My husband can’t satisfy me ….

My husband can’t satisfy me ….
I’m Jenny a married 42 year old mom of 2 teenagers …I’m blonde and in decent shape ..until recently I was a teacher at a junior school ..I have been married for 20 years to my husband Glenn how has a good job in banking ..we have a lovely 5 bedroom farm house in the countryside .

This is a story of how my life got flipped upside down

For a few years me and my husband had been going through a rough time ..the c***dren were grown up and didn’t need me ..I had been made redundant from my job and my husband was always at work ..

I was a bored housewife who was looking for some thing .. any thing that would break the boredom of everyday life .

We was having an extension built and as with everything my husband showed little or no interest in the build and to be honest I was enjoying the project side of things was something a little different .

One morning the builders arrived ..I made them a cup of tea and took it out to them there was about 5 of them all in there 20s or 30s as we all chatted ..another builder turned up and wow he was handsome he was 6foot tall ..dark hair tanned and muscly he introduced himself as Johnathan .” I’ll make you a tea ” I said before heading for the kitchen …when in the kitchen I went to turn the kettle on ….the extension being built was attached to the kitchen to which a door was to be knocked through nearer to completion …as I turned the kettle on I realised I could hear every word the builders we’re saying ….they were talking about me ..calling me a m.i.l.f. and a cougar and saying what great tits I have … usually I’d be outraged but having 6 younger men talking in that way about me really excited me .

I made the tea and took it out to Jonathan they must of still been talking about me as it all went quite as soon as I walked in .

That night I was feeling good about my self ..the c***dren were at university so I put on a sexy dress ..cooked a nice dinner and waited for my husband to come home …when he did I wished I never had bothered he didn’t even notice me just sat down and started talking about his day , I wasn’t surprised tho our sex life had never been great …in my younger years I had had some great times with my boyfriend’s I was always attracted to the bad boys and sex with them was always wild …but when I met Glenn , a son of my mum’s friend ..I was persuaded to settle down ..and that’s what I did …sex with Glenn was always the same ,10 minutes of missionary position and his cock was small about 5 inches erect and fairly thin …and there was never any foreplay….so the only time I ever got to orgasm was when I had a cheeky play while reading one of my erotic books.

The next morning husband had gone to work and I was still feeling sexually frustrated so I grabbed one of my books and sat down to read and have a play , as I did I heard the builders arrive ..I had an idea …if Glenn didn’t appreciate me the builders might …I went to my closet put on my black lace bra …skin tight jeans ..and a blouse that barely contained my breasts ..I undone another button so my cleavage would be on display …I made the teas and took them out to them ..bending over Infront of the group I placed the teas down making sure they all had long enough to get a good look …I returned to the kitchen and listened intently as the group commented on me ..”I’d fuck her all night” one said “see them fucking tits ” another said as I listened to them I pushed my hand into my jeans and gently rubbed my clitoris wasn’t long and I was contorting as I orgasmed .

I continued this every morning wearing something revealing as I took there morning tea out and every morning I’d return to the kitchen to have a play .

The more I done it the more I found my mind thinking of Jonathan the builder .

Then came the time where Glenn really let me down ..we was due to go to the south of France for a.week something I had really been looking forward to I had brought a nice thong bikini and a load of summer dresses for the trip ..then 2 days before we were due to fly out Glenn came home and told me he couldn’t go ..he needed to be in Switzerland for a banking convention…but I knew what this meant it was just a chance for him to meet up with other bankers and get drunk for a week ..after a load of arguments there was no persuading him , he even said I could go with his sister who I can’t stand ..

The morning came when Glenn was leaving for the airport I was up early and had been for a run when I got back Glenn was waiting for me to drive him to the airport , we hardly spoke a word on the journey until he got out when he promised me we would go to the south of France later in the year ..I drove home fuming with anger I had had enough of being neglected by him the years of being the faithful wife …I was still angry when I arrived home I stormed up stairs to the bathroom and started removing my running clothes ..I went to the mirror as I did I noticed in the reflection Johnathon was on the roof of the extension …I went to the blinds to shut them and as I did Johnathon noticed me at the window he noticed I was undressed and quickly turned his attention back to his job …I don’t know why or what made me do it maybe because I was still angry at Glenn ..but I left the blinds open and got into the shower , I looked back out at Johnathon and he had stopped working and no was just staring at me in the shower …I soaped up my breasts and let the water run down all over my curves the shower soon steamed up and the show was over ..I turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around me I left the shower ,looking out on to the roof Jonathan was still staring in dis belief our eyes locked and I slowly closed the blinds ..I felt so excited .. butterflies in my stomach…I instantly started playing with myself and quickly climaxed .

As the days went by nothing was said about the shower incident between me and Johnathan bit we did begin talking more he was 25 had a flat in the city and from what he was saying was a bit of a player ..but we had some long conversations and he had said how lucky I was to have this nice house and nice cars ..I let him know that money wasn’t everything and how my life was quite boring .

Then one morning it was lovely and sunny all the boys had there tops off and it didn’t go unnoticed how hot Johnathon looked. I put on one of my summer dresses I had brought for our break away and went and sat next to the swimming pool with a bottle of wine ..I had sunglasses on and took the chance to look at Jonathan.. his body was toned to perfection hardly an ounce of fat on his body ..sweat was dripping off his torso and it was shining in the sun …I sat there and I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the heat but I started to get turned on watching him pussy was aching I got up and went to my room I lay on the bed thinking of his body I cum my legs clenching together ..I sat up and I had a fuck you moment ..fuck you Glenn for leaving me here to go with your mates …fuck you boring life ..and fuck you marriage ..i looked through my closet and found the thing bikini I had brought for our holiday I put it on …wow it looked amazing the thong cut right up between my bum cheeks and the top was strapless and barely contained my double d breasts.. I put my dress back on over it ….I returned to the pool grabbing a fresh bottle of wine ..all the boys were sitting on the grass having there lunch .. I pretended I didn’t notice them ,I poured a glass of wine and undone the strap on my dress slowly lowering it to the ground ..I lay down onto my front my juicy toned ass on display ..

As the day went on I gave a great show teasing ..sunbathing rubbing sun cream into my tits and bum.

As they left for home Jonathan was last to leave as he approached I was rubbing cream into my shoulders ” do you need a hand with that “he asked ..” I don’t think that is a good idea you ” I replied but in my head I was screaming yes …”I’m only offering a hand ” he said grabbing the cream and pouring it into his hands . I sat back on the lounger ..he began to rub the cream into my calf ” I can reach there ” I said smiling “well you don’t need to now” his hands rubbed up my legs slowly working there way up to my thighs ..I closed my eyes as his hands worked the cream into my thighs …I opened my eyes and his excitement was visible ..there was a massive bulge in his trousers …his hand started to brush against my pussy gently brushing against it as he massaged my thigh ..

I shut my eyes again and his finger flicked over my clit ..I took a deep intake of breathe he began to feel braver and I felt him pull my bikini bottoms aside ..I brushed his hand away and stood up ..he looked shocked .”I’m a married woman” I said gathering my dress ..he grabbed me by the arm ” you know what you’ve been doing “he said as I began to walk back to the house ” what do you mean ” I said back ” the flirting ..the shower..the clothes ” he said pointing at my bikini ..I walked into the kitchen with Jonathan closely following me ..”you want it” he continued “and I want you” …I didn’t reply and poured a drink ” I want you ” he repeated coming closer to me ..his body rubbing up against me I could feel he was still hard …I went to take a sip of my wine and he grabbed the glass from me putting it down on the side he then kissed me …we kissed passionately I pulled at his top and our lips separated as he removed his top ..he ran his hands down my body his hands were rough and big …my body was soft and slick from the sun oil …he grabbed my breast squeezing it roughly …manly..I started undoing his trousers my hand entered exploring his pants and what I found ..I was shocked it was massive long and thick very thick hand struggled to wrap around his girth we kissed as I worked at his cock his hands cupped my tits pushing up my bikini top his lips clamped onto my nipple his tongue circleing my nipple …my released his cock and my hands wondered over his rock hard body I grabbed at his strong arms …
He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to his cock I was at eye level with it and it was amazing ..nothing like my husband’s wimpy little thing ..this was strong and proud with a massive helmet ..I locked at his helmet it was leaking pre cum everywhere I liked at his salty helmet mouth wrapped around it and I took him in my mouth it was the first time I had done it in over 15 years but every skill I had learnt in my younger years came flooding back ..running my tongue up and down his length sucking at his balls while teasing his helmet with my hand

He lifted me to my feet and roughly spun me round pushing my body onto the kitchen island his hands wrapped around my bikini thong he tore them off me like they were made of paper ..I felt his cock between my legs ..I braced myself for what was coming ..he separated my legs and I felt his helmet separate my pussy lips ..I let out a groan as his cock pushed into me ” oh fuck your so tight “he said a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure engulfed me as his cock stretched means it went deeper into me ..he began thrusting into me I tried to muffle my screams with my bikini top over my mouth ..I could feel every bulging vein of his throbbing cock as it slid in and out ..his hands wrapped around my tits squeezing them hard as exctasy took him ..

As my pussy got used to his cock I could feel and orgasm growing as his thrusts became harder and faster then a release like I had never felt before my body collapsed on to the counter top I could feel myself squirting my cum but his cock had filled me so tight that my juices struggled to leave my cunt ..but soon I could feel them running down my thighs ..

He took his cock out and my stretched pussy released the rest of my cum juices I turned to face him and he picked me up on to the counter top ..he pulled my body towards him his cock slipped into me ..I watched as it disappeared into me it was enough to make me cum again …he looked into my eyes as he fucked me using my body for his enjoyment ..his finger played with my clit as he slid in and out of me ..I came again.. my body arching as my love.juices engulfed his cock again …I wrapped my legs around his body and he lifted me off the counter holding me I the air he slammed his full length into me hard and fast his young body thrusting.. I scream with every thrust ..he lays me on the dining table .. I then feel his body tighten he pushes deep into me and I feel it as his cock explodes squirting over and over his warm cum fills my body ..

He stayed the next two nights while my husband was away we fucked for hours into the early morning ..and we continued our affair and then it took a turn for the worse ..which led to me being blackmailed and used ..comment if you want to hear what happened

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