Camping with my aunt and her friends.

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Camping with my aunt and her friends.while visiting my aunt for the 1st time in years she invited me on a camping trip she was having with a couple of her girl friends that next weekend. I love camping and had nothing better to do so I agreed. My aunt is in her 40s, divorced, no k**s, and a heavier set woman. Like 5-6 and a solid 280lbs big boobs and a giant ass.She started telling me about all of her friends that are going. They were megan and tayna both divorced older woman as well with grown up k**s. So now I start realizing that I just agreed to go camping with 3 divorced woman all in their late 40s having a all woman camping trip. I’m like great but now Im stuck and have to go. My aunt tells me she so excited I’m going and that they really needed a man to be there just to help out around camp. I said no problem aunt Pam i would love to help out. She says good me and my friends are going camping so we can relax. As my nephew Im inviting you to come out and help your loving aunt out so her and her friends can just relax. I want you to do what ever is asked of you and help my friends out with what ever they want. Setting up tents, fire wood, pretty much everything but the sandwiches we’ll take care of that in appreciation. Is that OK with you? She asks.Not thinking much into it I said says aunt Pam no problem. şişli escort Now my aunt Pam had always had I dominant personality. When I would visit her as a k** she would always put me to work and tell me what to do. She was always really bossy would tell you things in such a way that you would never even think of arguing about it. Probably why she’s single. Anyway We get out to the lake and I setup the tents, gather, wood, build a fire. By then its getting dark already. My aunt brings me a sandwich and tells me to make them all some drinks. So a couple hours go by and their all pretty much drunk already, talking, laughing, and having a good time.I’m a few drinks in my self when my aunt stumbles up to me and grabs my arm. She says come on I have to go to the bathroom. I said what? Go then. She says im not going into the woods at night alone. Your the man you have to protect me and make sure i dont get scared or lost. Now hurry up I have to pee bad and she dragged me into the woods with her. We went out a ways, she stopped, undid her pants real quick, and squatted. I turned around and looked the other way to give her privacy. But she said all drunk hey hold on to me so i don’t fall. Im like what. She has me hold on to her shoulders and she holds her self up with my waste then she started pissing. I could şişli escort bayan hear it flooding out it was loud a lot could tell she was holding it for a while. Then she finished and said where’s the toilet paper? I said you didn’t bring any? She raises her voice and says I had to go real bad and couldn’t think. You new I had to go you should have reminded me. She starts getting angry at me and actaully blaming me for her forgetting toilet paper. Thinking what the fuck. Then I remembered that I forgot to pack the toilet paper and left it on the counter. I said well what do you want to do? Pam yells your going to have to help me out. It needs to be cleaned up I can’t pull my pants up like this and get piss on them.She then as serious as a door nail says get down here and lick me clean. I’m like are you serious no way. She then got pissed and ordered me to the ground. I then new there was no other option i just stopped fighting it and laid down knowing what I was going to have to do. She lowered her pussy onto my face. She had a huge, all natural, long, and dark black bush. I felt my face get wet as her piss soaked bush matted against my face. I started licking and sucking her on her clit and pussy. Gagging on pussy hair as I sucked the piss out of her bush. It smelled musky from a long day and had mecidiyeköy escort bayan a light stench of urine. I licked her real good and clean. Then we went back to camp.I washed my face real good and then heard Tanya ask who’s going to take me pee. My aunt quickly tells her that I will be escorting everyone any time they have to and since he forgot the toilet paper he will take care of that as well. I Take Tanya into the woods knowing what I have to do. I hold her up while she sqauts and pees then I layed down while she lowered her pussy on my face. As I was licking and sucking her clean she started getting aroused and grinding her pussy on my face while she moaned. Then she turned around real quick spread her cheeks and lowered her ass on to my mouth ordering me to keep licking. So i did she started moaning as I licked around her asshole she started telling me to go deeper and deeper I listened forced my tongue as deep in her ass as I could. She rode my face for what seemed like for ever. Switching back and forth making me eat her pussy and ass. My face was soaked in pussy juice and piss as she came on my face. Then she pulled my dick out and started riding my dick. I was so excited from eating her out I came really fast exploding in her pussy. She then sat back on my face and ordered me to clean up the rest of my mess. It tasted horrible having to lick my disgusting cum out of her slimy pussy. I spent the rest of the weekend eating old, sweaty, fat, hairy, and piss soaked pussy. But by the end I didn’t care anymore I cleaned their pussy eagerly and liked it.

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