My wife on the porch part twenty five


Sara wore the white see-through dress to the restaurant with no underwear on and she looked amazing. Both Pat and I had erections the whole night as I’m sure our waiter did as well. We got home around nine-thirty and as soon as we walked in the front door Pat pulled at her zipper. “Pat, what are you doing?” Sara asked. “Naked as soon as you get home, babe, remember,” Pat answered, “I’m just helping you get naked.” Within five seconds her dress was at her ankles and she stepped out of it. Pat grabbed her tits and pulled his head to them and kissed both nipples in front of me and said, “Ohh, this is how I love seeing you, babe,” he continued as he kissed her nipples again, “naked, you were born to be naked, babe.” Sara blushed and moved his hands from her tits and came over to me.She kissed me and whispered, “I can’t wait till we get to bed tonight, my husband. I am going to give you the best fuck of your life.” Pat got a call from Carole and he went into the kitchen to take it.He returned about ten minutes later and said, “Well fuck, it seems that her mom’s recovery is going way slower than we had hoped,” he continued, “Carole will probably be away for another six weeks.” He looked sad and I said, “I’m sorry to hear that, buddy.” Sara went over to him and gave him a hug. His hands went straight to her naked ass and he squeezed. “I’m sorry Pat,” Sara said, “at least it is good that her mom has Carole to be there with her.” Pat was still hugging her naked ass and replied, “Thanks, babe. I know it is, but I am going to miss her terribly.” Pat smiled as he said, “And sex, I am not going to get laid for another six weeks! Six more weeks!” Sara laughed and he quickly said, “Thank God that I have this beautiful naked body to look at.” Sara blushed and gently kissed him, “See, at least you have something.” Pat grabbed her naked tits and started squeezing her erect nipples in front of me and he smiled as he looked down at his erection and said, “Looking and touching your gorgeous naked body does not, unfortunately, relieve this, though.” He moved Sara slightly to show the bulge in his pants and said, “Seeing you naked only makes this bigger and more painful.” Sara said, “Okay then, I will wear clothes.” Pat quickly replied, “No please don’t, I love you being naked, I will just cope with the pain in my balls.” Sara said, “You can always go and relieve yourself you know.” Pat smiled, “It’s not the same when you do it yourself, is it Malc?” I had to agree with him, lord knows, I spent over two years doing that to myself. Pat said, “Maybe we can shower together again sometimes Sara, at least my dick got touched by you when we washed each other,” he smiled as he continued, “at least I had a female hand touch me when we showered together.” Pat was still stroking Sara’s naked tits as she said, “Pat, you touch my body, you have that as well.” “Yes I do babe, and I am thankful for that,” Pat replied, “I love touching you, but I need someone to touch me as well.” Sara kissed him and came over to me. Pat went to the kitchen to get a beer and I said to Sara, “Baby, I don’t mind if you work him off sometimes.” Sara kissed me and said, “I will if you want me to baby, I can only imagine how painful it must be if you need to cum and can’t.” Pat came back and joined us, he finished his beer and said goodnight. He kissed Sara and then kissed her tits and rubbed her clit before heading up to his bedroom.Sara and I followed a few minutes later and when we got into our bedroom I said. “Go and work him off baby, before we make love.” “You want me to work him off now, baby?” Sara asked. “Yes, if you don’t mind, baby,” I replied. “Baby, I will work him off whenever you tell me to,” Sara replied, “I told you, I will do whatever you tell me to.” She grabbed a few Kleenex and went to go to Pat’s room and I said softly, “Let him cum over your tits baby.” Sara blew me a kiss and said, “Okie dokie, cum over my tits he will do,” she continued, “anything else baby?” I was hard as I said, “Let him finger you as well please baby if you like.” She blew me another kiss and said, “Yes sir, I would like, his shaved cock does turn me on and if he fingers me you know that I will cum.” As she walked out I said, “Leave his bedroom door open a little baby, I want to hear.” “Yes sir, I will,” Sara said as she headed to Pat’s room. I listened as she knocked on his door, she went inside and I heard him say, “What’s up babe?” Sara said, “Nothing, I have come to help you out.”I heard him moaning as she İstanbul Escort was working his dick and he said, “I love touching your pussy while you play with my dick, I hope you don’t mind babe.” Sara replied, “That is why I have opened my legs for you.” A minute later Sara screamed, “Oh God, I’m cumming! Oh God, here I cum!” Pat said, “You know, my dick could soon replace my finger. My dick would slide in here easily, babe.” Sara replied, “No, we are not going to fuck, your finger inside me is fine, but no cock.” Three minutes later I heard Pat say that he was about to cum and Sara said, “I want you to cum on my tits.” “Let me stand up then so that I can get it on your tits then, babe,” Pat said. One minute later I heard Pat shout, “Here I cum babe, here I come.” ‘Ohh’s’ and ‘Arr’s’ followed, then silence; he had obviously cum. A few moments later I heard Pat say, “Babe that was incredible, thank you.” Sara said, “My pleasure, I don’t want your cock to be painful for you.” Pat responded, “Thanks, babe, your tits are covered with my cum, and you have a few drops on your chin.” “I will clean it up when I leave,” Sara replied and kissed him goodnight. She came back to me and I saw a huge amount of cum covering her tits and there were indeed three large drops on her chin. “Mission accomplished baby,” Sara smiled, “and he fingered me till I came.” “Perfect baby,” I replied, “now rub his cum into your tits, I want to taste him as I lick your tits and nipples.” She massaged his cum into her tits and asked me, “What do you want me to do with the cum on my chin baby?” I replied, “Wipe it with your finger and then lick your finger and swallow it, baby.” She used her finger to wipe his cum from her chin then teasingly licked it clean and said to me, “He wanted to fuck me baby, but I said no.” I thanked her and said, “Baby, anytime that you want him to fuck you, you only have to tell me and you can.” She kissed me and I could taste his cum on her lips and she replied, “Thanks, baby. I don’t mind him fucking me every now and then,” she continued, “actually I wouldn’t mind his cock inside me every now and then but I don’t want him to make a habit of it.” She lay on the bed and held my dick. I started sucking her nipples and I could taste Pat’s cum on them and I licked and licked, I loved tasting his cum on her tits. She said, “He wanted me to suck him off just now but I wasn’t sure if you would have liked me doing that.” I was ready to fuck her and replied, “Baby, you sucked his dick last night at least ten times and I didn’t object.” She answered, “That was different, that was your wedding gift from me,” she continued, “now, whenever I touch his cock or suck it, it will be because you tell me to,” she finished with, “and the only time that his cock enters my pussy will be because you want it to.” I positioned myself on top of her and slid my dick deep into her wet pussy as I sucked feverishly on her cum covered tits. “Baby, you can suck his dick or fuck him anytime that you like,” I whispered. The thrill of this type of talk only made me harder and she knew that I loved to talk like this while we were making love so she teased me more. “Okay then,” Sara whispered in my ear, my thrusts were hard as she continued, “I may just suck his cock or let him fuck me every day, would you like that? She continued “would you like your wife to suck his cock or let him fuck her every day?” She knew just what buttons to press to keep me going and I needed more. I frantically replied, “Oh yes, baby, yes, baby. Yes, yes I would, I really would!” She teased me further and said, “I wouldn’t use a condom with him,” she whispered, “I would want his bare cock inside me, would you like that baby? If he fucked your wife bareback every day?” My heart was racing as I replied, “Oh yes, baby, yes, yes please!” “I would want him to cum inside me as well,” Sara whispered, “I would want to feel his cum hitting me inside my pussy as he fills me with his juice, and I would want to swallow his cum when he shoots it inside my mouth, would you like that baby?” I screamed, “Oh yes, baby, yes baby, yes, you must.” I was about to cum and she sensed it and whispered, “I may just spend one whole night a week with him, naked in his bed,” she continued, “would you like it if your wife spent one whole night a week naked in his bed with him baby?” I was about to cum and she said, “Would you like it if your wife spent one whole night a week naked in his bed with him? Fucking İstanbul Escort Bayan and sucking him baby?” I was pumping like crazy in her pussy as she said, “He would lick your wife’s pussy before his bare cock slides in and fucks her hard.” I was holding my climax back as I screamed quietly, “Oh fuck yes! Yes, please baby, yes please, please do that, you must do that.” She continued to whisper in my ear, “You can spend the night alone in here, while I spend the whole night in his bed. I will be naked for him and he can do whatever he wants to me,” she continued, “would you like it if your wife did that?” I was about to shoot my load and screamed, “Oh yes, baby, I would! I would love that, I want you to do that, I need you to do that, you must do that, baby.” Sara whispered, “Would you like it if your naked wife sucked his cock and swallowed his cum before he fucked her with no condom and let him cum in her pussy for the whole night while you were alone in our bed?” “Oh baby, yes, yes, yes I would, you must make that happen baby!” I screamed. Sara whispered, “I may even let him fuck my ass again,” she continued, “how would you feel about that, him fucking your wife’s ass and her not letting you do that to her?” She continued, “I would want him to cum in my ass again as well.” I shot my load at that moment, I could not hold it any longer and I shouted, “Yes, baby, yes do that, please do that, let him fuck your ass, please let him do that!” I came for about three minutes and as I eased my limp dick from her pussy she moved herself down and sucked it dry. She is, without a doubt, the most erotic girl that I have ever known. She finished licking my dick and we kissed passionately before lying next to each other. “That was fantastic, baby,” Sara said as she took hold of my dick again. “It sure was, baby. I love you so much and you sure know how to tease and please,” I replied as I stroked her tits. “So, do you really want me to spend one whole night a week in Pat’s bed, naked with him, baby?” Sara asked, “Making love and doing all the things that we said.” I looked in her eyes and I knew that she would do it if I wanted her to. “Would you like that baby?” I asked, “Would you do that if I wanted you to?” “Baby, I would do anything that you asked me to do,” Sara whispered, “I would do all of those things if you asked me to,” she continued, “I did enjoy last night. I told you, he sure knows how to please a girl in bed.” I smiled and said, “Even let him fuck your ass again?” She squeezed my now hard dick and softly said, “I don’t know if I would let him do that again, but if you wanted me to then I would, I really would, baby.” I thought for a moment and said, “Okay baby, while Carole is away I want you to spend one whole night a week naked in bed with Pat and you can do anything that you want with him.” She gave me a gentle smile and said, “Even without a condom, baby?” I know that she hates condoms and replied, “Yes, you must fuck him without a condom, and you must feel his cum inside your pussy.” She smiled and asked, “Okay then if that’s what you want then I will. When do you want me to spend the whole night with him, baby?” I thought for a moment and said, “How about tomorrow night, baby? Then every Monday until Carole comes home.” I needed to make it happen soon in case she got cold feet. “Okay baby, tomorrow night it is and then every Monday until Carole comes home,” she continued, “are you sure that you really want me to do it, baby?” “Yes, baby I am, I want you to do this for me,” I told her. We made a plan that we would not tell Pat. She would go to his room when we went to bed and surprise him, but I did ask her to leave the door open a little so that I could hear. We made love four more times that night and she teased me about Pat every time. I actually could not wait for the following night, the thought of my bride sleeping with Pat again all night gave me an erection that lasted all the following day. Monday arrived and Sara was up first. She got up to make coffee and she was going to bring me up a cup, I heard Pat follow downstairs shortly after Sara. She was, as usual, naked and I knew that he would just have to touch her before he went to work. Our bedroom door was as usual open, and I could hear them talking downstairs. “Thank you for doing that for me last night, babe,” Pat said, “I sure needed it after seeing your beautiful naked body all day.” “You did more than see me naked,” Sara replied, Escort İstanbul “throughout the day you touched my tits more than Malc did.” I heard kissing and Pat said, “I could suck on these nipples all day.” I guessed that he was sucking her nipples, “Is your pussy ever dry?” Pat chuckled, “my finger just slides in there every time.” I heard Sara groan softly and shout, “Stop, I have to make the coffee.” Pat replied, “Go ahead and make the coffee babe, I will just play with this beautiful body of yours.” Sara groaned again, “I can’t concentrate while you are fingering my pussy. I will burn myself, you have to stop.” A few moment later I heard Pat say, “Sara, look what you do to me.” Sara replied, “Oh my gosh, Pat, put that away.” I guessed that he took his dick out to show her and he said, “Not until you touch it, Malc already told us that he doesn’t mind if we touch each other.” “There,” Sara said, “now put it away and let me finish making this coffee.” Pat said, “kiss it first then I will put it away.” Seconds later Sara said, “There, it has been kissed, now put it away and let me make coffee.” Five minutes later Sara arrived with our coffee and she told me, “He put his finger inside my pussy baby,” she was blushing as she continued, “And he got his cock out and told me that he wasn’t putting it away until I touched and kissed it.” I asked, “Did you baby?” “Just for a second or two, baby,” Sara replied, “he sucked on my nipples as well, he is uncontrollable!” I smiled and my dick was hard after what I had just heard and said, “He may calm down a little after you sleep with him all night tonight, baby.” Sara asked, “Do you still want me to spend the whole night with him tonight, baby?” I replied, “Sure, baby, but only if you want to.” “Okay, then I will,” Sara smiled, “but only if you are sure, baby.” My dick was ready to explode as I replied, “I’m positive, baby.” Sara took my dick and started working it as she said, “And you want me to do all those things that I told you last night, baby?” I was about to cum as I said, “Baby, I want you to do what you said last night!” She kissed my dick and said, “Even to my ass, baby?” “Yes, baby, even to your ass, but only if you want him to,” I told her. Sara moved one of her hands to her pussy and started working herself off and said to me, “Okay, then he can fuck my ass again tonight as well,” she continued, “you sure that you are okay with the fact that I will never let you fuck my ass but I will let him.” “Of course I am, baby. I think that is so erotic that you do something with him that you would never let me do to you.” I whispered. “It’s because your cock is much thicker than his baby, you would never get your cock in my ass,” Sara said, “that’s why I would never let you fuck my ass.” She moved position and pulled me on top of her and I slid my aching tool deep into her soaking pussy. I came within four minutes. Little did we know that Pat had come upstairs to say goodbye to us before he left for work and he saw us making love. My dick was still in Sara’s pussy when she turned and saw Pat standing there.She laughed and asked him, “How long have you been standing there?” “Only a moment,” Pat replied with a smile, “long enough to see you climax, babe.” Sara blushed and Pat came over and kissed her and then kissed her nipples, I was still inside her while he did this, my naked ass was on display and Pat said to me, “Don’t bother getting off, bud, I just wanted to say bye.” Sara stayed naked for the whole day apart from when we dressed to go out for dinner. I was already downstairs when Sara finished her shower.She came downstairs and I said, “Wow, baby, you look amazing!” Sara wore a red tight fitting dress. She looked and smelled gorgeous and I had an erection the whole time just thinking of what she would be doing with Pat later on. I hugged her and I could feel that she was wearing a bra and thong under her dress that came about seven inches above her knee. “You have underwear on,” I said as we kissed deeply. “I hope that you don’t mind baby,” Sara softly said, “I am wearing the new red silky lingerie that I bought for our wedding,” she continued, “if you unzip my dress I will show you what it looks like on.” “No, baby,” I replied, “I want Pat to be the first person to see you in it.” Throughout the evening my heart was racing at the thought of what my bride was going to do with Pat. I couldn’t wait to get home and get to bed. We arrived home at around nine thirty, and as soon as we got inside the house Pat started pulling at the zipper on her dress. She stopped Pat and told him that she was going to stay dressed until she went to bed. Pat said, “You have to be naked as soon as you get home, babe, those are the rules.” Sara wanted to surprise Pat by going into his room when he went to bed.

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