put her arm around my neck and laid her head over on my shoulder, then mom said, “I would say you two have the love bug.” as I put a arm around her back, placing a hand on her other shoulder to hold her close to me.”Yes we have Maggie. I hope you do not mind me wanting to be with your son all of the time, like you are able to be, if you were to let him take on the husband roll full time, as I am willing to let him do in my life.””I’m glad that you are willing to let him be your husband, and I will do what ever I can to make it easy for the two of you to be happy.”As I started rubbing my hand up and down on Janet, I noticed she had no skirt on around her, and we both reached out to mom with our other hand’s, and gave her a hug too.”I think we should maybe head home now that it is dark, and we can all sit down and talk about how to go about making it easy for you two, to be together, and maybe even have another round if we all feel up to it.”

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