My Kind of Southern Hospitality Pt 1


This is the first story I’ve published. Hope you enjoy!I was only seventeen years old when we moved into our new house on Elm Street, Tennessee. I was 5″5, about 110 lbs, and I had jet black hair with emerald gray/green eyes. I had 36C sized breasts, which looked very big on my small frame. In my old town I’d had lots of friends and I’d kissed a little over a dozen boys, but I’d never gone past second base. When we moved, it was the summer of 2007 and I had never lived anywhere so hot in my life! Despite the heat, all of the lawns in the neighborhood were a deep, luscious green. There were about a dozen houses on my street and they all looked the same to me. Our house was no exception. We had just bought a three story brick house with dark blue shutters. Next to the crystal clear pond in our back yard was a small guest house with two bedrooms and a kitchen. By the end Ataşehir Escort of the summer, I ended up spending more nights in the guest house than in my own bedroom, which was on the top floor of the house. I’d always felt trapped in that bedroom. I was living with my parents, but my father was almost never home and my mother kept herself busy with the book she was writing. I didn’t know anyone in town yet so I was usually by myself at the beginning of the summer. But that all changed on the night of July 17th. —————————————————————————————————– It was so hot outside that I could barely even breathe during my morning run. After I got home, I’d spent my entire day laying in front of a fan in my room and reading mystery novels. The repairman was supposed to come Ataşehir Escort Bayan fix our air conditioning, which had broken down the day before, so I fought the urge I had to strip down to just my panties. Finally, around noon, I couldn’t take it anymore! I got up from the wooden floor and took off the long white cotton T-shirt I had been wearing and unhooked my navy blue bra. Suddenly I realized I was standing in front of a window. I was frozen like a deer in headlights…well, until I saw that no one was around. I relaxed and slid off my bra as I walked over to my door and locked it. As I was about to go back to my book, I caught a glimpse of my reflexion in the full length mirror on my wall. I loved the way I looked in just my panties. I walked over to the mirror and admired my small waist as I turned sideways. I could Escort Ataşehir see the outline of my abs, which made me very happy since I had been working out non stop since I got to this inferno. I cupped my breasts and gently squeezed them. By this point, my pink nipples were very hard, and I liked it. I circled my left nipple with my right hand as I moved my other hand down over my navy panties. I rubbed my mound and just as I was about ready to let out a moan, I was overcome by a strange sensation…I felt like someone was watching me. I quickly covered my breasts with my hands and peeked out of the window facing the pond in my back yard–no one was there. Then I looked out the window which faced the next house over and I couldn’t see anyone either. I shrugged and walked over to my bed and started teasing my clit above the fabric of my panties, and after I couldn’t take it anymore, I slipped a hand in my panties and slid two fingers into my soaking pussy. I don’t know why I was so turned on, but I came harder than ever before. Later that day, after I had caved and taken off my panties too, I decided that it would be nice to take a stroll outside and get some fresh air.

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