Leave it to Cole – 3


Leave it to Cole – 3I woke slowly the next morning with the sunshine streaming in the window and watched the little dust motes dancing in the beams. The memories of last night after dinner slowly came back one by one as I finally had a chance to reflect and try and deal with the moral issues that last night had shattered my whole ideas of sex, and right from wrong. I knew that if anyone ever found out about what had transpired then I would go to jail.I also considered the fantastic orgasm that my daughter had given me along with how I enjoyed pleasing my son to the point where I wanted to make love to him. As I turned this over in my mind I realize that I had lost control completely last night. I had become that whore or slut that could not get enough sex. The more I thought about last night the more turned on I got. The thought also entered my mind that I had prostituted myself for money. It did not matter that it was my own son or some stranger. I had performed a sex act for financial gain.I guess I was starting to try and justify my actions. Was it really so wrong to live a bit, to be able to enjoy my body and others. I can still recall my daughter holding me after she had performed oral sex on me and had given me pleasure that I did not know was possible to feel. Her warm body holding me after I regained consciousness and her gentle kisses to my neck as she ran her fingers through my hair. With a start I realized that my hand was cupping my coochie and I was grinding my clit with the palm of my hand as my finger slid up and down between the lips. I could feel how wet I was as I was without realizing it bringing the moisture up and to my clit. I jerked my hand way thinking to myself, “Oh, my God, I am masturbating while thinking about sucking my sons cock and my daughter eating my pussy!”Unbidden visualization came into being of me on my knees sucking Cole’s Cock as I sat on Brooks face. While holding this image in my mind my hand went back to work but this time I was ramming two fingers in and out of my pussy with one hand and rubbing my clit back and forth with the other. My hips were slowly undulating in time with my fingers till I had a small orgasm. I was still horny though and knew I needed more.I got out of bed wishing that I had something sexier to where besides this cotton gown and would not have anything better till Cole decided to pay me for my services. I just did not want him to know how much I wanted sex how good it felt to be turned on. I slowly opened the door to Cole’s room and found him still asleep in his bed. I gently pulled the covers down and gently pulled his cock out of the opening in his pajamas. For the first time felt and saw it small and soft. I knew this would never do as I lowered my mouth over his limp penis and slowly swirled my tongue around it. I could feel it growing in my mouth as I pulled up my night gown and slid my fingers over my wet pussy centering in my clit and rubbing it back and forth as his hardening cock swelled to its full size. “Mother? What are you doing?” Cole asked in a surprised voice.I pulled my head up and off his cock and started to slide my hand up and down the shaft and rubbing the head with my thumb on every upstroke and replied, “This is what you wanted son? To have your own personal live in slut to take care of your needs?””Well… I did not ask you to do it this time. Not that I am complaining.””Well son, you did say the better I pleased you the more money you would send my way?” I replied before plunging my mouth back over his cock and continued sucking his cock while thinking to myself, “I wonder what it would feel like inside of my pussy hammering in and out like my fingers are now?”Cole started to move his hips in time with my mouth fucking his cock into my mouth as my tongue swirled around the head every time I came to the top of his shaft. I could taste his pre-cum again letting me know that I was bringing him closer to his climax. şişli escort The idea that I was giving my son something so intense and personal caused me to ram my fingers into myself as I climaxed causing my head to spin and my passion to go up another notch.I increased the suction with my mouth and squeezed his balls gently with my free hand causing his hips to jerk violently as he deposited the first pulse of his seed in my throat so I did not get to taste it at all. I pulled my head back and took the next 4 or 5 shots into my mouth and swirled it around the head of his cock savoring the taste and the knowledge that I had the power to bring my son such great release and pleasure.I sat up kneeling on the bed watching my son try and catch his breath. The red color slowly drained from his face and his breathing returned to normal before I asked, “Cole, Honey it would be nice If I could go out and buy some new clothes. Your father never let me shop for myself, saying that clothing was utilitarian, either to put on a professional presence or to work in. I only have 2 nice dresses for when I would accompany him to functions.”I watched the expression on his face as it went from contemplating to what seemed like a relaxed understanding as he replied, “Sure mom, we can go right after lunch, I have some free time then. I know just the place, and the bonus is that we own it so we get everything at cost.”Now this had me a little concerned, anything his father had acquired probably had nothing but pants suits and granny underwear. After all that has transpired I wanted clothes that would make me feel and look as sexy as the woman I felt like at this moment. As I got ready to go shopping I observed myself in the mirror. I had what I considered to be a great body; I was a petite five foot two with generous C cup breasts with only enough sag to them to give them character. I had a tiny bit of stomach fat just a tiny paunch, and my ass was high, round and firm. I had more time to reflect on recent events while I defrosted the car. I know it was wrong of me to have lustful feelings for my son and daughter, but I had not been a seduction of them. My son had pretty much bribed me into my oral affair with him, and my daughter had taken advantage of me when I was vulnerable as I had never been before. So what if society thought it was immoral and i*****l. I finally realized how good sex can be and it was so good. Over the last 18 hours since my experience in the kitchen I found that every waken moment today I was thinking about sex and wanting lots more of it. I was sexy dammit and I needed, deserved it and wanted to share myself with my c***dren as a mother should not.Wisconsin was just too damn cold! I thought as Cole came out of the house. We needed to move someplace warmer. After a short drive we pulled into a strip mall just within Sparta city limits. He pointed out the sign that read “The Proper Housewife” I was pissed. The little bastard had brought me to someplace that sounded like the last place I wanted to shop at. I considered just turning around and going back home.”Cole honey?””Yes Mother?””Maybe we could do better at the mall? I doubt that this place would have anything I was wanting to purchase?””Mother, you know that the overhead on mall locations is severe. This will be much cheaper even if we did not get the items at cost.”I sighed and replied, “Ok we will go in but I doubt there is anything in there I want.””Not even a nice apron?” he replied with a grinI had to count to ten to keep my cool.I opened the car door and stepped out into the cold making my way across the parking lot and stepped into the store. The place was larger than I had imagined but from what I saw at first glance was basic dresses, and matching aprons. Well some of the dresses in here did have a little promise. The would be a step up from my current everyday wardrobe. My son entered behind me heading straight for the şişli escort bayan counter. He had a short discussion with the girl behind the counter who seemed to argue with him for a moment before he turned away from the counter and made a call on his phone. I could not make out what he was saying but I knew he was pissed off. He hung up the phone and less than a minute later a woman rushed from the back of the store. “Mr. Clevus! I am so sorry I do apologize for Brandy, She had no clue that it was you.”He just stood there and glared at her for a moment before speaking in a cold matter of fact voice, “Brandy can go home.” Turning to the woman, he said, “Barbara you will be personally attending to my mother’s every wish and desire. Whatever she wants, needs, or desires you will see to it personally.”Barbara turned to me and asked, “Are you looking for anything in particular?” I considered my response, and replied, “I am looking for a new wardrobe, something less drab and more feminine.””Well, let’s get you measured and see what we can find,” she replied with a warm smile.As I followed her to the back of the store I noticed that the further we went the more provocative the stores wares got. We passed through the everyday dresses, into sexier gowns then to the bras and panties, finally we stopped at the fitting rooms and just beyond I saw that they had a lingerie section also. I was excited now; This place would do well for what I had in mind. I had never considered that much besides my outer clothes but the idea of wearing garters and hose with that sexy bra/panty set on that manikin was just too naughty to ignore. She led me into one of the booths after picking up a cloth tape measure, “Ok I need to get your measurements so you can be properly fitted and the seamstress will be better able to make alterations.”She measured my height and inseam first. Then she said, “The measurements will be more accurate if you could remove your clothes?” I had not anticipated this. I would have but on one of my pair of good panties and bra. I was slightly embarrassed but also knew that this would be the last time that I would be in this situation. I removed my clothing blushing slightly out of the embarrassment of my plain white panties and utilitarian bra.”I also need to measure your breast without the bra on.”I also had not anticipated this but wanted my new clothes to show me off to my best advantage. I removed my bra and she stood in front of me and kind of hugged me as she threaded the tape around my back, I could feel her silk shirt, its smooth material sliding across my nipples. Of course they instantly got hard and poked out increasing my embarrassment and flustering me even more. She then wrapped the tape around each of my boobs individually. She stated, “We just need to get your actual cup size.” She then proceeded to manipulate my breast with her hands gently squeezing them and pushing them into different bra style positions. This I realized was having an effect on me. This gentle attention to my breast even in a plutonic way was making my pussy wet. After she had noted the measurements onto a form she said, “Wait here let me grab some bras and panties to get you started with.”She came back in about 5 minutes with an armful of bras and panties, all of them were sheer and just screamed you will be sexy wearing these. She assisted me with trying on the bras and we found that 34C was a good fit for me. She then held up the panties and said, “Ok let’s try these on.”I froze thinking! Oh My! My current panties were soaked from the attention she had been paying to my breast. I said quickly, “That’s all right, I wear a size five. I do not need to try those on.”She laughed and replied, “Yes that’s all well and good but we need to make sure that your new clothes will not show pantie lines and that your butt is shown off to your best advantage.”With great embarrassment I removed slid my panties down mecidiyeköy escort bayan and off. I noticed that the crotch was soaked when I went to fold them and put them on the bench that was in the dressing room.Barbara smiled and sniffed the air before standing real close in front of me and leaning forward to whisper in my ear, “It seems as if you are rather hot and bothered after your measurements and bra fitting.” I could feel the warm breath on my ear sending a shiver down my spine and her silk blouse encased breast pushing up against mine as she continued, “I was instructed to take care of your every desire, and I think you desire more.” Barbara leaned into me further sliding her arms around my back as she nuzzled my ear and gently sucked the lobe into her mouth sliding her tongue over it and causing more shivers of pleasure to travel up my spine and down to my pussy.Her mouth on my ear in combination with her hands caressing my back and the silky feel of her blouse and breast sliding over mine quickly destroyed my sense of propriety. I wrapped my arms around her also and pulled her in tighter as my mouth sought hers kissing her passionately.I really was turning into a slut. I needed this freedom. Letting myself surrender to it was the greatest release and pleasure than I could have ever imagined. I pulled away just far enough to unbutton her blouse and slide it off. She was wearing a black lace bra that barely contained her breast. I pulled her in close again and kissed her letting my tongue travel over her lips teasingly as she opened her mouth to accept my tongue. As our kiss grew bolder and more heated I unfastened her bra and let it slide out from between us. The feeling of her larger breasts against mine was fantastic. Her flesh felt so soft and warm against my nipples. As her erect nipples brushed across my rock hard nipples it sent tingles of pure lust throughout my being. I had to possess her I wanted, wanted, wanted… Rational thought left me as I unzipped her skirt and pulled it and her panties off in one motion. I felt her hands resting on top of my shoulders and she pushed down and said, “Lay down.”I lay down on the floor then she stood over me I could see through her bush that her pussy was spread open a bit letting me observe the pink interior and see the wetness gathering inside of her. Slowly her knees bent as she lowered herself onto my face. My tongue slid up her pussy gathering the moisture that was seeping out and bringing the taste into her mouth. Her pussy did not taste at all like I thought it would. It was slightly bitter, just a hint of salty, and just almost imperceptibly sour. I dove in relishing the taste. Pulling her lips into my mouth and sucking on them for a bit before sliding my tongue inside of her and slowly fucking her pussy with it. I could hear her breathing get deeper and faster as her hips started to move sliding her pussy back and forth on my mouth. To be used like this brought my passion to another notch as I enjoyed the taste of her and the feel of her. She then shifted rolling her hips so that my mouth was directly on her clit as she leaned forward. I attacked it with my tongue barely touching it I laid feathery strokes on her pleasure bud as fast as I could. I felt her tongue slide down my cunt and plunge into me causing my hips to jerk up. This was incredible we were giving pleasure simultaneously to each other. It felt so much more intimate returning the pleasure I was receiving I covered her mound with my mouth sucking it hard before centering on her clit and sucking it in-between my lips and stroking it hard with my tongue while my hands slide over her ass exploring her body.I then felt her slide two fingers inside of me and curl them up. Next thing I felt was a strong desire to pee. I tried to push her off but her other arm was wrapped around my thigh and my struggle just caused her to rub harder and faster and redouble her efforts on my poor clitty. It hit me fast, the world dropped away and my body exploded tensing and shoving my crotch into her face. I went into spasms that seemed to go on forever. When my orgasm finally ran its course, I was cold and shivering uncontrollably and weak.

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