My Very Special First Time


There’s this girl called Jenny. She works at the local supermarket just like I do. She’s the most beautiful girl I know. She’s got a petite figure with a great pair of boobs, not too big, not too small. I’m too shy to talk to her though. I’m pretty sure she’s got a boyfriend. I mean, she must have one, right? All the beautiful girls do. “Rick?” I heard a voice ask. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked up to see Jenny. “Are you free tonight?” she asked, looking nervous. “I, uhm, what?” is all I managed to get out. “Are you doing anything tonight? I’m all alone and I wanted to know if you would like to watch a movie with me?” “No,” I say. “I mean yes, of course!” I then realised how stupid I sounded. “I mean that I’m not doing anything tonight and that I’d love to watch a movie with you,” I added. “Great!” Jenny said. She handed me a piece of paper as she smiled like a little schoolgirl and turned around. I looked on the paper and saw that she had written down her address and a time. I was nervous for tonight, but I also couldn’t believe what was happening. Was I finally going to get together with my crush? The workday seemed to go on and on. Jenny went home early, but I had to stay until closing time. When I finally left I got home as quick as I could to take a shower and shave. I’m a virgin, but I have been shaving for years, hoping for an unexpected ending of my virginity. When I got to Jenny’s house I rang the doorbell which was quickly Escort bodrum answered by Jenny. She was wearing a tank top and a pair of very short shorts. I could see her nipples through her top, indicating that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Hi Rick!” she said as she hugged me. “Come on in.” I walked into the house and into the living room. “So, what movie do you want to watch?” I asked. “You didn’t seriously think I wanted to watch a movie, did you?” Jenny laughed. Before I could react she jumped against me and kissed me passionately. “You’re a sweet guy,” she says as she broke the kiss. “The type of guy I need.” “Don’t you have a boyfriend?” I asked. Jenny didn’t answer; she just took off her tank top and gestured for me to follow her as she went up the stairs. It took a while for me to react, so when I finally walked up the stairs, Jenny was already out of her shorts. I could just see her moving into a room. I followed and when I entered the room I was hit by her panties, which she had taken off and thrown into my face. “Come on, Rick,” she teased in a soft voice. “Gotta give a girl what she wants.” She crawled to me and I could see her tits moving slightly. My cock was rock hard. I pulled off my shirt and Jenny unzipped my pants. She took my cock out and immediately put it in her mouth. “Oh that’s good,” I moaned as she sucked on my cock. “This is your first time, isn’t it?” Jenny smiled. “Yes,” I Escort Kuşadası moaned. “Well, you’re not my first…” Jenny said. “But you could be the first to do something.” “What is it?” I asked. “I’ve never had a guy make me cum,” she said as she lay down on the bed and spread her legs. “Lick me.” I wasn’t going to refuse to lick my crush’s pussy. I moved down so my head was between her legs and started to lick her. She started to moan loud right from the start, so I thought I was doing a good job. After a couple of minutes we heard a male voice scream. “What the fuck?” We looked up to see Steve, a very muscular guy I knew from school. “Oh my god, Steve!” Jenny screamed as she tried to cover her tits with her arm. “You hide those from your boyfriend, but not from this pathetic little boy?” he asked. “Boyfriend?” I asked. “Shut up you little shithead!” he yelled. “Steve, I’m sorry,” Jenny started. “I thought you’d be gone for another two weeks.” “Oh, well, that makes it all okay, doesn’t it?” he yelled. “I think I should go,” I said. “No, you’re going to stay. I’ll punish you both.” I looked at Jenny and she seemed as worried as I was. “I’ll punish you for cheating on me, you slut,” he told Jenny as he took off his shirt. “And you for fucking my girlfriend.” “Please just let him go. It’s my fault, not his,” Jenny begged. “No, I won’t,” he said. “Now suck my cock.” Jenny started to move towards him, visibly bodrum escort scared. “Not you, him!” Now I was scared. Jenny looked at me as if trying to say she was sorry. “Me? But I’m not gay,” I stammered. “I don’t care. You fuck my girl, I fuck you, easy as can be.” He walked over to me and grabbed me by my hair. I gasped in shock and he quickly shoved his half deflated cock into my mouth. I knew I wasn’t able to fight him and somehow I didn’t even want to. I don’t know why, but it felt great to suck his cock. It felt even better to know that he was in charge over both me and Jenny. He noticed that I started to enjoy sucking his cock and let go of my hair. I didn’t stop sucking him and even started to moan a bit. Suddenly I heard Jenny move, followed by the feeling of her mouth on my cock. “That’s it,” Steve moaned. “Look at these two bitches sucking cock.” After a couple of minutes of cock-sucking Steve wanted more. “Get on all fours,” he ordered. I did as he said while Jenny pleaded for him to let me go. “Please, just take my ass and let him leave,” she begged. “He has never had sex, please let his first time be better than this.” Steve just continued doing what he was doing. Suddenly I felt cold liquid being applied to my ass and I knew what was going to happen. Shortly after I could feel the tip of his cock pressed against my virgin-asshole. Jenny was still begging for Steve to stop, tears running down her cheeks. “Shut up, slut!” he yelled. I started to push his cock into my ass and I started to moan. I had never experienced anything so painful yet so pleasurable. As Steve continued to push his rod in Jenny stopped talking and just watched. “Put that thing on.” Steve ordered Jenny. I had no idea what he meant.

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